$400 Laptop Gaming Setup (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

Hey how's it going guys jack and Matt here with the toaster bros and today we're gonna be doing something a little bit different a four hundred dollar laptop gaming setup we know there's a lot of people out there who primarily use a laptop and this up is for you but

Before we dive into this let's hear a word from today's sponsor today's video is brought to you by HP and their HP omen 15 gaming laptop the specific laptop we actually decided to use in this video and if you hit the I in the

Top right corner you can see a whole review of it was the i7 9750 age 16 gigs of ram in the 15.6 inch 144 hertz IPS display thanks again HP for sponsoring this video now let's talk about that set up shall we

So because don't know we actually stream over on twitch.tv slash toastie bros where we do a lot of setup reviews and a lot of times these setup reviews just so happened to have laptops which we kind of think is weird but you

Know we decided let's actually tame those laptop people and show them a proper laptop gaming setup now the $400 does not include the laptop keep that in mind this is kind of like a universal setup

That you can just plug your existing laptop into and have a pretty decent setup now Deeley you're probably gonna have a gaming laptop because of the monitor we have right here but you could easily swap this monitor for just a

Basic monitor and use some of these other peripherals to make a laptop setup that's good for you to be able to unplug take this thing on the go and then come back and have a full set up at home so how we go ahead and talk a little bit

About this laptop and then the peripherals that we have so the laptop that were actually using in this $400 setup is actually a 13 in our live type it's a really good laptop from HP there's actually a video if you want to

Check the links down in the description below or check up top but this laptop is an HP omen 15 t it's a 15-inch 144 Hertz display that's 1080 our TX 2060 which is a 6 gig card amazing card the I 790 750 H which is a true 6 core pretty much on

Par with like a rise in 3500 3600 range and all with a 16 gigabyte stick of RAM which that price a little bit depressing just a single stick but it actually did not really slouch in gaming all it did better than any laptop that we've tested

And it also comes with a 256 K nvme drive and a one terabyte hard drive all on a nice RGB keyboard which maybe will turn on yep there we go RGB keyboard for the backlighting so it's pretty gay Murray

The back it's really nice as well so yeah if you guys are gonna check out that video links in description down below but I let's go and talk about the rest of the peripherals they're gonna make up this set up now alright guys so

Is setup is not complete without a monitor so the main concept here is we're going to have this laptop plugged in this is gonna be like the secondary display work or probably probably the primary display if you're gonna be

Gaming if you have a lot of stuff that's that 144 Hertz but anyways this is the pic Co px 2 4 7 this is a 1080p 144 Hertz monitor but the big selling point about this monitor is its IPs so this could be a great secondary display if

You do any color work or any photo editing or video editing on the go and you want to come home and have a place where you can get good colors on a separate monitor so this is a good option especially if your laptop does

Not come with good color accuracy you could offer this and it comes in a really respectable price point of around 160 dollars which is a really really good value for a 144 Hertz monitor so be sure to check the links down below for

Any of the stuff that were mentioning here they are affiliate links and if you do purchase using those links they will help the channel out but I'm very excited to unbox this monitor and see what it's all about

Now another key feature of this setup is this laptop stand now the one we have right here was about $40 on Amazon it was mainly designed for Mac books because as you can tell from its aesthetic design with the aluminum body

But this is a really awesome thing to have because one when you do put it on the stand you can have your laptop be lined up with any sort of monitor now there are some that had come with better adjustments where you can perfectly line

It up with another display but also another big selling point is to give it better ventilation now we decided to go with almost the same company for the peripherals we had tilted nation they sent a bunch of their peripherals to us

For an ad spot on the channel coming up very soon and we decided to use some of their stuff because it actually looked really good and the value you're getting for these products is actually pretty impressive first up with the mouse this

Is their FPS a gaming mouse the dead shot it comes in at around 20 dollars which is a pretty awesome value for an RGB Mouse we're gonna give it a shot again with all this stuff it's pretty Universal you

Can go with any sort of mouths any sort of headset anything really one but these are ones they'll be really one to showcase and this mouse is actually a pretty solid value we're gonna take a look at it in just a moment but the

Thing can be pretty good so this part of the set up is totally not necessary but since til the nation's sent over all this stuff we decided to include it this is a mouse bungee that's also a USB port extension it has four USB ports on it it

Looks like they are USB – so not crazy good but if you wanted to add like extra peripherals or something to yourself you most definitely could and it helps you with cable management if you want to but the purpose of a mouse bungee is

Basically to raise the cable of your mouse off a desk surface so it doesn't have drag it's supposed to improve your performance totally unnecessary it's extra money and if you don't need something like this you'd only need to

Spend it but again we want to showcase it in this set up and lastly from Tilton nation we have a desk mat right here they do have a couple of options we were only able to see this one on Amazon they did send another one that looks pretty

Cool how like a retro wave vibe to it but this one right here is gonna look really nice on this desk again it's a mousepad you can go with pretty much anything you want for this setup but again we went with the Tilted nation

Collection of peripherals hey setup is not complete without a keyboard we have the nyan canine the RGB this is an RGB mechanical keyboard which is gonna look really nice on this setup that it's almost already put together I mean it

