2nd coronavirus outbreak in Beijing; China’s new mask diplomacy; China steps up mass surveillance

published on July 2, 2020

beijing is bracing for a potential

second wave of virus outbreaks and the

new cluster of cases at a wholesale

market has spread to three other


top officials warned that the outbreak

will widen

tik-tok permanently shut down a chinese

student's account in less than 24

hours this as he posted a video on the


mocking the regime and its leader

chinese consulates in the us using a

new strategy as tensions continue to

rise between washington and beijing

while the move seems generous many say

there are conditions attached

and the chinese regime stepping up its

surveillance now it can track its

citizens on public transit in real time

that's on top of tracking them at

schools and in shopping malls


welcome to china in focus i'm tiffany


a huge wholesale food market in beijing

is closed

with a second day of record high ccp

virus cases

and no clear source of the cluster

security is tight around a massive

beijing food market

that's been linked to a recent surge in

covert 19 cases

the city reported 36 new infections on


a second consecutive day of record


creating the biggest concentration of

infections in the city since february

the cases have been linked to the shin

fed wholesale food market

it's closed to the public and tens of

thousands of people living nearby

are being tested shinfedi is vast it

claims to be the largest agricultural

wholesale market in

asia it supplies 80 of beijing's

vegetables and meat

over an area roughly the size of 160

football pitches

some provincial governments are warning

residents not to travel to the capital

lao ning and herbei province have

reported a handful of cases connected to


accountant missed han says the situation

is of concern

i would be lying if i said i wasn't

worried i came to beijing on the 13th

if this was one day later then i

definitely wouldn't be able to come

and find an internship the origin of

this outbreak has not yet been

identified china's capital city beijing

is bracing for a potential second wave

of virus outbreak

after beijing a neighboring city also

announced wartime emergency status

the new cluster of cases has spread to

three provinces

waiting in long lines residents in

beijing prepare to get tested for the

ccp virus

commonly known as the coronavirus the

chinese capital city is under wartime

emergency mode

after a new cluster of cases emerged at

the city's largest hull sail food market

79 new cases over the past four days

most have contact history with the


some visiting there around two weeks ago

officials say over two hundred thousand

people have been to the market since

ten more neighborhoods nearby locked

down bringing the total number to twenty


the now closed market is only 10 miles

away from china's central government

complex jongnang hai

beijing is conducting testing in the

neighborhoods officials knock on every

house's door to check if anyone visited

the market

those that have get tested

a chinese medical expert who has become

well known during the pandemic

made comments on social media zhang

wenhong said that all cases linked to

the market

so they can be traced but the huge

amount of traffic passing through means

it's not easy to predict where new

clusters will emerge

supplying nearly 80 of beijing's

vegetables the market is also well

connected with other cities and


officials say cases related to the

market have spread to three other


including khloebay liaoning and sichuan

another neighboring city of beijing also

announced wartime status

at least 10 chinese cities and provinces

have issued warnings to residents not to

go to the capitol and asking all who

went there recently to report to


two district officials and the general

manager of the tsunpadi market were

fired on sunday for failing to control

the outbreak

chinese health officials say they don't

know the origin of the outbreak

saying it's definitely not from beijing

but is imported

state media quoting a chinese cdc expert

says that the virus could come from

european countries or from american

countries or could be from russia

beijing has previously claimed the virus

originated from the us

then said it could be from italy or

france the virus first broke out in

muhan china

chinese vice premier sun chonglen said

it's highly likely that the outbreak

will widen

according to chinese authorities the ccp

virus has been found on

cutting boards used to slice imported

salmon major supermarkets in beijing

have started removing salmon from store


some markets in other cities are also

doing the same

other kinds of fish and even some

vegetables have been impacted and are

being thrown out

two leading salmon suppliers in denmark

and norway told reuters that they can't


any salmon to china because the market

is closed

they also noted that none of their

employees have tested positive for the


it is commonly believed to be rare for

fish to become infected with the ccp


that's because the ccp virus is a kind

of pneumonia

an illness that targets the lungs but

fish do not have lungs according to

chinese state-run media genetic traces

