2020 Subaru WRX Sport-Tech RS vs 2020 Ford Mustang 2.3L Eco-boost High Performance, easy pick!

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

Hello everyone this is sam in this car legion welcome back to another video for today's video we have another comparison but i brought in my good friend nick here from conquest car canada he's going to help me compare this too today we have the 2020

Subaru wrx with the sport tech rs package and while on this side what do we have nick with a 23 liter mustang but it's not just any mustang it's the high performance edition so you get an extra 20

Horsepower fantastic interactive exhaust sounds good that is pretty good it does sound good anyways if you're new to the channel don't forget to hit subscribe and like also if you want to know more

Specifically about mustang nick over here is going to write a good article on conquestcarsca if you want to read more specific details about that model you'll find the link

In the description box now let's start comparing this too but first let's see what does the mustang offer that the subaru doesn't i'm going to have nick over here explain us exactly

What this model offers and what do you get if you live in canada or in the us so let's start first with the price absolutely so this one's listed sticker out the store at 53 000 it does

Have a couple enhancements on it sam in terms of what you get uh you're gonna notice right away if you were to just look at the car you probably know something's up you get the front splitter kind of in

Spirit of the gt nice uh you get the hood vents uh with the 23 or the high performance you do get the upgraded engine this one comes with the active exhaust as well which sounds

Really good sounds great when you start it up with the remote start you would have no way knowing that this thing's not a v8 like you look at it from the side you have to do a double take

Right to make sure it's actually a v8 thing is that on the side this has those stickers right it says the 23 liter and the high performance letting you know exactly what trim you're getting

Correct so the neat thing about this car the ford cannon hooked it up so you can get the 23 liter and then you can get an extra 6 000 canadian high performance package which again tunes the exhaust

Uh gives you an extra 20 horsepower and gives the car a little bit more i think it adds the track driving mode the drag strip driving drag street in addition to just beyond those snowy

Wet and you know the sport plus nice right nice so definitely surprising for a four liter or a for for an inline four engine 23 liters for 350 pound-feet of torque it feels good

It feels good and you know from driving it for the week the the best part about it is you can get your groceries you know you can drive it like a regular car and your gas mileage is okay and if you really want to push it you

Get the yeah a little bit of the performance definitely jeff is it weird though that this is a four-cylinder on a mustang because growing up you've probably seen mostly v8s on this

I mean the first mustangs were in v8 but getting into a four-cylinder is a different feeling well first of all if you're just going to talk about the 0 to 60 44 seconds maybe 45 impressive

Wheel drive for for rear-wheel drive that's that's a pretty it's a pretty impressive stat right um in terms of the way it drives of course you know i know there's always that that stigma that hey you know maybe for

A couple grand more i think even the price point sam is about two grand more you can get into the manual base level gt but you know what today is 35 degrees again sorry for the american friends but

You get vented seats in that that's right in this model at 53 with ford canada so you know i feel like that's always at the top of the food trim you know you get nav

Nobody really cares about nav anymore i feel like they use apple yeah so i feel like the top of the food chain you know it's a good car if you get the vented seats and this car does it very well

Um you know so you get a little bit of performance that doesn't kill you at the price point so what else do we get in here in terms of uh the tires these are 19 inch right and this wheels come only with this

Package correct so these are i'm going to sneak behind here you have the pirelli p zeros so a massive profile on the car so obviously the base tire is going to be 18 this comes with 19

In terms of the the look the appearance they feel wider they have a little bit more grip on the road interesting to say though from what it feels like when you're driving i know we did a little bit of a test

Unless the tires are super hot and sticky it's not necessarily uh it's not very grippy on the road it's not it's not the most grippy but from a you know from a view standpoint

With these rims like these are the rims you get on the gt it's definitely an impressive looking package so the tires are obviously going to last you quite a while from you know that standpoint of probably

Pier 0 if you're going to do a lot of uh racing you know and and really pushing the car to the limits amazing what do we get on transmission in here options yeah so surprisingly you know for a car that that you really

Want to push it's got a 10-speed transmission so it has the ecoboost end engine but obviously with ford's transmission here it's amazing how easy the gears shift and i find so for example

