3rd Gen. Bang&Olufsen E8 (PREMIUM EARBUDS)

by birtanpublished on August 15, 2020

Welcome back to the channel where you're looking at here are the Bang & Olufsen e8 third generation earbuds which have some very bold claims in the box and are some of the most premium earbuds on the market today so these have bluetooth 5.1 up to 35 hours of playback time wireless

Charging and they claim superior sound so we'll dive in and show you guys in this video full test of everything I don't want this to be subjective I want to actually break it down and show you everything you need to know about these

Earbuds so you can decide for yourself whether or not they're worth the money for you now I want to break this video down into several categories first I want to talk about the physical aspects of this earbud I want to talk about the

Case and the buds themselves and also go into your microphone test to show you how good that actually sounds then I'll go into the electronics talk about what these have onboard then I want to talk about the app that you can customize the

Earbuds with then lastly I'll talk about the audio quality before getting into kind of pro con list breaking down my overall opinion of these earbuds and if they're worth the money but starting off with the physical aspects of these

Earbuds let's take a look at the case here you can see it's entirely wrapped in leather really nice soft leather and if you smell it it doesn't actually smell like typical leather I was kind of hoping this would smell like my old

Baseball glove but it doesn't it actually just has a nice smooth leather texture there and really no odor to it at all then we'll see that they have that kind of really high gloss aluminum chamfer around the bottom half right

There which i think is a pretty nice look there so pretty much any angle you look at you're gonna get some kind of shine from these ear buds and it just makes them look more premium you also have an LED indicator light on the front

On that chamfer so pretty sleek they put that down there and then on the back we have our hinge of course right above the USB type-c charging port but that's not the actual that's not the only way you can be charging these they also have qi

Wireless charging which is really nice guys i've been saying that for a long time all true wireless earbuds should have qi wireless charging it's just such a nice feature to have where you don't need wires you just have a charging pad

You put your earbuds on there you put your phone on there you put your watch on there it's just I'm waiting for the day when they all come out and they all have that so it's nice that they're doing that

Right here so 35 hours is to combine time there's seven hours and the earbuds and then I guess that leaves 28 hours in the case if I did that math right so definitely a pretty hefty battery overall the size of the case though is

Not especially it's slightly larger than some other cases we see but it's about the same size as the Sennheiser case right they're still magnetic closure but you can see that you open it and it's just a

Really gentle smooth feel right there but you will also see the earbuds are right there they're held in with magnets so if we shake it you'll see that pretty much any amount of shake they don't come out so that's nice now looking at the

Earbuds themselves you'll see they sit really nicely in there and again aluminum chamfer right around with the earbuds sitting to give it a nice premium aesthetic on the case and the earbuds themselves are not especially

Large but they're definitely not that small compared to some other earbuds so when you put them in your ear you'll see they fit reasonably well they don't stick out too far and they don't look too bad I think they're smaller than

Some of the older earbuds we saw but they're definitely not as compact as maybe like the jobless or the galaxy buds for example which are generally tighter into your ear now these are definitely more compact than the

Previous generation of these same earbuds but like I said not the smallest now looking at the earbud itself starting on the outside we have a microphone I believe that's a microphone on the left side right there then we

Have our touch pad in the middle with the B&O logo right there so if you single tap the left bud you get transparency mode I'll talk more about that in just a minute but if you double tap you get the previous track if you

Triple tap nothing happens and then if you tap and hold that's your volume control for either bud now if you double tap the right bud you go forward a track of course if you single tap the right bud plate or pause and then the right

Bud strangely does have triple tap so I don't know why they didn't have triple tap on both buds but the right one summons your voice assistant so Google Siri whatever you're using then looking at the bottom of the earbud we have our

Second microphone right there so these do have two microphones on either earbud which should be better for sound quality when you're on a phone call so I'll test that out in a minute and we'll see how good these actually sound so take

Looking at the interior part of the bud you'll see that we have two indents those are your locating features when you drop it in the case to line up the little nodes onto the pogo pins in there that's how you charge it then above that

