5 superior males’s jackets for Spring from Tiger of Sweden 2018

published on July 3, 2020


what's up Rasmus they're doing good

today feeling good

thank you for tuning in and slick hair

TV today is a live style episode and

then as you recall we did an unboxing on

an $8,000 tiger of Sweden shipment you

can see the right behind us and you

already have seen half of it try it on

and today

yeah whatever for I think also we'll

give our own opinion about the clothing

and the jackets we have free free

jackets and then we'll try the places on

one navy blue and one great

now I'm in the gray suit thing it goes

very well with some light colors white

shirt and some like jeans three nice

things to know when you buy your first

blazer you have a brain tag at the

sleeve here you should remove it do it

gently you can do it from the inside you

can see here also the pockets they're

often closed here that suit and then you

should open it there's no need to

actually use the permits it's only for

show and at the back here often these

two parts are also suit together

you should also undo that so that's the

free tips

rasmus now it's your turn to try the

navy blue one all right


now we outside my apartment and we

brought the camera so we are gonna take

a few images about these glaciers so

let's get to it now we took the sits

outside to check it out I like the fit

of this placer and now the spring can

just come I'm ready


I think this model is really cool the

Sierras are perfect but the waist is too

big it's flour flavoring a little bit

well put together and it fits good with

a light pair of jeans but it could also

go so well with with dark jeans as well

because it's a back color now next

jacket rasmus already alright now we're

here with the black middle jacket it's

of course real leather and but the fake

fur inside it's a lot of fur so it's

fair enough

Jagat fits very well on the shoulders

and all the design is really cool

because of the fur inside the thing it's

designed to be a little bit oversized

which is quite fair if they don't like

it too tight in the winter if you have a

huge sweater or something underneath


you have one more gadget to go it's the

olive green one and I'll just go and

pick it up in my apartment so hang on

and here you have it it's the olive

green one and as you can see it's really

spring-like so you can use it

they're like transfer jacket from winter

to summer


now the episode is done and we really

enjoyed making these awesome nice

lifestyle episodes for you so we like to

know what you think about it it has been

very great I especially like the

shootings we did on it was fun we've got

to wear some very nice suits yes and

also plans to keep continuing doing

those these lifestyle videos so please

write in the comments down below and let

us know what next we'll see you guys

next time


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