I'll reference the new catalogs the new ct-5v great car to drive but you're gonna notice and i'm gonna reference just the base model ct5 for a second the transmission is a nine speed and you

Really feel it struggling and not delivering power to those first two three speeds in order to get up there well this car the surprising thing is you can live in the third and fourth gear

Easily and and you you feel like you don't necessarily have to go all the way up right you can still drive it as if it's a six-speed transmission in spirit right that's a really surprising thing about it for a 10 speed

You never know what do we got in terms of the exhaust we have dual exhaust in the back yeah so you have dual exhaust again you have actually the the dual exhaust but they're the quad

Right so the two tips so this exhaust actually has the active uh active management so it's the same thing you're gonna find in the gt really cool feature is you can actually have a start mode on this car

Where you can turn it on so active exhaust on or off when you're remote starting so for example if you're waking up in the morning let's just say i don't know at 6 00 am and you don't want to bug your neighbors you can have

A quiet start which is really cool or you can have the loud one so that's pretty impressive on this car of course when you shift into the four different drive modes it obviously kind of cranks the sound

Accordingly but definitely makes you feel again i the thing i was going to say sam the thing that i i told you the cabin noise in this car i know all new cars are pretty guilty of it you get

It in the speakers you kind of have that a little bit of artificial i can't hear it artificial vroom right but it doesn't necessarily bother you as much because you know the car has

So much torque like you really do feel it pulling if this car was just the base then we'd have something to complain about weird and you wouldn't you would enjoy the

Performance as much but it does it does deliver that's the thing you get that fake sound inside but at the same time you can feel the power and that's important because that correlation makes it feel fast

Between those two unless it has like really slow uh and then you have that exhaust sound coming in the this thing comes with the uh this model comes with a four piston in the front

Right and it comes with one piston in the back for brakes not really high performance what what's your take on the brakes on this thing you know for for the weight of the car

Um you know the braking it it's the brakes are of course above average in terms of the amount of power i would say probably need slightly you know more more control for the brakes uh you know

The engine definitely steps it up but i think uh just the way the car is weighted i think the distribution of it for a rear-wheel drive car they're great brakes but i feel like

Again you know probably once you step up to the higher packages now we're talking shelby yeah we're really going to be picky about it but you know for what you get again i'll reference the price point

For our american friends this is probably around 37 37 000 dollars in canada this is what about 53 15 so for this price point to again get these these breaks the whole

Whole package half the fun of driving a car like this is going fast but then knowing you have control and braking this car i have to say again for the price point it does all those and hits all those stops and i can't say

It enough you get the cooled seats so when you get when you do get sweaty on the road you just turn it on you're good to go that's amazing now let me show you what the subaru

Offers that this doesn't and the extra feature that it comes with now for you guys watching this from the state the rs tech version it's called the sport tech

Rs version doesn't come to the us it does have a different name but in canada they're offered for 2020 and i'll show you exactly what extras now the subaru first of all you

Can actually see it is actually a sedan so the comparison yeah might be a bit off because that is a coupe and so on but under they're pretty much the same because they're

The lower end performance not necessarily the higher performance for example for this you'd get the sti which make makes more horsepower you get different per performance package as well the same

Thing with the mustang you would go for the v8 the gt version but what they do have in common is mostly the price range in horsepower this for example under the hood has a four

Cylinder turbocharged engine it is flat of course standard uh engine for subaru this produces about 268 horsepower and 258 torque the one that we have for today's video is actually a manual transmission

Six speed and then of course comes with an all-wheel drive system unlike the mustang which offers you only rear wheel drive what does it offer with the sport tack rs package first on the inside you get

The recaro seats beautiful seats beautiful stitches around you got the suede a bit of a leather a mix of that you have red stitches around the dashboard it offers

The carbon fiber trim on the dashboard and at the same time in terms of performance on the outside you're getting brembo brakes in the front four piston two piston in the back now we have test driven both of them before

Of course we did the review and we both agree on it the r the uh subaru wrx has slightly better brakes they're a bit more touchy compared to the mustang in terms of suspension system

