2021 MERCEDES E Class AMG Coupe E53 NEW Full In-Depth Review 4MATIC+ Exterior Interior Infotainment

published on August 3, 2020

hello guys ivan here and this is the all-new 2021 mercedes amg e-class and this is the e53 coupe a so in terms of the amg this is the only amg variant for the coupe and for the

Cabriolet and for the sedan and for the estate we have also 63 and 63s variants all right guys and before we start don't forget to subscribe hit the notification bell so you are

Notified for all new videos like this video and don't forget to comment what's your favorite spec on the new e53 coupe a so we can take a look here at the exterior then interior and also

The mbx infotainment system so here with the facelift we have a all new front design as you can see so we have new headlights new grille and also new from the apron

So everything where you can see from the front is basically new as you can see we have the vertical slats in the grille so this is the new style for the amg's and i think it looks really good

On this car and also we have much sharper front end as you can see also the multi-beam led headlights have new design so this is the side view of the car and these are the multi-beam led headlights

With new design of the daylight running lights we have mgm blam the mercedes large emblem in the middle so on the top part of the headlight you can see the led strap and we have also

Two dots for the leds and this is signature of the e-class the s-class on the teaser image had three dots so three dots is s-class two dots

Is e-class so we can now take a look here at the wheels so we have mad black wheels as you can see with amg logo and also the red brake calipers for the first time for the e53

You can get the amg dynamic plus package so the amg dynamic plus package bundles together technical and also visual equipment so we have a race drive program with drift mode

And also mg performance steering wheel in dynamica microfiber which is like alcantara and also we get these red painted brake calipers and on the steering wheel we get also

The steering wheel amg buttons to change driving program so the e53 coupe in my opinion looks really sporty but also elegant so you can use this car really even in the track suit or even

In your suit for business meetings so this car looks really impressive and with the silhouette of a coupe a it really is a magnificent model in my opinion the e53 have four rounded pipes for the exhaust in the

Back and also diffuser has three parts and really really nice silhouette for the rear we have also new design inside of the real tail lamps which are horizontal like they were but now we have different

Led designs so we have these led cubes so it looks more modern now and whole rear looks really really sporty sleek we have also mg carbon fiber lip on the boot so you can get this with

Carbon fiber package in my opinion it adds really nice level of the design to the vehicle the carbon package and we have amg on the left side e53 on the

Right side as you can see these are the gorgeous new horizontal tail lamps now closer look here at the exhaust pipes so they are in black color because of the night package which is

On this car but otherwise they would be chrome so that's up to you to choose what you like more the right package with black accents or the classic one the chrome

And we can also take a look here at the right side is e53 this is also facelift but the estate that one will be in a separate video guys so just a brief look we have also these arrow parts in the

Rear bumper so basically we can now open the fuel cap and we can see here the recommended tire pressure and also the top speed is 270 kilometers per hour

168 miles per hour and you should use 98 run or more petrol in this car we have also these carbon fiber mirror caps in the gloss lacquer and turbo 4matic plus batch on the front fender so

This car has fully variable all-wheel drive system 4matic plus and now we can open the hood and check out here the powertrain so this is inline six cylinder engine

Which we know from other models and also this one in the pre-facelift had the same engine so if you are not familiar with this engine this is 30 liter

Six cylinder inline engine it produces 435 horsepower 320 kilowatts it has also eq boost isg starter generator which also helps the car accelerate faster with up to 22 horsepower

But more importantly 250 newton meters of torque so the peak torque of this car is 520 newton meters and the acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour happens

Only in 44 seconds and the top speed is 270 kilometers per hour as we saw on the fuel cap or 168 miles per hour but that's only with amg drivers package which unlocks this top speed

Otherwise is 250 kilometers per hour 155 miles per hour so now we can open the door these are frameless doors of course because this is a coupe this is the invitation screen on the instrument cluster so this

Is the front of the car in the night as you can see and now we can check here the ink here so this is all new mg performance steering wheel which i will show you shortly we can also open the panorama roof here

You can also open it for the ventilation if you need or just here to have more light in the cabin so this interior is now even better because this car has

The all-new mg performance steering wheel so in the doors we can see carbon fiber trim memory seats heated ventilated seats and this is advanced stereo system you can also get the

Burmester and this is new color for the upholstery in the car so this is a pearl gray with a black napa leather so this is the all-new mg performance steering wheel

Which is now in every e-class but here we can see that this car is fully in a as a leather but you can get also the microfiber with the mg dynamic plus package the dynamica in combination with the leather so you

Have these gorgeous mg buttons where you can change the driving program from slippery into individual comfort sport sport plus and also for the first time we have a

Race mode and you have these two horizontal parts where you can scroll on the menu on the dashboard as you can see here and so you don't touch you just scroll because this area is touch sensitive

Also now you don't need to move with your steering wheel on the highway if you have the automatic pilot on the distronic plus because the steering wheel is now capacitive

So it can detect if you hold the steering wheel or if you don't hold it because before you need to you had to like move a little bit the steering wheel in order for the car to know

