2020 Mercedes S65 AMG V12 Final S Class Edition vs S63 FULL Review BRUTAL Sound Exhaust

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

hello guys even here and this will be a full in-depth review of the 2020 Mercedes AMG S 65 final edition so this is only made at a limit of 130 vehicles worldwide so here you can see the key fob to this particular car and the price

Of this vehicle you can see it on the screen so this is currently on sale at AMG Brno so you can see this car has like a matte bronze details in addition to obsidian black metallic paint and you could get this car only in this like a

Color scheme so here we can see the multi beams which then cut out ongoing traffic these are the best lines offered by mercedes-benz and of course AMG as well and it is just really a magnificent car this is the last we 12th engine

Which we will see in the AMG lineup and that's because of the EU emission norms so emission norms are calculated as an average across the whole AMG brand so here we can see these huge AMG grille it's really really gorgeous with this

Bronze matte bronze details so Tom in the comments section down below how the lightest color scheme and here up close these matte bronze details and also we can see this color scheme later in the interior how it carries there

And these are 20-inch multi-spoke wheels michelin pilot sport three tires and we can see behind the wheels mg brakes and this is just really really gorgeous color on these wheels we could see that very similar color if not the same on

The g65 which is also the last edition and this is the tire size at the front fender we can see the v12 Biturbo badge and the side skirt is also in these matte bronze color and really just something something really very gorgeous

And beautiful and also this car has chrome window trim and these are the rear wheels and now let's hear in the sport plus how these engine sounds now let's take a look at this car from the side so really this is a long

Version because the mg models come only in the long version of the s-class not in the shorter sedan version so just to let you know this fact now we can check out the tire pressure and also the top speed of this vehicle so the top speed

Is 300 km/h for 186 miles per hour and this car requires 98 or in ideal situation 100 octane and we can see on the right side of the boot s65 batch mercedes three-pointed star in the middle and AMG on the left

Side of the boot and here are the mid browse details at the diffuser under the exhaust and it carries like a beautiful line and underneath you can see another light that's a fog light I think so really

Gorgeous we have like squared exhaust pipes now let's open the bonnet and check out this masterpiece of an engine but this is one of the last v12 with AMG there are some it rolls in the Koopa as well but this is in this final edition

In immediately you can see that this car has a black badge so this is handcrafted by Stefan yup add a filter box Germany and only Black Series cars have this black badge otherwise it's silver it's really

Gorgeous carbon cover for the 12 cylinder by turbo engine this is 6.0 liter engine which produces 463 kilowatts or 630 horsepower we have 7-speed automatic speed shift gearbox so acceleration from zero to 60

Miles per hour is 3.7 seconds 100 km/h is 3.9 seconds zero to 200 km/h is twelve point six seconds and zero to top speed to 300 km/h is only forty four point nine seconds and quarter-mile time is eleven point nine seconds so this is

Brilliantly fast it sounds amazing really early I love this engine and shortly I will show you all the features from the interior we can see this car has a raised wheel arches so guys this is the s65 final edition as you can see

Here and in this masterpiece so you can see I set the ambient lighting on the red moon and it is like a pink and blue tones so gorgeous IWC Schaffhausen clock watch on the middle console we have energy

Performance steering wheel which is stitched in the leather in the middle this is the final edition only 130 cars are made this is also rose gold contrast stitching so here we can see the guru master high and high five sister and

This also turns if I increase the volume and also in spins back wow this is next level of amazing things and here we can see this is for the Distronic plus active Lane Keeping Assist parktronic night vision and this is lyft night

Vision so so I can see everything easily during night with this feature and you have these pedal shifters here you have these two areas so with this one you control the instrument panel with this one you control the command system and

Here with the white angle I wanted to show you how this looks together I probably need to turn it off and back on so we can have this display turn it on okay oMG I want to show you here you can control the radio navigation media

Telephone in-car office it's a little bit slower probably because so in vehicle you have massage seats everything how you demand is here climate control you can have also perfume diffuser energizing comfort

Sets to this team like everything sound then also the ambient lighting massage perfume diffuser and etc with dynamic select you can change your style of drive also the engine data can display here so with dynamic select I can change

