$400 FULL Gaming Setup (PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset)

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with the toasty Rios and today we're gonna be doing a $400 gaming setup and yeah it's cheap we like cheap and this thing is gonna be pretty awesome for the money but before we get into that let's hear a word from today's

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Video let's get right into the video shall we alright ladies and gentlemen what we have right here is a $400 setup now one big disclaimer to get out of the way this PC right here which if you haven't seen this video hit the I on the

Top right corner is a 250 dollar PC that kind of rattled a little bit but it's a used PC that we built on the channel so again this is using some used parts but all the other stuff that the set up is actually brand new and you can buy on

Amazon using our affiliate links down below so be sure to consider that if you want to purchase stuff from this set up but we're very excited to put this thing together because it could really be a great price performance option for you

If you decide to build this PC and want to expand on it and actually be able to use it so if you guys check out the I in the top right corner because this video will be out first we did a video of just this PC was $250 that it features a

Third gen i5 8 gigs of ram and OEM dell motherboard a Thermaltake smart 430 80 plus certified and an RX 570 that is a toothed band model all inside of this roz will arrange your case which we hadn't had not even really seen before

But honestly for 250 bucks though we were getting like a hundred and plus FPS on a 1080p monitor at pretty much every game that we played we don't really play anything like super demanding but we did try games like Rainbow six for at night

And overwatch and we got a hundred less FPS at home so how about we go ahead and talk about the peripherals real quick which are well pretty basic it's a headset keyboard and mouse combo and a monitor and

Put this full set up together so the Purple's we used are this scepter monitor right here this is a 24-inch 70 Hertz Meyer that's like 70 something bucks on Amazon pretty good value it also has free sink which we can

Actually take advantage of now with this AME GPU so really awesome budget monitor you can go with a lot of monitor options if you want to but this thing will do the job we also have this new headset the nub whoa it is not the empowering

Video now yes we're using every video it's not the in pal it's the nub low it's like sub $20 it's looks pretty comfy we're gonna try it we might test the microphone – don't hold us to that though this is a well another budget

Headset that we got in-house to use for these budget setups because you all got tired of the Impala it's a TV light it's still a great headset for the money we wanted to try something different and then lastly we have this habit keyboard

And mouse combo we actually tested this thing on our keyboard and mouse around up well our fu was just a keyboard roundup but this one actually came with a mouse hit that I had to top right 14 check that video out but this is a full

Mechanical keyboard with a mouse it's actually a pretty awesome combo and all together this PC monitored headset and keyboard mouse combo only cost you about $400 and he could get it a lot less if you find cheaper parts for this PC so

How about go ahead and put this thing together real quick and just show exactly how well it performs because we know it's gonna be great you can get an even cheaper if you just don't do a PC that's true you don't need a computer

You can just have the peripherals alright guys now that we have the setup all put together we're going to place

Csgo because well esports pc for csgo yeah it can do that so we're loading to dusk to match Jackson's gonna play on the peripherals and everything and just get an overall experience as to how this combo works for tonight for tonight

Board night yeah we've already if you want to see more extensive benchmarks of this PC hit the I in the top right corner we tested a couple other games with this PC in the actual PC video but this is more or less to show you some

Peripherals you could throw with the PC to get some extra value out of it if you're looking to build this and you don't have any peripherals already this could be an option to go with he just got blasted gotta do yeah we're well

Over a hundred plus FPS so the seven Hertz monitor is definitely pretty ideal you go high refresher if you want to but really when you want to spend 160 dollars on $250 PC probably not worth it you rather invest that into the PC

Itself so this is still a very playable setup though can't complain oh you with that gosh bladder mouse is like weird oh okay oh there we go oh yeah like shot I like him Oh dirty

You don't want to wait he I hit him but it didn't kill it invincible chicken oh man well he does headshot – this is getting nasty we're getting like oh it's my real guy it's going down this is what you all came here for high-quality

