$450 FULL Gaming Setup (PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

Hey what is up guys Jack and Matt here with the toasty rose and today we're gonna be doing a four hundred and fifty dollar gaming setup it's gonna be really awesome but before we get into that let's hear it work from today's sponsor I've been having so many issues lately

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Because it helps us out now into the video alright guys so we're putting together another gaming setup now what we'd like to do recently is take the PC bills that we featured on the channel in one way or another and convert them into

Full gaming setups for a set budget because well you could build a gaming pc but you're eventually going to need to get stuff to actually play on it so we thought this would be a great way to do that but what we're be doing is focusing

On this PC right here which is around $300 which features a rise in 330 200 G which if you haven't seen the video already we tested single channel versus dual channel memory link down below I'm top right corner with this PC so we

Didn't actually do a full build of it but you can check that video out and we're actually doing today is putting together an APU gaming setup and see exactly how all that does so we're just gonna go ahead and talk about the PC

Specs and then the peripherals so as matt said we did actually recently do this building it's a really nice looking building and adding smart gb to it eventually but for now this is just budget oriented so this is in the fantex

P300 case which i honestly really love this case this is actually tempered side glass it has a full basement that's covered I am actually a huge fan of how it has the size stop at the basement rather than going all the way down and

Still showing the basement to me it's kind of weird this just makes sense but we have a rise in 3200 G which is an APU there's no graphics card in this okay so you'd literally have two options you have HDMI and DVI we're going with the

Single monitor setup here though because we're trying to keep this cheap but you have the option to get another 1080p monitor that you can run DVI we have eight gigs at 3000 megahertz and then we have a gigabyte v 450 M motherboard now

I'm really gonna point out is that we do recommend to save a little bit of money you could actually make this like even cheaper we spell like an extra 20 bucks in the motherboard because when you did it quick we spend a little bit more in

The rain because we needed it quick I mean other than that there's not too many sacrifices we made the case there's a little bit more than we would normally do for a APU build but in this case though this is a really nice-looking

Build and as far as upgradability goes we have all the room in the world for that now for the setup part of this gaming setup we went with this scepter 24 inch 1080p monitor it actually has a 75 Hertz refresh rate which really only

Costs 85 bucks new on Amazon which is actually a really good price point it says has a frameless bezel design we'll see that when we open it up five millisecond response time comes with free sync also it should be really nice

For this APU but it's a decent little monitor for a full gaming setup now for the keyboard and mouse we actually have a mechanical keyboard in here which we're gonna open up in a little bit we want to spoil it just yet but there is a

Mechanical keyboard and mouse in this combo and it was about $39.99 which isn't too bad we actually have a budget keyboard roundup coming very soon in the general so be sure to subscribe if you want to see that and it features another

One of these kits it's actually 10 bucks cheaper so stay tuned for that but have it makes some pretty good peripherals they've been around since like the beginning of this channel we reviewed their stuff a long time ago so we're

Pretty excited to actually test this combo out and we're all for combos with budget setups because I'll just save some money and lastly for the headset trust me this is probably like the last timer and use this for a while we have a

Shipment pets that's coming in but lion this is the empowering headset it's like 20 bucks on Amazon sounds pretty good very comfy comes with a decent microphone it's more than enough to get you a budget gaming setup up and running

Again we're running with APU graphics here we don't want to invest a ton in peripherals when we could sacrifice performance on the PC so you know with this headset and overall it sounds pretty good from the experience that we

Use this in we've use it in higher in setups too and it's been perfectly fine so both the set up there's a lot of different ways you can go with your peripheral choice so it's all subjective we'll leave some suggestions down below

And you know what how do we just go ahead and put this together I'm done blabbing no more blabbing alright guys the first game we're gonna be testing with this beautiful setup is

Fortnight now yes we did include a headset in the budget but we are using these speakers on this monitor so you all can kind of hear what's going on so it's not like awkwardly silent but we're gonna test for tonight on pro settings

At 1080p now we're gonna be testing all the games at 1080p because well we got a 1080p monitor so you can kind of see the limitations of an APU system and where you could probably upgrade by adding

Like a 570 or 580 to give better performance in the future but overall we're just trying to show you what this APU is capable of and games that actually make sense for an APU so like for tonight's csgo and probably a couple

Others mmm-hmm so we are running with the framerate limiter off so we are running at like over 60fps if you do want to like limit stutters that are probably going to happen as you can see right here you definitely will probably

Want to cap this to 60 but I mean it's not a horrible experience I mean running on integrated graphics it's pretty crazy to show how far this technology has come so we're gonna drop into a match and see how long it takes for me to find

Somebody I'm gonna go super aggressive and go over here today as you're in pleasant part rubber 60fps which is I know what you're looking for for a game like fortnight I don't know what it is I don't know if a me like updated these

Like drivers or what knob like these eight years and I should be performing better than they used to when we tested these systems this is impressive it's actually really good for an APU I cannot complain why biographic spirit anymore

Oh well there's a stutter see that's the kind of stuff you're gonna experience with an APU and also we are maxing out the RAM because we are only running eight gigs in the system and the make graphics are taking two gigs for V Rams