The mode of this car so we have Sport Plus is the most sporty setting and you can see it also here we have slippery and curved mode which I never saw before in my life probably it will tilt in the corners or something

Like that because you can see the on the suspension curve didn't know something like this is here so this is just confirmation this is the best you can see in these vents and also settings for the AC house very heating and everything

What you can have so I will show you that you have a black final addition one of 130 and here you have two cupholders what so kit it's just brilliant basically this is the best what you can get from the s-class and from the energy

Battery is also discharged here so that's why it is a little bit slower and also in the vehicle you can see light settings so you can have this in various ambient levels so we can have this in multicolor in the red moon fire red so

Here you have done blue which is like a yellow and blue and also some yellow which is all yellow jungle green which is like a green and also under fresh and you have also option to have a single color so this is a really bright as you

Can see here this is quite bright you can put it into 64 different colors so for example green or you can put it into the red or like a pink or like gorgeous and this will be full review on this beautiful

S-class and it is a special version this is a long-wheelbase version so this is s 63 for Matt ik+ vlog and these are the keys new style keys with a photobook logo in the back AMG logo in the front and this

Pack is just beautiful it has a diamond the white bright metallic paint job and black AMG nappa interior which I will show you later so let's take a look at the exterior of this vehicle right now we can take a look at the specs of this

Vehicle so it has a lot of power and also a lot of optional extras this is the price and we can take a look at the exterior of this vehicle it is beautiful in this color as I said and it has many extras so let's take a closer look from

The front and also from the side so you can see the long wheelbase variant so this is just really elegant as class with very powerful engine so you can see that the rear doors are thirteen centimeters or five inches longer than a

Short wheelbase and it is really possible to see right now and also the my black version is even longer than the long version so if you need that but then you can't have the mg engine so yeah

You need to decide what do you want and now we can take a look at the multi beams the multi beam LED headlights which are the best headlights from the Mercedes and they are carried over to the AMG obviously you have these three

LED bulbs and main Bob these lights can cut out ongoing traffic very easily so you don't blind other cars but you see everything else on a high beam so this front large diffuser has big air intakes and they look just fantastic and give

The car more presence they look more aggressive this is the radar behind this Bart and the grill is in Chrome as you can see also these vents to the radiators are in carbon because this car has a carbon package and around it is a

Black because this car also has an ID package also you can see the Mercedes floating star which is characteristic for the s-class so this is a tow hook and we can see the front arches are more white so the car looks more muscular

Looks more aggressive because this is a AMG variant and right now we can take a closer look at the wheels and the brakes so these wheels are forged AMG cross bike wheels 20 inch diameter and this specific are in the matte black you can

See the AMG logo there and these are the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tires and the size of the tires is 255 40 20 inch and these are the carbon ceramic brakes week with bronze calipers and drilled disks so v8 biturbo 4matic + sign on the front

Fender and the mirror caps are in a carbon-fiber hood they look very good I think this is very nice back with the white and carbon details also the trim around the window is in chrome so still this is elegant vehicle and also the

Keyless system in doors and the door handles are in a chrome decor so these are the cameras for the Distronic plus and mercedes-benz logo in the mirror caps as well then we can see the side skirt is also in carbon fiber

Rear windows have like a polarization so you don't see anything inside almost anything and this is a panoramic roof which has a two sections and only body colour is the white part in the rear you can unlock the car with

Your cell phone with NFC system this is just a really stunning vehicle all the proportions everything is great and this facelift just made it even better also these vertical lines but the pay lamps are more like a horizontal shape

You can see the AMG emblem and s63 emblem and also for exhaust pipes these are in the black because of the night package otherwise they would be Chrome and there on the left side is AMG logo with the new Mercedes AMG vehicles then

Is mercedes-benz star and then s63 the model name of the particular model vehicle and on the exhaust pipes you can see the AMG logo as well the lower section of the rear bumper is also in the carbon-fiber as you can see and it

Gives this luxury bit saloon more appearance so now we can open the money the hood and take a look at the powertrain of this vehicle so this car has none adelies the hot v v8 engine which has a tutorial for chargers on the

Top of the cylinder banks as you can see in the middle where is the cutout and you can see also these two air shafts going to the engine and there is a plank of the mechanic which handcrafted this engine sorry for Rodriguez and this car