of the virus from the beijing market


suggests it could have come from europe

keith neal a retired professor of

epidemiology at britain's university of


says any link to salmon was likely the

result of cross-contamination

he explained that china gave the world

this virus and it was always very likely

to give it back to them

finding a strain prevalent in europe

probably reflects people returning to

china after traveling to europe some

chinese netizens appear to be doubting

the chinese communist regime's imported

salmon narrative

one user wrote that chinese authorities

are misleading people to believe the

virus is from abroad

like norway canada the us australia and

others china's 50 cent army may now be

turning into a 20 cent army

that's after it became a partially 70

center army in recent months the

colloquial name describes how the

chinese communist

regime pays internet users to post or

circulate propaganda online and on

social media

but china's economy is suffering its 50

cent army may

soon turn into 40 cent army or even 20

cent army

according to one job advertisement those

hired will be paid 40

30 or even 20 cents per comment

china's central bank has given american

express the green light to start

processing transactions in china's

currency the un

the action gives the us car company

access to the country's market

amex is the first foreign payment

network to be licensed for transactions

in mainland china

the country has long restricted foreign

companies access to its financial sector

but now they have to open up their

economy to american financial service


thanks to the phase one trade deal made

with the us earlier this year

tensions between the us and china are

on the rise but china is now taking a

different approach

chinese consulates in the us are

pushing humanitarian aid

and investment one nbc news

investigation found all five

chinese consulate in the us including

the embassy in washington

are part of it the consulates have been

donating food and other needed items to

health care workers in areas hit hard by

the virus

while the donations are needed they come

with conditions

these displays of generosity come with

chinese media coverage

showcased by the consulates and the

chinese regime on social media

the events are translated into multiple

languages and pushed across

several media platforms it's reminiscent

of the belt and road initiative when the

regime invested

billions into developing countries which

then became indebted to beijing

the financial dependence allows beijing

to wield political power over them

earlier this year beijing donated

medical supplies to several countries

but most of it failed to meet quality

standards and was

unusable a wall street journal analysis

has found that more than 300 chinese

medical suppliers

who are registered to sell protective

gear in the us used fake addresses

located in america

the analysis found that in one example a

delaware entity listed a false

address and an out of service phone

number all foreign manufacturers that

make medical gear

are required to have a representative in

the us

to serve as a point of contact between

overseas firms

and the fda according to a database of

corporate records at least 1300 chinese

firms listed cctc service inc as their

us agent

but no company with that name exists in

the us

in may the fda pulled permission for

over 60 chinese firms to export n95

style masks to the us

that's after the agency found a large

number of the products didn't meet

quality standards

federal prosecutors have also filed a

recent criminal complaint against a

chinese manufacturer

the firm was among those that listed

cctc as a us

agent the fda investigator said since

the agent didn't respond to emails there


probable cause to believe cctc is a

fictitious corporation

the chinese company has declined to

comment and has not responded to the

legal complaint

republicans on the house judiciary

committee are calling for a review into

the controversial eb5 visa program

the program gives green cards to foreign

investors that create

jobs in the us according to some

members of the committee

it has become clear that the chinese

communist party may be abusing the


to get the members into the us they now

say it's time to examine the program

just as congress is currently

reevaluating the us and china


elsewhere on capitol hill secretary of

state mike pompeo met with foreign

ministers of the 27

european union countries over their

handling of israel china and

international organizations

the eu foreign ministers say that

fundamentally the two sides share the

same assessment of china

but that their approach is different

they added that they should be able to

find common ground to cooperate

the eu is currently working to reach a

unified position

on china the us is in talks with brazil

over funding acquiring 5g gear produced

by telecoms companies ericsson and nokia

this comes amid fears that chinese tech

giant huawei could pose a risk to

national security

a claim the firm strongly denies

brazilian president jair bolsonaro

says his government will take security

and foreign policy into account when

considering its 5g

