3D CameraTracker, AE Plug-in Support + NAB | FXhome Live

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

You you we're live I'm alive it's only two of us though where is Ollie he's I don't know if he's telling the public about it but that says anything though

Ollie is no longer know Ollie is just not here today he's already gone home for Easter yes it's a long weekend for us four days there we get Monday off and Friday off yeah who knew so hey guys let's start by having us here where

You're from and what hip fun project you're working on at the moment coast to coast drones has Simon's affair that's that's Josh I'm not Simon I might have a bit of facial hair at the moment but I could never stand in for the great

Simon Jones although maybe he will come on to one of these soon we would very much like to have him back that would be cool yeah is he doing any tutorials at the moment just gonna say no right now no um he did the ant-man one recently it

Was very cool but right now I don't think we will have him back shortly I hope yes I'm so worried starting to get the responses in from where people are from California California we recently went to Las Vegas for any be so we were

In Nevada I was in California though like three weeks before that yes oh yeah two back-to-back trips yes I'd actually just gone to the Dominican Republic before that so it's like three back-to-back trips that were very long

Flights and each time the flights got worse in fact someone threw tomato juice all over me halfway through one of the transatlantic flights it went into my feet my socks my eye was awful never sit next to anyone that has to mind what

Happened on the either last flight when we were coming back from nav with your chair that someone might have had an an accident on the prior flight and then the there now I might have not been told about it in fact you know um just don't

Fly it's better for the environment that way you're there we all just don't fly anymore no none that vacation that I'm in like two weeks yes yes I'm ignoring my own sound advice and this is something that's common so

We've got someone from New York I mean New York City I mean that's pretty cool another California isn't called but like New York is like awesome yeah where else have we got Virginia I've

Never been to Virginia I'd like to go Denmark that's very cool India Wisconsin I was in Wisconsin the other day as well when I went to LA Wisconsin was like snow or ice and I was told it as much worse before I was there but like my my

Word but it's such a beautiful place Virginia was film sensei which who I actually met I used to live in Virginia as well but I actually meant film since I we had pizza you met yeah okay that's even cooler I mean I'm just visited the

General location and you're meeting with the people Austria Finland Israel Netherlands there's a lot of good European countries coming out here this is awesome we've got some people going over to where are they going in Germany

I forgotten the name the event is FMX FMX so there's a FMX of it event coming up in this Stuttgart I'm gonna go we still got yeah and they're going over there not next week but the week after so people in Germany if you go into FMX

Go there Spain Spain's lovely as well got all these great places there's lots of Wisconsin coming up but like yeah Wisconsin is lovely and the guys from corridor digital they're from next door to Wisconsin so yeah and we saw them we

Will talk about that in a minute no yeah I didn't see them did you know I know I don't think so you did you were at the same party was at the pinball party no the one of the no the one for the unnameable competitor a product party oh

No I didn't see him there okay they were right there I was telling my oh that's right I was talking I met Ren Ren Ren is fantastic but that the whole team is amazing actually so yeah there's a lot of Germany this is good right Germany

And also like we now work very closely with the German company called MAGIX which is another thing from nab em we'll talk about that a bit later on as well should probably just launch into that since we keep bringing it up it since

Swinton State that's yeah Axl's there as well every there's like a touch point for everything it's fantastic so yeah carry on jevetta I would show that so at any be we made three major announcements 33 yeah it was

Pretty cool super busy but we made them and they're pretty cool I think everyone really likes them so far so the first one is that we are going to be supporting After Effects plugins in hitfilm we're starting with the most

Popular one so it's not going to be all of them all at once we're starting with the most popular ones because we want people to get the most out of it first but that'll be in hitfilm Pro by defaults and then hitfilm express its

Annoying as I'm thinking a film pro but we're gonna kind of like support it plug-in by plugin so we're not just gonna say we support after effects plugins there's hundreds of after X plugins and

They do all sorts of different things so we're mainly focusing on the ones that do visual effects we're not doing all the stuff to do you know like weird cataloging your stuff or expressions based stuff or bringing in data so we're

Talking about looking at you know the most popular ones so obviously the for our users the big ones anything got my Andrew Kramer who is like you know the you you you love Andrew Kramer and that like we love him here he does great

Stuff he has a real great eye and he only ever puts out quality content so that you guys would want his stuff is completely natural and we want to make it so that you guys can get that so we're aiming to have some support for

That soon and maybe a couple of the really cool tools by red giant as well we'll see how that goes we'll work on it with you there's any bugs we'll work on those this is kind of unprecedented back in the day there were

Some products that supported After Effects but with their latest tape you guys no other product supports it it'll just be us so we're going to work on it with you guys once we've got those first initial super cool plugins sorted will

Then work on some other ones but we'll be led by you guys about what you want yeah if you do have a favorite plug-in you let us know because we can just see a list of what people like the most absolute nu to work on that it's really

Exciting we have seen yes element 3d and optical optical flares is my favorite I have it it's working in hitfilm and it's just you can just build and all kinds of chromatic aberration which is my favorite and yeah it works really well

So yeah ghosts ethical that's the announcement number one that's my number one number two is that we are bringing in the Foundry's camera tracker into hit film it's just foundry just foundry just never if I say the yeah

It used to be the foundry but you know there update we are bringing foundries camera tracker into hit film in hit film pro again by default with hitfilm express it'll be an add-on but quick explanation for what that is so we have

