2020 MERCEDES S65 AMG Coupé vs S63 NEW FACELIFT V12 S Class FULL Review BRUTAL Exhaust Interior

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

hello guys even here and this is 2020 Mercedes AMG s 65 and here you can see the key fob to the vehicle and also key fob to the auxiliary heating so guys before we start subscribe to this

YouTube channel like the video a comment down below what would be your dreams back for this vehicle or which is your favourite Mercedes AMG vehicle so guys we can start with the exterior of this vehicle so this is in obsidian black

Metallic paint and you can see a lot of chrome on this car and that should give you the sense of luxury and top-of-the-line AMG so this car has a veto of engine and it is a top of a line of s-class and specifically s-class

Cooper here so there are only handful of s65 Cooper in Europe I'm very happy that I could bring you a video of this beautiful car to this YouTube channel so we can see mg specific real at the front and also Swarovski crystals in the

Headlights and these have led high intelligent headlights lot of chrome on the front bumper and also the outline of the a shape bumper as you can see here and small aims you log on the right side of the mg specific grille we have the

Zero large multi spoke wheels and they adjust the silhouette of this car is just magnificent so this car can bring you v12 Biturbo engine which is 6.0 liter and has 630 horsepower that's in PS in europe horse power and also season

21 US horsepower thousand Newton meters of torque or 738 pound-feet of torque and 0 to 100 kilometers per hour or 62 miles per hour is just under 4 seconds this is a rear wheel drive car so it doesn't have a 4matic plus unlike the

S63 so this is only the real drive so here we can see the ceramic brakes and also we drove by turbo batch on the front fender this beautiful chrome multi-spoke alloy wheels with the center cap of mercedes-benz logo and

These are just magnificent wheels with 250 540 20-inch tire size we 12 by turbo hull great does this look and I was so excited for this car and then I had to quickly finish my review because there was a

Client for this particular vehicle so I forgot to film the engine bay so sorry for dead guys but you can check out engine in my another s65 video which I will link in the description box so here when I pressed the key fob all windows

Came down fall down into the body so we don't have the b-pillar in this vehicle and that makes this vehicle so beautiful as you can see because there is no big pillar you have like an open space like sort of like a

Debris line but also this is like hard roof this is like a toupee shape and this magnificent interior with the black outside color and beige this is just insane because it complements really nicely when you have a darker paint on

The car and then you have like a very bright interior then it looks really really premium so we can see here all LED taillamps which have a little LED individual lights and they have a really nice look to them if you are looking

From the side a 65 badge on the right side of the boot and mg badge on the left side we have also like a diffuser on the lower part and these beautiful chrome exhaust pipes so you have a 2d saw space on each side so for exhaust

Pipes in total and also we have this diffuser in the center everything is in chrome so it brings also this sense special sense of occasion to this car from the rear and yeah really nice the side skirts

I'll also into chrome and also the window trim but um still this car has a lot of chrome but overall I think it looks really really premium and not like in-your-face little bitty-ass in your face but yeah very very elegant ambient

Lighting is just gorgeous with this car I will show you later how it look six t four single color and twelve multi color options so yeah this is just magnificent shape you have also these power domes on the bonnet in the front and v12 Biturbo

Again on the other side as well so this is 6.0 liter one man one engine so this is handcrafted in a photobook in Germany I was there also so you can check out my video from a quarterback they were a very nice village in Germany

So you can see this chrome outline on the trim of this big big window we have these like a burgundy and beige interior so really really fantastic if all modern assistive technologies we can check out also in the boot space here so if you

Press the badge and the boot will open you can open it also from the key foot so the size of the boot is 400 liters or 14.12 cubic feet underneath the floor there is a subwoofer and also tire kit and etc and you can press the button and

The boot will close so how gorgeous is this let me know in the comments section down below and also you can see the GTR pro there in the left corner and I will do a video of that car as well so you can subscribe so you don't miss that

Video as well so let's check out the interior together this burgundy and black carbon fiber decor with ambient lighting Burmaster – sound system and illuminated door trim so how fantastic is this this is a top-of-the-line

Vehicle and really the best of Mercedes offers so we can turn off the automatic lights we have these beautiful chrome pedals and these really wide seats fully electric fully massage seats with

Heating air scarf and also the seat ventilation we can also close the Sun blinds and roller Bryant in the rear so you can have more comfort and more privacy and you can also press the button and it will go away

So really really fantastic seeds you have also some space in the rear and actually adult person can sit there it's not an issue so that's really really fantastic you can also open the boot from the button in the door so let's

Just hop inside and I will show you how amazing is this interior and everything is finished to a high detail this car is built in Sindelfingen in Germany and as the largest mercedes-benz plant in the world

We also double glazed windows for mold or soundproofing so yeah I'm really glad I could bring you this video guys I'm not gonna go into the back of the vehicle but I said in the s63 Cooper and I have sufficient space there so is not

Like you can't sit there not for a long journey but adult person can sit there no problem so yeah how amazing is this full leather and we have also this burgundy leather also do classes but you know each Mercedes is your favorite or

Just say hello in the comments section down below so yeah ambient lighting also here really really incredible vehicle so guys interior of this car is just this is the pinnacle of s-class coupe I and I'm just speechless disease I don't know

If it this is my favorite or the GT 4-door but I would probably take this because the v12 there will be no more v12 really gorgeous here we have a carbon fiber and being lighting every we're and we have these digital panels

