four Outfit’s for New Years Eve 2018 – Mens vogue and life-style

published on July 3, 2020


hi guys thank you for tuning in on slick

hair TV this is a special new year's

edition we're showing you some nice

outfits for New Year's Eve what do we

have for today you hear send Copenhagen

so we're gonna pick outfits and we'll

find to look each in the nice showroom

so stay tuned hang on to see what this

look like now I'm ready to pick out the

festival set and I'm going for this

velvet dinner jacket and I'm gonna try

it with a black t-shirt underneath and

for the more classic one full black

tuxedo with the tuxedo shirt underneath

pair it with some polished shoes and the

black bowtie we have it here going to be

alright so what do you think I have to

say I'm quite jealous because I think

this jacket is awesome but I spotted

some other nice things on the rack so

I'll go and pick my stuff should we

start with the fashionable look I've

spotted this velvet jacket I think it's

quite fresh and I like the look with the

pasty print and I think it goes very

well together with these jeans actually

but already I already found a little bit

more classic pants suit pants it's not

quite so paints but it's it's a little

bit similar but a little bit more

fashionable I think it goes well with

this this look

so I'm looking for it to try it on

I'll put them on the table and if you

come over here look closely you choose

to spice it up with a public square and

then for it to fry it on now issues I

think I might gonna steal some shoes for

the brass mr taebel I have some over

here oh my gosh disappear it's classic

super nice like the boots I already have

some boots on I don't like the style now

pick up the classic blue and I've seen

this nice navy-blue tuxedo and we'll

spice it up with that coat eye and

underneath I'm like sure so this will

this will be my pick for the classic

look it's the same model as freshness


it's just navy blue rasmus's and black

and I'll also pair this tuxedo up with

the polished classic shoes here so I

know there's nothing left to say then

let's try it on


comes back to you













see a minute faces the supernatural


comes to you






now we have tried the fashionable look

and the classic look Rasmus which one do

you like the most

I really like both of them but usually

ago with the more fashionable look but

definitely for new of the year and you

know from going to a casino or something

this would definitely be it it's totally

double-oh-seven so I just need my

martini my name is villain what about

you but I'll be laying the pole up here

to the world which one you like the most

which one do you like me

I like the unfashionable look super nice

we love to have a new year here and

we're looking forward to to this new

year with you guys so keep staying tuned

and we'll make a lot of new awesome

stuff so see you guys


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