These are tuned suspension system this doesn't offer the engine bracket the sway bar is called unlike the mustang which does offer that with a performance package um in terms of the actual drive train

Itself of course we have a six speed manual transmission you can also pick an automatic transmission which i don't suggest in my opinion is not as good as the one in the mustang i've

Driven tuned one and i've driven a stock one and i still think is not as good the manual transmission in my opinion does a fair job in this vehicle now the price is where things change a bit you see the

Mustang with that package you're looking about fifty three thousand dollars in canada this with a sport tech rs it's at thirty nine thousand dollars with all the tax and all that you're looking

About 43 000 which of course is a bit cheaper but it also makes less horsepower than the mustang and it does offer less features compared to the mustang so for example

You only get heated seats in here you don't get any ventilated seats unlike the one in the mustang and you do get a remote start in the mustang you don't get anything

In the wrx you do get keyless entry blind spot assist and so on heated mirrors and so on but some of the features that offer in that performance package you won't be getting in here you also

Get a full digital cluster on the mustang something that the subaru doesn't similar to the mustang the subaru offers quad exhaust tips they do look good but they don't sound

As good as the mustang and this doesn't even have active exhaust with this package specifically this type of car looks high performance it doesn't even get close to high

Performance think of it one of those big guys with muscles shows up at your door and you're like can you do 10 pull-ups and they barely can do one it's the same example here they look

Good they make you think like you're driving a high performance vehicle but they don't sound good at all even at high rpm on top of that this thing doesn't even have the active exhaust it doesn't have any sport mount

So you're technically driving a sport board most of the time the only thing you can do is basically turn off the traction have some fun but other than that you got nothing else unlike the mustang it offers you a drag

Strip option race mode track mode and so on this is very basic in order to get to that level you got to take this to the next step which is the sti will give you a lot more features and of

Course different driving modes and so on ah

um okay nick so we've covered everything they need to know about this too is it

Time to take them for a test drive i would like to think so so we're going to take first the mustang when i see how it does on the road talk about comfort level tech features and so on and then we're going to take this bad

Boy next for a test drive if you haven't subscribed by now please do so and at the same time don't forget to check conquestcarsca find out everything you need to know about new cars

Different articles we'll do reviews there written reviews besides the youtube video that i do on my channel now let's go for a test drive cool let's do it should we give it yeah go for it oh

Sounds really good it is it sounds really really good this car i found after driving it for a little bit the sweet spot like i was saying transmission yeah the best part is you

Saw it didn't even get past sixth gear yeah yeah obviously the track mode it's a little bit more electronic in that sense but it knows that if you want to push it push it it knows exactly it

Basically doesn't kick it past the sixth gear right you can even put it in sport mode for the transmission all the way down make it more interesting and there you go you have paddle shifters in the

Steering wheel so this thing has ventilated seats heated seats heated steering wheel heated steering wheel the only thing i don't like and this is this is true to ford models

I remember seeing this on the on the focus and the explorer for some reason you got to dig through the menus we already have it here today but you gotta uh i've got you you know a screen yeah on most other models though

It should be a steering wheel the button it should be pretty intuitive right oh this thing goes the best man inside if you never told me this thing is a four-cylinder you know

You never know yeah like pretty awesome it sounds ridiculous like it's when you started up a bit before it reminds me of my old focus rs because their engines are very similar

This is actually the fact that ford screwed up it's crazy yeah the torque i found too like obviously driving around the city when you're kind of running at the 60 to 80 kilometer zone

That's where the torque in this engine really shines you know it it counts at a higher rpm i was looking online but you definitely feel it you know for those lane changes or traffic merges

It's just it's it's hard not to do that it's hard not to do that i can't imagine like the beauty of this thing is that it has it is very fuel uh fuel efficient and yet

You got that performance level i mean i'm sure you probably can tune in more and get is like 400 horsepower and so on probably how do you feel i feel a bit the ride quality with those wheels not very not very soft i feel a bit

Harsh yeah this vehicle does come equipped with a magnetic ride control so we are in track mode right now so i'd imagine there is a little you know slight better stiffness and

