5.45GHz AMD Ryzen 3 3100 Overclocking Results & Recap

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Everyone we're doing a stream recap for the Rison 330 100 we just did about a 3 hour 20 minute livestream on it it was a lot of fun I'm shocked how smoothly it went normally this kind of stuff it doesn't go quite as smoothly as listed we only had maybe like a 30 minute

Period of really just stock rebooting but up until that point for the first hour it was smooth sailing all the way up to 5 gigahertz and we went past that – and the voltage was far lower than I expected on the 3100 so despite being

Kind of a boring ship and that it's not an expensive one it was one of the most fun that I had to work on so far for an EXO sea before that this video is brought to you by CD projekt red and the cyberpunk 2077 PC modding contest the

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The contest using the link in the description below or go to cyberpunk net cyber up so to recap things first of all let's get all the scores out of the way just cuz everyone's gonna ask about that we obviously have the choice of the 3300

Acts yes it's a 4 + 0 config instead of 2 + 2 we talked with that in our comparison video but I wanted to use the 3100 just because because I thought it'd be fun and it's the cheapest one it's a hundred bucks so the question is

Something that should be other than the app on the worst bin silicon how high does that still go so that's what we did we use Cinebench r15 and our 24 quick benchmarks not 3d stop for this so just our 15 or 20 and clocked at as high as

It would go I've got some numbers we can put a table of some kind on the screen for you for the recap but stock full stock no XMP or anything it was about one thousand eight points for our 15 and our 20 it was about 2305 for

4.4 gigahertz at about 1.4 volt and running only -7° for the pot temperature there's about 11 13 or so for our 15 and we did test that again at a lower temperature minus 40 there's about the same score for that we then ran a 4.6

Gigahertz all core at minus 42 degrees one point 4 volts so one point three nine four yet and that was an 11 87 score sauce scaling all the way down we'll skip a couple of these numbers but four point seven no problem at one point

Four volt four point eight no problem there's some regression of the score at four point eight versus four point seven and that may have been an efficiency issue or something going on in the background but we reran it a few times

Later and saw the scores increase I ended up at minus 100 degrees so not even that cold for Allen to at 5 gigahertz and 1 point 4 volts still 1278 for hour 15 and then 3000 13 points for our 20 so that's the point we're up to

Before the stream when I was doing stream perhaps I had tested up to about 5.2 but it was using one a shorter test so I didn't know if it would be stable enough for r15 we were trying to really rapidly do it and then – that was at one

Point five five volts so to see 5.0 at one point four volts set with LLC mode three so it's about one point three nine four that was really not expected really good efficiency on the cpu overall score was scaling and then we ended up with

Getting all the way down to the bottom of whatever chart I end up making at minus 180 degrees that seems to be what was required to get the 5450 to hold so 5450 did hold for one test and then it crashed right after that but it made it

And it scored 13 92 I didn't end up getting x around our 20 because bench died and I didn't want to fight it because it bring it back up for minus 180 takes forever I have to stick a torch in there for like 5 minutes to

Heat it up so yeah 54 50 megahertz was our end that was 1.5 5 volts also lower than I would expect necessary and scores 30 92 so it's still scaled so yeah I'm blown away at how good the 3101 wise it was really not expecting

That out of $100 cpu so what was really needed to get past fifty three fifty to fifty four fifty that extra hundred megahertz did not come easily I had to bring the temperature down from minus 150 to about minus 180 and then it made

It only at that point did it make it through but the problem was as soon as the power load from Cinebench ended CB is not doing anything anymore so now there's no heat to really burn out that liquid nitrogen and what ended

Up happening was the temperature plunged on the lm-2 pot it went down to like minus 190 something which is about the floor for a liquid nitrogen and we lost stability and it crashed so I really want to do it properly I'd probably have

To run that again and shove a torch in there and heat it up as soon as the test is ending to prevent it from freaking out and shutting down turning off proc hot as recommended by a chat a chat went a little bit crazy towards the like two

Hours 30 minute mark and it's kept spamming turn off proc hot which turned it to turn off hot pockets and then hot pockets with theater tots and then turn off crock-pot and I don't really understand what was happening chat at

That point but I took their advice and I turned off proc hot and it did seem to help with some of the weird bugginess we were getting so we used to rise and master this I do not like the software but there was the best thing I had

Available on short notice one of our viewers evocati productions was kind enough to send me over some better software it's the ACS version so we'll try that next time and I hope to see some better success rise and master

Stops at 1.55 as far as I know anyway with a version we have so I was not able to push higher voltage than that and hardware numbers jumped in as well and recommended some PLL settings we'll play around with that next time we do this to

You derp Berra was in there asking me to use his throne paste and I said send me some and then he sent us 100 euros and told us to buy some so that's what you missed out on if he didn't see this dream it

