three Hair Myths you’ll not imagine – Hair fall, Warmth, hair merchandise

published on July 3, 2020

hello guys and welcome to slick hair TV

hair mist so now we are going to talk

about like a myth considers Mythbusters

so we are not going to blow anything up

today but we are going to talk about

everything from from hair loss to how

you wash your hair so as who their

products also hair provides we have a

very nice announcement and it has

something to do with you remember the

limits if you didn't go there yeah I do

probably do it has a sweet scent of it's

the most radical most amazing scent most

amazing so I feel like you want to drink

it if you could it's brand-new and to

myth number one tell us hmm and there's

a lot of questions out there where

people ask why they're losing their hair

and they blame the weather and mom and

dad and what the ease and product

they're using and a lot of stuff or even

if they're wearing a head like if this

was a garden your hair will not have any

Sun to grow and then the hair will

simply die because it doesn't get any

Sun but it's all a lie yeah let's start

with the basics you probably will lose

around 100 to 200 hairs every day and

your hair will grow out about one to two

centimeters each month and it's it's

perfectly normal

it's the same as your skin you'll also

lose skin cells every day because you

are skin is when you're recycling yes

and your hair also when you lose one a

new one will eventually grow out that's

how it works so you're probably

wondering when do you find out that

you're losing 100 to 200 hairs a day you

will wear a big hat

around your head and then you will count

your the hair with in the end of the day

yeah I would say you probably

experienced the loss of the hundred

hairs either when you wash it or when

your style it with your hair products or

when you were ever had because you can

see oh that's actually a tiny strain

inside here but because I washed my hair

each and every day it will probably be

in the drain in my shower yeah but I

didn't try to count them yet I think

doesn't make sense to count the amount

of hair you're losing every day because

why why bother

unless this can actually cool off hair

like this and see you have then you have

a problem and the other fact is some

people blame the products ingredients

and they say use organic products Sarah

and use that in that and I have to say

when you apply a product it's like

you've putting it on a hair straw a hair

straw is basically dead it's not alive

or anything like that the only thing you

can do is your inference the structure

of the hair storm so you can add an oil

or something like that and a hair strong

it grows from within the sky the scalp

so it's actually it's more about what

you are eating and if you live healthy

and if you do bother about using organic

hair products and I understand a lot of

you does but anyway then you should

bother about if you're living in the


how many toxics are there in the air

free radicals and also do we eat 100%

organic and all that you should rather

grab an organic juice then

drink a coke or eat some chips you know

it's it all comes down to what you put

inside your party not outside your body

I have to put up an example for if you

eat an organic tomato or cucumber then

you will probably have an extremely high

amount of toxics in your body than if

you had a non-organic hair product it's

not scientifically it's just my own

opinion so don't blame me for anything

here so it's the anything you can do to

enhance the hair growth you can boost

yourself with a lot of good nutrition a

B and E vitamins it will support your

hair growth and also it's not

scientifically proven but you can give

yourself a scalp massage every day and

it will increase blood circulation in

your hair roots and then some of your

hair roots they are sleeping if you can

say that they are hiding in the scalp

surface and they just need to be

awakened to life so they can grow up

again which means you get the blood to

flow to the cells yes which is caused by

the massage yeah it's actually one way

of working on a little be a whale pretty

soon but what it does is that it cleans

the skull from oils and all that and

make sure that the hairs room will be

ready to grow up again and the good

astronauts will have extra blood flow to

grow so it's also a nice treat for

yourself it's a good feeling to use this

brush I use it every morning yeah and

then I count the hairs cause so well a

blow dryer damage your hair with a flat

iron damage your hair will any heat to

demyx your hair it all depends on how

you're using it if you familiar with

Celsius degrees then your hair will be

best if you are not heating it more than

180 degrees Celsius it depends as well

as your hair type and the thickness of

your hair straws and it's just important

that you take care of it and remember to

always have movement so you don't

overheat and and also that you're using

heat protector talking about heat

protection than a lot of people think it

