2020 Ultimate Optiplex Gaming PC?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey how's it going guys Jackie Matt here
with the toasty Rios and today we're
going to be building the ultimate two
Dell Optiplex well it's suck we don't
know but we're gonna figure it out today
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claimer before we get in this video this
is a 2nd gen Optiplex 390 so we're
basically doing like the
best-case-scenario upgrade that we can
do for 2nd gen so it's not going to be
like the best Optiplex ever but for this
generation and the price it is going to
be the best now is it going to deliver
the best price performance probably not
hence why this video is not titled a
certain budget we went with a graphics
card from a Nvidia the 1650 super that
we using in another PC build and also
we're upgrading it with a power spoiler
and a farmer you buy a SSD and tossing
in a Xeon that we bought off eBay so
we're approaching like new build
territory price range
after all these upgrades so if you
factor in maybe giving one of these for
free it might be a viable option but if
you're paying like close to $100 or not
people X it may not be worth doing but
again proof of concept we just wanna see
exactly how we can push this thing and
see what got performance we can get so
how do I go ahead and talk about each
part and how it's going to upgrade it
this Dell Optiplex
alright guys so the first upgrade we're
gonna be doing is this Xeon right here
this is an e3 1230 this is not a v2 or
v3 this is the original III 1230 and the
main thing that you want to upgrade with
these Optiplex is is the processor
because it comes something like an i3 or
an i-5 which is kind of viable but this
III 1230 is a fork or a threaded
processor that has one disadvantage to
it it does not have integrated graphics
which for system like this doesn't
matter and it's significantly cheaper
sometimes 20 or 30 bucks cheaper than
the i7 2604 bout the same so this is a
really good price performance option to
upgrade something like these Dell
optiplex –is and of course we are gonna
be upgrading this Dahlia Plex with more
RAM these are two a gigabyte sticks
we're going to be putting in 16
gigabytes of ram into this PC that's
pretty viable for a gaming PC nowadays
and if you want to stretch into doing
something else like a little bit video
editing and whatnot you know you have
more Ramsey able to do that so as we
mentioned earlier we're putting a 1650
super into this PC this is from MSI and
honestly the 1650 for the price versus
performance is a really good card I
think we actually paid a little bit less
than this but so this is basically like
588 gig 1066 gig level but you're
getting a brand new card that actually
pulls less wattage is quieter and
overall just a better card for the power
supply we have an EVGA B stock 600
supply this is one of those like in one
power supplies where it's really basic
but you can get these really cheap
they're usually under $30 on B stock but
we're actually gonna leave in the
description down below some other
options that you can easily get off of
Amazon or Newegg but if you do want to
check out beef stock especially on like
Wednesdays and sub you can find some of
these for really cheap so the SSD here
don't ask you about this you know it's
just it's if we're gonna hide it but
this is a 500 gig
I think silicon power SST or something
along those lines just a really basic
SSD we always like to get the cheap ones
because well we really haven't had any
issues with you know expensive versus
cheap SSDs but we'll leave some in the
description down below they're
alternatives to this one this is a basic
boot drive that we use for Intel systems
so as far as this 390 goes the main
things that we're gonna be reusing in
this system is of course the case will
be probably using the hard drives like a
boot drive we're gonna be reusing the
cooler and motherboard will be swapping
out this Ram but a lot of times these do
come with RAM this was 8 gigs that was
in here we wanted to go to 16 this power
supply actually does support up to looks
like 265 watts so if you do want to go
for some upgrades this cab definitely
can't handle a better graphics card and
a slightly better CPU without needing to
be upgraded but you know we still
recommend doing it so you know what I
think it's time that we go ahead and get
into this let's dive right in shall we
alright guys now that we've gone over
each individual part upgrading this
optiplex is actually very simple
all you need to do is unscrew the CPU
cooler and install the new CPU of choice
if you didn't want to save a little bit
of money I want to reiterate that you
could buy a Dell Optiplex that
the processor at all and end up buying
this III 12:30 Xeon and save yourself a
good amount of money you could probably
do not be Plex around 50 bucks if you do
do that so keep an eye out for those on
eBay we'll leave some links and some
searches down below that'll actually
help you when you're actually searching
for something like this but sliding in
the processor is super simple this
motherboard does support the III 12:30
out of the box no problem whatsoever the
next step is just upgrading that power
supply again you could use this with a
lower wattage graphics card or something
that doesn't require any external power
but in this case when we're using the
1650 Super it's just best for us to
upgrade this thing with a power supply
so we installed the EVGA 600 supply just
by replacing the other one super simple
to do and then last but not least is
just sliding in the graphics card now
keep in mind these optiplex does have
very limited space in terms of how large
of a graphs cards you could fit in here
so do keep in mind the one that we did
use in this video was definitely small
