2020 Mercedes Maybach S650 Pullman GUARD V12 LONG NEW FULL Review BRUTAL SECURITY Interior Exterior

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

hello guys even here and this is special my bar lounge and in this video I'm going to show you special very special

Cars so if you like that then hit the like button and subscribe to my channel and leave the comment down below which card you like the most so here is the first one this is Mercedes Maybach s 650 guard this is a normal length for the

Man and here it is very special guard Pullman Edition so currently this is the most expensive mercedes mercedes maybach s 650 Pullman guard which is possible to buy the price is on a request but the price starts at a half a million euros

For an on guard version at the Pullman and here with the guard you can see it easily attacking 1 million euros or even more for that matter so this car is mostly used by presidents and other high positioned CEO and etc so here you can

See when the price is on request is not listed and here you can see that this car is in aragonite silver and obsidian black so this is two-tone paintwork and it has all of these special features so we can check out the engine this is a

V12 6.0 liter Biturbo engine and this car has seven speed transmission and is over six and a half meters long and over a five tons heavy so this is super heavy super long it is really the top pinnacle of mercedes maybach here you can see

Some standard features on this Pullman guard and here we can see some other optional extras some of them are listed 6.5 meters long and five tons heavy so this is mercedes maybach guard pullman guard edition and it's really a majestic

Car it's really long in person is like a super limo so yeah really really gorgeous car these are the multi beam LED headlights which can cut out ongoing traffic and this pinstripe like design of the front grille and here I want to

Show you the front section for the chauffeur because this car nobody will drive by hit themselves this is only chauffeur car so this looks pretty much the same as normal length in my back but the most difference is in the back I'm

Going to show you the back as well so this car has all black design in the front and has also wood decor my back everywhere logos and these doors are very thick I never saw doors fit like this and these are armored doors and

Also double windows which are bulletproof on the boot we can see s 650 badge on the right side and my back on the left side and in the middle is Mercedes three-point star tail lamps are the same as in all S Class my black

Versions so on the c-pillar we can see the my back mm logo let me know in the comment section below if you know who was the my back and the what was his role in the Mercedes history so I'm curious if you know that and yeah this

Is the rear door it's very large very heavy to open it it's not easy to open this door and then this interior is in Helios and blood color combination so this is exclusive nappa leather so this car has a four seats in the rear two are

In the opposite direction how car is driven very very long you have a ton of legroom in this car these are two rear seats for these high-value passengers so Helios is like a beige shade and these are top level not valid

Our seats and you have also screen in the seat opposite to the rear seat so Burmaster sound system hi-five version in this interior cost 28,000 in euros so it's very expensive and these doors are very thick because

They are armored and glass is bulletproof so yeah it's not easy to close but luckily has like a soft cloth mechanism so it can close itself when you push it to a certain point thirty four thousand euros for two-tone

Paintwork here we can see the mercedes maybach s 560 formatted so this is also very special color and s 560 stands for v8 4.0 liter engine 460 horsepower and 260 miles per hour 4.9 seconds so the paint of this car is deep green and it

Has a 7 a beige and black interior and also design on Magnolia wood and because with flowing lines and 20 whole design alloy wheels so you can see 20 whole alloy wheels here I actually like this design more than a fan hole so really I

Think this suits in the my back a lot and there you can see the guard Roman version in the rear so this deep green suits this car really really well we can see the horizontal lines in the tail amps and 560 the v8 model the bench on

The right side of my back patch on the left side Mercedes in the middle and we have also mm on the C pillar as usual with my back via was really gorgeous car and really interesting spec now I want to show you

The interior of this car so first rear seats so as I said the seminar beige and the Magnolia would decor with the flowing lines so that's interesting never seen that before Sumner beige is more like the yellow

Beige I would say is not like a light beige color but it was discover Lee really nicely with the green paint mm my back logo on the headrest as well and these are the exclusive seats in the rear and this is really really nice

Front section so you can see my back on the door trim also in the food rest so this car has all new features as new facelifted s-class so this is a Maybach version it's even more luxury than normal

S class and this is the second-longest version after the Pullman you can also see the 2-tone steering wheel so really gorgeous car and outside we can see the Pullman guard but this is outside at the outside stand we can see this car better

From the exterior extent point so we twelve on the front section front fender we can see Michelin tires these are 255 720 are 490 BC so these are bulletproof tires they actually look little bit different than normal tires

And this paint is entered CD blue and aragonite silver so this is two-tone as well to this color cost thirty four thousand euros as an optional extra so we can see also a different wheel design than the one

In the my background so really interesting and you can see little bit some hits in the paint so it's a little bit like gold please aragonite silver my back designer said that this front grille design looks like a pinstripe