Mocha hitfilm which is a great planar tracker and rotoscoping tool it's the best in the industry it's fantastic yeah for sure the 3d camera tracker is sort of a different way to track the camera it's point based so you just kind of

Apply it to a clip and it tracks it and it adds a camera and then you can put anything you want into it and it'll work and it just it kind of builds the full scene for you as well so like maybe with the planar tracker or not when you're

Doing other things with MOCA it's absolutely fantastic but when I'm trying to track in say a spaceship or something I kind of have to try and work around the area where I'm actually going to place that object and if I try and place

Things that are far away from that object so in the distance or in the foreground sometimes the track is and how I expect it to be because it's not catered for that whereas the family the family boundary obviously are the best

Visual effects software in the world used in every single blockbuster feature film they they do the stuff and the best artists in the world end up using their stuff if they're going into the feature film and the advertising industry so

They obviously make amazing tools and their camera tracker is one of them it's in side nuke you know so they were like you know we want like all these great like creatives emerging or hobbyists or indie filmmakers to be able to get to

This stuff so they have talked to what they we talk together and they said right we're gonna give you this amazing technology to have inside hit film and it fills out the biggest gap inside hit film which is having to have a 3d camera

Match moving software separately because if your camera moves at all and you want to put in a visual effect you have to track it and we have we've had to D and we've had 3d with MOCA to a degree but now we can just do any kind of camera

Motion you want which is really cool it's kind of the next gen thing that takes the effects away from being you know just fairly cool to being absolutely amazing again we've seen this working it's really really cool and

We're very you know actually kind of partnering with foundry to be able to do this and they have been absolutely amazing to work with another UK company and yeah we're just really kind of privileged the

A technology company the the highest level in terms of our industry has picked to work with hitfilm and provide you guys with some amazing technology and yeah we can't wait to see what movies you make I can't wait to see what

You've air does with it if you don't know our foundry makes nuke which is literally like the industry standard compositor if you look at any sort of big movie TV show its composited in nuke so to work with the foundry is bring up

Some of that tech into hit film and then the nicest people as well so yeah that's going to be super awesome and should I do the last announcement then sure also when that you know when that comes in to express the the foundry or sorry

Foundries camera tracker that's our mistake we shouldn't be saying that look it's gonna be really really really really affordable for expressed they were really adamant about that they were like you know we've got to get this so

That the loads of people can use it so don't worry it's not going to be like really expensive it's going to be in there it's awesome but you know the last announcement was and for a long time now and we've been close with a product

Called Vegas Pro so Vegas Pro we first started working with the team behind that about 10 years ago and we've had a really amazing experience always working with those guys and and that team has changed a little bit but really most of

The people there have been there a long time and more recently we were looking at how we could work together more and we have basically come up with the idea of a joint a joint venture of which what does that mean it just means we're

Working together rather than you know I know in the past people might have thought that we might have been purchased or something that isn't happening we are doing what we're doing and they're doing what they do very very

Well but together we're gonna work on a set of products that come under the banner of Vegas post Vegas has loads of users around the world that absolutely love that editing product it's always been the best if you're doing editing to

Audio music type stuff it's the best editor out there so we are going to make complimentary products with them that do great visual effects and compositing and all of that stuff and do great image editing and build a product together now

We don't know when that's coming out and we don't even know what those products going to be called exactly and it is a suite of plug it's not a single yeah you don't just buy one you get it all together we're kind of the technology

Partner in all of that they are a much larger company than us and they're going to be like working out how you know it goes out to other places and everything but it also means that you know potentially multi-language support is

Going to end up coming to hip film and really good things like that as well so yeah we're really excited to be working with them it's not like a new thing we've worked with them for 10 years basically and always found them to be

Absolutely fantastic to work with so we're just really excited to be able to actually build something specifically for us to work on together but it doesn't mean that there's no hip film event Pro and have them Express and the

Stuff that we do while they're always changes over time that's what we do that's our main thing we've got to do our tutorials got to do our stuff all the stuff whether we're announcing is coming later to hit film it's because

Hit film is is the daddy it's what is what we do and we will keep on doing it yeah follow-up question to that when are the any be announcements actually coming out that's going to be I think all of them are later this year all of them and

Later this year but not all in one go so we're gonna have the camera tracking stuff all the aftereffect stuff they're probably mainly sitting around mid-year we need to test them so that's why we can't give you an exact date this is

Sort of new pioneering stuff for us and as I say we've we've been using them which is great but they need some more testing there so I would say you know May June July in a time frame for that when it comes to the stuff where we're

Working with magics it's really more they're positioned to say when they can release that and and we can work on it together I would imagine it's towards the last quarter of this year but yeah we will keep you posted on both fronts

Obviously with the stuff going in to hit film we're going to be shouting about that fairly loud yeah cool that's any be heading yeah we could talk about so my favorite part of any be these announcements are great and we had like

Great traction and people were really nice to us and we talked to loads of press and stuff which we don't normally do at NAB but I actually loved it because I got to catch up with probably three of my favorite teams in the

Creator space so one of them being it was only Ryan Connolly they're from film riot but got to get some time with Ryan Connolly who is doing I can't say too much because I don't know what I meant to say but he's continuing to like be

Aspirational inspiration in terms of what he's trying to do taking it from YouTube to you know the big screen and what his team continues to do on YouTube so it was great to catch up with them and then we also got to talk to the

Action VFX guys yeah well I met Ryan for the first time oh you did first time I ever met Ryan Connolly in real life and it was just fantastic right wave laughter I think I made his face laughing at me yeah so yeah it was good

