2020 MERCEDES GLE AMG NEW GLE 63 S Full In-Depth Review BRUTAL Sound Exterior Interior

by birtanpublished on August 5, 2020

okay so welcome to this video and let's check this on you gle 63 s and here in the suv variant but we have also coupe

Inside which i will show you in the separate video so stay tuned for that and as you can see this is brilliant blue metallic how gorgeous is this paint this beautiful

Sparkles in the paint is just something incredible also we have mg specific grille which is now rounded as you can see to complement the front fascia of the car from fascia

Is really sharp and you can see this car doesn't have the right package it has classic chrome trim around the windows and also the front lip is chrome and you can see the jet wing

Design here so all in all fantastic design also the mercedes badge here behind the base there are the radars and also you can see that the batch is inserted in another

Like ring and that's because the designer thought that the badge is not quite large for this car so they didn't want to enlarge the batch itself so they decided to

Enlarge the logo by putting another ring around it so there's also something interesting as you can see we have cooling for the engine

On the both sides so v8 model here the 63s you can have also 63 known as variant so the s is the most powerful version and you can see also the beige interior which i will show you

In a second so how fantastic is this crosspoke amg wheels in silver and we have red brake calipers so this car is just a fantastic family car we have

V8 by tubo formatic plus here so this is hot we set up and you can see wow this paint is just credible it has like a vibes of the purple a little bit but also

More or less it's a blue paint really gorgeous multi-beam headlights we have two stripes for the gle as is always the case with the new gle so this is the signature front look

Also you can see the chrome parts wrap around the sides so i think it is really good design element with the chrome you can actually see it better than with the black

High gloss black paint so i think this is a really good with certain colors not with every color but with more dark colors the chrome is more can pop more so that's

Really really great we can check also the wheels so these are the michelin pallet sport 4s tires and the front tire size is 285 40 22 inch

And the rear tire size we can check here is 325 35 22 so wider at the rear because this car is predominantly a real drive actually more power this car puts on the rear

Because this is how it is with the cars which are not compact like like this always you have more power at the rear with the larger cars and overall we can see the red brake calipers so these are the six

Piston uh brakes also drilled ventilated and you can see silver wheels they have like even like a sparkle wow i don't think i saw that before

That's interesting so v8 by turbofrommatic plus and sneak peak to the interior how gorgeous is this simply fantastic and looking at the rear we have a signature

C-pillar so the first suv actually in the world was the mercedes-benz ml first it was called m but then bmw said that that's their brand so they call it

Ml and you can see here gle has the same design feature so this is still uh modern interpretation of the characteristic why the c pillar as you can see here we have also arrow beats here

And at the rear we can see the gle lights amg batch on the left side gle 63s on the right side and in the middle we have the chrome part also the new exhaust pipes

You can see different design they have more like a 3d shape and img logo here and also the diffuser has a four bars four slats again you can see here

The silver part wraps above the exhaust so it looks really good gle 63 s so this is the most powerful variant we have 53 63 63 63s our v8 models mercedes badge in the middle and chrome

Part is connecting both lights lights have now new design new shape and you could see that on other gle models

As well we have also this side aero parts and rails on the roof for additional storage so we can now open this great engine bay

And we can check it out so this is the heart of this family beast so the v8 engine here handcrafted here in falterbach by this person maybe this is

A woman jacqueline yeah maybe yes i know like four five few women work here mg logo mercedes batch so this car produces in this

S form 612 horsepower 850 newton meters of torque and can spring from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 38 seconds and the 63 can sprint in four seconds

So actually the suv and the coupe there they have the same acceleration up to 100 kilometers per hour 60 miles per hour and that's a very interesting top speed should be 280 kilometers per hour

You can see the rubber here very good quality so yeah very very nice great performance and also you have other features like rear differential and this is mated to a torque converter

Transmission so not the double clutch not dual clutch but torque converter so a little bit different setup and for the first time this is also a

