2020 MERCEDES GLE Coupe AMG NEW GLE 63 S Full In-Depth Review BRUTAL Sound Exterior Interior

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

so hello guys ivan here and in this video i'm going to show you

The 2021 mercedes amg gle 63s 4matic plus and this is the coupe version this is the key fob to the vehicle the black key fob this is a modern key fob in black color

So we are here in a fulterbach the home of the amg in germany and this is actually the customer center where is displayed in this gle63s coupe and the gla coupe is now

At all new generation so this is not the facelift this is entirely new generation so now we have also gle 63s coupe so in case of the amg we have the 53 series this is the inline six cylinder with eq

Boost then we have the 63 and 63 s s is a more powerful version of the 63 and you can get the all these mg variants either in the suv form or in the

Coupe silhouette so basically you want coupe if you want suv but you also like coupe shape you want something what is more extravagant more stylish

More we can say well maybe athletic so yeah this is a segment which appeals to many people actually so in this video i'm going to show you the exterior of this car also the interior infotainment system

And you will hear the engine sound and refs of this car but actually not of this particular car but the same engine variant but in the suv because it was not possible to start the car

Inside of the showroom but it's the same engine everything is the same so here we have the multibeam led headlights as you can see and we have also the new vertical slats in the grille as you can see the grill

Is now very large and this is a new design change on the gle and also it's in different shape as you can see it's in a shape and the width of the grille is now wider

At the lower part than on the bottom and now the mercedes-benz patch is inserted in another circle and that's because the grille was so big that they didn't want to enlarge the emblem itself so they

Just put there another ring so on each side we have the cooling for the engine and also the new jet wing design so here is the spec sheet for the particular car and we can see that now

Also the 53 and 63 they share the same grill but the 6363s they have now a different bumper as you can see so the front fascia is different from the apron for this car so it's a

Much more wider to the front and also the sides are more pronounced so it looks more brutal than the 53 series that's uh that's for sure you can see also the power domes on the bonnet

So in my opinion the car looks really modern and also really sporty brutal but also in an elegant way like you know from mercedes so that's really really great so now we

Can take a look here we can see the bench and also these are the alloy wheels we have also carbon ceramic brakes you can see the carbon ceramic brakes they have a bronze caliper

And also ventilated discs so we can see cross spoke forged wheels in matte and i really like the design of these wheels and on the front fender we have v8 by turbo formatic plus badge so this car has a variable all-wheel

Drive system that's 4matic plus and we can see this car also has night package and this side steel side step we can say with the rubber part so it's not slippery and how great this showroom looks by the

Way it's really really gorgeous you have a shop there on the right side with souvenirs and these are the power domes so they enhance the sporty look also we have real arches which are

Painted in the body color and here is the silhouette of the car so it looks much different than the suv especially the rear because the front is the same but the rear is completely different to

The suv and it's not that big of a difference in terms of the usability so you will see that later you can see the shape of the roof so actually it's pretty usable

Even even for a family i would say but if you want and need the most space then of course get the suv so here is the rear part as you can see we have a

New tail lamps with new design and also the lower part is different but definitely the biggest change are these tail lamps gle 63 on the side we can see also these vents on the side of the bumper and on

The top we can see the little leap on the fifth door so looks really really good as you can see really this spec is one of my favorite because i love

White cars with black accents and also with chrome but a bit with the black accents it's just fantastic in my opinion and in general i like white cars my car is also white so

Yeah that's just me so i really like this spec personally so you can see gle 63s on the badge is on the right side the engine variant the amg is on the left part the new exhaust pipes they have new like

A 3d design on the inside and if you get the night package then you have the black exhaustive color otherwise you would have a chrome and also the part above the diffuser it's also

In high gloss black if you get the if you don't get the right package then it would be in chrome so this is the lip it's not actually as small it glows only from the distance really

Small it's a fairly decent size so you can see here the taillights they are all led and really really looks athletic sporty very big difference to the suv suvs has much more

