2020 MERCEDES GLE 53 AMG NEW FULL In-Depth Review BRUTAL 4MATIC+ Interior

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

so guys here is the GL e53 4matic plus so this is the SUV variant as you can see both these wheels look incredible so if you press this button the heating will continue and if you have this one this is also air heating

But you need more gas for this one if I press this it says it's not functional inoperative and that's because you don't have enough fuel so need to have more than a quarter of the tank to work it so yeah that's that but you can use this

Rest feature and then the car will blow hot air until the moment when the engine will be not enough hot to produce a residual engine heat so yeah that's about it I want to show you here the M York system you can set a lot of things

Here in this car if you press here this home button you can put this into the classic mode and this is like a blue team notice we have here also ambient lights so that's really really great and we can put this also in the sport and

Because this is AMG it is also super sport so this is a super sport here we have electric seats fully electric adjustable seats with memory functions carbon fiber trim and this is seat heating for three

Levels and seat ventilation also three levels and if you press this you can operate the passenger seat so you can operate it that's pretty cool for master sound system and we have a settings for lights here automatic full normal beam

This is auto for multi beams release the parking brake if you are being told on the trailer rear fog light and with this you control the brightness here on the screen so we have pcs actually heated here so it's very hot and really really

Comfortable you can lock the car it has like these locks and this is also leather so pretty pretty cool here oMG writing here we have these hotkeys so you can press on the display and it will change what is on the display so

You can actually lower the car with the button here you have AMG dynamics you can turn the traction control off and this is for the suspension and exhaust you can see here also how is changing and this is for the gearbox you can put

It in manual automatic this is auto start/stop you can lower it and yeah pretty pretty cool here to have a dynamic select select so this is for the driving modes so you can change it up so here from individual active so the first

One is sent then you have a trail slipper remote individual mode Comfort Sport and Sport Plus race mode is only in 63 and v8 variant here we have a sticker how to running the engine properly how to break in the engine so

Really really nice here ambient lighting so you have these two digital panels they are quite large and you can see everything on the screens we have also here electric button for the steering wheel and you can move it forward

Backwards up and down and on this middle display you can operate it here with this touch area here with the home button and these like a track like a touchpad yeah touchpad trackpad this small black

Button so it's pretty fast pretty responsive and we can operate it also here with this this is like on the on the notebook so the laptop so the first very very responsive as you can see so here you can see a bunch of stuff so if

You also you can operate it with this on the left side so it's very intuitive you have assistance here for the Distronic and historic plus you can select here how far away you want to be from the car in front of you and you can

See also telephone here navigation AMG performance you can see the temperatures and if you'll scroll it like a down you can see sub menus here so for the g-forces here we have settings of the car kilowatts Newton meters boost and a

Rev counter if you drive you would see here a your gear so trip there are also these submenus here like from the reset and you can put it on full screen pretty enjoyable you can see here small car how it drives to the destination animation

Is just fantastic on this this place also it's very sharp so you have these tiles I showed you and we have also here service menu so here you had the error message you can have a tire pressure temperature colored logo engine oil

Level consumption information and you can see and setup what is in the with this and also if you like a swipe to the side you can see what is on the left and you can change it up as well from consumption trip itinerary you can

See here the inclines of the car if you are in like terrain so this car is no joke and here we can see the speed and on the right side we can see the rev counter and also you can swipe here and select what is showcased here so you can

Have a tire pressure there temperature temperature of the engine and gearbox kilowatts Newton meters these are settings of power train gearbox energy dynamics suspension and exhaust g-forces consumption and this is the map and we

Have 4matic system so you can see which part is working of the 4matic front axle rear axle and between the wheels how much each wheel is using in real time now of course we can see here the levels of the suspension so if I put it back up

Then it should rise but yeah you need to start the car for it to work I think because it's not doing anything so right now right now I'm in the lowest with the Sport Plus so pretty pretty I like it a lot it's very roomy here you

Have a lot of space here and here in the middle this play you can see also this is a touch if you prefer to touch the screen it's touch screen so depends what kind of way of operating do you like you can close this really nice and you have