And that you didn't fall asleep basically so here we have different designs in the mbux system so this is super sport design we have also classic and the sport which i showed you so you can see here

On the left part of the mg buttons which have all new design you can change the settings of the car like the suspension and also the gearbox and start stop system stuff like that

Stabilization traction control so you can change a lot of stuff and the graphics of the display is also new than it was in the pre-facelift and i think it looks even better now before we it also looked really good but

Now it's even even nicer so i'm really in shock but yeah this is really gorgeous and also here for the driving program which changes the characteristic of the car as a

Whole package on the right side you have also controls for the media display and here for the distronic for the cruise control on the left side so the pedals we have also new design

For the fluffy pedals for to change gears on the transmission but they have same feeling to them when you press them so this is the largest mercedes-benz star ever fitted to a steering wheel

And the steering wheel is flat on the bottom so we can check out here the media display and also other parts of the interior i will turn on the ambient light so you will see how it

Looks on the top you have sos button mercedes me button storage for your sunglasses we have sun visors with the mirror so that's basic stuff and you have also microphones so you can call with someone

And they will hear you great and also the passenger so now i want to show the integration of the mg features in the mbux system so we have mg track base

Also the amg performance so this is basically like a telemetry for your car so you can see the data which are live happening with the vehicle and you can get this also on the full screen if you are in the

Sport plus or race mode the car will lower you have also temperatures of the engine oil transmission oil and you can also check the consumption you can also connect this to your phone

For a mercedes me app you have also massage functions for the seats and here the ambient lights you have 64 single color and 12 multi-color options so the most

Lazy bug during the day is definitely this blue so that's why i want to show you as a first so you can see where the light is coming from so this really looks

Different with ambient light so let me know in the comments if you agree but i think this looks really really different if you have the lights on and yeah it's just gorgeous as you can

See above the displays and underneath you have also lights and it comes together also with the lights on the steering wheel so everything is now like

Cohesive so it looks really really great you have also this touchpad in the middle and with the touchpad you can control the media screen the central display

You have also here the carbon fiber trim for the decor you can change and choose the different one as well if you choose and if you prefer the different design the gear lever is

On the right side next to the steering wheel as we know it from the mercedes and amg and these vents are also illuminated so you can see them very nicely so in the settings we have a lot of

Settings as we know it from the mercedes-benz like a head-up display anti-tour protection this turning plus so this car has everything what you can find in a mercedes-benz

Plus the performance so every every feature which is universities is also here the active line keeping assist so this car can drive itself on the highway it can also read

Traffic sign and adjust speed based on what it can see on the route with the cameras it can also stop before the pedestrian or the car

And that's really really good also in the navigation you can select the augmented reality navigation so you can see everything where you should go on the display you have automatic folding everything

What you choose you will see the animation of the right side of the display so that's really easy to understand so you can change a bunch of stuff here i'm

Not gonna go through all of them in detail because you can see that in my other reviews but this car is really filled with the technology so that's really what i like also we have linguatronic here so you can say hi

Mercedes and the car will help you in whatever you need this car can also have automatic map updates so you don't need to go to the dealer to

Update maps i actually saw that in my own car happening so that's really convenient and here speaking about the navigation you can see how it looks you have also

Live traffic also the augmented reality which you can see on the display with the front camera and here the amg track page this is full integration more than

60 parameters and also race circuits drag race telemetry etc so this is a really high tech telemetry you have controls for the ac hotkeys for the for the menu you have also

Wireless charging for a phone two cup holders usbc charging port and here with the toggle dynamic you can also change the driving mode the same as on the steering wheel it's here in the middle you have also

Manual for the gearbox amg suspension setting and also you have volume you can turn off the display if you don't want to see anything park tonic the car can park itself we

Have new uh level of the parked ring as well so this is the glove compartment with the perfume diffuser so you can have automatically diffused perfume into the cabin and these are amg seeds with amg

Batch and also red stitching and pearl gray and this is a new color for the seeds and also the black palater also the middle part is perforated so

You can have a ventilation turn it on on the seats so that's really really nice and these seats are really comfortable so you can go with this car for a longer trip no issue you have also

Extensions for your ties so that's uh one more comfort feature so let me know what the thing that updates in the interior mainly it's a steering wheel and of course the whole info demand

System which is now mvx so i think the car is really great now with this update all right guys so this is the seat extension as you can see red seat belt

Very nice so above my head i have quite a lot space above my head i have like six seven centimeters and then to the glass to the roof panorama roof i have like

20 centimeters so so much space in the e53 coupe so in this car almost everybody can fit i'm 187 centimeters or six feet and two inches and for me this is

Super spacious car and this is the armrest really soft leather and we have two usbc ports on the inside it's really deep you can store many things there and both you and the passenger can put

Their arms there and you will be comfortable so it's wide enough alright guys so that's it don't forget to subscribe for many new videos

And also like this video hit the notification bells you are notified for all new exciting videos which will come to the channel and comment down below what's your favorite spec on this car

And also if you would choose the e53 coupe a or the sedan or the e-state or even the cabriolet so let me know in the comments and guys i will see you soon in the next video have a wonderful day

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