three Straightforward and In style hairstyles for males you possibly can DIY utilizing Sea salt spray and dust wax

published on July 3, 2020


hello guys unrest and you what

cheesesteak bear – today I'm going to

show what I'm doing on in the morning

I'm just out of the shower I have

slightly wet hair so yeah that was the

shame he brush is using there but first

off I'm start up using a towel just to

soak up the last pieces on warm and you

can do that to things you can just rub

it but it will on the hair on the most

so I'll just try to serve it up the last

piece right so today we're going to use

the new see some product sea breeze

first it will shake up

five pound dude then you simply apply

just like a wax and the reason for this

application method is that you get more

kind of texture because of application

considering of using the sidekick in

small sections sections in right so it's

very important that you don't use a comb

for this style you can maybe use it a

little but don't want it to be too

static just like this


and now it's all dry shampoo roots so

you can see waiting and also have the

curls going on here so I need to apply

some wax to take care of that else I can

also just walk around like this will be

a very fluffy so but again it's a sea

salt product so some of you guys might

like just to have it like this if you do

decide to have it just like this shape I

just find some hairspray because then it

will not move too much around or you can

just use yeah now I'm using it as a

finished product see it's little shine

here okay and we also have more control

still it's it's very fluffy so what I

want to do now is supplying a very matte

wax it can be either a clay or mud wax

in this case I'm gonna apply the gold

digger White's weeks is one of my

favorite and this is a limited edition

let's just not send it this one alright

so I'm gonna use the limits it here and

very important that you get it spread or

else it will be very hard to figure

where you heat it up just to rub it in

Jim little bit no Chuck I'm fully


already see that's more control here

more separation you can definitely feel

like this type of stuff you can easily

modify it a little yes why not

the banks pick to the side he says one

nice I said so it's a different look

right it's easy to manipulate

in the way you want and we can all try

to push it forward


you see I have loads of hair so you get

in control so if I'm relying to push it


I definitely got too much



if you like some carrots are some grease

and back up that's cool

like a cartoon character

we're gonna use this shameful brush just

for fun because it's easy to run through

all right back in the first setting so

if you have proper getting it back in

the setting it's also so a last option

you can use the blow dryer because it

will melt the wax and make it easier for

you to get back in the place so it could

be like like this

yeah I can place there you have it thank

you for watching this episode slink into

revenue momentum

every week through Friday and we'll be

working on a lot of new projects which

is a process but also new concern about

some codes in the very near future so

yeah you can report about some

professionalize and the lifestyle and

the list is long so see you next time

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