2021 Acura TLX vs 2020 Acura TLX A Spec | Should You Wait For The New TLX? Old vs New

published on August 3, 2020

It's been a while since the accra tlx got a face left but this time they have brought in something new and much more exciting but how does it compare to the old one the one that is behind me the 2020 acura tlx

What does the new one offer that the old one doesn't and how much money will it cost you to purchase the new acura tlx that is the goal for today's video unfortunately i don't have the new acura tlx

In possession but we will in the coming months we'll do comparison head-to-head with other vehicles but today i want to find out based on the current information we have how does it compare

To the old model and should you wait for it or just purchase the current model that's the goal for today's video if you haven't subscribed by now please do so and at the same time special

Thanks goes to good friends at performance acura north mississauga an acura dealership located in mississauga ontario canada if you want to take this bad boy behind me for a test drive the link will be in

The description box at the same time if we don't find out more about new vehicles and reviews you can check out conquestcarsca and if you want to reach out to performance acura north mississauga

You'll be able to get a promotion just because you're watching this video on the current model for the acura tlx or any other vehicles for that matter now let's start first with the price how does this thing compare to the new

Model well being a new model of course is going to cost you more than the current one so for example in the us the standards model for the tlx the base model will

Start at 33 000 for the current design meanwhile the new one will start at 35 000 the sport version which is coming up in the future will be more powerful but of course will

Cost you more compared to the ace pack that we currently have with the v6 in terms of the engine options you're still going to be getting four cylinder or a v6 engine which is offered

In the current model so nothing is changing there in terms of the options what is changing though is the horsepower the new tlx will offer two powerful high torque turbocharged engines the standard comes with a two

Liter direct injection and turbocharged engine with a v-tech mated with a 10-speed automatic transmission with a sequential sparse shift with peak output at 272 horsepower

And 280 pound-feet of torque for a four-cylinder that is quite impressive the tlx 2-liter turbo boasts the highest horsepower in its core competitive set delivering a dramatic gains of horsepower of 66 horsepower compared

To the previous four cylinder and torque at 98 pound-feet of torque plus 123 pounds feet of torque at 1500 rpm now when compared to the previous model the naturally aspirated 24 liter

Four cylinder this thing is quite impressive the three liter v6 which we know would generate 355 brake horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque

It comes with a standard acura super handling all-wheel drive all sh all-wheel drive while the regular tlx starts with a front wheel drive and it can be with a super handling all-wheel drive too very

Impressive every version features a 10 speed automatic transmission but the type s receives a unique tuning for the sport behavior what about dimensions will we be getting

A bigger tlx well yes the 2021 model will be wider it will have a longer wheelbase and a longer body itself and of course higher as well now that all turns into more space but

The interesting part is that it's not a lot more the difference is very minimal even though the new model is technically bigger now what about design will it look any different the interesting part is that

The new tlx the front end specifically will not be extremely different compared to the current model you're still getting the diamond grille similar style the headlights will be very similar too of course you're still

Getting the jewel style that acura offers in other vehicles the only difference is the headlight itself will have some extra design so for example the bottom over here will have a

Full daylight running light different uh actual turning signal and so on but it will be more bulky and more beefy on the front give it a more aggressive look compared to the standard one the difference though will start in the

Back where things change quite a lot the rear end has received a complete re-design including the tail lights which now are technically thinner and then they get a bit thicker on the

Edge at the same time in the tie paths now you'll be getting quad exhaust on each side very exciting about that and you'll be getting a standard diffuser to give it a more beefy look and sporty design

Also the overall shape on the rear end on the actual bumper will be a bit more bulky on the side give it that aggressive look the actual uh tailgate as well will be slightly different compared to the

Current model in terms of extra features for performance you're still getting a standard uh thin lip at the back on the trunk for a sporty design and so on

What about wheels well each package will get different set of wheels so for example the standard wall you'll be getting 18 inch also for the standard one are the available 19 inch wheels depending on the trim they have

Performance tuned 255 series rubber provides 20 more grip than the outgoing tires the tie pass will of course equip the 20 inch split 10 spoke alloy wheels finished in shark

Gray an optional lightweight wheel inspired by the ns sex spoke design will also be offered for the high performance summer tire now if you are not interested in the type as you just need

Standard tlx you could probably even go with this model anyways i've covered everything you need to know on the outside now it's time to move on to the inside let's talk about what are we getting in terms of features

Space and so on so let's jump in so what do we get inside in the new tlx well first of all you don't get two screens you'll be getting only one a full display for the infotainment system

Instead of two like it has right now the infotainment system besides being touch screen now is going to have a track pad in the center very similar to the lexus design if you have seen in current lexus or

Other models where you can operate the infotainment system through that track pad easy access but you'll have the option of course for a touchscreen as well in terms of connectivity you'll be getting