So as you can tell we're at like five gigs right now so that leaves like a gig of memory for actual system uses so that might be a reason why we're starting a little bit so upgrading the maybe 16 or even doing a weird configuration like 12

Wouldn't be stupid but you know you got that option as well I'll be totally honest here in saying that I don't notice a huge difference from 60 Hertz to 75 Hertz but I mean it's kind of a cool thing to have if you want to maybe

Get some sort of a fluidity upgrade but I mean it's you know the martyr's 85 bucks which I'm actually pretty impressed with a monitor for the price you know it gets me thinking this bezel is designed you know we could always do

Like a budget triple monitor setup with something but hey can we go thumbs up for our MSI Afterburner actually working properly I think that deserves it yeah 60 I mean it's a lock 60 which normally team Rumble matches

Are like pretty like demanding so maybe you want to make this a little bit more smooth you could lock like 75 like the monitors refresh rate or something gonna be pretty nice they probably will dip still a little bit but you know it's

Pretty good I like it there you go any worse situation it dropped down to like 40 here and there but I mean hey if you want to get mocked 60 go 720p but there you go forward I'm more than playable try another game all right guys

We're launching in the death match on csgo we're on all medium settings essentially nice and twenty by ten eighty fullscreen let's see how this thing does alright guys we're in csgo we're actually getting a pretty

Respectable it looks like a little bit over 60 FPS constantly so that's okay so that's actually a pretty good on medium settings there's times where we spiked up to a little bit higher than that but I mean overall the game's playable

Obviously probably gonna aim for something higher like closer 244 but to be fair this monitor has a refresh rate of 75 and we're getting that yeah there it looks like it's actually pretty consistent that's one part I'm like

About the safe to use we're not getting like you know random times we're getting 100-plus FPS it's actually sticking between like 70 and 90 which is pretty good no stutters consistency do that wasn't freaking oh right there it is

Again just fondant I like him Oh all right guys but a csgo definitely playable it didn't really used to be this good an APU and now it's actually looking pretty darn good them up oh no oh no all right that's enough csgo

All right guys the last thing we're gonna be testing is a Rainbow six siege or we'll be running this on low settings just to get the most possible FPS on this monitor with the built in benchmark we are running at 1080p full screen with

75 Hertz and we're just gonna see exactly how this performs so Rainbow six again is a more demanding eSports title so expect this to be a little bit worse than some of the other tests we've run but I mean on low settings around 70 FPS

As long as it stays a little bit over 60 a few dips here and there I mean it's more than playable for somebody who wants to casually play Rainbow six siege especially coming from a console you're getting a pretty good experience so

Running through here still we're still at 100 cent usage on the Vega a graphics CPU still hovering around 58 63 percent which is to be expected that bottleneck is definitely with the GPU but 70 FPS can't complain about this for

A sports title and that's the main target with a system like this is playing eSports Todd you probably play like the new halo Master Chief collection you can play for tonight like we test it already we can play for

Tonight again you could play all the fortnight's but you can play all the games that you want to especially you sports games rocket League and things like that with this setup and as a rounding up the benchmark run we will

See that we have an average of 74 FPS a minimum of 63 and a max of 91 that average dude is perfect that's like right there is 75 Hertz beautiful so now that we've done testing this whole setup let's go ahead and talk about at night

And test for it now one more time because that's what you all want isn't it all right so for four hundred and fifty dollars you actually get a full set up a while back this really wasn't possible with an APU system but because

Of like we were saying AMD going through and like updating all their drivers and with dirge in rising stuff out that's APU related honestly this is super impressive like I was surprised to see all these games getting over 60 FPS and

Not even all of them on the lowest settings possible either now to address a couple comments that we know we're gonna get one you ability use PC and get better performance out of the box but this is

Brand-new parts upgradeable and at this price point you really can't beat it yes you can go with like an older rising processor with a graphics card but even then you're still probably gonna be paying more than this set up so for the

Budget that we have for under $50 and as we mentioned if you go with a cheaper motherboard that will link down below and probably a little bit of cheaper case this could probably be a good 50 bucks cheaper you could be looking at

$400 for this whole set up which at that price it's a no-brainer easily upgradable really awesome PC this system could really handle like a rise of 530 600 Verizon 7 if you wanted to and like a 5 80 or above graphics cards

So the sky's the limit with this set up and overall I'm really impressed with what we got here especially this monitor super nice so if you guys are looking to do is set up like this or even the same one user links down below this is really

Would be a great beginner set up for a lot of you especially since you have everything you need and then later on down the road I would just add like a 580 to it there's your energy and 580 s a great combo you can get a 5 any used

On eBay for around $100 so only coming in at about 5 to 550 you literally could have a setup that you could even possibly do a little bit of streaming with as well so we're all very impressed with this setup last couple of things

The mechanical keyboard combo is actually pretty good you know like blue switches I think they have a couple of versions that you can change the switch type but you know most of these cheap keyboards come up with switches because

It's the most popular on ice on people clicky clicky and the mouse is pretty decent out of the box too with dpi settings and the RGB glow on it so for 40 bucks I can definitely not complain about that and of course

In PAL you know can't go wrong that headset so we really hope you guys enjoyed today's setup video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the next one bye

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