Taller back so in my opinion this is great difference between these models and also very big difference is that the gle koopa is shorter on the wheelbase six centimeters

So actually it has more sporty behavior on the road than the suv because six centimeters that's more than two inches that's quite a big difference so under the fuel cap you

Can see the recommended tire pressure and would you guess you should use 98 or more octane here in europe so yeah in my opinion this is a great family car with also with the usability and also with

Fun factor now let's open the hood and check out this fantastic engine so this is well-known 40 liter v8 by turbo engine which is handcrafted here in a falter back

And it is handcrafted by one man as you can see on the black on this emblem so you can see here the signature of the person which handcrafted his engine here in a falter back in the factory

And this is the most powerful variant as we said 63s so the power output is 450 kilowatts 612 horsepower the torque is 850 newton meters or 626 pound-feet of torque the

Accelerations from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour 62 miles per hour happens only in 38 seconds so how fast is this and the top speed the v-max is 280 kilometers per hour or 175

Miles per hour so plenty of speed even for the autobahn and unlike with the e63s the e-class here we have the torque converter transmission so not the multi-clutch mct transmission

So that's also the difference between the gle and the e-class and between the engine and the transmission there is also the integrated starter generator the isg

So this isg provides additional trust but also recuperates the additional energy and here we have 48 volt onboard power supply system auxiliary compressor delivers torque

Just above idling okay guys so now we can close the hood

And check out the interior of this car and one more look at the front let me know in the comments if you like the design of this car so now let's open the front door as you

Can see we have ambient lighting everywhere the burmester 3d surround system so this car is fully equipped as you can see even in the doors so speakers are everywhere basically

And you can see the infotainment system here the mbux mercedes-benz user experience two large screens and ambient lighting really gorgeous we have handles in the middle middle tunnel and these gorgeous seats

With mg and napa leather and also the dynamica which is a alcantara material and we have quite a lot of space here in this car this is a large car

Only larger from this car is the gls but the gls is only as an suv not as a coupe a so this is the largest suv coupe a which amg and mercedes offer so the interior looks really really good

Let me know what you think about this interior if you would like to sit in this car and experience it and also this car was really great when the panoramatic roof is open so we have even more light

In the interior so i think this car is just fantastic and this is the invitation which you see when you close the door and there's the front of the vehicle during night so here we have the interior so how

Gorgeous this looks it's just fantastic we have a steering wheel which is a half in a carbon and half in dynamica and the middle part of the steering wheel is actually from a leather as you

Can see so one more look at the interior we can see the mbux here also so just fantastic we have also these hotkeys on the steering wheel so with the left part of the steering

Wheel you control the instrument panel so you can set this in so many settings i'm not going to go through the all of them but i can link in the description box

The gle 53 in which case i did everything in in the infotainment in that video so here you can see the head-up display also so this car is really really fully loaded you can set

The design of this into different graphics so we have super sport classic and also the sport and also we can see the hotkeys where you can change the driving style of the engine and all kinds of

Settings on the car so we can see you can also change the driving mode on the entire car we have the race mode which is the most sporty mode and the amg and then we have other modes

Like a sport plus sport comfort and there is also slippery mode individual mode and also the off-road modes so the steering wheel is really really

Gorgeous with the mg logo at the lower part it's flat on the bottom and little bit flat on the sides too so both of these screens are 1225 inch and also the middle media displays also

As a touch screen so we can see the integration of the amg functions here with the amg track base so this is full telemetry with more than 60 parameters so this is

Not your average telemetry in the car so pretty pretty great actually you see it's unbelievable so here we can see the amg settings with for the engine you can see the temperature of the

Engine gearbox coolant like everything so this is really very focused on those people which like to see the temperatures in the car so here you can see if everything runs on the optimal temperature

You can see also the consumption and you have other settings for mercedes me app which i will shoot the separate video because there is new app which is entirely new for mercedes and also for the amg