Oh I want to hit him oh I'm losing teammates oh no they're coming oh ho think I can't be killed oh my god I gotta reload reloading to HP oh my would have a health stim hold up

Hold up the most epic run and benchmark was good it was a good way to end it all right ladies and gentlemen the next game we're gonna be playing is overwatch I just played this today when we did this video we're actually shooting this video

In the same day so a little behind the scenes there for you we're running on medium settings we're gonna try this out with this setup and see if I can play any better than I did before all right guys we are in to overwatch and the

Frame rate is well sky high because you know oh my goodness I just got destroyed yeah overwatch is definitely a easily playable game on this setup does it make you a pro gamer probably not we're definitely getting our 75 plus hair it's

Double that we can be run 144 Hertz right now really good dude oh yeah I'm gonna run around and try to be a pro gamer here yeah the the i-5 is definitely the bottleneck in this setup as we mentioned in our video with this

PC you could upgrade to like an i7 3770 if you can get one for a decent price wouldn't pay much more than like 50 or 60 bucks though for one because again there is not a whole lot of upgrade ability with this platform so you don't

To invest a ton of money into well a platform that you can't really expand from so do keep that in mind if you are building this config and you want to make a higher end version of it okay hello oh yeah this uh the i7 would

Definitely help out with more Jesus more intensive things like maybe video editing if you wanted to get into some games that rely on more threads than just a quad core processor which there are a lot of games out there that do

That you could definitely upgrade to an i7 if you want to oh my god okay we're gonna try a different hero here cuz this is like how do I do that alright guys again this is definitely

More than playable running around and overwatch this is a deathmatch most of this in the most intensive situation but I mean it's gonna play an eSports title this is definitely a decent setup for that let me try to kill myself and try

It maybe one more kill here oh there we go overwatch is definite playable on the setup and just another game that works really well especially on an eSports title so let's go and test

Another game real quick Rainbow six siege we're on high settings which you know might be asking a lot but we'll see and we are at our our 75 Hertz refresh train Isis winning about 1080 and we're just looking for a good old newcomer

Game that's right we're not doing the built in benchmark for once we actually decided to do a scenario thing where you can actually play against pods because it was taking forever to actually load into a game so we're gonna give this a

Shot or skip this cutscene and I give this a shot in or the performance but there we go it 150 freakin plus FPS on high settings I like it it's 11 enemies to kill with this oh god oh yeah sure here wait and we only pull that back out

We're gonna how did I do that I only have one I only have one and I only had one all right anyone on this plane yeah we're getting well over a hundred and ninety FPS I don't know if this is the most intense map in the game

But you definitely are getting well really good results and we are playing against real bots here surprisingly this game only is showing three gigs of RAM use which is pretty low for a game I don't know maybe eight gigs isn't the

Move dude oh my god you think he'll deny I can be killed killed in a simulation okay they go Rainbow six siege more than playable well yeah that's the setup guys let's wrap this video up real quick so

You guys just actually got to watch us do some real-world tests we actually played every single game didn't do any built-in benchmarks and every single game that we played we got over a hundred FPS still and even on like

Medium to high settings even so it's honestly pretty impressive yeah we really like this PC for the money of course if you want to go new you could check out our four hundred and fifty dollar new sub that features a

Rise in APU which is more upgradable but again you're losing a lot of performance now you're probably gonna get like 62 maybe like 50 ish FPS on low settings even at 720p sometimes with an APU setup but this right here is 1080p high

Settings and it's a really good performer especially if you're looking to give somebody their first PC that they can tinker around with learn troubleshoot because you know used hardware things are gonna happen you can

Learn a lot from these pcs but it's definitely a good thing to consider if you're looking to build a PC on a really tight budget and you do like to use parts because that's a very important factor besides its toughness that's me

So we appreciate you guys watching today's video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and use our affiliate links down below because they do help us when you guys buy stuff and we'll see you guys the next one

Good bye

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