Android auto and apple car play the new tlx will offer wireless charging port which is located right beside the arm rest the cluster will not be full digital it's going to be analog

With the center screen where it displays a lot of information the ace pack will be getting a full flat button sporty design steering wheel with extra features even safety features will be added

In the new model in terms of the seats for the sport model you'll be getting more beefy and more sport driven style seats to give you a different experience at the same time the steering wheel will get beautiful leather with some suede

For the sport model the seats four passenger and driver side will be powered up to 16 adjustable way in order for you to get as comfortable as possible you'll also

Be getting a full generation of the acura link which in vehicle has a 4g lte y5 over-the-air software update capability and a wide array of available cloud-based services including emergency

Roadside assistance remote locking unlocking engine start stolen vehicle tracking and remote diagnostic and it has the speed tracking and acura concierge

Services now that i've covered everything about the interior exterior we'll be talking about performance how will this compare to the new model so it's time now to take this for a test drive and i'm going

To show you exactly what you'll be getting in the new model compared to the old one in terms of breaking performance in terms of performance itself the new available option for the type s

And how different will the new model be compared to this and of course we'll talk about is it actually worth going for the new one or just getting the standard model that they currently

Offer so let's go for a drive okay so let's go for a drive and let's talk about some stuff first of all one thing you'll notice in the picture

And of course in the video that i took of this car is the center unit for the gear uh system so the shifter is actually located in the center it will be exactly the same in the new model just

Pushed a bit further and closer to the dashboard but it will be exactly the same system you have the parking reverse and same mode and so on so that part hasn't changed completely

Now let's go for a drive and let's talk about some other extra features you'll be getting in this new model first you will be able to select between seven interior colors and the ambient light

Apparently will be changed based on the driving modes you'll have comfort mode sport mode or dynamic mode this has a dynamic mode as well the sport version the type pass

Will be getting also some extra interior features for better performance quite interesting it will also offer an individual mode so basically you can customize the steering the suspension system and so on

By pressing the button in the center there's going to be a specific button for it where you change all the modes and in the center you will have an acura mode so you can go full on when you want to push it and

Change all the settings based on what you actually need a lot of vehicles offer that like bmw you can customize the steering you can customize the suspension system whether you want a

Stiffer or lighter steering wheel and so on so similar feature will be offered on the type s these standards four-cylinder will also offer dynamic mode sport mode whatever

You want to call it comfort mode and so on the previous the current tlx has an electric power assisted rack and pinion steering the new model will have a belt

Driven electric power assisted steering wheel with variable ratio it will be applied on the standard four cylinder and the type s in the type as they will offer bramble

Brakes in the standard model you'll be uh offered standard brakes the type as well is the one that is actually getting the big brake kits for more performance driven experience

The new tlx will have the electro servo brakes it's the same generation of brakes they use in the nsx and now will be used in the tlx now let's talk about the tlx new versus alt should you be getting or should you

Be waiting for the new model a few questions first are you looking for the type pass or you're looking for a standard model if you're looking for a standard model the upgrades will be somehow major

But not completely to the point where the decision will depend on the actual upgrade it's mostly the interior you'll be getting new systems uh in terms of the infotainment system you still

Get in this model the uh performance in the current uh tlx you still get touch screen infotainment system not the most up to date of course but you still have two options there so

The beautiful thing is that with this current model potentially dealerships once the new model comes in you might be able to get some sort of discounts which is probably a good idea if you

Don't care about those extra features in my opinion the front end and with the new and the old one look very similar they're not extremely different now that's not to say that there is no

New features on the new model that's not the point the point is that they're not extremely different so what makes a design new so for example bmw uh five series or seven series the old

Versus new is a huge difference bigger grille different headlights the interior is extremely different as well the rear end now the rear end between the new and the old one

Is different you can tell that with the tail lights you can tell that with the exhaust pipes like the type type asp will be getting bigger exhaust and so on in terms of the infotainment system yes it will be

Sharper cleaner and so on you get those extra features with the new tlx so at the end of the day is going to depend on what you actually need

In my opinion if you're going for the four cylinder potentially just get the standard model the difference are not major horsepower yes you will be getting a bit more horsepower

Almost more than what you get in the v6 the v6 for the new model of course will make more horsepower and it will be turbocharged so those are some of the differences between the current model

And the new uh tlx coming out soon in the coming months when the tlx is available potentially probably in september or october we will for sure with our good friends at acura performance

Uh north mississauga will be doing some comparison with bmw or cadillac and so on put them head to head and find out how they compare so don't forget to subscribe and check out acura north mississauga

Performance dealership located in mississauga ontario that was it for today thanks for watching as always don't forget to subscribe and let me know your thoughts

Between the current tlx and the new model of course the new model will be exciting we'll have a type s with this new tlx coming in 2021 but is the old model still relevant

That was it cheers

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