$450 Sleeper PC Build – Gaming Sleeper

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

all right you guys asked for it we are
finally doing a sleeper mod build four
hundred and fifty dollars but before we
well I almost I just like the whole
intro yeah but you know what before we
get into that let's hear a word from
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link down below alright guys so yes you
all have asked for it we are making a
sleeper PC so we ended up getting this
beige Beauty over here given to us just
basically someone's getting rid of an
old computer and you know we thought we
had some hardware lying around and maybe
could complete a somewhat capable
sleeper PC now this isn't gonna rock a
twenty atti in like a thirty nine fifty
X that'd be cool but we're not that
crazy so we're making actually a
respectable PC using some not so
respectable parts and trying to put
together a really capable sleeper PC
with a little bit of modding which
Jackson will talk about real quick so
the good news with this case is that so
far we don't see any major mods we
really need to do it actually looks to
be standard ATX the board that's in
there is kind of funky looking but we
kind of measured the holes and
everything and they seem like they'll
line up with micro and standard
full-size ATX so we actually have these
side panels off right now because one of
them is currently getting a clear side
panel put on to it so we actually are
laser cutting the hole and then we're
actually laser cutting the acrylic and
we're basically is gonna glue it on and
we'll have a sleeper bill with a side
panel so it's basically not just your
standard sleeper where you don't know
exactly what's going on you can kind of
peek in and see what's going on it looks
a little bit more oh sorry yeah so it's
a toasty Broz taste of a sleeper pcs so
let's go ahead and talk about the rest
of the specs and exactly how it makes up
this build and then start cleaning this
thing up because it definitely needs a
little bit of love alright guys so what
we have here is actually a little bit of
a throwback but at the same time it's
not a throwback this is the AMD rise in
v 1600 but it's the AF so basically on
the amazon they're trying to kind of get
there you know last 1600s but these are
basically 26 hundreds they're actually
in the 12 nanometer dye which
interestingly enough basically makes
this a 2600 but still so 1600 on it so
it does come with a Wraith stealth
cooler and everything honestly for this
build because we're putting it in a 320
board this is really about the best you
want to go and it's like the cheapest to
him didn't even taste like $85 with
prime shipping right now big thanks to
uncertain logic for always sending over
the amazing Chinese part city kids this
is a Galax motherboard it's an 8 through
20 M Galax is actually a name-brand
which I think mat you know a little bit
more about that GPUs make a lot of yeah
they make a lot of GPUs so I mean it's
it's actually a good-looking board like
I'm not gonna lie it's not it's built
pretty well it actually has m dot 2 on
it so you get a member this is a through
20 right but we have an m dot 2 we
actually have like room for expansion
you know we actually have the 8 pin CPU
and everything we actually have multiple
fan headers on it which normally you
don't get what they three 20s and it's
also actually a black PCB rather than
like brown or green so I mean honestly
for the for the price of this board it's
a really good deal I think will actually
have an alternate link down below
because I'm sure most he are not gonna
be a fan of Galax I mean speaking of you
know off branded weird the RAM is you
can see two different sticks we have one
team group stick and we have one I
believe the micron stick so I had two
crucial but this is actually just 2 4
gig sticks I believe like 26 hundred
megahertz will have once again in the
description down below where you can
literally buy brand new sticks of
matching Ram from someone like patriot
or even team group 4 on $24.99 to $26.99
and it'll also be a 2666 so that won't
be a problem as far as speed and
capacity goes speaking of this
motherboard having an m2 slot we won
with a silicon power 256 gigabyte m2
drive now well it's an m2 one we can
reduce the cable clutter that will be
inside this case because there's
literally no cable management room on
the back so and this is old-school so
the power slide goes up top so we'll see
how this goes with me actually cable
management thing but having one less
SATA cable is also really nice and to 56
gigabytes is more than enough for a
budget system nowadays now as for the
graphics card we're using this 1650
super again we used
in the ultimate Dell Optiplex which we
haven't seen that check down in the top
right corner and our 500 our PC which
you all seem to really love this thing
is basically like the new new rx 580 it
performed very similar to an RX 580 and
it comes in at a really nice price point
about a hundred and sixty nine dollars
but you can't get it for $159.95 so stay
tuned to some of our future builds
because power supplies are getting
cheaper guys but this is around 50 bucks
for a fire in 50 wide unit not a great
price but it is good enough to get a
really high quality power supply from a
reputable brand like Corsair
and yeah thank you again Corsair sorry
has to go to sleep or build but that's
what's gonna end up so what we have
right here is a little bit of an upgrade
for this older case this is a five point
two five inch front Bay that comes with
USB 3 USB 2 and a headphone jack and I
think even a mic jack yeah so you got
combo Jack's right here so this is just
something to add so we can actually get
some modern connectivity in the sleeper
bill so just slide in right here you
know back in the days when DVD drives
would exist just go so you get in there
just shove it right in there but this is
pretty cheap to get it's a good upgrade
if you are doing something like a
sleeper PC don't see a lot of people
doing it in their sleeper build so we
wanted to give it a shot because you
know we want to make our sleeper PC
actually usable there's absolutely the
USB was not quite a thing on the front
yet and actually let's look at the back
do we got yeah we do have USB three USB
was you know was invented but we have
two you know two USBs that's all we got
and lastly if we're gonna be doing a
side panel we have to use RGB so this is
another cheap RGB strip that runs off
SATA power comes with a remote on
there's light or not for you to go with
but guys it's a 2020 PC build even if
it's a sleeper
it's got to have our DB so how do we go
ahead and clean this thing up make sure
everything is going to work
properly which were like 99% sure it
well maybe 98% but we're gonna clean
this up make sure it works properly and
then put together a really awesome
sleeper build let's see how it performs

