$4,000 FULL Streaming Setup (PC, Monitors, Mic, Camera & MORE)

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

Hey how's it going guys jack and man here with the toaster rows and today we're I'm kind of embarrassed to say this we're gonna be doing a four thousand dollar streaming setup this is totally outside our comfort zone but with big thanks to Corsair and again

Micro Center for sending over the parts that make this $2,000 PC possible we're gonna be building a streaming setup that's honestly gonna be way better than anything we actually have so let's go ahead and talk about the parts cynthia's

Haven't already seen the video you can check the I in the top-right corner link down below this is a two thousand dollar gaming streaming editing really like anything a computer and it has a 39 50 X in it it has 32 gigs of RAM it has a one

Terabyte nbme Drive has a 27 B Super and an x5 70 motherboard I mean honestly this build we did not mess around like making it look all crazy we just messed around with making it work really well and also the peripherals as we mentioned

Were mainly sent over by Corsair / El Gato same company basically but we have some El Gato streaming stuff with their key light and capture card and El Gato stream deck and then we also have some peripherals from Corsair to kind of tie

Everything together so how we do a quick rundown of every single individual part how it makes up the streaming setup and then we'll dive into putting this thing together it's gonna be kind of crazy alright so to go over the monitors real

Quick now you can you cook up so many different ways with this we have dual 240 Hertz 1080p monitors this one's IPSS one's not we're kind of aiming at this viewsonic XG 270 be like the main monitor because it has the IPS display

But really they're they're very similar besides that it does come with the little flaps here to do competitive gaming and everything but honestly for streaming editing gaming especially 240 Hertz this computer will be able to

Handle both of these monitors at least we're pretty sure so but you'll find out pretty soon and obviously if you're not really into like streaming you sort of a good gaming setup you could also go 1440 you could get cheaper monitors even and

Do triple monitors these are honestly pretty expensive and for some people it might not be the route to go this one's for my friends over at pixie oh this is the Hayabusa 24-inch 240 Hertz monitor that's also pretty freakin insane the

Box is pretty heavy but yeah we're excited to put these two side-by-side I have no clue if they're gonna look good together but we'll find out and as we said before big thanks to Corsair this is the new Corsair KD

RGB platinum xt so this is a full-sized keyboard that has the really cool G macro so you get six macros over here that you can actually bind almost like a stream Dex that's actually really cool man we have a stream deck but you can

Also use these for gaming and you know there are things that you might have put a fit on your stream deck but this is a beautiful keyboard becomes the really nice wrist rest and honestly just very excited to check it out and also from

Corsair we have the MM 500 this is a massive actually called it the extended three XL gaming mouse pad and I really do think it's about the width and you know yeah about the width of this box I've no clot along it somebody it might

Honestly take up this whole entire desk see how it's actually a really big mouse pad and excited to see it and also from quarters so this is the glaive RGB honestly it's a really good Mouse I think it comes in a little bit over

Fifty dollars right now and it's you know it's sleek looking it has this right here which this is really cool you can actually swap out it comes with like two different thumb rest in case you're not one of these people that like the

Really big gamer style ones the scroll feels really good you have two macros on the side you have dpi switches up top it's one of those mice it's actually very simple but at the same time it looks very gamer II it has a really good

RGB effect too and I don't play MOBAs or anything like that so really having you know 50 Macker on the side doesn't matter to me so I'd rather have simplicity like this in the last thing straight up from Corsair is the Void RGB

Elite wireless headset this is a $100 headset it works on PC and PlayStation so honestly really good-looking headset I'm actually excited to check this thing out it has buttons on the side which that's exciting

We'll probably test out the mic as well even though we have a Yeti for this but you know we we got a test everything at 7.1 channel there's all kinds of crazy cool facts in the fact I'm sure you guys can click on the link down below if you

Want to check it out or even buy it alright now we get into the streaming part of this streaming setup what we have right here first off is the elgato key light now this basically is a very fancy light that hooks up via El Gatos

Stream deck software or you can use it on its own but it adds a really nice diffused light to your setup which if you watch our videos we have a lot of lighting around this place and lighting is very important in getting good video

Quality especially when you're live streaming we the camera which more on that later but these things are really nice to have they're not a must but if you are getting a four thousand dollar streaming