Here new style steering wheel this is in a letter so really really a magnificent interior here with the s-class and we have these like let me zoom like a nice jewel here this is just amazing the seeds are so soft Wow everything is

Smooth here you have a folder Bach logo it's a jersey one here and this is the Mercedes s63 4matic plus and here is the seven so this is the coupe a and this is the beautiful key to the car

And it is a lovely looking car it is in beautiful special paint job which is called a Kashmir white designo magno which is simple is a matte white and this is a rare color so you can see the aggressive front design of this car with

This Panamericana grille I'm going to turn on the parking light so let's take a look from the front so we can see the Panamericana grille AMG logo here and this massive bumper 63 bumper and I think this is a great design

These are the LED intelligent lights which are like a similar wealth of multi beams predecessor of the multi beam and here you can see the large air intakes for the arrow for the car this is a v8 monster so you can see all the all the

Arrow parts there is a carbon lip in the front you can see the radiators and a panamericana grill which consists from like a tool chrome part and in the middle is black AMG logo you can see the camera for front wheel and in the emblem

Is actually the Distronic adaptive cruise control and you have mercedes-benz logo and you can see this is a matte white there is no metallic reflection so just a beautiful beautiful car

And you have also this chrome parts around the front bumper and above them is like a black color high-gloss black so we can see here these AMG wheels which are just gorgeous so let me take a look from this side you also have a like

A ridges on the bonnet which gives the car the better appearance more masculine appearance we can take a look also at the side you can see this beautiful coupe a shape and it doesn't have a nice package because the trim around the

Window is not black it's Chrome so people just wanted to see the car from a distance so I'm doing that so you can have a better perspective okay so and these are the black AMG forged wheels matte black

We'd like chrome bleep around the rims and these tires are the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Mercedes already now and two fifty five forty twenty inch and you can see also the AMG Steel Brakes with like dark gray

Calipers brakes are just a little bit rusty because the car is in stock is not driven for like a month it's waiting for the new owner let me adjust a fantastic-looking front I really like it we can see here the Mercedes logo and

You have two cameras for the historic plus rain sensor and stuff like that here you have a carbon mirror caps and v8 biturbo 4matic plus sign and you have also the carbon skirts side skirts also you have panoramic roof because it's a

Black in the middle then it's a DIY discontinuing and you have also key lines of course you can walk the car with the finger and a light now and you can open it when you place the hand inside so very easy and this car also

Has a soft cloth so when I just push it a little bit it closes in this is a civil estándar okay so this is the boat area the rear area you can see the O LED lights and they have like they are for my little

Pieces of flight of course you have s63 emblem and AMG emblem mercedes star and here we can see the carbon on the lower part of the bumper you have some arrow here on the side and chrome exhaust tips and chrome also earlier diffuser one

Part is this carbon here and this is chrome so I really think this car looks very good without the knight package and actually here you can see the s63 sedan versus toupee

Also big difference with the lights these are more like a slimmer and these are more vertical and more like a white both look great but we can secure the difference this is more like statement luxury and this is more like a luxury

Sportiness if that makes sense and this is also like a chrome aluminum chrome this is like a drum part in the back also the loop from the back so really lovely car I really do like this no rear wiper obviously for the campaign

and these are the rear steel brakes you can have a ceramic brakes but hard to say if you need them for daily driving if you drive like crazy then you need

Them if you drive more or less normally brake more or less normally then you'll be fine with this you can see here the sedan has a ceramics so these are the ceramics much bigger brake discs and these are the steel brakes ceramics can

Be rusty as well if you leave the car a longer time outside this normal so it's not rusty because it's a steel car I still break alright I really do like this car it's fantastic are in this magna white cashmere fancy

Name for the fancy color and Sun is coming out a little bit also a little tip if you scratch mag no paint made paint you'll need to repaint the whole car many people don't know that so this could be

Inconvenient because the painting of the whole car takes much longer and insurance would cover it probably but then you can have a higher insurance next year but for the owner of this car is not probably like a big deal but yeah

Mostly the time inconvenience because it takes much longer to repaint the whole car also I want to show you the fuel cap the faster you go the more pressure you need in the tires you need a high octane 98 or more

Gasoline okay so we can take a look at the v8 engine here this is v8 engine 4.0 liter and this engine produces 450 kilowatts which is 612 PS horsepower and can sprint from 0

To 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds this is 62 miles per hour and 260 it could be like 3.4 maybe 3.3 and this is the man which built this engine it is a handcrafted in a falter back this is like a hot V engine because it has a

Turbochargers inside of the cylinder banks and really nice Mercedes and AMG logo you have a heat shield in the back top speed 250 km/h electronically limited but with the drivers package you can have a 300 km/h which is just rocket

Speed with the comfort and beautiful sound you have heechul's here and also the sound of the isolation here so this is the winchell Viper and you have some rubber here so no dust

Is going into the engine which is great so this is like a sealed with the rubber for the dirt and the rain you have he chose everywhere because this engine can be very hot and if you need to top up the oil you need to do it here so you

Can see here the air intakes and they're really powerful engine with amazing sound so you need to slam the hood to close it properly all right so right now we can take a look at the inside of the car so you have a keyless entry

So as you can see this car has a designer mg napa leather package inside and crown gloss trim quick log inside very very nice interior I like them the best two glass for the sound isolation better improved and these are the seat

So we can hop inside and take a look at the invitation here so this is the front of the vehicle and if you press the ignition here then you can see the AMG logo

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