Hybrid with eq boost so we have v8 isg and then transmission so isg is behind the engine and in front of the transmission and it gives you additional 250 newton

Meters of torque or 16 kilowatts 22 horsepower so you have two turbos in the middle and also one electric uh compressor generator so i think this will fly off the line

Like nothing so this performance is just ridiculous for a car like this that's uh that's basically for the performance we have formatic plus which can disconnect the front excellent drive only on the

Rear if it's necessary for the condition conditions it calculates the conditions in milliseconds so yeah this system is just incredible all right guys so let's close the hood

The bonnet and um uh

alright guys so let's check the interior here check the interior here how gorgeous is this looks absolutely incredible and we can see how the car looks

From the rear you can see here the steering wheel also burmester system one is also one speaker is also here in the doors so everything looks top-notch here and everything is also very functional so

Ergonomic etc and it's really beautiful too so how gorgeous is this beige napa leather and burmester sound system we can see one speaker here also in the

Doors they are all illuminated can you see the invitation so guys let's set the ambient lighting here in comfort and we can see here the menu

For the ambient lighting so we can set color and brightness to 100 percent and the most visible here during day is this dark blue almost like a purple so you can see it here so how gorgeous

Is this car and also here so take a look also around the bullmaster speaker so this is simply stunning so the gle 63 s combines

Peak performance and also this beautiful interior all the safety features so let's check the interior here so we can see fully automatic seats we have heated seats

Ventilated seats and if you press this button you can control your passenger seat heating and also seat ventilation and move the seat as well so this car combines black leather

Carbon here and beige leather as well napa leather this is mg performance steering wheel so on the top we have the napa leather on the sides we have dynamica and on the bottom also

Napa leather amg logo flat on the bottom we have these mg controls so you can change the characteristics of the vehicle for example here for the exhaust and also traction control

Mg driving dynamics and suspension mg right control you can see it you can change even comfort mode you can customize how you like it basically and if you want to change everything at

Once then you should press different buttons so for example we can see here driving modes so this car has several driving modes we

Have off-road mode which is called sand and you can see it here too then we have the trail mode so the sand mode is very good for loose surfaces like a sand

And trail is better for muddy surfaces like yeah if it's mud or something soft on the road then i think if you go into the off-road mode then you can also

See other off-road modes so we have also here trail and sleeper remote so this is the best best mode for winter then we have individual and you can see

What is changing here so i will show it to you here so sand you can see the characteristics for the sand so the driving mode sand is better for loses loose surfaces like for example sand

Trail is better for mud muddy surface something soft then we have slippery slippery is better and the best for the snow or when it's slippery maybe i mean when it's rainstorm

Then we have individual so you can customize everything uh how you want comfort knowledge the standard mode for uh mercedes-benz and amg this is a mode in which the car starts

Then we have sport so everything is a little bit more sportier then we have sport plus everything is even more sporty and then we have race mode and this is the most

Uh sporty mode for the racetrack and yeah this is the most uh sporty maybe aggressive we can say mode so you can see between the race mode and sport plus what is changing so mainly it's uh

Powertrain in dynamic or in a race uh sound is more or less uh in sport plus or race the same across the cars maybe a little bit race is maybe a little bit noisier but uh around the same so in a sport

It's poor plus you have also a little bit more traction control so there's also a good feature for like a daily driving with this car in the emotional way so these are the

Mbux screens mercedes-benz user experience and i can operate it here with this left part on the steering wheel so if i click home i will see the other sub menus

So i can scroll to assistance telephone navigation performance trip radio media styles and display and service and for example in performance you can see the ref counter

I can slide down temperature of the engine gearbox then i have a kilowatt newton meters which car uses settings for the engine etc and then i have the g-force meter for

Example in trip yes so yeah these are basic things which you can find also in other amgs and the head unit you can also control here with the swipe on the right

Part of the steering wheel and for example here you have integration with amg features in the mbux like a track base amg performance so you can see the dynamic select vehicle stats