Has a various heat shields in sound isolation because still this is a luxury car but with the very performance oriented engine every part like this has a QR code so they can back-trace when there is a problem with the engine and

This particular engine develops 612 horsepower which is 450 kilowatts in 900 Newton meters of torque and from 0 to 100 km/h or 62 miles per hour it can go in 3.5 seconds which is a very very fast the engine is coupled with AMG

Speedshift MCT 9 speed sports transmission which is a multi clutch transmission and the top speed electronically limited is 250 km/h or 300 km/h with the optional AMG drivers package

So the 4matic plus is a variable all-wheel drive system which can put the 100% on the rear wheels and also the torque this trip Oshin is continuously calculated to give you the best acceleration possible and

The best grip on the tarmac and also give you plenty grip on the wet or the snowy roads so you have always 100% of the best possible grip and right now you can close the bond in the hood and this point is very heavy so just release it

And it will close automatically and right now we can take a look at the interior of this vehicle and the keyless system works like that if you want to close it just press the one button and if you place the palm inside of the door

Handle then you can open it the doors are very heavy so this is m-g illuminated door trim and now we can take a look at the interior of this vehicle which is really beautiful and it has a lot of different features so let's

Go alright guys so this is the interior of the s63 long which is a long wheelbase version of this vehicle and as you can see these are the controls for the seat ventilation see the heating you can operate the headrest and you can

Operate the right a passenger seat with this button you have here also the memory seat and you can put up and down the rear side blind so this is the bull master speaker fully electric AMG seats carbon fiber decor you can close the car

Or open it and you have this nice like perforated diamond stitching which is not stitching but it's like perforation together in the shape of the diamond and this is the interior the cockpit from the rear seat so you can see the ambient

Lighting and everything about this car so this is all black interior basically you can see even this AMG performance steering wheel which is in a combination of the dynamic ax and also the carbon fiber which is just a gorgeous option

Very interesting so we can turn on the ignition or I guess or turn it on the ignition and you can see this beautiful ambient lighting which is just fantastic and the steering wheel which is carbon fiber it is flat

On the bottom with AMG logo and you have also it's flat on the sides but on the side here is a dynamic ax and on the top you have also carbon fiber and in the middle it's like a leather stripe so this is just incredible so with this new

Steering wheel you operate with this panel you operated an instrument cluster and with this panel you operate this command system so also you have a horn ear and Arabic but this is in wrapped in leather as well in a napa leather and it

Has like black stitching we can see here the toggles for the distal neck plus turn of the parking sensors night vision you can lower the vehicle with the lift you have here the winds and you can close them or open them and also you

Have here the button which if you press it will close if you want to open or close the wind you need to do it like this so here you have also the trim which continues from the door which is a carbon fiber and also you have a

Controls for the lights here in this is fog light and parking light on each side parking light automatic lights and full lights and you can release the parking brake if you are being taught and with this roller you can select how much

Brightness should have an instrument cluster but it works only during night so this instrument cluster is twelve point three inch screen and also and this is twelve point three inch screen and yeah once again this is just

Fantastic steering wheel I really like this with the carbon fiber and also without so but this is a little bit more special so also you have here the start/stop button these are also the ones which you can turn this wheel and

Into open or closed if also IWC Schaffhausen watch which is a premium watch and it is also analog clock so also here you have all these buttons are for the drop zone damnit running unit and if we close here you can have these

In different materials right now this is in a high or high gloss black if you press it down then you can open it and if your key fob would discharge you can put here your key and then if you open this you have also thought about so kit

And also here you have a 2 cup holders and if you press here into a course also next to me is a Salesman and I can barely hear the D he is I can hear like a muted disease like talking loudly but I don't hear any specific words this car

Has an amazing sound isolation also if you press here this compartment will open and this is a smoker's package or something like that and this is ashtray and yeah this is for the cigarettes also here you have the AMG logo in the floor

Mat and also there is aluminum pedals which are light up with ambient lighting and also they have a rubber on them so it's not slippery when it's like wet when raining and you'll enter the vehicle and then you can have wet shoes

So this is not slippery

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