Him and Andrew Kramer are two of the first people that I ever watched when I was getting into filmmaking and visual effects so to finally actually meet Ryan I lived in Florida at the same time he did so it was kind of like seeing like

His sketches were all when they were outside he could see the streets and everything it was like hey that's my backyard but it was really cool to meet him but then yeah action the effects I also met for the first time so ro and

Luke who you may probably have seen on their YouTube channel the whole team is super nice they were really welcoming and appreciative of what we do and then of course we think their stuff is awesome as well yeah we're gonna try and

Get them on the channel actually because they do they show such a different thing that you can do if you're into creative stuff and into making things you have like Ryan Connolly and we'll talk about corridor I'm gonna even talk about how

Andrew Kramer but they all actually show you something a little bit different so you know Andrew crane Andrew Kramer shows like what could happen if you go and create a product and we saw Andrew Kramer we're there I talked to him a

Little bit towards brother loads his brothers absolutely lovely and hilarious really really funny so those guys they show you one way that you can go and you know be a perfectionist and create amazing products and then you have you

Know action VFX you know Road was like a big user of our software but he's gone and done this amazing thing and everyone was meeting with him at a be and this is a big deal anybody is the best conference for this stuff in the world

And they were meeting with him because the amazing stuff he's put together his company every single one of them lives and breathes what they do they were just so dynamic so excited and so happy to meet people like that's a completely

Still just as creative but alternative take on what you guys could go on to do and then you've got like corridor digital who are they you know just doing amazing things with their two channels and we'll talk about them in a minute

And then Ryan Connolly going off and trying to make short films and push the boundaries of what's possible on a budget so so the great examples we go it all falls under the umbrella of filmmaking but there's so many different

Routes that you can take just do what you have the most fun doing yeah absolutely and it can change over time as well you might start off thinking I'm gonna be like you know a narrative filmmaker or a videogame filmmaker and

Then you might end up doing something completely different but we'll try and it'll be hard because these guys are so super busy to get each one of those people will even try with Andrew Kramer because you know he's insanely busy but

We'll try with all of them to maybe get like a little interview with them about how you know they went from being a creator and they all were you know creators like you guys into doing what it is that they do now

Because it's those kind of career stories are actually really really interesting and exciting it might tell you that you couldn't really do anything with just being able to be creative and have a message that you've out there it

Gives us so many avenues for the kind of thing you can do so you bet we've read met with rent yeah he was super pumped he's just he's just really excited about just everything it's really it rubs off on you because like he's smiling all the

Time and he's the one that told us about the avoid the VR Star Wars experience so I'm thankful to him for that oh yeah he's he's super positive but like he's so engaged we've just like the community of like young film makers trying to get

Into this kind of thing and yeah we talked to him for ages if you haven't checked out his videos on the corridor second channel the team channel which her to do if they to do with science they're not to do it so instead to do

With communicating things that are really important in this world and he does it better than anyone else I've ever seen you know he talks about how much water there is on the planet the scale of things relative to other things

In a way that you can understand and he's such a dynamic presenter yeah so if you want to watch something interesting that will keep you glued to it for like ten minutes go and watch their second channel and

Watch anything that rain has put together blows my mind I wish I could do what he does but also just the guys from corridor in general we saw loads of them and got have to have with Jake and Carmichael Nick and obviously my pretty

Much my favorite creatives in the world Sam and Nico but yeah they were there and doing amazing stuff there on big stands presenting big things they make a variety of stuff like all their ideas all their sketches are just like things

That just they're completely different genres but they all work yeah I don't know anyone else that can take you such a short form of filmmaking and get you so involved in it in that amount of time that you're like you're rooting for

Someone you care about the payoff and what's going to happen their stuffs amazing and it's like a one-on-one of how people should make short content for the internet so yeah if you're not following them already then you're

Probably new to our channel as well because they yeah we took big them up all the time but yeah all these people Andrew Kramer follow him Ryan Connolly following them corridor digital follow them and action VFX follow them get

Their stuff so the price of their stuff is amazing for what you get we use it as much as we possibly can so yeah go and check out all those guys because also know that they're all nice people behind it so yeah you want to be supporting

Those people oh that's probably a neighbor he covered but yeah you said look at this go it was good we should probably answer some of these things yeah we've got Gavin off screen filtering questions for us yes

Absolutely and looking forward to new Godzilla film talking about our tiny Godzilla Here I am because even when they're bad I like anything to do with Godzilla the scale of the first one was my favorite

Just how big it was yeah how big it felt it feels like they've gotten kind of even bigger to the point of you maybe like in you just cannot understand maybe the size of them in this one but I'm interested to see where it goes because

You know they've gone and put all these like famous faces more famous faces in it that we're seeing from our favorite shows like stranger things and stuff and it's like will this would it just be too much stuff going on but I bet it will be

I bet it would just be like a thrill ride all the way and obviously we copy the scene from the first one so we're hoping there's something we can copy from the second one – that was halo jump that's a scene

From the first Godzilla in 2014 yeah cool what else have we got here can we see more axel well yeah we hope you always can see more axel we he's doing some tutorials and stuff at the moment isn't he he's done some reason when yeah

Last week on how to edit videos in hitfilm express very video very a very trying to say a video specifically made for beginners to take you through the basic editing tools so very useful because you have to have that groundwork

In order to get started yeah we want to do more of that stuff actually has always been excellent like teaching those growth as I saw those beginning phases of the software so yeah we just want there to be more and more tutorial

