2021 Mercedes AMG E53 NEW Facelift FULL Review E Class Sedan vs Estate DRIVE Exterior Interior

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

hello guys even here and welcome to all new Mercedes AMG in 53 4matic plus and here in the saloon version so this is the new facelift for the a 53 and also the classic II class received the new facelift so here in this video I want to

Show you all the new changes which are coming to the in 53 and despite the geneva motor show being canceled due to Turner virus I want to show you in this footage all the new changes and also in the end you

Will see how the car drives on the road and you will hear at the sound of the engine exhaust to make cetera so stay tuned and in the end it will be very interesting so we can see the front is really the massive change in the new

Facelift ET 53 so we can see the new flat headlights so you can have a now high performance LED as a base option and then multi beam LED as an optional extra now so the front of the vehicle is now new with the mg specific grille also

Around the grille is like a new border and hold grille is like in the a shape so that's also great we have also new 19 and 20-inch AMG wheels so that's also a big change and also the front bumper is now redesigned and you can see the Aero

Parts in the high-gloss black in the bumper in overall and it looks much more modern and personally I like the change also big change is in the rear and I will show you that shortly so we have 19 and 20 inch light alloy wheels in five

Twin spoke design which are aerodynamically optimized and the car looks much sport here with these videos and they are also in matte black in the specific car we have also new colors

Which include graphite grey metallic or have a silver metallic and a high-tech silver metallic as well so the phase live is also present with the estate in 53 so stay tuned for that and subscribe and hit the notification bell for all

New videos so the heart of this vehicle is electrifying 3 4 liter engine with twin turbo charging where an exhaust gas turbocharger and electric additional compressor which generates output of 320 kilowatts is 435 horsepower and produces

A peak torque of 520 Newton meters we have also EcoBoost starter alternator which provides additional 16 kilowatts and output plus 250 Newton meters of torque and also feeds the 48 world onboard electrical system and other

Technical highlights include AMG specific TC t9g transmission a fully variable all-wheel drive system AMG Performance 4matic plus for the first time we have also the drift mode so now let's check out the rear of the a 53 and

We can see the horizontal tail lamps so this is change in the facelift so these are two-piece all LED taillights on the saloon and interior design of the taillights on the estate adapted accordingly I find personally

That the car looks more white with these horizontal lights may they have better design also in the tail lamps itself so I'm really fan of the of the new lights let me know in the comments what do you think about

Them and also we have a new diffuser in the rear and we have these around tailpipes which are characteristic for the entry-level AMG engine variants so the rear apron on the saloon and there is also new

Diffuser insert on the saloon and the estate you can also see this chrome line on the boot mg logos on the left side in the middle he's Mercedes and on the right side he's a 53 we can see also the lip on the boot

So overall I think it looks much better now in this facelift and for me personally it is a change to a better design 0 to 100 km/h takes only 4.5 seconds and top speed to 70 km/h which is now possible with the AMG drivers

Package and stand our lives to 50 km/h so now let's take a look at the interior where we can see several changes so here we can see that this car received all new infotainment system which is the latest MDX system so mu X is

Mercedes-benz user experience so these dual screens are twelve point three inch and we have also ambient lighting and this is the latest M Buick system which has also features which are specific to the AMG which you cannot find in

Mercedes-benz vehicle this is all new steering wheel and it is heavily redesigned as you can see the Mercedes logo is the largest ever on the steering wheel and also controls on the steering wheel are different so I cannot wait to

See this steering wheel in person and to see how it is and how it feels to operate but from a visual standpoint I'm a fan of this steering wheel which in my personal opinion looks great it has on the both sides it has like to slim parts

Which have haptic controls and they are from a high-gloss black material and around them is aluminum and also on the two AMG specific hot keys are redesigned and also the displays have a now different graphics so we have also the

Bore master sound system as it was in a pre facelift and fully electric seats so in this particular vehicle we can see mg performance seats which have a red contrast stitching and have a gorgeous design and great support but still

Remaining comfortable so we can see these gorgeous integrated headrest and with AMG badge on the seats so they are ventilated so you can see the leather is ventilated because the seats offer a ventilation and also they are heated so

Between the seat and head rest we can see these chrome part which visually breaks up the seat a lot so it looks so so nice so I guess that's it for this quick overview let me know what you think and I'll guys let's check out the