strategy talks around 5g have surpassed


and have entered the geopolitical realm

as tensions rise between washington and

beijing other countries are being pulled

into the fray

while china has had its presence in

brazil for the last

20 years the us is urging governments

around the world including brazil

should avoid huawei citing security


until recently romanian nuclear power

company nuclear electric cut was

negotiating the construction of two

nuclear reactors

with china's national nuclear

corporation but now the romanian


has requested that negotiations end the

country says they will find new partners

for the project instead of working with

the chinese company

romanian prime minister ludovic orban

says it's clear to him that the project

will not

work well if done with china romania

would have served as a springboard for

beijing to enter the eu's nuclear energy


and an open door for china to promote

its belt and road initiative in eastern


romania's energy ministers suggested the

country cooperate with nato partners on

a new project instead

a chinese student studying in the us

had his account on the video platform

tick tock closed down permanently

he had posted a video mocking the

communist regime

he tells us about his reaction ntd's

juliet song

reports when a chinese student in the

us posted a video mocking the chinese

communist regime on tick tock

he didn't expect what happened next

the next morning in less than 24 hours

tick tock deleted my account permanently

ticktock is a video app popular with

american teenagers

its popularity surged during the virus


in the first quarter of this year the

app recorded over two billion downloads

the country with the third highest

downloads was the us

this hugely popular app was owned by a

company in beijing

joe is very angry that his account was

shut down because he uses the overseas

version of the app

since it operates in the united states

it should follow us law

tick tock's chinese counterpart censors

criticism of the communist regime

but it said it would treat its overseas

users differently

it is an outrage that the company goes

against regulations and suppresses our

freedom of speech

he thinks the account shutdown has to do

with the company's ties to beijing

joe made the video after hong kong

passed a controversial bill

it means anyone who disrespects china's

national anthem could face up to three

years in prison

hong kong pro-democracy activists see

the bill as infringement on their

freedom of expression

joe also expressed his anger over the


the chinese communist party has no right

to dominate and control hong kong like


and i'm very angry about it joe says

beijing's influence is not limited to

hong kong

the regime has been sending student

spies to steal intellectual property in

western countries

beijing also uses its economic ties to

take revenge and control freedom of

speech in the free world

for example after australia demanded an


into the origin of the ccp virus china

imposed an 80

tariff on australian barley imports

all those things that the chinese

communist party has done are threatening

the safety of the world and humanity

so i think someone must speak up and

resist their vicious deeds

that's how i got my courage to speak out

joe is the only one in his family that

is anti-communism

not only my parents my entire family are

devoted communist party supporters

but he is different due to his past


joe said at 18 his mother tried sending

him to a beijing college

saying he could earn a lot of money if

he got in oh

i passed all their tests in the end they

asked me to pledge loyalty to the

communist party in the state

immediately i realized something was

wrong this is really weird

and i instantly rejected the colleges

after i went home my mom finally

admitted that it was a college for

training spies for the communist party

he also doesn't like the education

indoctrination joe said his school in

the mainland forbade students to pursue

their own personality and free will

what i'm thinking about in my head is my

own individual freedom

it's my human right what does it have to

do with anybody else

after college he was able to use

software to cross over china's massive

internet censorship system he learned

more about the vicious deeds of the

communist regime

longing for democracy and freedom joel

went to the us to study in 2011

he is now on his second master's degree

he says he doesn't plan on going back to

china because he could face prison for

mocking the party

reporting by juliet song ntd news

a violent knife attack in hong kong

injured a bystander

who tried to intervene the bystander of

pro-democracy protesters

says he does not regret it a man

injured when defending a reporter for a

sister media the epic times

says he has no regrets about stepping in

the man was hospitalized with two

severed nerves in his hand when he

stepped in to try to stop the knife


his actions protected part-time

videographer jerry from the attacker

a man in a white shirt is wielding a

knife turning it to jerry

the camera drops to the ground the young

man a bystander grabs the knife with his

bare hands

and stops the attack despite the serious