Content and of course axel will come into that because he is one of our experts so yeah they'll definitely be more of actual around wow there's so many so many things on the board okay we'll the NAB announcements impact

Performance or for high end computers mid end high end computers well we're actually working on a bunch of stuff to do with increasing performance so we've already done hardware decoding on Intel and NVIDIA on PC we're doing the other

Logical part of PC AMD we're looking at encoding at the moment when you export it doesn't use the hardware decoding or hardware encoding so we're looking at all of that story but we are also looking at the bigger picture of so

We're already using more of your cause than we used to with the start this year but you know if you've got a 32 core thread Ripper we probably are not maxing out that machine in fact very few products will unless

They are doing like actual raytrace rendering or encoding of multiple files we are looking all of that stuff to try and make more use of it there's kind of like which way do we go multi-core CPUs or on the GPU kind of a bit of both but

There will be work later this year is going into that but it's going to take us some time to I mean the GPU game and the the CPU gave is kind of suddenly changing a lot everyone talked about multi-core like when the first like four

Core processors came out called two quads and stuff like that but then it kind of stalled at four core forever and now suddenly yet there's a thirty-two core thread Ripper saying you know hopefully I have one in the office soon

For a few days that's kind of crazy and we definitely aren't utilizing that kind of computer to its full potential so we will be working on that stuff call Phil Wesson says one thing I love from a while ago where the competitions any

Chances the chances of those coming back yeah we'd like to do those more often we do have one coming up in the next I think two weeks two weeks it keeps getting shifted around because of NAB we've had to like stagger our back-up

Tutorials and everything but we do have one for hitting 200,000 subscribers which thank you by the way for that well have 100,000 200,000 s we know getting the decimal place in the wrong place is like it's actually Wow there isn't a

Decimal place in 200,000 but you know the comma let's go with the comma comma and there sure in Germany in which case it'd be the other way around I don't know but yeah cool that what is the competition do we know what the

Competition is yeah but the video will okay we're technically we have to reshoot it because we installed it so we'd have to change the date okay well that sounds exciting

Yeah I can't act part with the other sound exciting it is hip film a one-time by how does only hit from work as far as updates and purchasing okay so yeah we'll just quickly go over this again so um hitfilm

You can buy at once and keep it forever so that's the quick answer to that so if you buy it today work on a project on it three years down the line you open it up again provided your computer you know isn't whining like Windows 20 and we

Don't support it or something but provided you grab the same view and you open it up again it will still work it is not a subscription it will not switch off but the the extra little goodie that comes with hitfilm is that you get

Twelve months worth of that day so if you buy today you get twelve point to just twelve point three oh you told me three came out yesterday twelve point three you get twelve point three and then

In a month's time thirteen comes out or in eleven months time version 18 comes out you get all of those because for 12 months you get all the updates and say in 12 months time the version that we're on is version like 18 you would then

Keep version 18 after that point so when you're would years worth of updates runs out you just keep the version that you're on so never switches off it doesn't die it's not a subscription then you go ah that version 19's come out and

It does this thing I really really want you can just buy the update then which gives you 12 months were worth of updates you could wait six months at that point and say actually no I don't like update 1920-21 but I do like 22 and

Then just restart your years worth of updates from that point it's very friendly very like aware of the users of our software sometimes they take two months off from filmmaking or sometimes they go in a different direction then

Come back to it so we tried to make the most friendly like purchasing system we could for the software doesn't mean that there won't be additional options in the future but this is currently the only option that we have and we think it's

The best one yes it's good people asking about hitfilm apparel again which they always do but you know it's always good to get that interest well you have those special badges which is super super pin badges and everything I think the thing

For us here is that if we did it we would want it to be really cool and high quality and we've done those things before that as loads of websites where you can you know you upload a JPEG and it prints a logo onto a t-shirt not only

Do they end up being quite expensive but the quality isn't there so it's kind of we're in the UK we would have to ship these out and all sorts of things so you kind of need if you're going to have quality and do it well you kind of need

To probably get 100 200 items made and then we need to ship them out if we're going to ship them from the UK these could be quite expensive t-shirts or hoodies or bags or whatever they are you know if the item cost us five pounds

Four or five dollars for a t-shirt then $10 to get it nicely embroidered and stuff you've got a 15 dollar item before we even ship it and then we ship it from the UK so another 15 you know it's gonna be like a

$30 t-shirt by the time it gets to so if we could work that stuff out and make it economical because I don't want to buy a $30 tisha I'm sure you don't want to buy a $30 t-shirt so we'd have to try and work out something that we could do

Where you feel like you're getting a really great deal but you're getting something that's quality that's gonna last and all of that kind of thing so if any of you know anything about that or have experience in it do tell us because

We make software and we don't so yeah we'll I can hit film can use 3d models in hitfilm if so how absolutely yeah so if you're using hitfilm Pro and then it's an add-on for Express but if you go to import the little arrow next to it

Then you do import 3d model it allows you to do obj FBX and LWO file types we have several probably a dozen or so tutorials on the channel about using 3d models so how to light them how to import how to texture how to composite

Them that's one by Simon Jones so if you just search for hitfilm 3d model a few will come up yeah is it it's a really cool feature so yeah dude check that out and those tutorials are pretty awesome but if there's something that we're

Missing in the tutorials and in fact we'll probably make new ones soon anyway Shiva's been when it's that video coming out which one the one way you've got like cool 3d models in it and all sorts of like that's patient when the