We have our little LED right there and that's really all you see right there and my complain here is that these do not have a proximity sensor which for $350 I really did expect to have the extra sensor in there so these don't

Have an autoplay auto pause feature if you take them out of your ears they don't automatically pause at least from my testing I have that that's not they don't automatically pause that's definitely a really big

Drawback in my opinion for earbuds that are this expensive that's something you see on like sub $100 level earbuds there are four different sizes for the silicone ear tips in the box and then there's also a pair of foam tips as well

So no matter what your ear shape is these should be fitting pretty well in your ear and as far as comfort goes I find that when you put them in of course you have to do like the slight twist as you do with most of your buds these

Definitely they feel pretty good they're not really too intrusive or uncomfortable but I will also say if you're going for a run with these you can't expect them to kind of lift and fall out a little bit as you start to

Run faster it's something I found but just for general if you're sitting at a desk or walking or just doing some basic work you probably won't have an issue with these falling out but like I said these are definitely not designed for

Working out although they do actually have water resistance so if you are going for a run and you're sweating or if it's raining outside you shouldn't have to worry about these they're ip54 water resistant so that's nice okay so

We're outside right now next to a road so we'll see how good these earbuds actually sound when there's traffic you can see some cars going by behind me so if I was talking on a following this is what it sound like let me know you guys

Think down in the comments below so let's talk a little bit more about the internal components on these earbuds the first really nice feature is they have bluetooth 5.1 which is the next iteration of bluetooth so most good

Earbuds on the market today bluetooth 5.0 unfortunately a big complaint I have with these earbuds is that for the price point at $350 they do not have active noise cancellation which I think really drops them back in the competition here

As we see so many other earbuds on the market today that are this price or even lower have really good active noise cancellation you know I know not everybody is going to use active noise cancellation but all things considered I

Really do wish they added that or else they lowered the price on these earbuds so otherwise they'd actually do have transparency mode which is nice if you single tap the left earbud like I said you can go into transparency mode and it

Does sound pretty natural I found that you hear your surroundings very well with transparency mode they definitely do have a little bit more white noise and almost a little bit of crackling here and there and it's something that

I've been hearing with this not just with transparency mode but also when they're just not in transparency mode there is some white noise in the background and I'll talk about that when we

Getting to the sound quality analysis later on in the video but otherwise they do not have an autoplay auto paws feature like I said there is no multi pairing with these which is definitely a very unfortunate thing right there and

Then lastly they don't have single point connection which means that you have a master slave blood type system here which is pretty common we see that in the sennheiser buds as well and it's not my favorite way to do things I wish they

Had single point and just to explain what I mean instead of having either earbud work independently you have to have the right one out of the case in order for the left one to work because the right one connects to your phone or

Whatever you're listening to and the left one connects to the right one so there are a couple of drawbacks with that related to battery life and connection and strength so let's get into the app now you can see here it's a

Very simple app they just show the earbuds right there if we tap on the Bang & Olufsen EA right there brings us into the controls we have so you can control the volume right there was a little slider that's kind of cool if

They show you what's playing you can hit play pause and skip songs from the app if you really wanted to there are different listening modes which is essentially your EQ right here so you can go to optimal optimal commute clear

Podcasts like they're not super descriptive but if you want something more descriptive you can go into the little circular EQ right here so if we go back then we can go down surroundings like I said this is transparency mode

And you can turn it up and down there's three different settings here but I really don't hear much of a difference I really just leave it off for the most part then we can go down an automatic standby so you can enable that which

Means that they just turn off after 15 minutes without being used and other than that that's pretty much all you're really going to be doing in the app here so let's talk about the sound quality the codecs first of all this has AAC

SBC and Qualcomm app Dex I love to see app techs in there it should sound really good and unfortunately the first drawback is that these do have a slight hiss pretty much no matter what if your musics paused if you're listening to a

Podcast or a quieter music you definitely will or at least I am distracted by that but louder music you may not notice it now talking about the sound quality itself these are pretty bright sounding earbuds and they are a