enough to fit in the optiplex but if you
do go for something that's more of a
full size card you might have a little
bit of problems when it comes to
installing the graphics card and you may
have to do a little bit of modding to
the hard drive cage which may limit your
upgrade ability in the future to things
like another hard drive or another SSD
while mounting it properly but really
just keep an eye on that if you do plan
on by another graphics card but really
other than that and upgrading the RAM
it's a super simple upgrade process and
we're now ready to test this thing now
in terms of testing this thing well we
ended up testing this PC in a couple of
benchmarks we play games like call of
duty modern warfare fortnight shadow the
Tomb Raider in Rainbow six siege which
represents a good balance of easy to run
games in some more difficult games that
you could play on a system like this
first up with call of duty modern
warfare you did have to lower the
settings down to like normal 1080p but
this was the first case that we realized
that there was going to be a CPU
bottleneck throughout the rest of these
benchmarks but really that is not a
horrible thing the e3 1230 while biet
pinged at 100% for pretty much all the
time that we were doing some of the
testing really didn't cause the system
to slow down all that much in call of
duty modern warfare even though the e3
was at a hundred percent usage we were
having no issues playing in really a ton
of different maps in ton of different
situations and not getting any major lag
spikes does it look the prettiest no
it's running on lower settings buddy
it's the job done and the same goes for
games like fortnight fortnight was
really good to run you can actually run
this on high refresh rate using pro
settings which is an epic view distance
and everything else on very low but you
know it's a budget system you probably
don't invest in a 140 or it's monitor
for this but for tonight was definitely
playable I was easily over 100 FPS most
the time there are a few stutters here
and there that did have to do with that
III Xeon being the bottleneck but the
1650 super is actually very impressive
and if you guys want to see how this
1650 super fares in a more modern
situation please hit the I in the top
right corner we actually benchmarked
this thing in a risin 5 2600 500 or
gaming PC that we built on the channel
very recently but really there's no
complaints when it comes to eSports
titles like 49 and then Rainbow six
siege Rainbow six siege on high settings
perform flawlessly running through the
built-in benchmark getting well over a
hundred plus FPS this would make a
really good budget Rainbow six PC if
somebody was looking to get into some
well eSports titles the same would go
with games like csgo and those other
eSports games this thing would be
perfect for that but the one situation
where this system started to lack was in
a triple-a title like shadow of the Tomb
Raider where it is definitely going to
struggle if the CPU is the bottleneck
which in this situation the CPU was
again still the major bottleneck and we
only got an average around 50 ish FPS
after doing the built in benchmark which
was to be expected because this is a
very demanding title even on normal or
medium settings so overall in terms of
performance numbers I was quite
impressed with this PC this is
definitely not a system I would
recommend going out of your way to build
if you don't have any of the stuff on
hand already but if you do have a Dell
Optiplex it just goes to show you even
in 2020 this old dell optiplex said he
used to run 2nd gen AI fives approaching
10 years old is really awesome in terms
of performance in playing most modern
games if upgraded correctly and I just
really wish the pre about market would
go back to this being more upgradable
but I understand these companies want to
make money and they don't wanna make
their systems last nearly as long as
this ten-year-old Dell Optiplex has so
overall very impressed
let's bring Jackson back in here to give
his thoughts and wrap this video up real
quick so you guys just saw some really
good benchmarking from yours truly over
here but the main thing that you guys
was that the CPU was pegged at like a
hundred percent almost the whole entire
time which I noticed is six and fifty
really wasn't struggling so really the
only upgrade that we can really
recommend at that point is you're gonna
have to get a whole new motherboard
whole new processor and yeah at that
point wanted to explode on your computer
but this is like just best-case scenario
for this optiplex that actually makes
sense so really you could go with like a
lesser GPU like a standard 1650 and rx
570 or something like that and probably
get a more balanced system but I mean
the 1650 server is not a bad pairing for
this Optiplex especially with that III
1230 its clock speeds definitely did
hold it back a little bit but for core a
threaded processors they're still viable
nowadays but there are a lot of games
that really take advantage of six cores
and more like when we test them call it
any modern warfare there were some lag
spikes here and there and the CPU was
100% usage so definitely something to
keep in mind but for basically the quote
unquote ultimate Dell Optiplex we're
actually pretty impressed and this thing
is going to be passed along to somebody
who's really gonna enjoy it and if
you're looking to build a budget system
for somebody this might be a decent
option for you so hope you guys enjoyed
today's video if you want to actually
buy this 1650 please use our link down
below because it's an affiliate link it
helps us out and don't forget to Like
comment and subscribe and we'll see you
guys in the next one bye – easy

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