Comes in a very respectable price point you actually have this really nice volume knob – it has all the media controls you could want again you can go with a wide range of different options for a mechanical keyboard but going to

Give this guy shot from Roswell and last but certainly not least Corsair was nice enough to send over their HS 60 Pro headset now this is a wireless this is a typical basic wire headset with a microphone but the main remove mode this

Is it's very cost effective and it does have pretty good sound quality for the money you can go with a wide range of headsets from Corsair but this one we asked particularly for because of the value

That you're getting out of it and the fact that we could use it in some of our budget setups without having to go with cheaper alternatives out there like the empower has said that if you use numerous times here on the channel so

How do we go ahead put this laptops tab together which won't take very long at all and then show you exactly how it works alright guys the first game we're gonna be testing is modern warfare now this is

Just a set up video so we're just gonna demo some games real quick on this setup but I mean hey it looks pretty nice I have to say we can have our pretend chat open on our secondary monitor which is technically actually the laptop but you

Know just to get an idea of what you could be doing with their second monitor so we're currently on high settings which actually looks really good so we're getting around 8090 FPS to me we're gonna go over the the 60 FPS mark

Not quite at our 144 Hertz market or anything but you know this this definitely works we could lower some settings a little bit to get slightly better frame rate but where does weird is going for what looks the best right

Now and I am getting oh my gosh how do I do the shot here q I am no Cod professional but this headset though so on a side note sounds amazingly this is it's actually pretty amazing how good this headset sounds yeah the performance

Is pretty solid again if you want to see a dedicated video of this laptop hit the I in the top right corner but I mean this is a pretty solid setup I can see somebody who uses a laptop for work coming home and having this as their

Main gaming system especially if they got a gaming notebook with something like a 2060 in it it'd be a no-brainer to run this as your setup oh yeah pretty much I'm sure that's what you yeah that's

That's what they saw coming right there I don't even mean to pick that up oh hey there we go stuff can make you a pro do this what I'm saying alright guys that was Call of Duty sorry about the horrible gameplay but yeah we managed to

Hold around 80 to 90 FPS from slow game on high settings with dual monitors on this laptop so it's pretty good try one more game guys alright guys the next game we're gonna be testing is overwatch and we are running this on

Ultra settings again this isn't a dedicated benchmarking video we're mainly just showing how the setup works so maybe what we'll do is we'll go over here and go to something like you know twitch.tv slash toasty bros which you

Should definitely check out it's an awesome place to watch awesome live streams it'll pull up a pass live stream and have it just play in the background real quick while we play a game we got a stream going in the background

Let's pull up overwatch and see how this goes okay boys we got in a match right now and yeah we are getting a little bit lower FPS numbers because of having other things open in the background but that is kind of to be expected I have

Not played as this character before so I have no idea what's going on oh boy oh my goodness all right we'll see if it responds somebody who actually can play ok here we go I feel more comfortable now all right let's run around guys yeah

You can see I am learning about rising 3000 series while playing overwatch what a great great combo here so we're gonna run up on this guy real quick probably not the best idea up I'm having to evacuate ah yeah performance is pretty

Solid I mean ultra settings you could probably lower the settings I get over 100 FPS if you wanted to but I mean this is a pretty pretty nice little combo I could definitely see myself doing a setup like this if I ever used a laptop

Instead of a desktop so pretty pretty cool oh god these peripherals from a Tilted are not too shabby wow I almost got them but I died again this guy's playing like a bigger bot no I still didn't kill him it's ridiculous well

Lisa I'm learning about Rison 3000 series at the same time on twitch.tv slash dos heroes oh oh yeah I killed somebody let's go that's all I needed to do that's all I need to do alright we're gonna run around free some people hope

That's not what I wanted to do ah I hate this character no God dang it killed by Killswitch but hey look at that 3300 ex how beautiful so how do we go ahead and wrap this up real quick so as you guys can see this is actually

A really capable laptop setup now of course this is really all gonna depend on your laptop the monitor and all the peripherals are gonna work the exact same but you know the gaming part of the gaming foreigner dollar laptop setup

That's gonna be up to the laptop that you get so it's a little bit different than whenever we do one of our actual budget set ups because we include the computer need know what type of performance you're gonna get so this

One's kind of up to you guys so really overall I think this is a pretty plug-and-play solution you couldn't invest in something like a docking station that allows you to plug all your peripherals and monitors into

One cable to avoid this mess that you have to do every single time you come home and you sit your laptop on your setup but that's an extra expense so you could look at that will probably leave some suggestions down below but this

Setup overall is pretty solid for the money I'm pretty happy with these tilted peripherals and that Roswell keyboard is pretty solid and does come in a wide range of switch options as well if you're interested in picking it up which

As we mentioned is gonna pick up anything from this video link in the description down below those are affiliate links they do help out the channel a lot so we really do appreciate if you do use those to purchase stuff

From this set up also don't forget to check us out on twitch TV slash toasty rows and our other two youtube channels listed right here so as always don't forget to Like comment and subscribe go gamers go look at me I'm still there

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