the men urged fellow hong kongers to be

ready to defend their freedoms and


his friend that accompanied him to the

hospital told us his words

he warned against indifference to the

ongoing fight for democracy in hong kong

he said if people don't bother to come

out on mass to show their support and

just rely on others

the effect can be contagious whereas

huge shows of support

like the 2 million strong pro-democracy

protest last june

would prevent attacks like this one the

attacker is now held in police custody

he's a member of a pro-communist

political party

he was charged with wounding and

striking to cause bodily harm

as well as possessing poison

it's been one year since protests began

in hong kong

back then hong kongers were worried

about an extradition law that would have

allowed beijing

to extradite anyone in the region to

stand trial in the mainland

now a new law a so-called national

security law has many people worried

wealthy hong kongers feeling uneasy

about the communist regime's threat to

their freedoms

are making emergency plans to migrate


hong kong residents are looking for an

escape route overseas they're facing a

so-called national security law which

could erode the nation's rule of law

and surrender its freedoms to the

chinese mainland one local businessman

is selling

all his hong kong properties and has

already transferred 10 million dollars

to singapore he'll live there from now


another investment banker will relocate

his family to australia so that his kids

can have a better environment growing up

and they're not alone

now seven million people basically

everyone can immigrate

but this is not what hong kong people

want right maybe those rich people will

go when they are scared but everyone

likes living in hong kong

those who leave are forced to go they

may not want to go but they're preparing

for the worst anyway

an immigration firm says it's received

five times as many inquiries as usual

since the national security law was


uh google search interestingly of course

what tops the google search of course is

the national security law

but what was equally popular was the


immigration so you can imagine people in

hong kong are generally

quite worried the us and british

governments have stepped in to help hong

kong they're preparing asylum plans for

hong kongers who want to leave

the unrest began one year ago when the

government tried to introduce an

extradition law

the law would have allowed the chinese

communist regime to bring anyone in hong

kong to the mainland to stand trial

the law was eventually scrapped but

protesters continued fighting for


and investigation into alleged police

brutality many believe the chinese

communist party is now trying to crush

the protests

through its national security law

year-long pro-democracy protests in hong

kong have evoked

widespread sympathy in democratic taiwan

thousands of taiwanese people who

support the city's pro-democracy


gathered in taipei to mark one year

since the protests began

more than 10 non-profit groups and

thousands of people gathered in taipei

to show their support for hong kong's

pro-democracy protesters

they also gathered to appeal to

taiwanese president taingwen to

accelerate the asylum process

for hong kongers but taiwan has little

experience handling refugees

and is scrambling to prepare it's also

working on a plan to keep out chinese

spies who might try to join the influx

i hope that the government will clarify

this matter or consider how they can

limit the spy influence and at the same


continue to protect these fellow hong

kong protesters with government policies

some supporters say many taiwanese

people are extremely willing to extend

help to hong kongers

i hope that we can provide our hong kong

friends with some special pathways

for example some special avenues for

them to find work or other special

support for their lives

like when they get here they can rent a


recently became the first global leader

to pledge to help hong kongers to escape

their city

due to what they see as tightening

chinese control that includes the newly

introduced so-called national security


which pro-democracy protesters say

smothers their freedom and autonomy

an explosion rocked a highway in

southeastern china over the weekend

when a tanker truck driving along it

blew up

the accident reportedly killed 19 people

and injured close to 200

including nearly 25 that were seriously


a tanker carrying liquefied petroleum

gas exploded on a highway exit in jojang


a second explosion followed when the

truck's gaseous cargo reached a nearby


the blast sent flames and a cloud of

smoke high into the air

locals say it destroyed much of a nearby

village causing residential buildings

and factories to collapse

nearly 200 people are receiving

emergency care in nearby hospitals video

filmed by a local resident shows squirt

trees and grass

where the blast ignited furniture and

appliances inside his nearby house were

also broken

another person captured clips of small

fires burning through collapsed

buildings and factories

one bystander said around 10 to 20 cars

were incinerated to an extent that left

almost nothing behind almost all windows

