2020 MERCEDES S65 AMG Coupé NEW FACELIFT vs OLD V12 S Class FULL Review BRUTAL Sound Exhaust

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

hello guys even here and this is 2020 Mercedes AMG s 65 and here you can see the key fob to the vehicle and also key fob to the auxiliary heating so guys before we start subscribe to this

YouTube channel like the video a comment down below what would be your dreams back for this vehicle or which is your favourite Mercedes AMG vehicle so guys we can start with the exterior of this vehicle so this is in obsidian black

Metallic paint and you can see a lot of chrome on this car and that should give you the sense of luxury and top-of-the-line AMG so this car has a veto of engine and it is a top of a line of s-class and specifically s-class

Cooper here so there are only handful of s65 Cooper in Europe I'm very happy that I could bring you a video of this beautiful car to this YouTube channel so we can see mg specific real at the front and also Swarovski crystals in the

Headlights and these have led high intelligent headlights lot of chrome on the front bumper and also the outline of the a shape bumper as you can see here and small aims you log on the right side of the mg specific grille we have the

Zero large multi spoke wheels and they just the silhouette of this car is just magnificent so this car can bring you v12 Biturbo engine which is 6.0 liter and has 630 horsepower that's in PS in europe horse

Power and also season 21 us horsepower thousand Newton meters of torque or 738 pound-feet of torque and 0 to 100 km/h or 62 miles per hour is just under 4 seconds this is a rear wheel drive car so it doesn't have a 4matic plus unlike

The s63 so this is only the real drive so here we can see the ceramic brakes and also we drove by turbo batch on the front fender this beautiful chrome multi-spoke alloy wheels with the center cap of mercedes-benz logo and

These are just magnificent wheels with 250 540 20-inch tire size we 12 by turbo hull great does this look and I was so excited for this car and then I had to quickly finish my review because there was a client for this particular vehicle

So I forgot to film the engine bay so sorry for dead guys but you can check out engine in my another s65 video which I will link in the description box so here when I pressed the key fob all windows came down fall down into the

Body so we don't have the b-pillar in this vehicle and that makes this vehicle so beautiful as you can see because there is no big pillar you have like an open space like sort of like a debris line but also this is like hard

Roof this is like a toupee shape and this magnificent interior with the black outside color and beige this is just insane because it complements really nicely when you have a darker paint on the car and then you have like a very

Bright interior then it looks really really premium so we can see here all LED taillamps which have a little LED individual lights and they have a really nice look to them if you are looking from the side a 65 badge on the right

Side of the boot and mg badge on the left side we have also like a diffuser on the lower part and these beautiful chrome exhaust pipes so you have a 2d saw space on each side so for exhaust pipes in total and also we have this

Diffuser in the center everything is in chrome so it brings also this sense special sense of occasion to this car from the rear and yeah really nice the side skirts I'll also into chrome and also the

Window trim but um still this car has a lot of chrome but overall I think it looks really really premium and not like in-your-face little bitty-ass in your face but yeah very very elegant ambient lighting is just gorgeous with this car

I will show you later how it look six t four single color and twelve multi color options so yeah this is just magnificent shape you have also these power domes on the bonnet in the front and v12 Biturbo again on the other side as well so this

Is 6.0 liter one man one engine so this is handcrafted in a photobook in Germany I was there also so you can check out my video from a quarterback they were a very nice village in Germany so you can see this chrome outline on

The trim of this big big window we have these like a burgundy and beige interior so really really fantastic if all modern assistive technologies we can check out also in the boot space here so if you press the badge and the boot will open

You can open it also from the key foot so the size of the boot is 400 liters or 14.12 cubic feet underneath the floor there is a subwoofer and also tire kit and etc and you can press the button and the boot will close so how gorgeous is

This let me know in the comments section down below and also you can see the GTR pro there in the left corner and I will do a video of that car as well so you can subscribe so you don't miss that video as well so let's check out the