Suit so is really interesting these aren't very elegant you can see a lot of chrome so this doesn't have a nice package or nothing like that because chrome is more luxury so we can see Android see blue a regular silver

Exterior and sand and beige and Titan grey interior but this car was locked so I'm not possible so it's not possible to show you the interior 6.5 seconds to 100 km/h and 210 km/h top speed 7g tronic gearbox really

Good acceleration for such a heavy car this car was locked so it's not possible to show you the interior but a little bit from the exterior I want to show you through the glass so this has a design of Maybach interior and as I said in

This beautiful beige color which is said and banished so really gorgeous interior and the best for the president and here we can see the curtains are actually beige so really you can have any color which you desire and this is the section

Where you can see how much longer so this is the extension in the middle of the vehicle so really top level from Mercedes you can have ultimate luxury moments in this car so mm my back to logo on the c-pillar as is normal with

The Maybach vehicles and really body armor everywhere so really ultimate protection from mercedes-benz in this beautiful vehicle you can see a little line in the naugahyde silver part of the car and

Here we have s 560 Cabriolet so as you can see this has a special paint work called Zora dark blue paint from the center of excellence and also it has a blue soft top roof a really gorgeous car with the beige interior porcelain color

So I wanted to include that in this video as well because I think it's interesting car so yeah that's it this is the v8 model and you can see how much longer the Pullman version is from Askins Cabriolet hello guys one here and

This is all new Mercedes Maybach 2020s 564 Matic and this is at Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 so this will be exterior interior and repo team and system review here we can see the specs of the car so this is the v8 engine model but you can

Also have the v12 which is a 650 engine name so these are twenty whole four alloy wheels Maybach style and these are just yeah really special ball statement with these wheels

But what is special about this car that this is a two-tone paint so this is iridium silver and obsidian black and this costs fourteen thousand euros and you can have any other combination you can have any combination in the world if

You have a custom order through the center of excellence in single thing and in Germany so you can have any paint basically if with which you choose and you will have that paint and this specific model is a 4matic so all-wheel

Drive and 560 means that this is a v8 produces 469 horsepower 700 meters of torque that's 516 pound-feet of torque and 0 to 100 just under 5 seconds 100 kilometers or 62 miles per hour and 250 kilometers per hour top speed 155

Miles per hour but yeah this is very fast car but it is mainly for a comfort drive so here I want to show you the rear seats because when someone buys my back they will see it most of the time in the rear seats and have a chauffeur

So here you can see this seats are fully electric we have bore master sound system and here you can see also the speaker in the doors so this is a top luxury version you can see the Maybach logo at the doors and also at the foot

Area so this is just the first-class seats so these are upgraded designer interior seats which have also the comfort feature so they are just fantastic this brings cost onwards 30k so this really is top level interior so

This is sealed beige and Titan grey color and really just amazing you can push the front passenger seat forward with this button then you have a lot more space I couldn't do that because the ignition was often this is a car

Which is at show display and Motor Show but we have really really George's interior so we have a my bag logo also in the middle near the vents then you have a settings for your AC and stitching is also at the middle tunnel

Here you have some storage space display for entertainment grab handle is also in leather so everything you can see this little cosmetic mirror is also diamond stitching so this is really next level from my back in the middle we have

Burmaster speaker so many things in this car are optional so bar my head I have lot of space maybe like 8 centimeters like 3 inches so that's not a problem even for taller person than me and this is just top level of a comfort and you

Have also these tables which are really smart and they make the rear seats like a mobile office because you can fold them out as you can see really a great mechanism and you can put here your a laptop or yeah just about anything and

Then you can work here so it's like a workstation and this middle armrest has also diamond stitching with a contrast Titan grey color and here we can see these executive seats with this pillow with the Maybach logo and my bag also on

The seat my back logo and this is special top-level seat with a comfort upgrade as I said roof is also in the ladder so yeah everything is in leather and here in the middle you can find the opening for the fridge but this specific

Car didn't have it but you can have it done optionally so that's also amazing so here I want to show you also how the driver sees this car and yeah it's just amazing for the chauffeur as well here you can see also Burmaster speakers in

The door i an't version of the system he Tavella ventilated seats this is normal at this point we have now this twelve point three inch dual screens with new style steering wheel with my

Bag logo so here we can see the mobile logo if we turn on the command system so really gorgeous graphics very sharp so this command system can show you a lot of things you have a media telephone navigation with live traffic and also a

Lot of settings in your car so that's really great you can have a connect you can connect it with your smartphone and see everything I believe this car also can park itself so you can park it with your smartphone you can preheat the car

You know I wanted to show you the ambient lighting so here you can have option of multicolor or a single color 64 colors in this car so here you can see this combination so just gorgeous with this purple light you can see it