Yeah more stiffness to the frame the driving but the one thing i will say i know we talked about it with the tires on this car even when we're in track mode that's pretty it's pretty loose

It directs steering though yeah direct steering like you steer a bit left and right and then bang you have it right there i held it a little longer i wanted to get it to pop it doesn't pop every time

But when it does you feel like you've earned it it's crazy like i like this thing quite a lot i like quite a lot the seats are nice and comfortable as well inside you got beautiful leather interior

A bit of a stitching around the white stitching and so on nothing crazy inside i'm sure you can probably upgrade different parts on this but it's just i mean it just does the job so well for a small engine that's

That's one thing that we're focused on this thing and i love the interior man dude the interior like spacious as well it's huge yeah the seats in the back let's be honest they're useless they are

Pretty useless you got there's no way you can fit on a doll in there especially with us here like there's i have my seat all the way to the back so it's definitely not

Uh the most comfortable in the back probably can use it for kids and so on but it's such a great vehicle for summer time it's perfect today's like 36 degrees out there uh celsius is not fahrenheit not to

Confuse people from the states and like if you don't want to push it so just yeah right now we're getting five and a half liters that's crazy 100 kilometers fuel efficiency

Wow like that's that's really impressive you know six okay but when you really want to push it you can you can drive it like you stole it right and get yeah but that's that's the one thing i

Like about it you know obviously if you don't necessarily need a performance car for every day yeah you know you still feel like you can drive it around without being punished in the sense of your

Your fuel economy exactly you know you make a very good point and it's important visibility you set on this thing surprise you a lot yeah it's huge right so right now

Just looking between you know it's a bright sunny day but the one thing i noted in my video is the amount of light so this is something obviously we're trying to find a spot for the camera but there's no

Sunroof in this car yeah but look at the amount of light that just gets in here you know that's a true testament to just the amount of visibility the windows are super wide you know and

Working at a gm dealership i can without bias say that i'm around camaros a lot and you know you get in there maybe if that's what you're going for it feels a little bit more like a spaceship

But it feels boxy you know there's more visibility yeah there's almost no blind spot in here i think that'd be unfair to say you also have blind spot assist on this so even if it was a bit tight you're

Still got your blind spot assist system and then you're saved on that side does it have uh on the gauge so what options do we have on the actual cluster which is full digital on this package

Right yeah the cluster is full digital to be honest on this on this vehicle i'm a little disappointed here we'll shift it properly so it stops screaming at us but

There's not a whole lot of customization which i was a little bit disappointed considering it's completely digital you know you can even go into the menus i'm sure it'll show right now

In terms of that the whole whole left side you get this beautiful menu but yeah but you don't really get much use beyond it right you know and again you have a few of

These modes uh on the performance meter uh stuff all it really tells you though is kind of your your g-force but intake air and all that like in the center we do have here the uh

Boost uh psi levels as well we have the oil pressure meter as well in the center so you get some extra performance uh visual things to give you an idea what the situation in the car

Uh right now where you're driving and what mode is it so right now we're on track mode uh so the reason we're on track load my personal favorite because it will hold the peak rpm i'll hold the

Torque a little bit better when you're shifting through gears it turns off the traction control i found that you know i i usually don't necessarily find i need to take it to the highest trim

Uh you know so we were in sport plus mode which is just one mode above normal i found that the the traction control was just too aggressive like it just it limited what the car could do

Um for sport plus mode i guess that's why you have two exercises actually yeah uh you know and doing a little bit more research the track mode looks like it does everything that you need to but yeah

In terms of the main differences though in my opinion uh again if i was to just tell you that looking at a spec sheet between the track and the drag strip mode i think it's just probably to do

With the exhaust sounds there's a way way louder exhaust though when you're in above the sport plus yeah that's interesting that's good to know but it does give you those options like if you want to play around

And change different modes um the first time i drove this thing i honestly thought if no one told me that this was a four-cylinder i would have never guessed i mean i get

The exhaust part might have sort of unveiled uh the actual engine in it but other than that like the torque in this thing is insane the way it feels like it's just

