$300 Laptop That Games!? – Motile Ryzen 3500U

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey how's it going guys Matt and Jack
here with the toasty rose and today
we're going to be showing you a $330
laptop that well can actually game let's
talk about that but first a word from
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corner so thanks again do gbg mod for
sponsoring this video let's get right
into the video shall we alright guys so
if you have a notice we have really been
making a lot of videos about laptops so
if you want to check out any of those
hit the I on the top right corner we
figured that budget laptops have gotten
a lot better especially since Rison has
basically oversaturated the market in
terms of budget laptops sub 500 our
laptops and we really wanted to test
this one out in particular because it
comes with some specs that are really
crazy for its price point the main
components in this laptop that really
make this thing amazing for $330 is you
have a rise in 3500 you which is a 4
core 8 thread processor for 330 dollars
it also has the Rison graphics built
into it so we're hoping that we'll
actually be able to get some decent fps
and some games to get 8 gigs of RAM off
the bat upgradeable to 32 gigs and you
also get a 256 gigabyte SSD and is
actually another slot for an m2 as well
so if you're thinking about a laptop
like this from a normal name brand like
an HP or something you're probably
looking anywhere between five to six
hundred dollars for this laptop and
considering at Walmart you get it for
$329 it's honestly something that we are
a little bit skeptical about but we
figured would be worth making a video on
so how do we go ahead and unbox this
thing and see what it's all about
so if you guys have watched our videos
recently we just made a video using a
$320 or $350 laptop that featured a rise
in three 3200 you and that thing could
play games but it wasn't amazing now
with the 3500 you in Vega 8 graphics we
expect to get much better results
especially at 1080p so we had a little
QuickStart guide right here nothing too
crazy Jackson just through the charging
brick to the floor so this actually has
one of the all-in-one charging brakes it
doesn't have the Block in the middle
this goes straight into the wall which
looks like goofy as heck it's very large
but hey I can't complain too much the
laptop itself I mean this is a really
plain box there's like this is it we
really have a charger we have a really
small instruction book and then we have
a quick start guide that tells you all
like the main features what type of
ports you have so it does look like
actually I'll show you guys the laptop
itself the port's that we got we got the
rose gold one because this this is a
present so it's rose gold you know it's
pretty you can get it in three colors at
the moment you can get black rose gold
and I believe just regular gold or beige
but so that the backbone them all looks
the same I believe it just has like an
aluminum backing plate and then the top
is where you get the customization you
can see we have USB see we have USB 3
HDMI out the charging port and then we
have really nothing in the front
actually that is a micro SD card reader
so that's kind of cool
and we have a headphone jack so we have
two more USB ports over here and then we
actually have the Ethernet jack right
there as well so the laptop itself is
actually relatively light you can see it
has a pretty slim design it's kind of
similar to the one that Matt got where
it has the slight curvature to it if you
look closely but it's not nearly as curb
as that one was but let's go ahead and
open it up and see we got inside and
kind of feel the hinges as well the
hinges it feels pretty sturdy it's not
like super wobbly or anything very large
touchpad which is kind of cool and then
we have an appeal sticker right here
that shows how to turn the lighting on
and off which I guess you just tap this
twice and boom there you go we have a
camera as well it does come with a
webcam that I read online it's not the
best of course during a $30 laptop but
we'll give that a try keyboard itself
you have very large keys this does have
backlighting to it that turns on for
about 10 seconds when you're using it
but of course it does turn off when
you're not using which might drive some
people nuts and honestly looking at this
right now in first impressions I like
how much screen there is there's not a
major bezel at all in this thing it
looks like a modern laptop and that's
pretty impressive or something at this
price point normally are looking at
build quality you're looking at
something that's gonna be super thick
with the bezels but it actually looks
like a cool laptop so we'll see if this
thing actually powers on you know that's
the big science factor here nice short
coordinate I did read that the
backlighting is very weak and almost
doesn't even look like it it does shine
through the keys very dimly like I'm
putting my hand over you can kind of see
the backlighting but it is very weak
backlighting and of course they probably
do that partially to save battery but if
those people who feels like you're
constantly gonna be like typing and low
lighting situations this might not be
the best one for you
yeah now that this thing is just gonna
start up what we're probably gonna do is
go ahead and load it up with a couple of