Set up good lighting and especially with the usability interfaces has with the okano stream deck is a must and speaking of that Elgato stream deck you all know this by now if you're live share me you know the elgato stream deck you can get

These macros built in you can do a lot of programming do a lot of different stuff to basically do scene switching cool effects on stream different things on your PC different hotkeys I personally use it to have macros to open

Programs that I use often like Premiere Pro stream labs OBS open up Chrome a certain website can do that all the time using the stream deck so I highly suggest considering one of these if you're a live stream now this part of

The setup is actually extremely overkill what we have right here is the 4k 60 Pro from Elgato now what we're going to be using this for is plugging up our DSLR which we'll talk about in a minute to be using as a web cam which is totally

Overkill for this setup because well you can just get a cam link for probably like $100 cheaper and it work perfectly fine but we wanted to showcase this because you could also use this if you want a live stream console gameplay and

Get really nice 4k 60 pass through on your latest generation console if you want to do that sort of live streaming but having 4k recording capability on a capture card is pretty nice it's not just passed through you can actually get

4k quality into your PC so if you're very interested in doing some console streaming this would be worth picking up now for the microphone we don't want the blue Yeti now of course with a $4,000 setup if you wanted to cut corners in a

Little bit of places and get a proper XLR setup with really nice audio you most definitely can do that and I would actually suggest you to do that the blue Yeti is a solid microphone but it is not perfect but it is going to do a good job

At keeping our setup well performing very well and have good decent audio with a well sound controlled room with not a lot of background noise it will perform very well you can also get a mic arm if you want to and we'll leave

Suggestions down below for different things if you want to upgrade this set up even more but the blue Yeti decent budget mic it's pretty famous most of you know about it now how I suggest you consider it when

Picking up your first microphone now as we mentioned this is our camera this is a Panasonic g7 which in the description we have a price for you buying them views around the when you're buying these new you're probably paying around

$500 which is decent price for this camera we viewed the that we've used these for all our videos here on the channel Jax is recording on one right now we actually own three of them at the moment but

They're really awesome 4k cameras but they do work very well with clean HDMI out into that capture card to be used as a webcam and I use them on my live stream over on Twitch out TV slash toastie Bros beautiful lower-third Kazak

But this right here is a really awesome camera to get into professional camera quality when you're live streaming and all you really need to get this set up is a power adapter which is basically a DC adapter as you see it dangling down

Here that plugs directly into camera to keep it running on power 24/7 as opposed to having to change batteries all the time and then a mini HDMI to full HDMI cable that'll plug into the capture card add it into OBS and you have yourself a

Working camera setup so oh and lastly a tripod is useful to actually mount the thing somewhere on your desk so we're gonna go ahead and try to fit all this stuff on this desk it's gonna be kind of cramped but we're gonna go try and make

A really crazy $4,000 streaming setup alright guys as you can tell the setup

Is all put together now quick rundown roll cook we ended up only using one of the key lights because we had very limited desk real estate Jackson if you want to go stand next to the key light real quick and show how beautiful it is

I miss out guys we also have the ability to change the settings using the elgato stream deck we make it really bright really dim we can turn it on and off using the far left one you can adjust brightness and yeah it's really cool to

Stream deck integration we also have the camera setup going here with another g7 which actually looks really nice but as we mentioned we used one key light mainly because we didn't have a whole lot of desk space definitely be used two

Of them you have way more lighting control and we also have a lot of lighting in here already so we'll leave the option for you to get both of them down below if you want better lighting and everything else looks really clean

So we're gonna go ahead and do is load up a stream over on twitch TV so I zero stream to our loyal twitch viewers and do our morning stream while also playing a little big a mess to set up out so let's go do it

so what we're doing guys is testing a four thousand dollar streaming setup just for the people at home watching on YouTube this would be the beginning of it we have the Panasonic g7 plugged up

Right here and the key light adds a lot of nice functionality into lighting so we can up the brightness if we want to get blind ourselves or we can drop it down a little bit and get more of a natural light right here really you only

Need one of these if you have decent lighting in your room it adds a good key light Rob that's cropping you see this live he does it oh my god I'm not used to a full-size keyboard it's just like everything shifted over

Okay so now we have main desktop gaming boom there you go you you are you seriously running a G 45 64 64 gigs around yes okay who's breathing into their microphones oh god I kept hitting the macro keys I've escaped

