4 TOOLS TO RANK #1 ON YOUTUBE (Four free tools Nate and I use)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys in this video I'm gonna show
you the top 4 free tools that Natan I
use to rank our videos in the top 10 on
YouTube for different tags so if you are
starting out on YouTube and you're
trying to rank higher maybe already
watch Nate's recent video about how to
rank higher and in that video you might
have learned about different thumbnails
different video tactics how long the
video should be in what type of content
you want to do in the beginning and
stuff like that in this video it's a
little more on the technical side we're
gonna show you four different tools you
can use when you're trying to upload the
video and choose the right tags choose
the right thumbnail and overall just
optimize your video for the YouTube
search algorithms so let's just get
right into this I'm gonna show you these
four free tools that we use all the time
so the first tool I want to show you
guys is ubersuggest by Neil Patel so on
Neil's website you can go to Neil Patel
comm slash ubersuggest and right within
the website here you see you know a
little bar where you can type in your
domain or your keyword or whatever
you're looking for now we're gonna be
using this to find tags that we can use
on our video so let's say we're making a
video about how to tie a tie now a good
first guess and what a good tag would be
would literally just be how to tie a tie
so if we just look up how to tie a tie
essentially this tool right here is
gonna show you not only how much search
volume is but also how hard it is to get
into there and similar keywords as well
so if you're looking up you know how to
tie a tie you want to know first of all
is this something that people search so
here you have a very high search volume
that suggests that this is probably a
good tag to use on your video and it's
probably a good video idea that a lot of
people are gonna be looking up then the
next thing is SEO difficulty now mind
you this is actually meant for Google so
it is not that difficult to rank on
Google this might not be the same as
YouTube but generally it's gonna be a
good gauge to show you so ameed a
moderate difficulty here means that if
you have a you know a medium sized
channel maybe you have a couple thousand
subscribers this should be no problem
for you to rank in if you're smaller
than this this might not be the easiest
thing to ranking right away but that
doesn't mean it's not possible
it just means that you might want
smaller easier tags first until you sort
of grow up to this so whenever I put a
video out I like to have a different
like a spectrum of tags where the first
tag is going to be like something that's
really easy to rank for I'm gonna have a
couple tags that are gonna be like you
know at the bottom here I'll show you
this in a second actually you'll have
all the easier tags you can rank for so
I'll have those and then I'll have some
moderate ones to know some hard ones
so as my video grows after a couple
weeks maybe it gets you know a couple
thousand views
and then it starts ranking on the medium
ones and then it gets a couple more
thousand views and it starts ranking the
hard ones and eventually you're ranking
number one for all the different tags
you put on your video so that's very
useful to use ubersuggest to see how
difficult each tag is to rank for and
how much search activity there is for
each one but then what's even more
useful about uber suggests is at the
bottom we can find similar keyword ideas
now there's gonna be similar tags that
are suggested on Google when people type
in the first tag so things that are
commonly searched together or maybe
people look for the same things when
they search these different similar
terms and so you want to use these or at
least go through them and consider using
them on your video so if you're making a
video how to tie a tie it might make
sense that you want to maybe not how to
tie a knot but maybe how to tie a
necktie that's probably a good tag you
go down how to tie a tie video clearly
that's a good one and it's also going to
show you the volume for each one it's
going to show you the difficulty for
each one so the lower numbers in the
green is obviously much easier for you
to rank for the second till I want to
talk about is canva com now canva is a
great way to make your thumbnails and
it's something I've done on a lot of
different videos I've also made them on
PowerPoint as well so either one works
pretty well for YouTube but canva
actually has an entire section that when
you create a design you can go over and
you can search for YouTube thumbnails
and they give you all these different
templates that you can go through and so
this one right here if you're making
something about a Safari or you can
change the text in the picture it's a
great way to make thumbnails that are
very visually appealing it's really easy
to move different pictures around
different colors around and overall it's
gonna be a great way that you can at
least work off a template and kind of
get an idea for a good way to set up the
graphic design of your of your thumbnail
so you have a really good click-through
rate on your video now remember as Nate
said in his video a click-through rate
is a very important factor in how high
your video ranks so if YouTube is
showing your thumbnail to people and
they're not clicking on it you're gonna
lose your rankings and you're gonna be
lower down and likewise the other way
happens where if you have a really good
thumbnail and a really good video and
people click on it all the time and stay
and watch it you're gonna rank higher
much quicker than you would otherwise
tool number three goes along with tool
number one but it's slightly different
and this is Google Trends so if you go
to trends Google com it's a great way to
look up different keywords and compare
one keyword to the next and I think you
can compare up to like five different
keywords at the same time and they'll
show you where they're being searched
what time they're being searched and you
can generally find out some basic
Fix of the keywords you're looking for
so again if we're looking at how to tie
a tie we can type in how to tie a tie
and it's going to show you you know just
a graph based on time with how much has
been searched based on you know
essentially the day in the month and
that's not especially interesting to us
because it just goes on a zero to a
hundred percent so it's not going to be
especially useful until you go to
compare now once you compare you can
type in maybe a similar keyword or you
can start evaluating like do you you
know maybe reorder the words or things
like that and see if it actually helps
and is more searched so to compare which
tags are actually best for your channel
it might make sense that you would