These like grab handles which are eliminated so here with the needle display you can see media comfort mg track play so you can monitor more than 50 or 60 all kinds of parameters drag race telemetry if you

Drive on a circuit which probably many people want would not do with this then we'd 63 but yeah this is more like a family car with the performance so we have here dynamic select so you can see in the door configuration of the

Individual mode so you can put for example the engine on the sport and suspension on the soft here in vehicle we can see how much power is going through each wheel and we can see low so with the engine engine output in

Kilowatts engine torque and transmission oil temperature and we know the temperature in real life in the reflection of the screen is a little bit less then on the camera but it's there but it's not something would make you

Feel like you can't read information on the screen so definitely is a great great car summer series me and apps you can link it up your smartphone and turn on the heating for example before your departure and nearing the settings we

Have bunch of settings we have a quick access so do you have a bunch of stuff here you can also turn on or off and hand up display hill descent control to loosen assist so you can also here you have a washer automatic washing mode for

Ya for washing and Distronic plus whenever active Lane Keeping Assist Park turning so this car can park automatically stop and go traffic so so many so many things here camera and parking you can set the

Warning tone traffic sign assist so many assists in this car extension blind actives pointer sees active line so this can change also lanes on the highway without you still doing that so yeah it's pretty like autonomy to level

In the vehicle you can see winter tire limit so winter tires can't go like a full speed so you can set here the limit you have panel heating what I showed you here so in the middle panel and also the side panels are heating up belt

Adjustment acoustic locks of the car go deep automatic locking after you move forward the car will walk you can fold the mirrors so every function you like a pre select it will show you okay so if you press it so it's self-explanatory so

Very very intuitive and he read the lights you have ambient lighting you can dipped beams for left side right side graphic so if you go from UK or to the UK exterior light shut up so if you lock the car and walk away how long it should

Be on and throughout lighting so pretty pretty cool Mercedes Clemente yeah so here is a voice assistant linghua training system what's the temperature outside 1.5 degrees Celsius hi Mercedes how may I help you how are

You how are you could you repeat your input please close the sunroof what would you like to do close the Sun blind I'm closing the world of Sun blinds hi Mercedes how may I help you

Open the sand blind okay I'm opening the rubber Sun blinds so that's pretty cool so here in the middle we have this illuminated handles also I want to show you here the ambient lighting on different colors so we have here 64

Single colors and also 10 multi color options so if we press multi color you can see here ocean blue purple sky so let's let's see so this is a purple sky and we'll just back a little circusy better so ambulating goes here here here

In the middle and also in foot area yes you can see and also this and also in the back as well so everywhere it's everywhere and also we can check out the purple sky is like a purple this is better during night but even here like

It's overcast now you can see you can see pretty nicely the lights here so this is a red moon one of my favorite like a pink with the blue here pretty pretty nice ambient lighting fantastic looks super modern and fire red so just

Incredible here don't blow sunny yellow jungle green leisure blue color max color flesh so this will change so pretty pretty great you've also light underneath the display that's pretty pretty nice so here in the

System you can see styles and display Supersport display brightness controls all kinds of stuff you can hear the a see how it's working so pretty pretty modern super modern so yeah that's about this you can see also

Here the carbon fiber trim you can customize this car in a lot of different ways here we have wireless charging for a phone to cup holders also ambient light you can warm and cool here the drink so seeing this is warming up and

This is cleaned this is just to rest your palm here when we are operating this plane because the gearbox is here here and we have can also operate it here and this is for the suspension so yeah

Pretty cool you have here and some hot keys for parktronic parking dynamics l-like you can change my mode of the drive also here but also here so is up to you where you will change it and on this side you have navigation radio

Media telephone so these are AMG see it's very nice with dynamic ax and mg and nappa leather here this is very very softest headrest and on the top we have huge mirror with the light and you have a handle here

Microphone so you can call this is for the sand blind you can also open it for the ventilation I like here or if you press it towards back can I open it fully for fresh air I think yes okay

So yes this is maximum he's like yeah nice fresh air here and if you want to close it then just press and it will close if you press here you will open the middle armrest you have a USB C port

