5 changes that would make the Google Pixel our perfect phone

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

I've owned the pixel for over three
months now and although it's a great
phone there are a few things I would
change to improve my user experience
let's start off with the scanner on the
back although it is a decent being a
printer that works just fine I do find
it to be much slower in comparison to
the one plus 3t moto Z and other devices
and market the reason being is that it's
the same sensor found on the good old
Nexus 6p maybe it's not a huge problem
but if you're paying over six hundred
dollars for a device that was just
released you probably want every feature
to be up to par with the latest flagship
released by other manufacturers it's not
just the unlocking process but a new
scanner could potentially bring better
support for gestures and responsiveness
not a huge deal but the fingerprint
sensor could be better another issue you
probably saw coming from a model of ways
that the pixel is not waterproof it does
have an IP 53 certification but that
only guarantees survival under rain and
sprinkles maybe they didn't have enough
time to build it into the phone like
they claimed and there are videos out
there of the pixel surviving immersions
but we've come to the point where almost
every high-end smartphone has
waterproofing and it's kind of a
disappointment that Google didn't follow
the trend it does seem likely that
Google may include it in the pixel too
but for now doke we'll dropping this
thing in buckets of water as other
components throughout the phone could
get damaged the starting point for the
stories on the pixel is 32 gigabytes
that's kind of annoying especially since
there's no option for expandable storage
besides the cloud for some users
including myself 32 gigabytes is just 9
of storage space especially since the OS
and updates to the pre installed google
apps already take up six point four
gigabytes leaving you with twenty five
gigabytes to spare right out of the box
if you want more capacity you'll have to
pay a hundred dollars extra for the 128
gigabyte model which always seems to be
out of stock and for some people that
just sounds like a waste of money as
they may not even come close to using up
that much space if it were up to me I
would have just had the 64 gigabyte
variant as a starting point for a few
more dollars and bumped up the 128
gigabytes to 256 gigabytes so it doesn't
dramatically reduce it sells for the
second tier option the single downward
facing speaker is also a pet peeve for
two reasons it's not that loud and the
placement is far from ideal as my palms
tend to muffle the sound especially when
using the phone and landscape some may
argue that it's not the worst speaker
and if you don't like it then you
to use headphones but if Google melded
with the Nexus 6 and 6p I don't see why
they would downgrade to just extinguish
speaker at the bottom of the phone
especially since there's more than
enough room on the front maybe it wasn't
at the top of Google's listing the rush
development cycle just like the
exclusion of a waterproof device is
their reasoning behind a subpar speaker
but gosh dang if they would have just
included second speaker a more powerful
single speaker or made it front-facing
that would have made this device that
much better in my opinion maybe I'm
being a little nitpicky about this
subject but that giant useless chin on
the front is way too noticeable
especially on the regular pic so since
it has a 5-inch display and the use of
on-screen buttons doesn't help at all
this is definitely affecting the screen
size of the device according to your
ready user the screen of body ratio is
around seventy one point nine percent
for the regular pixel and 73.2 percent
for the XL making the screen much
smaller in comparison to similar size
phones released around the same time
frame I'm sure Google knew this bezel
would bring a lot of controversy and i'm
not sure why they didn't make any
smaller but i'm pretty confident that
they'll fix this in the next release in
order to make the pixel a bit more
attractive with your signature look i
recommend getting a deer and skin as
nothing says beautiful likey marble
finish they're pretty cheap as well so
i'll drop a link right below the like
button at the end of the day none of
these issues will make you believe that
this is a horrible device most of these
are just minor adjustments i would make
if i wanted to build the perfect
smartphone as every phone out there has
its flaws the pixel has a great camera
software performance screen and the pros
definitely outweigh the cons these are
just things to consider when purchasing
this device let me know in the comments
what you think the pixel should improve
on drop a like if you enjoyed and make
sure to check out and replace comp or
your lace and grease news on the android
i'll see you guys in the next one

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