It reminds me a lot of my focus rs and the only difference is that there you had an all-wheel drive system look at that it's ridiculous it will put you back on your seat like easily on a takeoff

Yeah it's it's pretty awesome i think i think now it's probably time we can go into the wrx i'm gonna show you some cool things in there i've driven this vehicle the mustang

And i like it quite a lot but there's some things that i like about the wrx that i'll mention once we go on that drive as well let's jump on the other car let's do it okay so we are

In the subaru right now nick this thing is not as exciting as your stang i won't lie to you um this is not even close you drove it yeah it's not as padded to the metal well we heard a little bit of a pop

There i don't know if the camera picked it up i don't think i need you but you act in order to get the pop you got to put the microphone right at the exhaust because there's no other way

What i like about this the fact that of course it offers four doors right that's the most uh like the obvious thing second it has an all-wheel drive system which my opinion is probably one of the best

If you want to do launch control and of course for takeoff this will definitely smoke the uh the um double the uh mustang because by the time you keep drifting a bit

But today it's so hot that i think we shouldn't worry about that because there's grip on the road it's pretty hot the tires are really warm yeah but this thing in my opinion i've driven even the sti

Subaru wrx impreza wrx in general are not as quick in my opinion i've driven a type car i've driven a gold fire i've driven the focus rs which i own myself i find these things even the sdi is not

As quick it's a very comfortable car from the back it gives you an idea that this thing will basically take a ferrari down from those giant exhaust tips yeah but i

Don't think you can even take a a ford fiesta down in my opinion it's very gutless you know what i mean like it's not the most high performance vehicle that subaru can make i think they can

Make this thing so much better and i think the fact that they're offering people this extra features in this car you got beautiful brakes we love the brakes brakes are fantastic

Brakes on this thing are fantastic compared to the mustang especially because you have like two pistons in the back and at the same time you have four pistons in the front full bramble break

Don't expect the highest performance from bramble but they do a great job in my opinion but even in power delivery into a third gear pedal to the metal

The rpm takes so much time to go from like three thousand to five thousand yeah the mustang it's like bang bang bang and you just push it this thing doesn't even get close to that

Yeah and funny enough obviously driving the mustang i know you didn't get it on camera but the the vehicle i could keep saying between 60 to 100 you know 60 to 90 that's where the mustang you really feel

All the torque right with this car you kind of get it you know pulling into third and then you know with that about 30 40 kilometers and then i've done my job right that's it literally there's not that

It's not at the same level i i honestly think for the price this thing could be so much better i mean even a gold fire would be about 45 to 48 000

Or so and i think it drives so much better than this this thing gets just it doesn't have the power now what about ride quality i kind of like this thing because the tire setup

And the rims are perfect on that uh mustang with that tire set up with those wheels it feels very bumpy that's one thing this is more relaxing you can hold a cup of coffee in here easily in the mustang

You're very bumpy and you can feel every crack on the road the mustang you feel every every stone on the road yeah uh the tires that come with that car are very different to this this is more

Of it's a friendly road vehicle friendly road tires in my opinion that's more like going to the track every day going to the track every day there are similar

Tires that i use in my focus rs which pilot uh those were cop2 uh but these are uh profile was it the pilots yeah p0 i think it was yeah so you know and very low profile

Style the rims as well are 19-inch pretty big they feel big on the car right this has 18-inch i like this for day-to-day use i enjoy this you got seats in the back

Of course if you are a family person you get a bit of a horsepower of course you know if you want to take over a honda civic you can easily do it on a highway is friendly if you entering the highway

And you want to speed up catch up with the traffic which most people don't uh they just wait for everybody to slow down for them you know i mean this will do the job just fine

Take into this to a track and really have fun with it i don't know i don't think it's that level yet i think it needs a bit of a tuning uh brakes are fantastic the suspension

System is great too uh but i think the engine doesn't have enough torque doesn't have enough horsepower for what this thing is because this is not just a vehicle that

You're going to buy this for day-to-day use the whole point of buying the wrx is you expect a bit of a performance right and that's the idea with the mustang too you got a smaller engine better fuel efficiency

