by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

hello guys and welcome to this video so if you are first time on my channel on this channel I do car reviews and if you are interested in Mercedes and AMG then hit the subscribe button and also the little notification bell so you are

Notified for new videos the more excited to bring you this review because this is one of my favorite AMG's and this is the facelifted model of the mercedes AMG c63s 4matic plus and this is in the coupe a

Shape to have coupe a and also the SUV we can check out the spec sheet for this particular car this is in solenoid gray designo magno color with some additional optional extras so immediately we can see this car has a mg specific real is

Not called the pan-american angry owned by the AMG standards but the mg specific grille and we can see also the new LED daylight design and also the multi beams and characteristic 63 front a bumper so this is really striking design these are

The multi beam headlights which are just fantastic I can confirm on my a class they are working really nicely and here is even little bit better technology of the multi beams so this is really striking design in especially in this

Magnum color you can see all the shades here you can see some radiators so here you can see the name multi beam so they can cut out ongoing traffic like no other lines these are the best light which offers Mercedes Benz and Mercedes

AMG this is the Mercedes badge and here you can see the camera for the 360 if the badge is flash then you know that behind the badge there are sensors and if the badge is not like normal then you know that there are no sensors

So for the Distronic plus and etc so this is view from the side the Koopa shell is really amazing and you don't lose that much practicality in my opinion I have seen the Koopa and also the SUV and they are pretty much the

Same in the case of the size so these are the cross spoke black matte finish AMG for two years and this car has a Michelin tires but they have different size so these Michelin tires have different size 265 40 21 inch on the

Front and these are pilot sport 4s tires but on the rear we can see that this car has a Michelin – 9 535 21-inch so in the rear we have wider tires for better grip because this car is rear biased even though this is 4matic + all-wheel drive

But this is real bias car and it adds a front for the better grip if it's necessary so really this is great for the stability real thick tires this is v8 biturbo sign on the front fender – the nice detail and we can see

Immediately these two lines thanks to the met Sun I'd met paint we can see that this car has two significant lines on the side and then it continues to the back it really has a large spoiler on the boot lid and this new LED taillamps

The new design the shape is pretty much the same but inside of the tail lamps there is different isn't much different than the predecessor and this spoiler is just really huge it's really noticeable if you look at the car from this side so

When I first saw this tail and design a Geneva Motor Show I was really surprised because it looks much better in person than on the photos and videos so you have to really take a look at me in the person how it looks these tail lamps you

Have also the AMG badge at the left side then you have the Mercedes badge and the gol c63 s this is the more powerful 63 version so I really like this new tell'em design you immediately know that you have a

Newer facelifted model if you take a look at the car you know also from the distance you know that this is a newer facelift you have two dual exhaust pipes you have four exhaust pipes with the center of diffuser

This car has a 90 package so the line above the exhaust is in the black and also the exhaust are in the black color in high-gloss black color and you have AMG name on the exhaust that's really nice detail so really striking design as

I said you don't lose a lot of practicality with this Cooper shape so cific in this DLC copay we have also this cameras in the front for the radars for the Distronic and other assistance so really really amazing and if you take

A look at this mirror Arjun eat the mirror you can see the camera so this is for the 360 view so you can see the curbs so you don't curb your wheels and also as I said the car has an ID package so the lines the trim around the windows

Is in black you know also the mounts from the roof rack if you want to mount it it's possible so really gorgeous Cooper shape really really liked it over to SUV think it's much more sporty are looking and much more like a race car

Looking and this is family car keep in mind so right now we can take a look at this masterpiece of an engine so this is a v8 engine hand built in Affalterbach in Germany if you didn't see I have a video

From a photobook so well so you can check that video on my channel so here is a plaque of the person which handcrafted in this particular engine I'm not gonna try to read his name but you can see this is a person and this

Engine is called hot V engine because the turbochargers are on top of the cylinder banks and like inside of them for better response and better power delivery so this car and this engine is the 63s version so the more powerful

Version of this v8 engine produces 375 kilowatts which is 510 horsepower and the torque is 700 Newton meters the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h or 62 miles per hour is 3.8 seconds and to 60 miles per hour it will be probably 3.7

Seconds maximum speed is 280 kilometers per hour and this engine is coupled with AMG Speedshift MCT 9g gearbox m-city means that this is a multi clutch transmission and rove list transmission in different mg and it's brilliant shift

Times is super quick so now let's take a closer look at the interior of this facelift and this facelift brings a lot of changes in the interior as you can see we can see that this car has mg illuminated door trim which are just

Gorgeous during night when you enter the vehicle and immediately you can see that this car has a to digital new displays and also some other features which I will show you now in depth how it looks there and what is special about this

