four Step Styling Routine for AMAZING HAIR After Quarantine

published on July 2, 2020

your hair is long it's hard to manage

throughout the ten years working with

hair products built the foster styling

system first up you need a good shampoo

and by that I mean one that can take out

all of the dirty and grease from your

hair and then replace it with some nice

oils that is in the shampoo of course a

conditioner to give a smooth and easy

result when you're starting out styling

the most important step in my opinion is

the pre styling you apply ten to fifteen

pumps here sea salt or sidekick the pre

styling products it's basically a

lightweight hold heat protection and

moisturizing the hair before styling it

with the hair wax what's what's most

important is that you can blow dry your

hair with ease using this product this

will just so get into the hair and

distribute easier so let's go apply ten

pumps and free in the front and the

trick here I can apply it like a wax I

just pump it into my hands two pumps and

then two like this and then make sure I

hit the sides take it from the front and

back then I get a little bit more

control in this area I'm going to use

the skeleton brush from five Elaine

build volume with this and texture it my



when I'm done blow-drying I always run

cold air through it both to feel if

there's any wet spot left and also

because it helps lock the hair into

position my favorite step it's the

styling we have marks here from Paiva

Lane it's the gold digger wax the

original one back from 2013 and I'm

going to scoop out a small amount yeah

then we're gonna apply it fast because

it's dries up with a quick this one it

has a lot of hold and it can get a

little bit grippy if you don't get

started my hands runs through the hair

easily and the wax create a lot of

texture and separation just what I need

for this diet you have a lot of

leftovers on your hands and you can use

some of it to make sure the sides

sticking but don't push too hard you

might have a lot too much of wax on the

sides which you don't like to show now

it's time to step number four which is

also my favorite seal the deal it's

applying some post styling products and

the reason for this is to lock the hair

into position the wax itself will lock

the hair but this just give the extra 5%

and I'll apply it within a good amount

of thing 30 centimeters here we'll do it

put it on the sides first and then try

to get a little bit in the banks and all

the way back

look at this amazing hairstyle I know

what you're thinking that they'll need

to go to the barber but it's growing out

on the side and it's that to curl up in

the back so I like to use these four

steps to maintain my hair throughout the

waiting time I know a lot of you have

been waiting for days and months to get

your hair done so use the four steps and

get here like this as always remember to

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