Everywhere these like a line so here you can see the switch for the lights or lights are automatic multi beam headlights which can cut out ongoing traffic so we can see also the Burmester here with these buttons you control the

Speedometers and the system and cluster you can say really gorgeous you can turn it into different settings but right now the car was in show mode so was not possible to do at the right side you can see the gear lever and the airbag and

Horn is also in a leather so middle armrest also as in the back using these diamond stitching and you can have a wireless charging for a phone USB ports and really just gorgeous materials you can put this in different dynamic

Modes from comfort to sport and etc you have cup holders yeah just gorgeous in the rear you can also heat and cool down the drinks here you can see these optional seeds which have epilator and comfort style so also the

Sun visors are in the leather in the middle we have mr. speaker so yeah everything what you can imagine is here but not everything because you can even option it even more so talking about the price this car

Starts at 146 K as a base price and this particular car is priced just under 240 thousand euros so 239 thousand euros and I think you can spec it even more with the refrigerator in the back etc but it is pretty loaded almost to the max I

Would say top level of luxury and comfort we have also 2-tone steering wheel so really just wonderful place this is a storage area in front of the passenger the glove compartment

They've also the perfume diffuser IWC watch in the middle this floating lion design you can customize this car differently this is just a showcase what is possible to order so really top level or they can expect the more top is only

The Pullman version so talking about the length or the wheelbase of the s-class variants so the short wheelbase has a three thousand millimeters which is 119 inches the long wheelbase so the long version has thirteen centimeters more

And the Maybach has 20 centimeters more than the long version so it's very very long and longer only longer model of the meba is the Pullman version which is like for the presidents and etc for the top top

Level you can't even find the Pullman in normal configurator on the German website you need specially order it so the Pullman is one metre longer than this one and yeah yes I filmed the Pullman as well so that video is coming

So give this video a like if you are curious see the Pullman and here we can see the boot space this is 500 liters so we can see the beige carpet in the boot space so really amazing attention to the

Detail even in the boot space so this is really ultra the level of refinement and ultra level of luxury so yeah I think you can fit here duffle bag stroller bags that's not really an issue so you can close it obviously automatically

Just a gorgeous two-tone iridium silver and obsidian black so this is just really really great you can see these chrome exhaust tips and these horizontal lines in the tail lamps we have also magic sky control which reduces

Ultraviolet shine from the Sun the one final look at the front area and it was my pleasure to show you this car and this is mercedes maybach s5 64 Matic so this is a v8 model 4.0 liter 345 kilowatts or 469 horsepower 700 Newton

Meters of torque and from 0 to 100 km/h or 62 miles per hour this car can sprint just under 5 seconds top speed is 250 km/h or 155 miles per hour so this is that can reseed metallic blue color you can see this really gorgeous color my

Back name on the front grille and Mercedes star floating on the bonnet here you can see the look of the interior so now we can open the door and I will show you the interior front and rear door master a high-end hi-fi system

My back on the door trim and these are the settle brown and black interior seats whole interval is in these colors you have my back logo also in the foot area and it is just magnificent the interior in the

Colourway really gorgeous with diamonds teaching so this is the best of the best from Mercedes and my back so let's close the door so let's check out this is Bor master high-end hi-fi system and you'll have some door pocket also one speaker

Is in the doors we have this decor with floating lines new style steering wheel with my back name on the lower part to touch areas and to large digital panels which are twelve inch and you can see also the dashboard is wrapped in the

Leather with like a line of settle Brown between the black here you can see the command system so this is a new style for the Maybach and you can have a classic s-class then you can have an s-class my bar and s-class

AMG so you can choose if you want my back or AMG the prices almost the same so it's up to you if you want to choose more luxury and comfort or more sporty and comfort so here we have my back name on the middle console IWC Schaffhausen

Watch in the middle and these usual climate control buttons you have everything what you can find in the Mercedes floating line decor also we have a glove compartment with the perfume diffuser and CD player you can

Lock it if you want my back logo also in the passenger food area so this ladder so this saddle brown seats are the best seats which offers Mercedes and Maybach and really in the settle brown color they look exceptional very soft head

Below and rest pillow and you have buttons for the lights for master speaker in the middle dual Sun Visor so you can put one on the side and one in front of you we have also the light everything is wrapped in a letter in

Black leather in this case you can have it in different colors as well you have a microphones there also the passenger has microphone so both can speak to the same person on the call and we have beautiful my back logo on the middle

Armrest and you have a world charging for your phone and you have contrast teaching settle Browns teaching on the black part we have some hotkeys massage of the seats dynamic control air suspension and