Interior together this burgundy and black carbon fiber decor with ambient lighting Burmaster – sound system and illuminated door trim so how fantastic is this this is a top-of-the-line vehicle and really the best of Mercedes

Offers so we can turn off the automatic lights we have these beautiful chrome pedals and these really wide seats fully electric fully massage seats with heating air scarf and also the seat

Ventilation we can also close the Sun blinds and roller Bryant in the rear so you can have more comfort and more privacy and you can also press the button and it will go away so really really fantastic seeds you have also

Some space in the rear and actually adult person can sit there it's not an issue so that's really really fantastic you can also open the boot from the button in the door so let's just hop inside and I will show you how amazing

Is this interior and everything is finished to a high detail this car is built in Sindelfingen in Germany and as the largest mercedes-benz plant in the world we also double glazed windows for mold

Or soundproofing so yeah I'm really glad I could bring you this video guys I'm not gonna go into the back of the vehicle but I said in the s63 Cooper and I have sufficient space there so is not like you can't sit there not for a long

Journey but adult person can sit there no problem so yeah how amazing is this full leather and we have also this burgundy leather also do classes but you know each Mercedes is your favorite or just say hello in the comments section

Down below so yeah ambient lighting also here really really incredible via KHOU so guys interior of this car is just this is the pinnacle of s-class coupe I and I'm just speechless disease I don't know if it this is my favorite or the GT

4-door but I would probably take this because the v12 there will be no more v12 which is said so yeah I would buy this car definitely so yeah guys this is a spec sheet for this car if ur interested

It is only 13,000 kilometers that's like around 8,000 miles 2018 and the prices here I will put the direct conversion and this is brutal and this is metal price so I think this is good price considering you have very little

Vehicles with this much kilometers on the market so yeah that's that really gorgeous here we have a carbon fiber and being flighting everywhere and we have these digital panels here new style steering wheel this is in a letter so

Really really a magnificent interior here with the s-class and we have these like let me zoom like a nice jewel here this is just amazing the seeds are so soft Wow everything is smooth here you have a

Filter back logo so this is the apple tree and here we have a piston and yeah engine parts falter back at the home of the AMG and AMG here is nicely embossed in the leather and this you can actually open this armrest from two sides so here

We have USB a port 2 1 SD card slot this is where charging for your phone it's quite deep this storage and what is special about this only in s-class coupe a you can open it from either side so also passenger can open it so how cool

Is this start/stop button you have these two panels so with this one you control the middle panel and with this one you control the instrument panel and we have like a 3d carbon here so you can control it here as you can see if it's valve so

Yeah so in service you can see error messages tire pressure temperature super high tech assistance this is for Distronic plus so this car can steer automatically performance boost temperatures will

Eventually press the ignition so you can see it better so this is really really a magnificent vehicle so you can see here the Distronic plus and automatic Keeping Assist night vision here you can see GTR pro so also head-up display so they just

Told me there is supposedly one client for this so I don't have a lot of time to film this like super in-depth for review but I just wanted to show you guys ambient lighting here so and you have here a magic sky control here if

You press this button and this Villa and dim see so now we have clear and if you press here and then it will deem so this is magic sky control and it protects you from UV rays and etc from the Sun and this has like electricity in the glass

So only Mercedes has this technology as far as I know you can close the sunshine and open it everything is wrapped in leather as you can see so beautiful here we have a controls also or the radio navigation

Dynamic media telephone so yeah here I want to show you the command system quickly so you can operate it here in the steering wheel or here with this toggle and in the vehicle I want to show you what you can change massage

Seats energy actually I can I can smell the perfume which is diffused into the cabin so that's really really crazy so light settings everything lighting I want to show you that so we have all kinds of colors like multi color options

So this is purple blue red moon it's like a pink with the blue then we have a fire red we have dawn blue sunny yellow jungle green glacier Buddhist like Petronas colors coral flash these will change colors and color mix in all kinds

Of colors you can also put it on different brightness and you can check this want to put it on the ocean blue you can also put it on 64 different colors the screen is not touchscreen but if you are sitting here I comfortably