But you get the high performance version of it makes more horsepower makes it really interesting and the mustang you can also pick a manual transmission just happened that we had the automatic but the reason

We bought the brought the automatic in the video is because i generally think because i've tried the subaru cvt the automatic transmission

Is not as good as the automatic transmission even though it's a 10 speed in the mustang and as you said in regards to the catalog ct5 that thing feels you know smooth like

Shift easy shifts fast for being a 10 speed great job on the ford they've also used in the gt500 the 10-speed automation automatic transmission is not the same it's a dual clutch

But it's also a 10-speed automatic transmission which shows you that there is something behind that that it works for this for this company in my opinion we kind of we're settled on this both of

Us would say that the mustang cuts it yeah definitely like and i know you know there's gonna be some comments people suggesting okay well one car is 12 grand more um here's the thing though and i always

Like to bring this up this is the you know the dealership side in respect to the way that you're buying these cars yes one may be 12 grand more but you can lease the mustang for probably

You know not much more marginally more than the subaru right and so that's why i think it's more of a fair comparison don't get me wrong one is definitely more on a piece of paper but when you factor in the lease

Payments probably for both cars even though this price point again is a little bit lower you're probably still gonna be around the 600 canadian mark right on a four or five year lease so that's why we thought it

Was a little bit more of a fair comparison in my opinion again let's just say if you're paying an extra 50 bucks by weekly or 100 bucks a month you know unless you say 150 a month you got more you get more you get a lot more

But the thing is that the other thing with that ford mustang is don't forget you get a lot of performance parts that come with and that's why you're paying so much with it but if you if you

Don't want it if you don't care about that part you just get the standards uh four-cylinder yeah even that produces great horsepower this just has extra things you got the wheels and so

On the subaru yes gives you the brakes and the wheels and so on but you're not getting the same performance level as the mustang in my opinion you can get the wrx uh sport tech

To the same price as the mustang but you're still not gonna get the same uh performance delivery as the mustang in my opinion not even the same exhaust sound i've driven the sti and all that i i

Didn't think those things were fast at all one one thing i'll say too for the active exhaust which i think is interesting so again on on spec sheet on paper

If you were to take the rims and the tires and sam and i you both agreed the rims look good but the tires you know we could probably live without take four grand off the price tag okay and then the active exhaust you're

Running about three grand for that package well if you're okay with just having a good sounding exhaust all the time then you've all of a sudden taking seven grand off the car but you still get all

That performance benefit exactly and now all of a sudden that difference of scaling that car back these are a lot closer but again for the for the price for the fun

I think the mustang wins i i like the mustang i think i think the mustang caught my uh it's just perfect now you need more space as a different talk

We talked about the fact that seats in the back of the mustang are completely useless this at least has five seats in total um they i like how the back seats they'll have

It's funny in this car the back seats have suede half the time again for me i don't know about most people buying this car but i throw my stuff in the back seat right so all you're gonna do is just kind of

You know claw at the suede to make it look the entire thing is performance that that that's what subaru is trying you know what though i i wish again i don't know how much extra money they could have moved from here to there

But you know the seats again there's probably a package on the car but you know if that money was taken out maybe putting in into some other areas of the car it

Would probably make it a little bit more fun to drive right there is pros and cons for both cars but i think in general for the price even the actual cost of the mustang in my opinion

It justifies it you know there's some cars out there that they have a lot of like extra features that you don't need and charge you so much money and arm and a lag for it

This thing justifies everything that it has for the price in my opinion and i think we both agree on it that the mustang would be the best choice out of the two

Great anyways that was it for today thanks to nick for coming into uh this video and helping out today uh i'll probably get you for another video in the future too sounds good

You know a lot about cars nick has been in the business for a long time now knows a lot about vehicles uh sports cars you name it and so on but that was it for today uh thanks for watching as always don't forget to

Subscribe and don't forget to check out conquestcarca there you go uh check out the website to find specific review from nick on the mustang i'll put the link in the description box if you want to learn a

Bit more in detail about the stack that was it for today thanks for watching cheers

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