games give you some extra b-roll of what
it looks like and then test it and see
exactly our performs and here comes
Cortana nice and loud so as you guys can
see we got logged in to this live topic
literally I mean just made me count
everything and it comes with very little
bloatware I'd read this online that one
of the cool parts about this is that you
don't have a ton of bloatware you just
have the thx stuff which that honestly
comes with it and labeled right there
because it's tuned by thx but I mean
yeah overall though it doesn't look like
there's you know there's like nothing
open besides Bluetooth and the Windows
security so one might ask man we're
gonna see exactly the specs of this
thing to make sure everything is what it
says it's gonna be and then we go to the
formants tab just like you're locked up
just like my laptop screaming at 100%
two-star cuz of probably one drive
alright guys so we got a few games
downloaded which was actually really
fast this thing has really good Wi-Fi
capabilities but we're gonna go ahead
and launch a single-player game of
Minecraft so I basically just loaded the
game up and have it on stock settings
which actually was fancy and everything
but we did switch over to fullscreen so
I couldn't show you guys what settings
we got but I mean honestly it's
basically high settings and we're
actually able to run the game pretty
smooth now you could go to you know just
non fancy graphics and you could always
lower the resolution if you really
wanted more than 30 FPS but right now
we're actually kind of locked near 30
FPS at times we get you know boost where
it's a little bit higher but of course
with a game like Minecraft you use a lot
of CPU especially when you're rendering
chunks and whatnot so you can also lower
your rendered
so we actually just wanted and turned
off vsync and we're actually getting
like over 60fps now that doesn't mean we
won't still have dips we're loading in
chunks and whatnot but it's actually
pretty impressive this 3500 you with its
four cores and eight threads and the
Vega graphics are actually able to run
this really well the laptop itself
really isn't incredibly loud I mean you
do have the fans spinning up a little
bit and you can you know you can feel
putting out some heat towards the bottom
but really this thing overall seemed to
get to running relatively cool alright
so we know that this thing runs
minecraft really well so let's go ahead
and switch over to the next game alright
guys the next game we were gonna be
testing is the Master Chief collection
now we did test this on that other
budget laptop that we use and well the
performance was lackluster so what we're
gonna be doing is running this thing at
1080p fullscreen we are to be running
with a frame rate limit off so we don't
have to deal with that we'll probably is
running on the original graphics for
right now and then we'll probably bump
it up afterwards to see if there is any
sort of performance loss by running the
enhanced graphics so let's go ahead and
change this and then we will go ahead
and jump into a match alright guys we
are in the halo Master Chief collection
playing SWAT oh god we are running at
1080p right now and we're actually
getting somewhat similar numbers it's
actually a little bit better at 1080p
than the other system was this is
normally the results we were getting
before when we were running at 720p on
the other laptop I'm not sure if this
game just does not like integrated
graphics or what but it's performing
decent I mean if you want to have like
similar results to a console I mean is
what you're gonna get I'm gonna go ahead
and tunnel vision and see if we can
actually kill somebody alright guys so
now we dropped it down to 720p just to
see how much smoother would get it looks
like we're gonna get close to a constant
60fps at 720p which is really what
you're looking for if you're gonna play
this game doesn't make us any better at
hitting shots but you know it does get
it higher up there in terms of fps again
the Vega graphics are good for light
games this is just a slightly upgraded
version of the Vega 3 graphics so if you
don't want to play games like minecraft
it does perform a lot better and it
games like this you could actually hit
60fps on 720p so pretty impressive in
terms of actual numbers out of the box
like where are the
this guy's the 18 kills in there later
board I got hey we got a kill I'm just
that's it on it there
all right guys over now we got one kill
one kill Master Chief collection is more
than playable at 720p might want to
lower the settings a little bit really
not a whole lot of control can do in
this game but you know if you wanna play
720p I'm actually working well for you
all right ladies and gentlemen we were
gonna be playing csgo as any last game
might as well was running on high
settings 1080p full screen to see what
the best possible result is keep in mind
if you're running these AP user you need
to run these on full screen because you
actually lose a lot of performance by
running with mode with his ap use for
some strange region so let's go ahead
and dive into a desk – at team
deathmatch and see how this thing
performs alright guys so right now we're
running on high settings and it looks
like high settings is pushing it just a
little bit playing csgo it under 60 FPS
is not ideal so we're gonna do is just