You don't even need this so yeah that's that and the seeds are super super soft they have like ultra soft balls drink beautiful diamond stitching diamond cut and yeah really really nice also we have a seat ventilation scene heating you can

Put air scarf on and memory seats and you can also put this as I showed you the Sun sheet so maximum comfort in s 65 and I'm gonna put back into the Czech language so yeah I'm really glad I could bring you this

Video guys I'm not gonna go into the back of the vehicle but I said in the s63 Cooper and I have sufficient space there so it's not like you can't sit there not for a long journey but adult person can sit there no problem

So yeah how amazing is this full leather and we have also this burgundy leather also G glasses but you know each Mercedes is your favorite or just say hello in the comments section down below so yeah ambient lighting also here

Really really incredible via KHOU alright guys so I have like this much space a lot of space so as you can see a lot of space in the scope and in the lowest yes I mean the lowest position of the seat and I'm 180s

8687 centimeters 6 feet between 1 and 2 inch so even taller people then we can sit here no issue in then this is the S Class so you have a maximum level of comfort just look at this really really and also these panels they heat up if

You want to heat them you can heat up the panels also this one will be hot so not only seeds but also these panels this will be a for review of the Mercedes AMG s 65 so this is the Cooper shape of the S 65

S Class so this vehicle is painted in silver or a light grey metallic not entirely sure but it says grey in spec sheet I'm going to show you exterior interior and infotainment system of this vehicle

And this is a pre facelift model so the original s65 Cooper and you can recognize it very easily because right there you can see the facelift and I already shot full review of that car as well so yeah this is interesting to see

The changes which facelift bringing now both of these cars are retired they are not possible to order or production so you can only buy vehicles which are at the stock and the dealers so yeah so let the front we can see these twin bar and

Grill and it has also this mesh behind the grille which is also chrome overall feeling is that everything from the front look is like a chrome so it's very different to the s63 from front part of the vehicle this car is 2016 it is

Fairly it was fairly low mileage so this car has just under 13,000 kilometers which is just little bit above 8,000 miles and yeah ceramic brakes to 5540 20-inch purely pilot sport three tires so pretty much

This car is in great great shape with low mileage and it has also a great price so at the rear we can check out the tire size because the rear tires are usually wider 285 35 20 inch and that's because you have better traction at the

Rear axle if you have wider tires and the rear axle so we don't have any b-pillar as you can see there is a it's nothing there have only a pillar and see poor and this crest is like open space between the front and rear seats I

Really I like this about coupe is that if you put down all four windows you have this open space and it looks great what I can say so from visual standpoint so fantastic and probably is enough rigid so you don't need b-pillar anyway

So yeah from the rear we can see that this car doesn't have any veggies so usually it would have a s65 bench and on the other side of the of the Butley they would have a AMG badge but in this case it's an D batched you have four exhaust

Pipes and in between them is a rear diffuser your horizontal tail lamps and also side skirts are in the chrome unlike on the s63 or so window trim here is in Chrome and also we can see this protective film which is applied to the

Front part of the vehicle and that's that will have a stone TV etc if you are driving this car in winter this is by the way a real world rife car so here you can see mileage twelve thousand eight hundred thirty five kilometers and

Other stuff so three and a half million Czech crowns and that's in u.s. dollars one fifty one thousand and in Euros it's 140 thousand euros so considering this vehicle I think it's a great price we can see this thick window trim and also

Yeah I really think about these cars I said this is the best everything is like a very elegant spec because you don't have like anything what is like a crazy color or yeah it's very fairly elegant and also in the interior there is a

Beige color which I will show you in a second but let's open the boot the hood and let's check out and this masterpiece of an engine which unfortunately will not see anymore so that's yeah that set moment but let's check this engine while

We still can so this is 6.0 liter v12 engine and also by turbo and this is handcrafted in a photo you can see the badge and the signature of the person which handcrafted his

Engine and also the Mercedes emblem has different design and also the engine cover is from carbon fiber so this is just yeah this engine looks really magnificent so this engine produces 630 horsepower that's 463 kilowatts 1,000