all right guys who just saw this four
hundred and fifty dollars sleeper build
actually play all the games here at
they're at it really well we didn't want
to just throw out there that there is
really no fans in this system you could
put a 90 millimeter back here obviously
it's gonna be different for everyone
because I doubt there's gonna be many
people of replicating this exact thing
but that's sixteen hundred sixteen fifty
they're so low powered that they really
do not pull much wattage and in turn
they don't really put out a lot of heat
so we saw pretty decent temperatures and
we don't expect to actually have to add
a fan to it really in the terms of those
benchmarks again we tested a couple of
games tested code duty modern warfare
shadow the Tomb Raider and Rainbow six
siege modern warfare we had a couple
issues with some stuttering it could
have to do with our windows install or
maybe just RAM utilization we were
running on high settings but the game
did run well over 60 FPS when it wasn't
having a stuttering issue as you can see
on screen right here but it was a really
good experience we were able to test the
1600 AF which a lot of people asked in
our recent 500 our build and honestly I
mean you can't really notice much of
difference between 2600 we didn't do any
direct comparisons but it did perform
very well the same goes for games like
Rainbow six siege which is nice for
titles well over 100 FPS into 200s and
then shadow the Tomb Raider is around
sixty on like high settings that's where
the 1650 is getting a little bit
bottleneck so that is one area where you
might want to lower the settings down to
medium if you want to get a good
playable result but really this system
performs very well
the main concept was the sleeper aspect
of it but the hardware inside definitely
doesn't slack so before we go out we
also we just want to thank Corsair they
did send over this power supply which is
actually a newer product line as far as
we know that's budget oriented so you
know it's um just a little bit on the on
the lesser side rather than being like
super high-end gamer and like modular we
didn't need that for this we wanted this
to be the cheapest like super build but
still performing a well and this corsair
power supply like really fit that very
well it's a huge sorry to courser but
also big thanks to course a hope you
guys like it so as always don't forget
to Like comment subscribe we really hope
you guys liked this little one-off
project do you guys like it let us know
down below and we'll try to do more
stuff like this and as always we'll see
you guys in the next one bye here wait
come back come back I forgot something
alright if you want to see some live
content follow our twitch down below
look at that beautiful lower third that
our manager
flick that out if it's there maybe it's
not I don't know I mean I'm gonna put
this in their regard I'm sorry there's
nothing down there can be really awkward
yeah goodbye

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