Little bit thin right out of the box they are pretty flat so you can go into the EQ on the app like I showed you and you can adjust that but I found that they could use a little bit more instrument separation it's not perfect

In that aspect and they are definitely less full sounding especially compared to something like the sennheiser buds which I very recently reviewed so admittedly these are being compared to a pretty

High standard there but like I said a little bit less full sounding and more focused with a spotlight on the higher vocals and the snares so at some point there is almost a little bit too much emphasis on snares so you can adjust

That in the EQ and you adjust it I found work out EQ gives you a little bit more of a rumbly bass and it does give you you know some pretty good Rumble there it's definitely not nearly what we saw with the Jabra elites of course the 75

T's give you an insane like a seismic bass these won't give you quite that much but definitely a pretty good Rumble there although it does get a little bit muddy and slightly more distant sounding being that you're essentially maxing the

Bass on these when you adjust the EQ so it's in workout mode and there's definitely less of detail on bass and low vocals but there's an emphasis on the higher vocal so overall I would say I know that was a lot to say about the

Audio quality but they sound decent they sound pretty good and if these were somewhere around 200 to 240 dollars I would say they sound really good but at $350 that kind of price point without active noise cancellation and with a few

Other things missing I think that I was expecting sound quality to be a little bit better than it actually is so with that being said of course if the price goes down take this you know of course with scale being that the price

Points is high I'm giving it a slightly more harsh criticism on the sound quality so that was a lot of information but let's break it down into the pros and cons and see who these earbuds were actually designed for and starting off

With the pros the first thing I really like about these of course is the leather exterior I love how smooth and soft it is it's a really nice design it looks really nice and it's something we don't see in many other ear buds and

Then combine that with the high-gloss aluminum chamfer right there and you have a really premium looking pair of ear buds here now other things I like I really like that they have bluetooth 5.1 looking forward that's really nice to

Start pushing for the next iterations of bluetooth the super battery in here is just something I really liked 35 hours is something that you could easily last you an entire week or more assuming you listen like five hours a day wireless

Charging is something that I think every pair of earbuds out there should have now and then lastly they have very little lag if I'm listening to music on playing games and watching videos I found that the lag is not a big deal

With these especially compared to like the Sennheiser true Wireless Tunes here I noticed that if I listen to them both simultaneously the audio definitely leads on the on the Bang & Olufsen right here now getting over to the cons

Unfortunately this list is a little bit longer but keep in mind I am judging these based on the price point if these were to drop to $250 everything would change a little bit but just keep in mind I'm judging them a little bit more

Harshly being that there's such a high price point so the first thing that is a drawback is the no active noise cancellation as I mentioned before the no autoplay auto pause feature I think that's a really weird thing they kept

Out of these no find my buds feature so if you lose these there is no chirping sound they're gonna make there's no like GPS you can do in the app I don't know why they didn't add that seems like a really easy thing to do there is some

White noise and some hissing that's in the earbuds pretty much all the time which is a pretty big drawback actually in my opinion regardless of the price point the audio quality is definitely good on these but it's far from great in

My opinion being that like you know they have app decks so they definitely should be sounding really good but just the balance isn't quite there in my opinion then there is no single point connection and lastly you cannot customize the

Earbud controls so combine all of that and is it worth it and who is this actually for I think really the only people that would be getting these earbuds would be somebody who's not necessarily an audiophile

Somebody who's not necessarily like an audio connoisseur looking for like the best feature set in a pair of earbuds but somebody who wants to be more premium and kind of flex something that's expensive then I could definitely

See you buying these mainly because they have like the nice leather exterior and they charge wirelessly so that would kind of fit a very specific group of people but most people out there looking for just a great pair of earbuds and

You're looking to spend money to get a really really good pair of earbuds I would say there may be some better ones out there so overall guys that's my opinion of the Bang & Olufsen e8 third generation

Earbuds after using them for a while so let me know what you guys think of them if you have them comment any observations you might have made that I may be missed in this video and if you don't have them let me know what you

Think if you're gonna buy them or not and why so as always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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