Millimeters of torque and at 738 pound-feet of torque and can spring from zero to 100 kilometers per hour or 62 miles per hour in only 3.9 seconds top speed is limited to 300 kilometers per hour or 186 miles per hour so really

This is a brutal engine and the sound is just incredible when we open the fuel cap you can see the tire pressure which is optimal for this car and also at which speeds and

How many passengers you should use which tire pressure and also you should use ninety eight or more octane fuel ideally 100 octane in Europe and the US that's like the best basically the best so which you can find in the in the country

So if you open the doors and then close them he will have the seat extender which will bring you the seat bow and that's an easier to grab it and buckle up so that's really nice comfort feature which is fairly standard

We are eliminated AMG door trim and also the decor is carbon fiber we have a brewmaster high and a hi-fi system surround system now so while we have a s65 phase live and pre-facelift and one spot basically I wanted to show you the

Differences in a quick way so we can check that out the wheels are the same on both cars the main difference is the front grille and also the interior infotainment system so there's also changed

So here is the facelift so we have mg specific drill at the front and basically also the tail lamps have oh le D design so it's also changed here we have badges but also you can the badge this or you can add veggies to the

Pre-facelift car steering wheel is different and displays newest command system so I think that's really a very difference for the cars being the facelift so now let's hop inside and check out

The interior alright so let's check out the interior of this flagship pre-facelift s-class so this is s 65 coupe a pre facelift but the engine is the same and essentially it's basically this little bit more

Modern in terms of the steering wheel displays let's check out this interior let's start this so if I put it in the sport this has come for night sport mode these new ones have more modes so this sounds essentially the same doesn't

Matter which which mode you are in so yeah let's do that this has different sounds of the v8 definitely I like both that we ate but this is something special is like a

Special sound but we it is also great but this is masterpiece top of the flagship flagship engine so if I put it back into the comfort the engine is still cold so it also has a loud sound and I don't even think there is a

Exhaust button because probably this is always too loud in sport mode and in comfort it's it's closed so yeah you can see here heated seats these are ventilated seats these are heated seats and you can operate

Passenger seat if you press this button so I can operate it no problem and here we have the beautiful white leather beige leather in steering wheel with AMG logo here perforation on the side and very thick actually very thick even

Thicker than other models I think maybe a little bit but I think it's Whitaker so very very sick and here is also speaker or master as I showed you and know this is a dream of every

Everyman which likes IMG I think so wonderful I shot the cabriole I pre-facelift but 63 so here you can see this is his first digital panel one of the first in the world which was implemented and then other brands

Followed the Mercedes path and we can see here the Distronic plus Distronic parking sensor 360 camera has night vision for example we need to turn the lights to the auto so we can see here the night mode you know and all it's

Really gorgeous so with this you operate instrument panel so you can see here radio trip settings this is for AMG and you can see here the temperature and of the engine engine oil and also transmission oil

Speedometer rev counter so you have a little bit less information than in the facelift and but still it's for the time when it was launched it's great also here you can proceed and see well extender will work and you can also dim

The lights here with this toggle this is for the headrest and sunshades at the rear so that's that you can also lower it even I'd link sounds fantastic in this car it's crazy

So yeah with this one you control the common system and also other features but you can also control it here with this toggle so you can see here 360 cameras for example let's check this out so you have here 180 view also 360 and

Then you have front view side view so these are high definition cameras a very high quality so yeah it's fantastic you can park very easily even this being like a large car you can park it no problem Andres Manuel time vehicle

Settings so you can find here ambient lights panel heating so panel heating is this is visibly hot and also here is pedaling the doors is the entry exit this is for the steering wheels will move and seat so here ambient light I

Want to show you how this is advanced now so we have five levels here so you can see where the ambient lighting is adapted and color we can see here so you have one two three four five six seven colors now 65 64 colors and ten multi

Color options so how cool it is one light blue so let's check this one light blue this is daylight white this is like a white morning white sunset orange in clover at dawn right so yeah much better