Spaceship that wants not done yet I'm working on it Jimmy is doing a really cool video that I don't know if it's actually anything to do with the 3d element of it no he's just I wanted to make it he's

Just making something cool well I'm sure when that goes up and you'll be loads of questions around 3d models because it's one of the coolest 3d things I've seen done inside hitfilm so yeah that's gonna be awesome

Thanks have you ever thought about making a gaming edit tutorial if so do you have any tips yes we have and you will be getting one and it will be one of the coolest things that we've done in fact I think you'll probably get more

Than one there'll be several tutorials to do with this we're going to go all out on this and very soon yeah tips right now no because I'm not a PC gamer but we will do our research and in the gaming onboarding will

Several tutorials for start to finish I'm imagining stuff you know very particular to the so give your Xbox gamer or a PlayStation game or or a PC gamer there will be different experiences or at least parts of the

Experience it'll be different for each of you we're gonna get it all covered because we're seeing so many videos made with express but in particular maybe the majority of videos made with express

That are due to do with video game content and we can make a really great treat all around this so with that we they'll be loads it'll be like a full onboarding it'll be like renegade and but yeah it will be soon this sounds

Like a really important thing that we should get right on yeah yeah write a proposal yeah give it to kirsty to look over yeah friendly kirsty was here that look at it yeah well somebody asked where she was she's visiting family well

She came back from the sea though the high high oceans I don't think they know that she came back she just you went to see ya and came back with tales tales from the sea scary tales there were big waves it's scary stuff but we'll let her

Share with you that with you another time G gaming would love to see a video recapping hit films history so far I would like to see that and I working really yeah oh wow a lot of work but for now one of

The things one of the things you can do is go to our channel and sort the videos by oldest that's always will get Simon to it will talk to Simon Jones about this woman will make a note of it Simon was there right at the start with me and

Maybe will like you know do a step by step thing and then like when jouvert came into it like we can do like a chronological timeline yeah and then you can like come into the conversation at the sort of time I was you came in there

At the beginning I didn't upload my tutorial until like four or five months after it came out well you can be there like they're bringing their different perspectives and stuff but yeah it's um when did it come out 2011 June 2000 she

Doesn't you can't believe you can reel that off like that it was a dark time for me I wasn't sleeping okay now it was a great time and but yeah it's it would be interesting to do that yeah but it's quite a lot of work there's been more

There were a few logos back then yeah so many vloggers yeah someone worked on it that was not very good at designing logos who was that guy he was awful I liked it yeah the circular logo still has some

Fans yeah the one that was like a an iris yeah yeah what now audio editors where you guys ever look into audio editors to collaborate with yes so we would love to collaborate with some tools on the audio side build some

Integrations if possible and just have some kind of offering I like on the website that was really really cool and I know you I think you mentioned Reaper there was that we would love to hear from you guys what tools you actually

Use and because if we can try and build a relationship with these companies by all means go out to them and say you guys should work with hitfilm because that is much more compelling than us going and you guys should work with us

If they hear from their users so you guys should work with hitfilm that's the kind of thing that we do email emails about saying hey our users have noticed you and say that we should work with you so go and tell them as well and we will

Listen if they come to us we will know that we've put the the bat-signal out with you guys and if they come back to us we will work with these companies because yeah we want to do better audio stuff all around what features would the

FX home team love to see added to the hitfilm toolset right away I think the first thing was what we talked about earlier which is a 3d camera tracker and After Effects plugins other than that for me I think it would just be stuff to

Speed up what I already do so like I think some sort of FX console kind of pop up yep that you can quickly add effects and you have similar stuff to that coming in emerge yes so well it's already in the insert menu yeah oh yeah

Brother I think there's more stuff coming oh I think there's always more stuff and so yeah I think that that's the one for me would be more yeah sort of there's there's it happens a line all the coding tools I use as well where you

There's just a keyboard shortcut and you can start typing things and it makes really insightful choices for you so you can do things quickly I'd love that inside hitfilm but the big thing for me and I hope it's something we do this

Year is the media bin and the things have moved on since the me that we originally designed inside hitfilm there's a lot of really great examples I don't know if anyone's done what I would call my perfect media bin

But there's some really great ones out there in other products as well so we I'd like us to make our media bin the best media bin in all the tools and you know something I would really love but there know about user varies there are

Sequences were there wasn't just one edit sequence we actually worked towards there being like proper multi sequence embedded sequences this is a big job mine that's not gonna about you know hey guys just a tweak now that will take us

Some time because the way that the headphones put together but I think that's a real thing I would like and we should work work towards really soon as well so those things oh and like a new and improved color grading tool set

Start it at starting with some filters that had really nice UI and really easy to use if only some of those were already made and coming to the software so yeah I what we onto next let's see is there a way to give text text textures

Try saying that five times fast in express like in Sony Vegas I'd imagine there is depending on what we mean by this because you could use set mass effects you could relax maybe parallax you could do a few things it may not be

As easy as what you're suggesting now so we're very happy to be open to suggestion on that I think actually emerge has some really great tools for adding textures I think there's actually even a filter in emerge where you can

Add a texture to to another layer like a fill but you can use a pattern or a texture on it and everything okay there might be something worth us bringing to hit film let's make a note of that there's mega node like um like a texture

Applying plugin right there down something nobody's here it's just me it's only me into that yeah okay any tips on how to export videos without backgrounds so that they aren't transparent hang on so they are