have dax and run through this casual
Brad real quick and then we'll probably
switch the team deathmatch and try to
lower the settings to low settings and
see if we can get an achievable 60 fps
alright guys so right now we have the
setting set to medium we're not really
getting that big of a difference it
might just be worth to cranking it all
the way down to low and just see how
high the FPS actually goes but medium
settings are more around the 40-ish FPS
mark it's playable it's not the most
ideal one thing to keep in mind with
some of these laptops is there could be
like a power profile or something that's
built in that could be living to
performance I know the Acer actually did
relatively well at this I'm not totally
sure so we're gonna try lowering maybe
to all low and see and just kind of go
from there alright so what we did now
was actually changed the power profile
to balance which is a thief's default
one that comes with the AMD drivers and
well it is performing a lil bit better
even though we got just dinked in the
face it's getting around 50 ish fps so I
mean that's a little bit better casual
is probably not the best game choice for
this benchmark run what I mean csgo is
decently playable it's not the greatest
experience but if you do run all those
settings I'd imagine you probably be
really right at 60 FPS this thing is
definitely very capable all right guys
one last thing I wanted to talk about
we're actually back in minecraft because
that game ran really well it was the
first can we benchmarked so obviously we
did all those benchmarks in a row which
means we had a lot of heat buildup
because we dead had
laptops sitting on a flat surface and as
you can see we're back in minecraft
getting you know about eighty to even
ninety FPS at times and the GPU
temperature is about seventy C which is
also about the same temp as the CPU now
for a rise in CPU this is gonna be I
would say thermal throttling range we
noticed when we were at eighty degrees
Celsius and when we launched the game we
were only getting somewhere between 20
to 40 fps but then now that we put a fan
behind it and lifted it up a little bit
off the desk so that we can actually
move some air through this thing we're
down to about 73 and we're also getting
close to 100 FPS at times which I'm sure
if we get the temperature even cooler
the CPU percentage would go up because
it would actually utilize it more so
right now the live touch is basically
doing its best not to kill itself with
thermal overloads so we do recommend if
you're gonna be using this for gaming
definitely get one of those laptop
cooling mats you can find them on Amazon
all day which will probably put some in
the description down below if you guys
would like to buy one and that'll help
keep this thing nice and cool to
actually be able to get some high fps
and games one more thing to mention is
since this is like a no-name brand there
could be a good chance that the thermal
paste application is actually really
poorly done so if you really wanted to
dive into the laptop not sure what kind
of warranty you might get that could be
something to look into but just on a
first glance or the laptop there's
really not a ton of ventilation on the
thing so they really went for the whole
thin and light design as opposed to
great cooling so maybe that's something
to look into but overall I think just
getting a cooling matter of a fan set up
or something to make it run a little bit
cooler would be the best for it so let's
go ahead wrap this video up real quick
and give you our final thoughts so we
just did three pretty fun to play video
games on this laptop and honestly they
all ran pretty well minecraft actually
did exceptionally well we did show you
guys that there is a little bit of a
thermal issue with it for gaming which
honestly you're gonna see with almost
every laptop like it's just it's really
hard to cool laptop during gaming
especially one that's not designed for
gaming so as far as like normal office
tasks goes having a ton of internet tabs
open and whatnot it can handle that
stuff all day perfectly fine so this is
definitely a laptop that we do recommend
over something like the Acer if you're
comfortable with getting a brand like
this or you have access to a Walmart
where you can actually get this thing
for the $329 asking price because of
that price honestly it's an oh boy
it is so small it's such a good thinning
light loud touch you can take anywhere
with you you could probably do some
video editing on this you can do a lot
of different things with the four course
and eight threads from the 3500 you so
honestly for the price it's a no-brainer
there are different colors too so don't
worry if you don't really want this one
you can get a different color option as
well but this is a great entry-level
laptop that can do some higher-end
things too so overall it's definitely a
a-plus recommendation from us and if you
do want to purchase it links down below
probably not an affiliate link has
didn't have a deal with Walmart but if
you do want to buy it links down below
and if you want to buy any other stuff
we mentioned that could go out this
laptop links down below those are
probably affiliate so we hope you guys
enjoyed today's video don't forget to
like comment and subscribe and as always
we will see you guys in the next one

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