Now but still for I want to emphasize for the time when this was launched this was groundbreaking seat settings so you have massage shoulder support so this is similar to what is in the fatally because the C's didn't change telephone

Media that's basic stuff we can check out also these Patos which have a rocker rubber so they are not necessary and good to press here is like crystal Swarovski and this is piano black so gloss black when you open it you have

Two cupholders and if you put this down you can actually put something here and here you have a CD slot for CDs so you can move it like this so when you press here you are open like a hidden compartment so you have here 12 volt

Socket and also this is a ashtray or you can put something there and you can hide it controls for the AC also a reheating so you can preheat the car and you can enter the preheated and frozen car if you park outside obviously if you park

In the garage you don't need that and here we have a filter bar logo so we have a poultry and engine AMG a filter buck ambient lighting goes also present here so if we open these you can open it also from the side of the passenger but

Also from your side here we have USB ports and other stuff so here is the compartment long box with parfum diffuser and you have additional there and these seeds are just yeah maybe the best seats yeah of course these are the

Best seats in Mercedes offer and they have huge bolsters and it is like a diamond cut so it's so beautiful and so comfortable so soft so guys this is super super comfortable for longer drives even for shorter it's amazing so

We can see here the panorama sunroof which has a special function so it has electro electrolytes electricity in the glass if you press it it will be dark then it stops UV rays so Mercedes was I think the first first manufacturers

Which implemented this technology so this is great here with this button you can also open it if you want here we have a speaker so instead of the sunglass compartment you have a speaker here board master this is for the lights

Etc I mean here we have and this is also in leather you have a mirror here so everything is top-notch you can see here stitching everything is fantastic nice this carbon fiber this is like a dark brown leather with the white stitching

So contracts teaching and being lighting even here you can see here these are the mats you can also have a white matte if you prefer that and also this net so MgO go here so all in all great great great great and I

Know guys you want me to do that and yeah I will do that so I was sit in the rear show you that this car can handle I was just set my seat as I will drive okay so I'm back in the back so I can

Just feed here and I'm 186 centimeters also check that video of the GTR Pro I showed it when I was here last month so here I can eat here it's not super spacious as you can see but it's not super tight so I could sit here I don't

Know for two hours easily it's not not an issue if I were to ask the driver maybe this is on I would maybe ask driver joke to go a little bit forward but usually this is for adult person the people are those people will sit here

Only if you want to take like a four people on the dinner and and I'm more than average tall person and like less tall people can sit here no issue so I am six feet between one and two inch and it is gorgeous here so even though your

Passengers can have a really great time here so this is storage you have two 12-volt so kids and and that's it good master speaker and we have also here storage space so you can put some stuff here if you want this is how it

Looks from the rear the front and it is great we have mg log on the seats and these middle armrest two cupholders which are like a hidden and the seeds have same pattern as the front season also they

Are very very soft so those fantastic and here isofix so if you unzip this this is like a Velcro there you have you can plug there the child seat so everything here is in leather the extreme and also here

We can see carbon fiber this is the same decor is there so yeah here you can see how this magic sky roof is magic sky roof window is now activated so it protects you from the UV rays all right so in the rear I have like

This much space like this much but it's still usable for City drives and that's not the issue you can go on to dinner with friends or eat your vibe girlfriend and it's not the issue so I 186 centimeters 87 and I'm 6 feet and

Between 1 and 2 inch so I can feel here no issue for for the passenger no problem so I have space for my arm here so yeah fantastic even in the rear most people don't believe it but yeah so we can open the boot space heater with the

Key fob or if you press on the Mercedes badge Woody's electric obviously you have to coal charger there and put these 400 liters large which is pretty pretty good for its category and most than the rivals of this car so guys that's it for

This video if you enjoyed then give this a like comment down below what do you think about this car what's your dream spec and also subscribe to this youtube channel so you can see more videos just like this one so guys that's it and I

Will see you soon in the next video have a great day

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