24 Hours In The Life Of America’s Essential Workers | Essentials Episode 3

published on July 2, 2020

so it's about 5:00 in the morning here

and I've got to do my pre trip first

things first you check all the lights

good morning getting ready to head down

to the farm another week it's for my

back porch I just woke up now time to

get ready to go to work

crack that baby in the hallux I need you

to brush your hair please


my birdies


right now but it's only heavy until you

make your first drive big is lighter and

lighter and lighter it's early in the

morning it's about 846 California time

I'm about to go and get myself started

maybe grab myself a bite to eat and a

energy drink and good moving


morning whap fives

hey good morning Malcolm everyone's

getting ready to grow some food here we

go menu to market then Jesse in the

kitchen you look good cooking up a storm

with some bacon and roll so the reason

I'm a little uptight this morning one of

my doula colleagues sent in a text

asking if any of us have heard of

adopter choosing to break their patience

water as a way to induce labor so no


it's not supposed to happen


here in my shop getting ready to set up

for opening it's been an incredibly long

two and a half months we're nervous to

say the least we don't know what to

expect and how things will play out in

the next few months for the country as a

whole anyways right now everybody seems

to be anxious to be getting out and



there it is yo your necessity TP and Pt

you've got some Darian we're really

lucky to get some dairy from Koda

here goes some of the truckstop food

sources this is what we get to eat we've

been very conscious of taking lunch at

different times so I'm taking mine by

myself right now

okay can you verify because if not she's

gonna give evicted if she doesn't put

anything towards the rent





having a little bit of a hard time with

my emotions and mental health with

everything that's been going on I have

two kids at home and husband who luckily

works from home


it's just hard thinking about

the decision I made to save one thing

and work to save one thing another

business that is through these times and

sacrifice that time as always a small

business owner with my family here at

life how's that going

yes seven weeks in yeah and definitely

and adjust me oh look at these pretty

bits Darien okay

what's you up to today oh just got it

prepping the bar


it's looking great all right so here we

are a couple hours later lines on the

floor and we have way to the checkout

counter now we have a mountain of stuff

that needs to go into our storage unit

because we had to rearrange the office

fully it's been it's been more than

challenging to adapt all right yeah well

you know where to reach me

absolutely here I'm so proud of you


we've got a great a great teacher so

it's been a huge help but more than you

can imagine since we've been through the

pandemic right so this is where we are

and now it's our normal it's how we know

to move how I coming I'm so right time

the past five six weeks now every day I

have been staying behind after market

hours or coming in on my days off to

make meals for our frontline health care

workers and I just remember thinking her

as tired as I am I can't begin to

imagine how tired our nurses and doctors

and health care assistants are out there

but I've been doing and a lot of chefs

and restaurant tours here and around the

country and around the glory of also




now it's time to relax and the best

thing ever is jumping onto my lips up

gets her a long day



it's not just community spaces but it's

our personal oasis ease that I think are

important I love to grow food I walked

run and just loved it and I'm not gonna

I'm gonna kill that dream that could be

like of ancestral longing because I

can't make enough money to live in



it's in kind of nice at nighttime dusk

when the sun's going down and now

finally in the middle of May the

Michigan weather is starting to break

and we can take a little bit of time

outside and relax enjoy ourselves the

Sun is setting a lot later now that it's



well it's bedtime here I'm out in the

middle of Texas ready to knock out get

ready for my next day tomorrow

so I will be checking in in the morning

get myself going again

good night y'all

so here we are in the eve of reopening

to the public tomorrow I don't even know

how to do this but we're determined to

to get going and to give it our best

shot and hope that we can come out the

other end

healthy and safe and

I don't even know what to say



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