Interior and you can see this invitation vehicle is just gorgeous alright guys so this is the GL c63 s 4matic plus copper this is the new facelifted model the rear so let's turn on the ignition

So we can see how it looks this is the ambient lighting on single color on the purple light and this is just this is just stunning so I would say this is like c-class in a SUV coupe a shape and you have all the benefits of the c-class

And higher ground clearance so just fantastic car also for 4-wheel Drive because on the c63 as you have only rear-wheel drive so that's really good and it's good also for the family so these are the fully electric seats

You have three memory seats three memory settings and this is like aluminium decor underneath is ambient lighting also here and you have a good master sound system this is the AMG a new style AMG performance steering wheel and what

Is special about the steering wheel is that you have these these two sections so with this section you control this drink as you can see here and also this instrument cluster and with this you control the middle MBU X so this car has

Mu X system the same as all new Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG vehicles and here we have these hot keys so here you can change very easily how this car is set so for example if you press here you can put here the AMG ride control which is

The adjustable suspension and you can have the different modes so you can have a comfort suspension Sport and Sport Plus then you can have the exhaust on or off this is for the gearbox manual or

Automatic this is traction control and you have auto start/stop button and you can put also what is here you can put the on this on this button and here with this toggle you can switch from comfort to Sport Sport+ and race mode also here

Is a slippery mode and individual mode so you have one two three four five six modes and the system is very responsive as you can see it has this like little screen so it's really really gorgeous snowflake and yeah really have like a

Shade of the underneath the letter so really advanced and the steering wheel is combined it has leather here nappa leather and here on the side is a dynamic ax and not the top you have also an engine up a letter and at the 12

O'clock here is like a color you can see that yeah on the performance vehicle on dirt and you have also this pedal shifters and they have nice and like a firm sound right now I'm in the backseat of the GL c63 s 4matic plus kupe and we

Have here heated seats more master sound system for the window so we can put it down these are tinted windows ambient lighting in a red moon so pretty cool handle door pockets which are light up for water and etc here you have like a

Storage space and this is really nice I have here a lot of room for my knees and I'm one meter and 86 centimeters or 6 feet and 2 inches this is how it looks the cockpit from the rear so as you can see this is new energy

Performance steering wheel with these hotkeys and this is mbx display so pretty pretty cool interior really really loved it and here you have also controls for the ace in the back so you can have a single

Temperature so this is like a three zone AC so these are and rear seats they are not as curvy as the front seats but that's almost the same case in every car and really two-tone interior really nice AMG nappa leather perforated so this is

Middle armrest as you can see with two hidden cup holders and you have also here like a storage space so you can put here and cups so that's really convenient and there it's really like a hefty hefty and large armrest and you

Have the silver seatbelt so that's pretty cool and also here I wanted to show you the rest so that's pretty pretty lively so here I have a lot of room actually I have like a lot of room for my knees here is a storage space

Ambient lighting also pink I can actually put my feet under the seat and this seat is in the lowest position so even in the lowest position I can put my feet here and what about the head space is the head space and hope you can see I

Have this much space above my head so quite a lot of space actually this is the really nice curved here so I have a lot of room actually here might be so like 7 centimeters so lot of I'm not hitting my head by any means family

Currently a lot of room even for adult person like myself in the back so that's really amazing and I really really love it so let's check out now the boot space and how large is it so right now we can

Take a look at the boot space you can open it on the key fob with the button or with the press of the button inside of the vehicle and right now you can see that this car has 500 liters of the boot space or the cargo space and this is 10%

Less than on the SUV variant here we can close this to the top so you know how much space you have until the car can close its boot lid and this is quite large I would say quite large space so if you press the button on the left you

Can lower down the rear part of the vehicle so it's easier to put the things in the boot if you have a heavy object like my behaviour heavy suitcases so it's easier to put things inside of the car so that's really smart the button

And then you can put it back and with the buttons on the right you can actually put down the rear seats and then you have a much more space so you can put larger things if you want to carry something in your cargo space so

This part is really easy to remove it has like rubber parts so it's really easy to remove and now you have a large cargo space as you can see so this is really great if you want to move some things then it's very easy to move this

And move this at a really fast pace with this engine so that's really great for this purpose so this is really a practical vehicle you can also put here the seat belts in this hole so they are nicely tucked away and here you have the

ISOFIX so this is for the child seat and keep in mind that you can put here the child seat very easily so it's really practical car even for your kids this part is rubber on the bottom so it's really

Easily down and then we don't lose it because it's fixed so that's improvement over the previous car you have also nice door pockets in the rear so really really practical car even for the cargo space here you can lock this with your

Key which is in the key fob and then you can open it and underneath you have some little things so you have a really practical net so you can attach it in the boat and then put some things underneath you have first-aid kit one is