It's your God how do I meet this guy you got to go tell white volume there we go you do that how does it look guys it look pretty smoothie you all on stream so looking nice I am running desktop capture right

Now actually so I think that's actually how we got the MSI Afterburner thing the show some and actually both did our first build together we both had computers before we did a build from scratch and we upgraded them multiple

Times you know like his kids which that was before we were even probably like 12 years old but I think it was when we were 12 12 or 13 we built my first computer together in my basement which was like terrifying

It wasn't like it's like a freaking quarter basement it's like it's basically destroyed that yeah those like a dungeon it's a cage yeah shadow and the timbre – the womb Raider is gonna be a test on like high-end games boom here

We go we were doing this guy's highest settings 107 FPS wall streaming do you what the hell man that is crazy sorry about the MSI you kind of catch what's going on

117 FPS hundred and eighteen I'll try on display capture for a minute see if it'll perform fine then we'll run with odds on pro settings yes it is well it's not saying much Ben the menu we're getting over a 300 FPS so that's that's

Something but we'll dive into a game people mind to and you're running on pro settings you're really giving up not not pro settings yeah well you are running on pro settings you're really CPU bound so running x264 like we're doing right

Now might not be the best idea you could very easily stream using in Vinc and most definitely probably get locked to 40 so in terms of gaming performance you'll get better performance if you're streaming using the vacant coder so keep

That in mind if you're trying to get a lock 240 which this is definitely capable of because when we did the actual video itself it was more than playable oh I am getting attacked from multiple angles here this ain't good I

Can't pull him out of the boat that's weird Jackson did that a ton yeah we like playing with viewers sometimes when we get it's just really hard to set up ah I'm dead goodness I got a tagged yeah

Oh alright there you go there's fortnight beautiful game beautiful stuff for Knights beautiful alright guys a few more questions if you have any questions I will well answer them we'll

Try our best to but this is basically our setup pretty baller there are some optimizations you could do especially VI better internet you could probably get a higher bitrate than what we're doing right now for people watching home at

YouTube we highly suggest if you want to upgrade the setup maybe look at an XLR mic this mic sounds pretty good to blue Yeti it's a good mic but you definitely go with better audio for $4,000 if you don't get two key lights maybe get a

Better microphone it's a good option stream decks awesome lighting pretty baller can't complain about this but yeah the setup is really nice and I feel like he does a good job for a once intended purposes so let's go and wrap

The video up real quick alright guys so you just got to watch some actual streaming footage from this PC and honestly this thing does a really good job I mean the PC obviously carries most of the way the PC alone like we says to

Grain you can't change that in this setup specifically but these peripherals you know monitor keyboard mouse analyst extra stuff that's an extra two grand on top of that so you could cut corners and make this more like a $3,000 setup you

Know to make a little bit more budget oriented you can get matching monitors that are a little bit lower end and you know you can kind of get just cheaper peripherals overall you can save you know a couple hundred dollars two

Hundred dollars in the camera as well by just going with a webcam so there's a lot of ways that you could save money but if you want to copy this exact setup just forget these links down below yeah this whole setup was pretty impressive

Again you could definitely a Jackson mentioned cut corners you don't really need to forty Hertz monitors for a streaming setup you can just get a single 240 Hertz in a cheaper monitor there's another suggestion but this

Whole like tying in thing with VI Oh godoh stream deck the lighting the keyboard and mouse all that stuff is really nice and you are paying a premium for that so it's not like you're just wasting your money going with this stuff

All the integration that comes together with the elgato software the elgato capture card and all that sort of stuff is really for live-streaming and overall it's a really really awesome setup if you do

Watch the stream and you have some concerns about maybe some bitrate pixelation there are some limitations with the internet here at our office so any live stream we chose to do here might be slightly below the actual

Standard that you can do with this but trust me guys this has a lot of leg room at 1350 X was basically pegged at like 30% it was like not any higher than that when we were actually live streaming on x264 so very impressive setup overall

And I'm very glad we got a chance to put this together and of course there was nice to help out so big thanks to Micro Center for helping out with the build and of course Corsair for providing all these amazing peripherals don't forget

To Like comment and subscribe and we will see you guys in the next one goodbye I don't have to do my hands you

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