in the village

were also broken the cause of the

accident is now under investigation

the chinese regime already monitors

citizens wherever they are with facial


but now china is stepping up its already

massive surveillance amid the pandemic

and the name of locating virus carriers

chinese citizens are waking up to the

network's pervasive penetration into

their everyday lives

a chinese netizen recently shared on

social media how local authorities

located him on a moving bus

by using surveillance cameras with

facial recognition technology

he wrote i was sitting on a bus when i

failed to take a call from the cdc

they then found the person sitting next

to me through surveillance cameras on

the bus

and gave him a call to make him notify

me the thing is the fellow passenger

boarded the bus midway

without buying a ticket at the station

he didn't even leave any of his personal

information for him to be reached

chinese state media once reported that

facial recognition systems were

installed on buses

it's part of what's called the security

and control system in smart cities

these surveillance cameras capture the

images and videos of passengers in real


they're uploaded to a platform connected

to various police agencies

the faces are then compared with ones

already in the database to filter for


key personnel china has more facial

recognition cameras than any other


and they're often hard to avoid cities

in china are also under the heaviest

cctv surveillance in the world according

to the report

the pervasive surveillance cameras on

china's public transit are part of

china's mass surveillance network

known as the skynet project it connects

surveillance cameras on streets

at schools and shopping malls and on

trains and buses across the country with

its extensive facial recognition


authorities are able to track and access

the citizens travel history

and quickly identify a large number of

people in transit

since last december china mandated that

all telecom

operators collect face scans of people

applying for a new phone number

the regime claimed that its mass

surveillance is for boosting security

but critics say it's so beijing can

tighten its control over ordinary

civilians in their everyday lives

the so-called big data is used by the

ccp to build its digital


and its ultimate purpose is surveillance

in china surveillance cameras have

become ubiquitous

and internet monitoring is everywhere

every single move of the chinese people

is under the watch

and china is exporting its advanced

facial recognition technology and data

analytics tools to at least 38 countries

including governments with poor human

rights records according to a 2018

freedom house report the regime is

pushing for telecommunications dominance

the report says beijing is doing this to

benefit its own

tech infused policing capacity and help

other repressive authorities overseas

the use of artificial intelligence to

track their movements

not just those that are in the the

concentration camps

but to to track the entire uyghur

population using

cameras and facial recognition software

which has been developed

in china and is now being exported to

other countries where you have


repressive governments according to an

analysis compiled by the uk-based tech

research firm comparatec

china is expected to have up to 626


cctv cameras in use by 2020

based on the country's population of 14

billion people

that would mean nearly one camera for

every two people

the federal reserve will start buying

corporate bonds on tuesday

making it easier for companies to borrow

money here's more in today's

business briefs the federal reserve said

today that it will begin purchasing

corporate bonds

tuesday it will ensure companies can

borrow through the bond market during

the pandemic

the buy will be from highly rated

investment grade companies

stock markets rose on monday after the

news boosted investor confidence

long lines of shoppers snaked around

stores in england on monday as shops

reopened their doors after 83 days of


stores look very different though as

shoppers must line up outside

to limit numbers inside for social

distancing it's estimated the lockdown

has cost the uk's non-food stores 23

billion dollars per week in lost


electric car maker tesla is reportedly

negotiating possible incentives with the

texas county

it could bring a new auto assembly plan

to the area near austin the county court

will discuss terms of the deal on


it's unclear whether tesla has picked

the austin region as the site for the

plant in the past elon musk also

mentioned oklahoma as a possible site

the number of public charging points for

electric vehicles jumped 60 percent in


the biggest increase in three years

according to the international energy

agency the increase reflects efforts to

boost infrastructure for an expected

boom in electric car

sales according to the iea electric cars

only accounted for one percent of global


stock last year here at china

in focus we dedicate ourselves to

bringing you truthful

unbiased reporting don't forget to like

and subscribe for the latest updates

and see you tomorrow


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