2020 Razer Blade 15 Review

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

All right so let's talk about the 2020 razer blades these are some of the most expensive gaming laptops on the market they are like the top tier premium stuff uh they are very expensive like way more than a lot of competitors that have like

Similar performance so because they're so expensive i wanted to do a just a different kind of review not just a you know an overview of the products but i want to talk about the differences

Between the different models this year but i also want to talk about the why like why are they so expensive if there's a reason or a good reason at all now in front of me are the 2020 base model the advanced model as

Well as last year's advanced model if you follow my channel this is the device that i use the most of over the past few years like i used the 2018 then i switched over to 2019 model

This was an imperfect machine but i liked it enough uh they tweaked some stuff but yeah let's get in all right the base model starts at 1600 bucks but then it jumps up quite quickly

To like 2 bucks when you go up to the advanced model and there's hardware configurations and components that only exist in one or the other so let's talk about the things that are

In common between the two they both have that unibody construction to them and i think it's a feature that makes these devices more expensive than a lot of the competitors right off the rip like to manufacture

This just costs more you have to mill out that whole block of aluminum to fit the internals in there and it just makes the device look nicer it's got this nice design aesthetic to it

But it inherently costs more the base model and the advanced model have the exact same shape like they have the same footprint but the advanced model is a little bit thinner it's like two millimeters

Thinner than the base model it's noticeable like if you pick it up and you're feeling for it you'll notice it right away it is pretty obvious but it's not something that

I think makes a big difference at least not to me the other thing you have to keep in mind is that the advanced model is actually a little bit heavier the cooling system in this one is a little bit more robust we'll get into it

Later but because of the more complex thermal solution the advanced model is about 100 grams heavier now this year they still have the black and white or silver models but you can no longer get

This color as readily like you have to get an oled panel to get the mercury white which is a bit of a miss like i feel like one of the reasons why i was drawn to this device in the first place was

Because of its color it's still on you know it's a well-made machine but you now have this very obvious almost obnoxious snake logo up front which i don't love now you can skin it which i would anyway

Just to protect it and kind of get the fingerprints off of it but come on razer i want to see the white again in a high refresh screen another thing that's shared between the two devices this year

Both the base and advanced model is their newly updated keyboard it's the same keyboard as last year but the layout of the right shift key is finally proper this is something i've complained about for years

It is now in this appropriate location i will say though for people that have never used a razer blade keyboard the spacing is very grid-like and the keys themselves are completely flat there's no dish so

It does take some time to get used to the whole kind of typing mechanics on this thing i do think that most people though if they pick this up as their regular laptop they'll learn to

Like it pretty quickly now the lighting on this keyboard is phenomenal i'll be honest i don't care that much about lighting because you know once you've seen a brightly lit rainbow keyboard once you've seen them

All but i think razer does it if not the best like top three of all laptop manufacturers when it comes to rgb lighting on the keyboards the advanced model is individually lit

Like you can change the colors of each key individually to your heart's content the base model has just one color you can switch up all the colors but every key has to be the same color and

It's also not as bright or as vibrant as the advanced model now to the left and right are the speakers they sound okay i just feel like if razer is charging this kind of money i would have liked to have seen better

Speakers like the advanced and bass models have the same sounding speakers at least to me i don't know maybe it's like maybe i go into laptop speakers too much but i feel like the company

That lands on good speakers on a gaming laptop is going to win some amazing award no one's doing it all right let's talk about the screens these are different uh they've been upgraded this year so

Now we're moving on to stuff that is no longer in common between these two the advanced model has a 300hz fast refresh ips panel it is very nice super fast for games

Good brightness and great color accuracy and i think this is one of the biggest advantages that razer has in terms of their displays they are able to maintain great color accuracy despite having high

Refresh screens and something that a lot of other gaming laptops kind of waver on like they'll have fast screens but they just don't care as much about their color

Accuracy so i'm able to comfortably edit videos and work on like photos and thumbnails and stuff with the screen because i can trust its color accuracy and the thing is even their base model also has great

Color accuracy on their high refresh screen but it's capped at 144 hertz instead of the 300 hertz panel on the advanced model so that's really the biggest difference between the

