three Mens hairstyles for Christmas – By Vilain coiffure inspiration

published on July 3, 2020

what's up guys thank you for tuning in

on slick air TV today Rasmus and I will

show you how to style hair with the new

limited editions go take a civil of

parks and dynamite clay first we'll

start with we'll start with gold digger

I'm Rasmus and I'm a meal and will

battle each other so first we need to

have one we'll probably grab a juice we

have a juice over here it's low juicing

meaning that it's grinding all the hurry

greens and tastes delicious and that's


yes I think we should get to it and then

we will hit the bathroom


and I already blow-dried my hair with

the new organic priest I'll explain that

we are working on unfortunately it will

not be ready for Black Friday but I used

all 15 pumps


at the new organic free styling spray it

has a little bit more moist in it

because of the new ingredient but we'll

get to it now to the gold digger let's

go outside the gold digger limited

edition it's available here in the

Christmas season and until we don't have

any more and it's the same good recipe

as you know from the gold digger wise

but it's with a new scent and it's the

same good scent as you know from the

previous limits additions we have making

gold digger tropical fruit you have a

homemade mirror here yes and when I work

with hi whole product then I'll always

use the giant comb it's very easy to re

manipulate the hair making you setting

for it when you have the product in it I

like that a lot of great holes and a

matte finish and perfect for this

hairstyle but it can also mess around

with it if you want you can make it a

little bit more crazy and fluffy like

this I like it like that

and my hairstyle is done with the new

organic psychic serum and go bigger

limited edition the psychic Sarah will

be out pretty soon but it's not ready

for Black Friday

unfortunately but the limited edition

with the tropical scent and very high

whole you can get right now and sleek

here's your call and let's see what

Rasmus is doing is going to show you how

to use their silver fox limited edition

we are going to make the Justin

Timberlake your TKO has that so we're

gonna just wash by here from the

magazine yeah and then I'm going to

party my here and first of all I'm

brushing it into position and we have a

small parting here the bank's a party a

parting I think we're gonna use this

setting just got the dried of the party



now I have tried out the panting so it

will be easier to to maintain while I'm

applying the silver fox and also need

the rest of the hands would be damned to

get most out of the shiny yes

Silver Fox limited edition and here we

have a new set it's a coconut and

vanilla and the written all sent all

together and a twist of banana as well

gonna use this much


you can almost see the shine here my

hand and then I'm just gonna apply it or

what is the benefit of all folks the

benefit of the silver fox is a high hold

almost much of the gold digger wax and

then we have a slightly shine which come

from as silicon a cosmetic silicon this

hairstyle is very important it's very

important for this hairstyle that you

have a natural texture so it will not be

too static so I'm not gonna use the

brush at much only in the ends or in the

neck and the sides so Justin Timberlake

yeah so this is the freakin Timberlake

recap TKO here we have the retake after

Justin Timberlake TKO


if you like this house I'd remember but

go comment in the comment section

because Emil and I will battle each

other for this one so we have two

parting here and we have the Silver Fox

doing the net amount but shiny look in

the Damned here so pretty cool ready

first second round

you sure yeah yes okay I'm ready for the

second round

it's it will be the last one I think

with the dynamite play limited edition

first I'll start with a fresh shower

wash with the detox me let's go yeah

it's infused with you your oil so it

will leave your hair smooth


first I distribute that product a

distributed shampoo I'm giving myself

religious cult massage simulation thank


all right

press the clean hair looks crazy first

thing I do will be I'll use the serum

psychic spray all organic let's go okay

let's go


and I will do a messy hairstyle but

first the whole blow-dried


all right all of you say all the time

why don't you make a new hairstyle and

I'm going to make a messy French so I'll

take the dynamite clay travel-size it's

a little bit

it's sent like do think worse

so this is a little bit of a heavy clay

so you will have to add an amount where

you make sure that you have be not so

heavy the more you add the product the

more heavier your hair will be a little

bit more


unless you can see it leaves your hand

with a matte finish and you have a lot

of playability with it so it's possible

to move around pretty easy is to release

the excess hamper


right it's a good Rasmus what to think

think looks cool it's very messy by them

mean it's a messy French we're doing

right yes that's right hey okay guys all

right now the hairstyle is done

preparing a nice juice fruits with

carrots beets

I had intentions to add the pineapple

but I think it will be too much change

slow juice now


Cosmo only using organic ingredients yes

now it's time to end the episode so now

the episode is done we got some nice

hair and we got to test out the new

travel size Limited Editions we would

like to give some away if you come in

the comment section down below and let

us know which hairstyle is your favorite

and also write what hair product is your

favorite and you can win all free

limited editions so thank you very much

for watching this episode see you next

time see you guys what did you do I'm

snapchat Oh

kikyo hairstyle

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