choose similar keywords that you found
maybe an uber suggests and then here you
can put them side-by-side and see maybe
which ones have more search volume here
and it's more easy just to sort of have
a graphic right there and where you can
compare four or five together and choose
which ones are the best so here you can
see you know how to tie a tie is clearly
much larger than how to tie a necktie so
if you're between the two since you have
limited space in your tags in your tag
field on YouTube it makes sense you
would choose how to tie a tie so as you
scroll down you start to see like I said
the demographics so you see different
states right here I guess Wyoming really
wants to know how to tie ties and and
maybe they don't know how to tie ties
yet so the Wyoming is a big state where
they're trying to learn how to tie ties
as you go down you see you know also
other similar searches just like how you
found them on uber suggests you can also
find some different ones here and then
you can continue to go down and find you
know it's Sons of other stuff so another
thing I use this tool for is actually if
I have questions about how YouTube and
Google recognize different keywords I
put them in here and I compare them so
for example if you want to know Apple
versus Spotify or Spotify versus Apple
are they different tags and you can put
them in and since they both show up is
the same line you know they actually
recognize them as exactly the same tag
now on the opposite maybe you could say
if you put a little period in there does
that actually make it different and when
you search it you're gonna see yes it
actually is a lot different and so maybe
if you're stuck between these two this
is a great example of where you'd want
to make sure that you try both of them
and you'd say alright we definitely
don't want the period in there because
the search volume is much higher if you
don't include that so now finally onto
our fourth tool this is two buddy this
one is something that actually doesn't
have to be free there are paid
subscriptions to this but we're just
gonna look at the free version right now
and what you can do with this so if you
just go to to buddy calm or you're just
Google to buddy and click on like
literally the first
link it's gonna take you to to buddy you
install it for Chrome and you're gonna
sign in on your channel and once you're
signed in you're gonna be able to see
little things like right here oh it's
this channel addiction it's gonna show
you you know how how well your channel
is growing you can compare your channel
to other channels see how many views and
subscribers other channels are gaining
and more importantly you can look at
other videos so if you're making a video
about how to grow and maybe unlike you
do better on the SAT this is a video
that I made a while ago honestly it's a
little bit on the embarrasing side so no
laughing at this video but when you open
it up you can compare and look at the
different tags so when you open up a
video on the right you're gonna see
video lytx and this is gonna be a large
block with a lot of different
information you can find this on almost
every video out there and this is
two-prong so first i want to talk about
when you upload your videos you want to
go over and you want to look at this
right here so this block the SEO you
want these to be good numbers so four of
twenty is pretty low you want more than
four of the twenty suggested videos to
be from you now the reason this one's so
low is because i kind of changed this
channel this channel is no longer about
SAT help and most of my modern videos on
this channel are about tech actually so
since it's now a tech channel obviously
they're not going to be recommending
tech channel videos on this video
because it's not the same so that's why
that numbers low then how many times do
do the videos tags appear in the title
and the description for is pretty low I
typically aim for around eight and this
is essentially saying you know if it is
like grow on SAT or SAT points or
something you want that to also appear
in your tags and you probably want that
to show up at least once or twice within
your description now you don't want to
just copy and paste it a hundred times
or else the YouTube's gonna flag that as
being really spammy and you're not gonna
rank high at all so you want to you know
keep it moderate would definitely
remember to use the tags in your
description when you're typing so you
want to say you know how to tie a tie
you want to mention that at least a few
times in your description now down here
it says how many times or what are you
how many tags to actually rank for this
is gonna just show you so you can
monitor the progress which tags work
better and which ones don't work as well
and this is also something you can look
at when you're looking at other videos
so if you're making a new video and
you're just making a video about you
know how to how to do better on the SATs
for example then you might want to go
and find a similar video and go to find
out what they ranked for what were the
good tags that they really ranked for
and then you can click copy to and you
can either copy them to your clipboard
or you can add a new tag list and
essentially you can import these into
your new video now it's important that
you don't just copy the tags in another
video because essentially YouTube's
gonna recognize that that you just copy
the tags on the other video and they're
not gonna put you above that video
because that's already you know a well
successful video so instead what you
want to do is you just want to copy it
and then maybe when you import it you
want to take like half the tags or just
pick and choose which tags work the best
for them and try to use those same tags
for you and again you can also do this
on your own channel go back to your
older videos and find out maybe which
tags worked better on those videos and
make similar tags but don't make the
same tags make similar tags and the new
ones so that YouTube knows you made
something similar to the old video but
it's definitely different it's
definitely newer and it's not gonna
shadow ban the old one so guys those
were four tools that you can use to grow
on YouTube let me know if you've used
any of those before or if you have any
other free tools that you like to use
when you're trying to grow on YouTube if
you guys like this video please remember
to go down and like and subscribe and if
we have a hundred likes on this video I
will make another video about other
tools you can use on YouTube I have
quite a few more that made and I have
been using over the years that really
helped us to grow a lot more with all of
our different YouTube channels so thank
you all for watching guys we'll see you
next time

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