2021 MERCEDES GLA 45 S AMG Full Review BRUTAL 4MATIC+ Exterior Interior Infotainment

published on August 3, 2020

hello guys ivan here and here we are looking at the new black key fob of the all-new gli so this is the most powerful compact suv

That's the amg and we are going to take a look at the exterior interior also infotainment system here in this video so before we start don't forget to subscribe hit the notification

Bell so you are notified for all new videos and let me know in the comments what's your favorite paint and spec of the gli 45s or maybe you prefer the a45s or maybe the cli45s coupe a

So let me know which model of the 45 is your favorite so i'm here in a customer center at the filterbach and you can see the new grille which is now in a shape

We have also aero pack on the gla here and we have this matte paint so this is the zino mountain gray magno paint which is like a light gray paint and looks really stunning and we have these multiple led lights

Which have three segments and also daylight running stripes so this can cut out ongoing traffic and these are the best slides which you can get at the amg so we can see huge

Grill with vertical slats with mercedes bench in the middle the amg on the right side of the grill and we have also aerodynamic package which gives you wing at the rear and at the front these arrow

Parts in high gloss black as you can see here and to me this car looks much better with the aerodynamic package i think it finishes the look off very nicely

As you can see here so this car is now even taller than the predecessor 10 centimeters taller you have much more space in this car so it's much more usable for daily life so that's really a good plus for this

Car and the fender we can see the turbo formatic plus badge all-wheel drive formatting plus system as you can see here these are the cross spoke alloy wheels in matte

Black finish here with red amg calipers we have ventilated brake discs 255 35 21 inch is the size of the wheels here we have also night package with this car

Because the trim around the windows is black and the lower parts around the fenders and around the doors are in a matte black color and here we have the spec sheet

For this car in german because this is in germany in a fulterbach the home of the amg and this car is really really powerful and what a beautiful showroom here in a filter back so now

Let's take a look from the rear so we can see all new design for the lights we have four rounded tailpipes and also with aero package you got this wing if you prefer a more slipper look

Without the wing that's fine but to me it looks better with the wing i think the cla can be also without the wing and maybe a class also this gla has like a shoulder in the rear very very nice design

I think that this is great car in a compact segment which is really fast and also you have usability for daily life so under the fuel cap we will see the recommended tire pressure

And which octane and gas run 98 or more you should use now we can take a look at the boot space here so the gla boot grows significantly up to 495 liters from 421 previously and also it's 85 millimeters

Wider underneath the floor you can see the subwoofer and first aid kit and this is like a two-stage boot floor so you can adjust it to your liking so i think this is a quite nice boot space

And this is a shelf for some stuff so here we can see the silhouette from the side and about we can see the falterback amg logo and this is like an amg tunnel really nice showroom here at the

Affalterbach amg hq now we can open the hood and check out here the heart of this beast so this is handcrafted engine here in falterbach 20 liter

Four-cylinder the most powerful four-cylinder series production engine in the world and it's handcrafted by one person which is here on this plaque with the signature

Of this person so this is a high-tech engine with displacement of two liters so this engine has twin scroll turbo charging and this is a performance champion so in the 45 version we have 285

Kilowatts or 387 horsepower and 480 newton meters and that's 354 pound feet of torque and in the s variant we have 310 kilowatts 421 horsepower

And 500 newton meters of torque and that's 368 pound feet of torque and this is the world's most powerful series produced four-cylinder engine this engine is mated to amg speech if

Dct 8g transmission so 8 gears we have also race start function which provides optimum acceleration is like a lounge control so this car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per

Hour or 62 miles per hour only in 43 seconds and the top speed is 270 kilometers per hour or 167 miles per hour now let's open the door and check out here the interior of the

Gli 45s and this is the front seat how it looks from the rear seat from also from the driver's perspective so we have also mg performance seats and the steering wheel which is in dynamic

And napa leather the ambient lights are also in the doors with carbon trim here and we have also grey leather with yellow stitching so for the more powerful version of the

Gla the 45 and 45 s we have actually yellow stitching and for the 35 we have red stitching so it's also differentiation same with the e-class for the 53 you

Have red stitching and 63 you have yellow stitching so yellow is for the more powerful version here we have also mbux which we know from other compact models so this is a really

Really nice interior you are sitting more high with this car because the platform is higher and we have also two-part panoramatic roof so these are the mg performances you have also and as an

Option the classic sport seats so that's up to you which one would you choose so let's hop inside and close the door here we have also burmester sound system here

And this car is really really gorgeous in in this class compact suvs this is one of the best looking interior so here these are the displays in this car we can set them into different

Design modes so in the sport mode classic mode and also in the super sport and understate it so let me know which is your favorite and these are 1025 inch screens both of them and they have

Really nice graphics guys this is amazing and we know these also from the a class cli so this is the same infotainment so if you are familiar with it this will be also familiar to you

So this is really really nice you have a lot of features which you can check and which you can change also the system is really responsive you have navigation media

Comfort amg track base performance mercedes me app and all kinds of settings so this is really really nice also with ambient lights in the middle we have this roll and underneath we have

What else charging for a phone two cup holders and in glove compartment we have some additional space very nice carbon decor also on the dashboard here

And as i said these are the img performance seats with nice yellow contour and actually the middle is gray the outside part of the seat is black

So this is really really fantastic so the middle armrest has storage underneath it's quite large you have also usb ports for charging your device and this is the panoramatic roof

In two sections so the car feels really really spacious it's much larger than the predecessor and you have also some storage space for sunglasses buttons on the top so this is

Really really step up in terms of the new generation and the predecessor of the gla and at the rear we have 11 more centimeters at the rear so that's a lot and if you

Order these amg performance seats you have actually even more space because they are they are more flat so you have a lot more space in the rear you can also move the rear bench 14

Centimeters forward and backwards thanks to that you can vary how much cargo space you need and also how much space do a rear passenger need so if you have

Kids there they don't really need that much space so you can then have more space in the boot so that's really really great you have also a lot more

Room even for adult passengers and this car is really really up to date with all new modern technology safety etc we have also here the middle armrest with extendable

Cup holders as you can see they are hidden inside and it's quite wide even for two arms also we have a gray leather here and black leather and yellow stitching ambient lights also

In the doors so how gorgeous is this okay guys so above my head i have a lot of space as you can see like this much and no issue here i'm 187 centimeters and six feet and two

Inches so a lot of space here uh for me even here for my hand for other hand in the middle so yeah a lot of space here in the gla but it's very very spacious and very

Practical so that's why i like a lot this car because it's not so huge but you have a lot of space so guys that's it for this video let me know which compact in 45 or 45 s

Variant is your favorite the a class the cla or here the gla so guys that's it don't forget to subscribe hit the notification bell so you're notified for new videos guys i will see you soon in the next

Video have a wonderful day

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