Transparent or they aren't transparent had expertise without background so that they are transparent yeah it must be our transparent um you can do PNG image sequence you can do in a forum 12-bit yes so on the Mac you

Can do ProRes yes so if ProRes for four for four yeah so is that having that additional channel so you want RGB a so you cannot use an mp4 for this mp4 in fact most video codecs only support the RGB Channel so you do not get the a

Channel the alpha channel as you versed most of the image formats JPEG doesn't but most of the other image formats support this so you could do a TGA PNG EXR they all support it but that's going to create humongous files and no audio

Which is not ideal so on Windows we would definitely suggest moths in a form 12 bit which is basically what gives you the alpha or if you're on Mac you could you still use this in a form it's compatible so why not but you could also

Use Pro res for 4 for 4 and that gives you the Alpha which is what you need but there is no way to do this in an mp4 and you can't go on them before with the alpha that doesn't work either thoughts toward having a hitfilm university type

Of training for the software a crash course so if you guys don't know hitfilm university is one of our users who has made a really in-depth youtube so it's a youtube channel called hitfilm university and he's made really really

In-depth 20 30 40 50 minute videos going through basically everything in hitfilm so he has like camera rigging scopes you know just everything and it's really in-depth and it's really useful to just point people to B to point them to it

And say check out this video because it covers everything we do have we are planning a beginners onboarding so similar to renegade it's sort of a like an event that we do yeah where we take people through the process of getting

Hip film getting getting up and running so that they can start working on their own projects in terms of making something as big as hitfilm university that is a lot of work because tryam who's the guy who made hit film

University also has put in a lot of effort into making that so I think for now we're gonna start with the the beginners onboarding and just make sure that we give you the most essential videos to get up and running but then we

Can always look at more videos adding on to that in the future yeah that's I think all of those kind of learning experiences or things we want to try if we do them we want to do them really well and it's great that other people

That are out there doing them really well so and maybe we need to push more people in the direction of the ones that are already out there yeah let's make them more aware within the software within the website that look at the this

Isn't the only training resource in fact somebody check it out we shouldn't be making out maybe maybe the website makes out the only training resources our own youtuber is actually there's some amazing content out there by other

People some of the best content is that that and made by other people so yeah which means they're more obvious any thoughts I'm working on a face tracker so yeah I've thought about this and and seen this question before and

The thing for me is like it's not about making the face tracker it's about knowing what you want to do with the tracked face so you have like you know Instagram cat ears yeah all you have I want it to be like a realistic 3d Iron

Man mask where when I open it up the faces inside knowing what the actual outcome is meant to be would influence this because if you want it to be a face tracker in the sense that it's really good and like say you wanted to do like

It so you know someone's had their head sliced open and they're just brain is pulsing in the middle in a kind of horror aspect so you actually could really track the 3d on that accurately that's very different to if you are

Talking about making big cartoon eyes and cat ears they'd probably actually even different approaches so yeah we kind of would want to know what people want to do what their outcome intended outcome is to try and work out what the

Design is for the thing that we do probably the one with the the brain and the kind of more being able to distort the face but not in a kind of Instagram filter way is what are you users with one but maybe we're wrong maybe they

Just want like loads of really cool like funky filters to be able to do you know makeup and Elita eyes these are eyes and stuff like that it's not impossible but like at the same time weird yeah we need to know

What people most want from the outcome rather than just what the technology would be yep see our mess and asks is there a way to expand the published function to use in other composite shots and not just in the editor right now you

Can only bring published comps into the editor but I personally have submitted a request for the ability to use it in other composite shots as well so I can trickle down from one get the other because that'd be very cool so right now

No but I've made a note of it and I've requested it yeah we will definitely be looking into that I think we needed to get it to this day that is in now before we would even look at that and make sure that you can't like do circular

References and things like that we have one reference the other and then it's inside that and it would all kinds of problems come up any plans for mobile software probably not in the way that you guys would be thinking and so we're

Not about to bring hip film to mobile it would be awful it would be incredibly hard to use your fingers are not good for you doing keyframes there are some really good video editing products on mobile don't

Get me wrong but they are they are very particular in what their purposes whereas hip films very general in its purpose but also has like loads of visual effects stuff in it we are looking at complementary mobile products

That would help you use hip film in a cool new way or in a faster and more intuitive way and that's where we will stick for mobile for the time being maybe some stuff will be out this year as well any more magic tutorials on the

Particle simulator so I actually we have planned at least right now a live stream next month we're going to be taking you through some of the best practices for the particle simulator so it's not like here's what every setting does but it's

Like what do I do when I approach a simulation how do I know what to set up how to make the trajectory do what I want how to change the shape change the forces and all that so it's more it's I'm trying to make it as useful as

Possible for the most people so it's hopefully a video that you can use for every simulation that you do so that's next month and that'll be a live stream cool I could hit film receive more color

Grading curves yes so there are there is a new tool coming to to have film along these lines but kind of under color grading side emerges leading the way at the moment so emerge has some of the which is our image editing tool and by

All means go and check out the demo emerge has some really elegant pretty UI for doing all sorts of different color grading I believe there's an update to emerge coming in not-too-distant future say in the next few months that actually

Has loads of new kind of holes in it and what we're doing is then because that team is like really on the forefront of color and and finding new ways to make the UI approachable we're letting them do all the hard work and here's hard

Work and then we're nicking it so we let them do all that hard work and then we port it over to hitfilm picking the best of what they do that's relevant to video and bring it across the first couple of actually three filters