is it's very good to use yes you yeah

it's the brand new sidekick a limited

edition and it's a good old formula it

just contains very nice unique sit and

it's only available for the fuel so I

hurry up if you want to get it it's like

summer and partying in a bottle

we're talking a little bit going it out

of track about the topic how to dance

how not to damage your hair and then as

Rasmus said if you uh if you if you have

a candle lighted candle then you put

your finger fast through the fire then

you'll have a white shirt and the flat

iron a white shirt or an iron yeah an


yeah that's right and iron and white

shirt yeah then you will definitely

damage this your you know when you go

for the coffee and forget your iron S on

the shirt and have a very nice hole in

there it's in your floor actually it's

but right through the table how hot is

your alright I think you can

it's glowing the glowing heart it smells

good so another question is our hair

products damaging bra you have if you

don't wash it out you'll start up

product it could be any product with an

oil base or wax base it will simply just

build up on your scalp and if you

imagine you are putting a big layer of

oil on your skin it will start getting

itchy if your skin cannot breathe this

is the same thing that would happen if

you don't bring himself your hair

products so don't don't don't skip a

shameful day another one is will alcohol

in products that makes your hair and it

is actually true that alcohol in its

regular form is drying the air stores

and it's also why you'll find it in many

sprays you find it in every hair spray

almost any hair spray so the chemistry

news and yellow color process if you

could dissolve oil in it and as I mean

said when it just vaporised from the

Astros yeah it will leave the oil in

place and the hair strands yes so you

get most out of the styling effect and

and to talk about the brand new limited

edition as for any horse brace we have a

very low alcohol percent

it's not even flavorful it's only 5%

it's so little that it's less than a

glass of good red wine I would say so

it's nothing you have to be worried

about if you are worried then don't

concern about your hair study at all

then you should not pick you do not do

your hair then you should move to the

country and enjoy the birds sing

yeah I'd also say a little bit of advice

from us is that you should be happy with

what you have don't focus on the

neighbor or the other neighbor it's

about you and that you have to feel good

about the product and you have to rock

what you have and if you feel that and

from inside then the rest of the world

who I feel the same – so am smile and be

happy oh it's just it's the reflection I

was just about to say it's mine is the

best styling advice we can give it will

beat anything it's a self confidence

boosting it's a signal to the world that

you have success important thing in the

world and other people like to be around

happy people they want to associate it

with you because you are happy and

successful yeah it's hard not to smile

if you you think about it you could

actually practice their smile you should

go go get breakfast how would ever think

about hearing your fun thing about

smiling I love to have fun fact okay and

in Eretz an adult smiles about 6 to 10

times a day and the kid a small kid they

smile about 300 times a day think about

that yeah I think yes I'm still a kid

yeah the young guy inside one missed we

heard about how to strengthen your hair

wax is that you can take the lid off

like this and then let it stay open for

one night and then BOOM you will have a

stronger product that is basically the

age – oh it's the same as water that's

going out of the product so the formula

will shrink and then you might feel more

empowered or repeat egginess

or something like that and it's like

when you're including

your hands and it will start getting

more and more stiff it's because water

is getting out of the product the only

way to get a product with high hold is

to go and shake the slick hair shove out

get the gold or the gold there I'm just


you should go for what you want you're

gonna buy whatever you want it's up to

us to find out in the end here we like

to say that we really want you to check

out this product it's one of the best

product already yes I love the psychic

spray and this limited edition is just

infused with a really really really

sweet scent of tropical fruits the same

as we know from the Bible a go thing

away and we know a lot of you have tried

it out there and the last one we have

left it is probably the last one it's

available today it is you should go and

check it out on the care shop find in

the cards up here or in their

description or in the description yes

just google it and there's only one

sidekick I'm gonna use it yeah but you

cannot get the gold digger and said it's

the last one in the world so yeah I'll

keep it I'll keep it

so this is not a recommendation No

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