Screen and like kind of the gaming experience they both have 720p webcams but the advanced model has an infrared component to it so we can log in with face biometrics

In windows hello whereas the base model cannot do that all right let's talk about performance these machines have obviously very different performance because they are very

Different in pricing this machine the base model does not have access to the best of the best if you want like an eight-core cpu you have to go with advanced models if you want

Rtx super gpus you have to go with the advanced models and i think the reason why they did that is because the cooling system in this one the advanced model is better it has a vapor chamber so it can remove heat

More efficiently and that's why razer puts the eight core cpu in this model and only a six core cpu in the unit without the vapor chamber all right now performance between the two

Is good but not like amazing there are devices out there that perform better both in terms of cpu and gpu performance than both of these but what razer does that is quite unique to their whole

Lineup is they balance that whole like noise level to performance to thinness of device well i think they do it better than most devices out there they are able to make a relatively high performance machine in

You know 18 or 19 millimeter package but their fan noise isn't crazy like it's loud but it's not super loud there are devices that will hit

60 decibels in the same kind of form factor the disadvantage to having a quieter system like this is that you don't get the max performance on the chip

It's good but it's not the best performer now i do like the fact that razer doesn't run their system super hot they take a notch down in performance but it's a little bit quieter it's a little bit cooler running than a lot of

Their competitors uh if you're into undervolting you can't do it neither of them can be undervolted at least not from what i could see in either throttle stop or xtu

Last year's device was undervolted right out of the factory so that was awesome you can't seem to do that on this year's 10th gen ships uh ports they're similar on both models they have three usb-a

One usb-c and then another thunderbolt 3 usb-c the base model has an ethernet jack the advanced model does not but it does have an sd card slot now in terms of charging

So they both have a 230 watt ac adapter they have a custom ac adapter like 90 of the laptops review just use these generic ac adapters like from chiconi or delta these have their own like razer branded

Ac adapter that uses a proprietary plug but it's a braided cable and it's very fancy and i think that is one of the things that bumps up the cost of these products now the advanced model

Also supports this year usb-c charging and it's a little bit complex you need a usb-c charger that can pump out 20 volts which isn't super common like a lot of the laptop adapters can do it but the most i

Could feed into this system was around 60 watts which isn't a lot like this system normally uses a 230 watt adapter so 60 is it's not enough to power the system fully

So you cannot use a usbc adapter to power this system and use it in its normal state it'll run on usbc it just won't be full strength okay let's take a look at the internals

The advanced model has a vapor chamber that takes up a big portion of the inside and you also have access to your ram and wi-fi that are both replaceable same thing with the base model

Ram wi-fi replaceable the base model however has two nvme drives whereas the advanced model only has one which is a little strange like if you think about the people that are buying

The eight core cpu and the more powerful gpus they could probably use more storage but i think they just ran out of space so one ssd in here two in the base model now in terms of battery size

This is an 80 watt hour battery so this will get you five and a half hours i've ran my test a couple times same battery life three years in a row five and a half hours year on year on year this is a four hour

Battery slightly more than four but the 56 watt hour battery it's a little short but that's what you get okay um that basically wraps up the review component i think it should be pretty clear at

This point razer's devices are they're just made differently they're not for everyone a little bit more expensive and a lot of times you're paying for stuff you don't really need like a fancy ac

Adapter but you are getting device that is not just a plastic device that just has a razer logo on it right i see a lot of people talking discord like why do you use a razer blade

There's stuff i like about it that being said i might be switching this year there are some devices on the horizon that i might be switching to but this is a solid device it's just a little bit expensive and as for whether

Or not this is like a good purchase for you i can't answer that you know your you know your budgets and your your needs and what you want to do with your machine way more than i do i do

Think though that for the money it's it's fair especially if you get these things on sale now i do think that the 2019 models are a way better value and this is often the case with laptops in general but

Because of how little has changed coming into this year's 2020 models the 2019 models save you a good chunk of money with close performance and it still comes in mercury white if you're into that

Okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it i'll see you guys next time

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