I might even mate say what they are and resume no one's here to tell me up so we've got one that's called tone colouring which is just a very easy way of color grading your video the like the highlights of shadows and mid-tones and

And just the general color of it very easy for keep creating those sort of teal and orange kind of looks and stuff like that then we've got like a remove stock background which means if you've got like an image that's taken on a

Stock background you can very quickly remove that and change that to alpha but not just like some of the tools inside hitfilm at the moment which very binary there's even there on or it's off you get controls to finesse it to get

Exactly the right balance to give it maybe a bit more solidity than if you just cut it off and then we got like a high-pass sharpen which is like a really controllable way of sharpening up slightly soft footage

But mainly for bringing picking out details that maybe are there but not there enough you can really add some punch to your to your videos as well they've all coming from a merge with nice UI where it's required more stuff

Will come from a merge because we're really loving the stuff that those guys are doing you should check it out and and we're pinching as much as we can for him because it's all very pretty and but

There'll be more pretty nice UI coming to hit film and lots of that will be to do with calibrating call did and really we should keep this to 45 minutes is not what I heard no no no we'll keep going to just before 6 which is some other

Time in other locations sounds good what are we going for now does exporting all composite shot separately help exporting a whole movie are you referring to like exporting them separately and then bringing them back in so that you don't

Have to render them again is if so yes I don't know if that would be the best workflow you could pre render them are you still gonna spend the time that's the thing so if you rendered out five composite shots and they all took one

Minute yeah so you've spent five minutes anyway and then you put them into your main timeline that might render really quickly that that five separate sections but you've already spent the five

Minutes so you're just moving the time that you would do the rendering but it might get help you get more of an appreciation for how it actually feels running in real time or anything like that so yeah I mean I don't tend to do

That no I pre-render wear I can wear I have nested composites I mean if I'm making like a motion graphic but um ya know I usually just do it all once okay yeah a few people are mentioning some Intel issues since the 12 update which

I'm imagining they're talking about the Intel issues being a UI issue I don't know if they're any ones being more specific than that there is a you there there can be window UI issues on really old Intel graphics cards that we don't

Actually technically support there before the the age that we do support and or to do with the Intel driver not being up to date so that the problem is that there's two reasons for this so one if you're running a really old Intel GPU

That's below our minimum spec and our minimum spec is going to change for Intel actually to being an Intel HD 5000 if it hasn't already I think it is on emerging maybe not on hit film but particularly if you're on older cards

And your driver isn't up to date there can be issues as well but other than that when I'm not aware of there being a lot of issues here though we've fixed it get the updates if you haven't got twelve

Point three get twelve point three in 12.1 and twelve point two and twelve point three because twelve was such a it was the biggest update we have ever done in terms of fundamental changes to the software so they've been the guys have

Just I can't believe the amount they've got done actually since twelve came out in terms of no need fixing things up because there's loads of new technology that needed to be fixed up but just improving the product in that time as

Well and they're done though since as well but I can't possibly say you can find the minimum specs on our website so if you're using Express go to the page and then I think its features and requirements and then if you scroll it's

Like the second to the last section that I'll tell you the specs any chance of time remapping like after-effects I think this is the thing that we will work on to be honest it is a great feature in After Effects and we do have

Some timing stuff but like our whole like frame rate and timing work fly inside hitfilm will change over the next year it won't affect any of you you won't nothing bad will happen but we will make it better or work better if

High frame rate footage better every timing all sorts of things so this is a big story for us to work on over the next 12 months there we go well let's move yeah so yeah there isn't a better way as someone's mentioned the speed

Effect and the speed ramping and stuff like that those are the best tools inside hitfilm at the moment for that but we are going to work on even better tools and so that you can edit it in the graph nicely and do all sorts of stuff

So yeah we will be working on that speed is a big thing for me actually along with the the sequences and the other stuff we mentioned I want to get like all the timing stuff inside hitfilm to be as good as anything else in the

Industry cool mr. Pinocchio but it's spelled differently why do we need a 3d camera tracker if we already have mocha which is a 3d camera tracker so we explain this at the beginning that the live stream I'll just quickly redo it

For anyone joining mocha is a planar tracker and a rotoscoping tool but planar tracking means you you track a surface so if you film something that doesn't have flat ground or flat walls or flat ceiling or

Anything MOCA can have trouble doing it when it does have it it works really well but for those scenes where it's more just I guess there's not as many flat surfaces in your video which can happen if you film like outside or

Something that's where the 3d camera tracker from the foundry is going to come in because it's a point based so it tracks points rather than yeah I think the thing I've always just to go over again so mocha like that we love those

Guys and they're playing our tracker and the stuff that it allows you to do it in hitfilm is is a fundamental part of anyone trying to do heavy visual effects work I guest of all the third-party stuff this the stuff you use the most in

Your things to mask out things tracker scoping saves so much yeah and that and that's that's huge yeah but when it comes to the 3d camera tracker it's kind of a different level so if you're in a room like we are now which is like an

Office and there's those are flat surfaces and there's it's not big you know it's not a lot of space we could track like some planar surfaces being some mats on the floor maybe like a panel on the wall and it can work out

Between those what the 3d camera is which is great in the context of that area that we've just tracked but it doesn't help if I'm also there the office goes back 50 yards in a certain direction and I want to pin something to

The wall back over there the data wouldn't necessarily be accurate for the entire scene it would be accurate for the area that you've picked what you can do with the 3d camera tracker is I could easily just walk through this entire