Driving footage of these in 53 and don't forget to subscribe like the video and hit the notification bell for all new videos

let's take a closer look at the all-new Mercedes AMG e53 4matic plus estate so this is and the all-new facelift for the

E-class estate and it is heavily and extensively redesigned and also it has new features in the interior which I will show you shortly so let's take a closer look at the

Exterior of this vehicle so with more striking design enhance options for indeed ization and the new Buicks infotainment system the Mercedes AMG is enhancing the e 50 3 4matic plus estate business class model 2 completely

Restyled front view lens the performance e-class and even more powerful appearance the AMG specific radiator grille with its egg shaped contour reinforces the impression of the width as do the flat LED headlamps extensive

Design measures also make the rear view of the salon look even more muscular they include the two-piece taillights the new over your apron and the new diffuser insert the electrified triple liter engine with twin turbo charging

Where an exhaust gas turbocharger and an illiterate additional compressor generates an output of 320 kilowatts that's 435 horsepower and produces a peak torque of 520 Newton metres equipo starter alternator briefly provides an

Additional 16 kilowatts of output plus 250 Newton meters of torque and also feeds the 48 world onboard electrical system also this engine is mated to AMG Speedshift DCT 9g transmission and fully variable on the

Drive system AMG Performance 4matic Plus which also for the first time includes the drift mode in the 53 so the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder in-line engine of the e 50 3 models has top performance and intelligent electrification the EcoBoost

Our alternator combines the starter motor and alternator in a powerful electric motor and it's fitted between the engine and transmission it is not only used an electric alternator but also performs hybrid functions and these

Include the further visual characteristics of the saloon and estate include the bonnet with two distinctive power domes the large outer air inlets with to cross louvers and the new front splitter in silver chrome the flicks in

The high-gloss black improved aerodynamics where it matters the key identifier on the tail end are the round twin tailpipe trim elements which are available in high-gloss chrome or a high-gloss black as a part of the knight

Package the dynamic appearance is rounded off by the restyled 19-inch alloy wheels in an aerodynamically optimized 5 twin spoke design 20-inch light alloy wheels in five twin spoke design are optionally available also

Aerodynamically optimized and with a wider rim edge painting in the choice of a matte black or high-gloss titanium grey with the optional AMG Knight package the new in 53 models can take on an uber sporty-er appearance the front

Splitter minor caps disc frame longitudal member inserts trim strip in the rear apron and tail pub trim elements are styled in high-gloss black here in conjunction with the knight package the darknet AMG radiator grille

Is available as a further optional extra it adds a final individual touch to the front design the AMG specific radiator grille with its egg shaped contour reinforces the impression of the width as do the flat LED headlamps which are

Now in the base configuration of the e-class the interior of the new models welcomes the occupants with the AMG specific appointments luxurious materials and the latest generation and Buicks infotainment system the synthesis

Of the exclu and sportiness is embodied with the sport seats in black article man-made lighter dynamic a microfiber with an AMG design red contrasting topstitching and an AMG badge as an option mg performance

Seats packages can be ordered for all the available upholsteries body art icon man-made leather dynamic a microfiber and in the napa leather visually the two displays for the instrument cluster and multimedia display blend beneath shared

In glass cover to form the wider net cockpit the customer can choose between the three AMG style displays modern classic Sport and super sport for the instrument cluster the super sport mode is particularly striking with its

Central around the rev counter and additional information presented in the form of the bars to the left and right of the rev counter via the MV menu the driver can call up various special displays such as engine data gear speed

Indicator warm-up set up G meter and rest timer with an individual AMG display such as visualization of the drive programs or telemetry data the touchscreen multimedia display likewise are the lines in the dynamic

Configuration mg track pace the visceral engineer is also optionally available for the e 50 three models the software is part of the MDX infotainment system and when negotiating a red circuit is continuously monitors more than 80

Vehicle specific sets of data for example speed and acceleration on top of this lab and sector x are displayed as well as the respective difference from a reference time the MPX augmented reality also allows the ideal

Line of a stored racetrack to be displayed on the multimedia display or optional head-up display allowing the driver to improve the lap times with a wear to an instructor onboard so guys let me know what you think about this

EClass in 53 estate and if you prefer it over sedan or if sedan is your favorite model so now let's take a look at the drive of this great in 53 estate

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