So here in the settings we have some other settings for display controls assistance this car can drive itself on the highway with distronic plus you can see the animation of the car if

You tap on each button you will see the explanation both with the text and also with the car animation on the right side of the screen so everything is really easy to understand you can see

The ambient lights there also so you can set so many things so this is the touch screen as you can see you can control the screen also from the steering wheel and also from the

Touchpad on the middle metal console so here we have the ambient lights so now it's set on the one color we have 64 available colors and then we have 12 multi-color options

So i think everyone can choose their favorite color certainly from the 64 single colors so during day this blue blue kind of shade is the most visible

On the car so that's why i said it so you can see everywhere where is uh the light coming from around the displays here the line so you can see this car has so much ambient light everywhere even

Around the speakers even here in the middle of the of the handles so it's it's really really crazy and during the night this has really a special feeling if you drive

In the car which doesn't have these lights then you really miss them so they are really really fantastic and every new mercedes has these lights so not only gle also the a-class and everything

Everything else so i really like these ambient lights so let me know which color is your favorite out of these all colors as even here the speakers and also in

The rear and you can see ambient lights also around the speaker so really this is a this is the highest version of the burmester sound system which is uh probably the

Best sound system which you can get in a car so with navigation you can have also live traffic you can see the buttons for the ac are in the middle

And also we have two cup holders and you have also wireless charging for your phone you can close this you have some other additional buttons so the first one is dynamic select so you can change the driving mode of the

Car you can change also on the steering wheel so it's the same button just yeah you can change it you have also sand and trail mode for the off-road then you have park tronic and also

Shortcuts to navigation telephone etc and behind the touchpad there is actually the part where you rest your palm and then you can navigate on the touchpad very comfortably

You have also some buttons for the exhaust and suspension etc we have usbc ports in the middle armrest everything is really comfortable two arms can fit on the armrest with no issue

It's a really really spacious car we have also amg batch on the seats and this is a black napa leather combination with the dynamic car it's also perforated because these seats

Can be ventilated and also heated and everything is very soft as you can see the headrest so this car is definitely oriented on a comfort side but you have also access to the

Performance also we have perfume diffuser and you can actually lock this compartment the graph compartment with the physical key from the keyfob so so many features in the gle and i think

This is a great blend of performance and comfort you can also open the tailgate here with the button the door pockets in the door are really large so on the top you have some buttons for

The lights the mercedes sos button and mercedes me button so if you have an accident or something happened with the car you can press the mercedes me button and it will connect you

To a person on the call and they will handle everything for you so here we can see the rear seats we are actually quite a lot of space and you can see this is a three-seat

Option so we have ambient lights also at the rear also the carbon decor and this is how the front looks without me sitting there

So one more look here at the front so let me know how gorgeous this looks because i think it's really fantastic and also the rear is really comfortable so shortly i will show you how much

Headroom i have there i have 187 centimeters or six feet and two inches and i have uh yeah i have space there so you will see in a moment so you have also easofix for the child

Seat you can fix it there so really really spacious really spacious vehicle even in the back and usually people carry their kids there so for the kids this is a plenty of space let's see so as you can

See i have quite a lot of room for this being the coupe that's because of the roof how is it shaped so it's shaped in order to have more room and

Yeah that's really really great so i have like six centimeters yeah like six centimeters i think this is plenty of space i'm 187 centimeters

Or six feet and two inches so i think this is a plenty room even for like adult person and for kids they will have a lot of room here so great stylish family car so here we can see

That the coupe has huge boot with a size of 655 liters suv has even larger boot with 825 liters all right guys so that's it for this video let me know what you think about

This new gle 63s coupe and which is your favorite suv or the coupe which one we do get and in which spec all right guys so that's it for this video

Like it comment down below share with your friends and if you haven't then subscribe and hit the notification bell so you are notified for all new videos so guys thank you very much for watching

For support and i will see you soon in the next video have a wonderful day

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