5 best new Android apps and games – early Fall 2016

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

hey guys ball just began a couple of
days ago so I thought I'd show you guys
five great new apps and games to start
it off this season first up is digit a
free app in the Play Store that
automates your savings if you've ever
thought about saving up progressively
but can't bring yourself to do it cuz I
need it then this app is for you it
basically examines your spending and
income patterns and then if it thinks
you can spare a few bucks it stashes it
up in a savings account navigating
throughout the app is simple information
is displayed in a conversation format
letting you choose commands on what you
would like to do to do next so you can
withdraw the savings to your checking
account save more money check your
account activity and so on it can seem a
little sketchy at first but trust me
I've been using this service since July
and I can honestly say that I haven't
noticed any huge amount of withdrawals
from my account and I've saved a decent
amount of cash since installing this
they will never transfer more than you
can afford so you won't have to worry
about digit over drafting your bank
account plus it's very secure with
encryption and FDIC insurance keeping
your money and personal information in
good hands definitely a great app to
help you save next up we have a free
interactive one tap game called six a
hexagon sits on the top of a tower of
blocks the aim is to get the hexagon
down the tower by tapping on the bricks
to make them disappear as the ball
climbs down the tower you gain more and
more points if it falls off you lose and
you'll have a grace period to get those
last points in it might sound easy at
first but once that hexagon starts
rolling or the tower tilts you might
find it a little more intriguing if
you've ever thought about using a VPN
then you should definitely use a Paris
it's free without limitations letting
you change your virtual location to
access websites and apps from foreign
countries and prevents tracking from
advertisers and malicious parties it
might impact your connection speed but
if you're navigating through sensitive
applications it can be extremely useful
they also threw in an extra feature to
determine the security level of your
Wi-Fi and stop any threats that are
attacking your network essentially it's
a simple yet useful app that keeps you
secure while browsing the internet on
your smart phone if you're tech-savvy
then you probably have that non techie
or relative that always asks you
questions on how to do something
on your Android device it's even worse
when they call you and ask for your help
through the phone
well now you can remotely give them a
hand with ink wire to do this just have
your friend open inquire tap on share
and tell them to give you their access
code from there you can connect to their
phone letting you start a voice chat and
draw on their screen to guide them
through their issue it won't let you
move anything on their screen but you
can spectate talk to them or use your
finger as a pointer totally free and
easy to use definitely check it out last
but not least I wanted to take home with
a very fun platformer game called one
more jump the idea is to get the auto
running smiling square to the end point
by jumping avoiding obstacles and
collecting all three diamonds to show
off your skills it's very addictive yet
bus trading as you will die a lot but
once you complete the level it's a great
feeling I also enjoy how unique and
creative each level is giving you a
different challenge every time you
advance even if you beat all 70 levels
with new ones added every month you can
still enjoy the daily endless mode
providing a new level every single day
it's definitely a great way to kill some
well those are the five best apps and
games of early fall 2016 hope you guys
enjoyed this new series we're trying out
if you want us to keep this series going
make sure to let us know by liking and
commenting down below make sure to check
out and release calm for your latest and
greatest news on Android and I will see
you guys in the next one

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