Live stats of the engine how the formatic plus works etc so we know this from the 53 and it's implemented here in the same way so we have all comfort features here the

Same as in other vehicles and in settings you can change also other settings so if you look here you have light switches here

You can open the tailgate with these button buttons for the lights and we have these gorgeous as i showed you ambient light speaker for the burmester and on the top we have a su-8

Leather and you can see here the sun you can see controls for the lights also another sun visor with the mirror and light and we have also dual sun visor

With here uh with this one as well so you can fold it to the side and this one to the front here you have controls for the ac everything you can see stitched in uh black stitching

Or we can say or like a dark silver yeah like a graphite starts the button controls for the ac wireless charging part these are the cup holders you can heat them up

Or cool them down and these are adjustable you can close these you can have these in different styles as well so this is to place your palm heel and here and control

The head unit like this and we have also some other changes here so for the gearbox stability you can lower the vehicle if you want suspension and exhaust so here is the armrest as you can see

Usb port and these are the gorgeous seats so how cool are these very very nice you can see diamond stitching with ventilation here and they are very comfortable and

Sporty at the same time we have this large panorama roof which is a in two sections you can also open it it opens uh quickly and yeah there's that that's the open

Part you have also this net and we can close it you can also close the sunshade as well check these watermaster speakers i will show you these from the rear so overall really

Spacious super safe and we can see glove compartment here perfume diffuser really nice carbon decor so overall a fantastic driving position and yeah

I think this is a great all-around family performance vehicle all right guys so above my head i have quite a lot of room so this is really really spacious now let's check

The rear seats so now let's check the rear so really looks really fantastic we have also heated seats automatic seats ambient lights large door packets also burmester sound

System illuminated amg logo here and these fantastic rear seats and you can see also the demo stitching here ventilated leather we have some nets for storage

So let's hop inside wow wow this is so so spacious this is perfect for uh for long trips just look at the at the top really fantastic and we can see how the car looks from the rear you can see here

The steering wheel also burmester system one is also one speaker is also here in the doors so everything looks top-notch here and everything is also very functional so

Ergonomic etc and really beautiful too so this car is really fantastic for a performance family so you can also here set up the ac for the rear so we have a four zone uh unit for the ac

So we have each um each four corners of the car have separate as you can see separate temperature you can have one temperature here second here and also we have out of

Ventilation so this is really really advanced for the rear ac we have floor mats floor mats with mg logo and the rear middle armrest you can open here

Have some storage and cup holders here as well so this is we can say five-seat car even even good for uh five people but the most comfort of course you will have uh with the

Four passengers but still with five people this is good also you have this white middle tunnel so this bright color really brights up the wipe of this interior

So for example in the darker it would look completely different in my opinion and with a blue color on the outside i think this is uh

Amazing we have isofix for a child seat so really wonderful for uh for kids and even even for me like i 187 centimeters or six feet and almost two inches and yeah i think this is very comfortable

Even even for adult people like me so now let's check the headspace so guys the headspace as you might think it's enormous so when i see it straight i have like five centimeters up to this

Point but then it goes to the roof so you can see above the roof i have like 15 centimeters so i don't think the the headroom is

Issue in this car at all so i think this is really sufficient even for adult person and for kids uh this interior has a has a plenty of space so that's uh

Fantastic so now let's check the boot capacity so this is just a cover for the car but basically you have the same space as in every other gle you can also lower the seats here

With the buttons you can lower the car if you need to lift some heavy object into the car and also you can see here this is a spot for the tow hook so you can tow a trailer no

Problem with this so once again fantastic design and of course the daily usability of this beautiful car alrighty guys so that's it for this video let me know what you think about this

Car and what's your favorite suv from the amg and don't forget to subscribe like this video hit the notification bell so you are notified for many upcoming videos thank you very

Much for watching and i will see you soon in the next video have a wonderful day

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