Was a lot of fun though I guess takeaways here at 1392 points 454 50 megahertz 5 point 4 5 gigahertz that puts us pretty close to a 1600 AF at 4 points you get your Hertz so the I mean this is a Cinebench

Like tile-based test right we don't even use this in our reviews so we don't really like it but it'd be similar to be an analog to blender so this is not representative of gaming performance you have to tank infinitely

Fabric to get this really running to about 1467 megahertz might we'll do a little higher and that will have an impact on gaming performance if you're really willing to sit down and do the work you could in theory get some good

Memory and really drive down the timings or out the frequency min max as much as you can you probably make up the Delta and end up with a higher frequency in gaming that's actually providing value as opposed to just drop in Infinity

Fabric for higher frequency where you're gonna end up with worse gaming performance despite a 5 point something gigahertz core frequency because you've made everything else worse that's why we send a batch for it because it's easy to

Show scaling with Justin all core so there's more we can do if we wanted to get gaming results but it's not really a direct comparable thing but just for fun I guess it shows you how good the 1600 AF was at $85.00 when it was that price

Which is not the case normally anymore does that was 1440 2.6 at a 4 point 2 gigahertz and then another comparison we had an 80 86 case stock at 14 18 megahertz sorry 14 18 Cinebench r15 NT points and 8700 a stock about about the

Same obviously so that's where you were I guess if you ran a ton Allen – at these settings you can find it but really good performance overall we switch this nock to a redux fan to get something a little bit quieter it worked

Ok I had it on the table like this to blow the the vapor this way to get it away from the memory and away from the board as much as possible it seems to work ok the Allen to pot is still completely coated in snow

We probably stop pouring L&T like we stopped this tree maybe 15 minutes ago stop pouring Allen to you probably 20-30 minutes ago so this thing is still at minus 54 degrees Celsius this is the dev our B spot we've

Lapped the bottom of this we worked with Joe on that I do the setup during the stream I applied a flat layer of kpx paste on the bottom of it so manual spread for that and we've got direct contact with a lapped ellentube pot you

Really can't get much better than this one this is like when I was pouring even with only a 70 watt heat load on the CPU it was still evaporating and so really good I guess contact of this one the mount is super get on this and

All I did was sit it on top of it so yeah everything worked really well this time it's amazing how smoothly it went the board's an ex-wife's honey God like I coated it with Vaseline especially behind the socket it builds up a lot of

Ice on there and there's actually still a bunch of frost down there even though it's only minus 50 now I guess that's still that makes sense that's total of a freezing point but there's a lot of frost down there so

Yeah that was the trick to keeping it running couple things I'd like to change the next time I've learned from learn obviously I'm not like a pro skier we do this once every month or every couple months recently anyway so I don't get to

Do this a lot I have a lot to learn and things I've learned recently would be a planer out PLL in the middle of the stream I was reminded by hard wood numbers this is something I learned what I'd forgotten to increase SOC voltage so

I put that up to one point four he was saying do one point five but one way before seemed to work what we were holding at the time don't do that by the way for like dailies do not do that it's just for Alan toc and then also proc OTT

Was a setting I was not even familiar with on AMD CPUs so that was good to learn and then next time I guess things to try would be better software try the PLL settings and see what happens from there so that's our takeaways always

Happy to learn some stuff from the audience and especially the the real overclockers to jump in like roman joe was in there bearded hardware hardware numbers those guys so a lot of good information from them and really good

Scoring yeah 31 hertz a chip you shouldn't buy you get the 3300 axis instead but I guess if you wanted something cheap to play around with for Alan T oh I don't know if the thermal density helps like having two cc axes

Maybe there's some better stability at higher frequencies there instead of one but you're still not gonna make up that late and see it I may be in this scenario but to what end is that I guess the point there no power numbers I

Should give to I thought at first when I took a current reading I thought that the number was wrong and in the stream I opened up like hardware info just to see it I don't really rely on it but because he close enough

And it was in fact tracked so dracs power to the EPS 12-volt cables was about 70 watts at one point 4 volts which we were holding 5 gigahertz at minus 100 degrees really good settings stupid low power I don't know really

That's like it's lower than what we saw at the one point three six eight four point four gigahertz set we had for the review but the temperature is so damn low that I think we drove down the power leakage to a point where it was it was

That eighty-six watts for one point five five and that was with I guess another factor too was at the point of this measurement the v– dim was only like one point two instead of one point three five or one point four five or whatever

It was for our review for the OSI so that contributes and then associate was all over the place to found what we're doing so that's it for the stream recap a lot of fun thanks for watching thanks to all of you who contributed

Financially the super chats or by buying stuff on the store that's what makes the streams possible and we very much appreciate it so yeah I got stay tuned for the next content subscribe for more go to store documents exit on that to

Helps out directly and make sure you keep an eye out for more streams we're gonna be doing more of them especially with the ten series coming up I'll see you all next time

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