360 cameras automatic Parking pilot so really really I don't know what more do you need so this is like fantastic also the horn and airbag is wrapped in leather on the steering wheel steering wheel is 2-tone

So it has two colors both colors so really gorgeous for the chauffeur but my back is bought usually when you want to sit in the back and you want to enjoy the rear seats and be chauffeured in the comfort so we're here we can see these

Exclusive first-class seats so I'm going to jump in the seat so again for comfort to your disposal you have two screens in the back and a lot of comfort and I had to lower down this extension because it was too much

For me and I wanted to show you also whole interior so we can see my back logo down there as well and yeah it is just a gorgeous gorgeous car but if you want full length you need to see it on the other side in the back as the

Chauffeur so you can move the seat forward and then have a lot more space so then once teaching also in the doors to tone settle brown and black and as you can see this is this can be tilted all the way back so you have a lot of

Space so the my back is also in the middle console my back logo we have some additional storage there and the here is a look on the chauffeur part on the driver's part really amazing level of the detail also here on the side is a

Diamond stitching diamond and iteration of the leather and in these cup holders you can heat or cool down your drink so anything what you want you can also wireless recharging your phone Maybach logo on the rear armrest as well we can

Open that and inside we can find these tables also some USB a ports an HDMI port and here on the headrest is stitched my back logo so it's really nice detail to this interior so really just amazing place to be this is my back

So if you remove this there you can also attach child seat on the isofix so that on the velcro like tape belt the back that's air back inside of the seat belt and again this is very soft this sleep on pillow

It's attached to the headrest so we have a mirror here as well cosmetic mirror which is in diamond stitching glider ball master speakers on the roof on the ceiling and in the middle we have stitching as well diamond stitching you

Have handle which is also in the weather all right guys so I'm in the main bath Maybach in English in German my back and what can I tell you it's fantastic here a lot of head room so pretty much it's a fantastic place to be yeah I'm 186

Centimeters I a lot of space here see this little bit reclined I can sleep here it's really fantastic place to move from A to B with the superior comfort so yeah fantastic but in order to have the best legroom I'm now a little bit in a

Reclined position actually no I can go more frequent so this is standard position so for me I would have to sit here and move this in the front like I did in a s-class video and if you move this seat forward then you have a lot of

Space here and also this can go up so it can go like here and then you have a lot of space but the seed needs to go forward for my height maybe if you are a smaller person then it's fine so here are the stables so you can you can move

It like this now it's like a great for the laptop you can work here so mobile office so here I'm showing you again I can fold this table and how we can open it it's little bit confusing and at

First but then it's easy when you figure it out so really good sized table for your laptop or anything or you can eat something from this table so really good and sturdy material and the my bag is even longer than S Class long version

And also between the tables you have some additional storage so here in the back there can be a fridge I saw that in other S Class so that's also optional and really you can see that you can top tether these seats you can recline them

So really full luxury as you can see for your legs so really fantastic it's just amazing very soft and really quality premium leather and they sleep on pillow just fantastic addition to the whole amoeba interior so really gorgeous car

With this teaching in the ceiling so now I can go outside from the rear seats and I want to show you the rear part of this beautiful luxury vehicle so here you can see my back logo on the pillar really gorgeous canvas it blue

Metallic paint and we can open the boot and there is 530 or 500 liters depending if you have a fridge or you don't spec the fridge because fridge eats up some space this is really nice storage space you have this carpet with the stitched

My backlog on there are some fuses on the right part and you have some Nets as well so you can attach something there so really gorgeous car and really gorgeous boot space so this would be enough for your luggage and it is

Electrically closed of course the standard and you can see in the back the exhaust it's a real exhaust with slip-ons in the bumper they are all in Chrome all rear part of the diffuser and exhaust so

We have three vertical lines in teh lamp in s-class and also in s quads Maybach version so Maybach is on the left side of the boot middle is Mercedes and then s 5/16 the v8 model there is also a v12 650 so that's also a possibility so

These wheels are the 10 whole design forged wheels so I am translating from the German configurator and these lines are also from the metal so this really beautiful decoration and my back corner of the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show stand

And really just fantastic and guys final look and interior of this beautiful Maybach really nice and I have three more Maybach videos from ia Frankfurt so stay tuned for that and subscribe to my youtube channel you

Don't want to miss those videos so it's very very special one will be toot on my back which is next there too this my back one is outside which is a Pullman bulletproof and the fourth will be a surprise for you guys that will be a

Little bit more exclusive video so you guys subscribe for planting more videos from IAEA and I'm really glad I could have you here on my channel so guys let me know in the comment section below what do you think about this car and

Which color would be your favorite so guys that's it and I will see you soon in the next video have a wonderful day

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