There and it's quite deep and large you can put many stuff there mg logo here on the seats they are very very comfortable you have your little dot so it's ventilated for ventilation AMG floor mats and these door pockets

Are really really huge water butter here no issue can open the boot and also the tow hook here you have for the windows buttons here so pretty pretty in great comfort and we have also the head-up display so I can show you maybe it's not

Flashing in real life just on the camera and you can select and see a bunch of stuff on the head of this plane alright guys so I set the seat in a way how I would drive and let's check out the rear seats and also if you lock the

Car and close it you can see the invitation so this is like a front of the car during night so pretty pretty cool so let's check out how this car looks from the rear and also how I fit there I 186 centimeters

Or 6 feet and between 1 and 2 inch so we can see carbon fiber here the detour will master sound system and these are the rear seats you can lower here the middle arm rest with the cup holders if you press here and you can open these as

Well to have more storage space so really really wide here as you can see and here actually you can put this away I think like this and here you have for the child seat the attachment ok you can just snap it into the place so we can

See dynamic ah here is like Alcantara material and this is mg na powder in black and ambient lighting is also here in the strap in the seat this is like gloss black dark wood you can also have here the TV displays for the

Entertainment and here we can see some storage and also I will show you that in a second you can also see here is enough space for a bottle mg illuminated and our trim is also hearing in the front so you can

See here so a lot of space here so I jump here these does have soft clothes don't try yes okay so I put the driver seat as I would drive in the lowest setting possible I have here here steel

Space to put feet down during the seat I have boots now because it's winter and but yeah very comfortable here yeah really nice actually I'm surprised so here I can put my arm on the middle armrest here we can see

The AC so currently is on the outer you can put it on different fan levels and a passenger has also each temperature around temperature so pretty cool you can have it on auto or you can just put on your feet everywhere so pretty pretty

Cool – when's you can operate them close it open it here you can have also for the entertainment system but yeah very very nice a lot of room actually here for my niece if I lean my leg here it's comfortable this is really really nice

Also wrapped in leather the doors also these seats are electric rear seats which is not very often the case we do we across so you can move this seat and then expand or the boot capacity so if I put this forward let's see so this is

Maximum level forward and I I barely if I sit like this relaxed I still have space here so yeah that's great more than average adult person so in terms of my size so that's fantastic you can have also me I'll sit here for child

Or for three smaller adults so pretty pretty cool here also keep in mind here you have a microphone so you can call all of you and you can see here how the interior looks from the rear seat pretty pretty cool so I'm really fan of this

Car from the rear passenger standpoint it exceeds yeah event is here we can put the jacket here also here if you press you have a light or reading or stuff and the handle here is also present so fantastic so guys in

Terms of the headspace I have like this space so I think it's enough I am 186 centimeters or 6 feet and between 1 and 2 inch I can rest my head here on the address I can actually put it up electrically so that's maybe think not

Often the case so really really and for Keith's disease super spacious so yeah great family time here in the GRE and what's right is a little bit forward I want to show you how this looks from the rear and you can see here the cameras

How they work you can see what the car sees in front v60 view high-definition cameras pretty a pretty amazing from the rear you can open and close the boot here it is button also toe hook is electrically

Have very nice design here with the GLD 53 and here is the boot space so it's pretty large I will put the liters and cubic feet on the screen so pretty pretty

Large and underneath you have a space I think you can get a spare tire I'm not sure and you have tire keyed and first-aid kit so maybe this can go even like so yeah this is not going to lower this is the lowest and here I can put

Down at the seats okay so this is electric check this out how convenient is this amazing for the family and you can see ambient lighting in the rear seat and we can put it back also electrically so no harsh sound when the

Seats are going down or up everything is super smooth also driver driver seat moves forward or if it's necessary for the seats to lower so it's a smart system also passenger seat very very nice you can put the car down if you

Need that to load some heavy objects so super super useful and you can put here also the tow hook so that's super convenient you can tow what you want basically also it should have like a towing assist the trailer

Assist okay and we can close it electrically super convenient sorry guys that's it for this video if you liked it and give this video a like subscribe to the channel to see more videos like this one

And also driving videos etc and Motor Show reviews etc etc so guys take care and have a wonderful day

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