Office where the camera stuck to me so there's no thing just staying in place all the way through with the mocha one I want two things that don't go out of shot with the 3d camera tracker I can have like a camera that I just hold in

Front of me and I walk through this entire building and it will map from that camera throughout the entire building so I could just right at the end of my walk place an r2 unit in the hallway so I just walk around and I come

Around the corner and the r2 unit is that I couldn't do that very easily in any other way rather than a proper 3d camera tracker so it allows you to do all sorts of things it basically is solving a real camera for

The footage that you throw at it so it's a different level and it's far more akin to bushu cynthaiz and the other products out there that are very much used in the visual effects industry to make it like add a 3d city in the distance again you

Don't really have anything to map on to but it can work it out from all the different levels for all the different data and give you a real scene so it's a different level and it's kind of a thing I've always felt hitfilm needed the most

Yeah could we get Simon widgets similar to the paperclip from Windows absolutely not we were going to have a drill rather than the paperclip this – Simon's designed for him home was drilling the

Drill who just sat there in the corner and was a drill and then said maybe you look like you're trying to edit and then just made the worst edit of your footage ever but it was a terrible idea so it didn't happen you'll be happy to know we

Didn't waste time on that that's great I would love to see the spec for that like the very probably is there there was probably is an old design where you know in the middle of the night when Simon and Neal and myself were designing the

Original software where we actually like made made up a design for the equivalent of the paperclip and but yes that didn't go in there's still stuff going into him now that we designed originally in the light before the original version came

Out imagine if we talk about the record imagine if locking layers or locking tracks went into the software as very could you imagine if that way and people have always wanted that yeah have you seen anything like that coming through

yeah we do listen to you guys and we know there's a few things you guys really want and one of them is locking layers and locking tracks and because we listen these features will appear before

Very long I used it yesterday how could you yeah yeah so it's really good so that's one of the things that's coming as those of others coming but we know everyone's always

Wanted that so yeah yeah cool about five minutes left so we're sending your final questions and we will try to answer them as fast as possible does anyone know if there's an fx home this discord for the community no but we'd like there to be

One we'd like that to be a discord so yeah yes we should set that up which is set up again somebody know domine um with high-end cameras and filming codecs being widely available and coming in to the student an indie filmmaker space can

We expect support expect support for high-end codecs and yes we are looking at codecs a lot at the moment so just to give you a rundown so yeah we are talking to people that are responsible for high-end codecs like ProRes we know

We have some pro res support already which we're very happy about but we would like more and we are looking at what companies like Blackmagic are doing so you know black magic roar and stuff like this but we're also looking at

H.265 and we're also looking at improving which is em you know HEV C and we're also looking at improving our h.264 / mp4 support to being better than it is at the moment as well so yeah we are looking at that but when it comes to

Very particular codecs we kind of need to know which ones those are I mean we would like to look at red as well but we know from our surveys and stuff like that you know we could spend a month the couple of developers or working on

Adding red support and know that maybe only 0.1 percent of all the users of hitfilm are actually ever going to use that so that's very hard to put a month of you know we're a small team put a month of a person on doing red support

Where if we do h.265 which is going to be of action cams of even our camera that we're using here the GH five is a standard codec that we would get maybe 80% of users in a year's time would be using that codec so we kind of had to

Pick and choose and I know that means that we don't what may be the one that you really want us to but do talk to us about it say what the codec is say you know why you need it and we do listen to that kind of

Stuff so if we get like loads of people coming in so they want read support it will go to the top of the list so yeah so wrap it up I guess so you might do you do one more question you better come on nothing yeah crazy guys is about to

Start filming a new film so are we well we're working on several um mornings so yeah good luck with it let us know if you have any questions never look forward to seeing it yes what kind of film I don't know what kind of film is

Yeah I guess we should start wrapping up I think the other thing just just to throw out there we are looking at we see that there's so many people coming from all sorts of European countries and then also outside of Europe from India and

South America and all sorts of places all over the globe and this is fantastic one thing the software doesn't do is support other languages and this is something that also for this year we aim to have for you guys is that the product

Will actually support different languages you can run it in your native language with good translations we're working on that part of it at the moment it's really hard to get the software translated to a really good quality so

We're working on that but it does mean that this year hitfilm at least emerge will be after that probably will be coming out in a bunch of different languages so hopefully that will make it even more approachable for you guys for

Sure that's a good note and I think it's like I'm just really happy there's so many people from different countries you know this guy says India just now as well and it's amazing yeah yeah cool well when's the next one of these gonna

Be sure next month so next month is going to be me taking you through the best practices of the particle simulator so I'll be watching that one yes if you're interested in how to use the particle simulator but it's not every

Single setting it's just some of the things that you will use for every single project every sim every simulation that you use tune into that at every an hour I'll be demoing hitfilm live so I have to set that up it'll be

The first time we're doing that but yeah you'll be able to watch me mess with their life awesome I'm gonna ask a lot of awkward questions can I borrow cuz this would be yellow rather than blue Javert what can we do

How do we do that I will ignore this fair enough I would – well thank you everybody for coming and talking to us sorry if we haven't answered your questions do send them in to us we will be trying to do these pretty often

And yeah they're obviously Javert and Olli and everyone is putting our content all the time do just email us though because you know we've got Gavin here I've got people here that were they're going to reply to you and give you the

Answers to your questions but just thank you for taking the time coming in talking to us about stuff is really awesome we love it yeah thanks guys cool we'll see you later

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