Also interesting you have this crate for the foot so you can shop around and put food in this so it's not wiggling around so that's really impractical move from the mercedes-amg so really nice mechanism to lock this if

You want to keep something safe even in the car so that's really a great thing

Hello guys welcome to this video so in this video I'm going to show you this beautiful AMG so this is the Mercedes AMG GL c63 s 4matic plus and this is the SUV variant and before we start give this video like subscribe to this

YouTube channel and leave a comment down below what do you like the most about this car as you may know or maybe you don't know this car can also have a coupe a shape so the roof would be cut off in the back back dc's the SUV model

So here we can see this is the facelift version of the GOC and the facelift includes these new daylight running light stripes and also the vertical slides in the front grille so this car looks really different from the front

And yeah I want to emphasize that it's a really big difference in my opinion how this car looks on the front so this car is painted in designer diamond white bright metallic so this is the metallic paint which has like a really nice

Pearlescent effect in here from the side we can see the SUV how this looks currently this is the fastest midsize SUV on the nürburgring nordschleife a– and from the riri-chan's also the spoiler on the fifth door so let's

Discuss the GRC though the GLC is based on the c-class but it is higher so it is like a SUV basically and why is it good because you have a higher ground clearance if you need that but we have also four-wheel drive 4matic plus system

Which you don't have in the c63 as the coupe a or the sedan in any of them you have only a real-world Drive and here we have formatted so all the drive system and you might need the all-wheel drive system for the winter conditions or for

The stability it's much better and than the real Drive especially in the winter so let's take a look at these our wheels so these are the Continental tires and the tire compound is sport contact six so at the front we can see 265

Forty-five and these are the 20-inch wheels also the brakes these are the standard brakes you can have also the ceramic brakes as an optional extra the v8 biturbo is the star of this vehicle and this is a close-up with this

Pearlescent effect italic effect in the rear we have 290 540 20-inch so 3 centimetres larger rear tires that's a little bit more than 1 inch and that's better for the stability of the vehicle because this is real wheel based because

The rear axle actually delivers more power than the front axle and the car can vary how much power it goes to the rear and also to the front axle so let's take a look at the rear so we can see the AMG logo on the left side of the

Wood the middle is Mercedes and on the right side GL c63 s and also the rear tail lamps have a new design so this is the new design for the facelift only the design inside of the tail lamps is different the shape is the same as the

Pre-facelift so really really beautiful design for the GLC and is facelift so let's open the bonnet hood and check out this engine so this is the four power litre v8 biturbo engine and we have also the free variable AMG

Performance 4matic plus all-wheel drive system and the engine is mated to mg Speedshift multi clutch transmission nine gears and this is really nicely put together to give the best performance to this vehicle so this engine develops 375

Kilowatts 510 horsepower an impressive torque 700 Newton meters so from 0 to 100 km/h or 62 miles per hour done it takes 3.8 seconds to reach this speed and the top speed is 280 km/h that's 175 miles per hour and this

Engine is handcrafted in a falter by the home of the AMG energy headquarters by one man one engine and now let's take a look at the interior of this GL c63 s so in the interior we can see also some differences in the facelift but it's

Very interesting because this car has actually one feature which most of the vehicles which I reviewed before and doesn't have so let's hop inside take a look so we can see this car has new steering wheel and also the infotainment

System is newer in this vehicle these are the comfort AMG seats so let's close the door and here we can see the animation this is the front of the vehicle on the display and what is interesting here these are the analog

Instrument clusters but you can have also the fully digital panel as an optional extra but this this is a basic setup and in the middle we can see large display so this is actually the mbx system mercedes-benz user experience and

This is onion system which was firstly introduced in the class and then in several other model vehicles and now we can see the also in the GLC so you can have a really nice ambient lighting which I want to show you here because

Everybody's curious to see the ambient lighting so here is now the blue one really this car changes a lot with ambient lighting it sounds very simple that you have some colors in the interior but actually yeah the vibe of

This car especially in the night because a little bit here in the showroom it's darker so we can see better the ambient lighting and yeah even with analog the instrument panel looks very very good and actually I got some messages when I

Shot the fully digital panels and some people actually prefer the analog instrument panel so let me know in the comments what is your preferred instrument cluster if it's analog or fully digital I really like analog but

For me I will choose the digital but I really like also develop so here you can see this car can have also a lot multi color options and single color 64 options in the pre-facelift it was only like six colors

So this is a huge improvement and also in aims you have direct pace which is a telemetry and also you can say hi Mercedes and you will have voice assistant so this car is really packed with the newest technologies still we

Have this lineup where the instrument panel and middle have unit are separated but that's because this is only phase this is not a new generation of the GLC so in the middle we can see mg logo and this car has carbon fiber trim so this

Is really really nice so that's why I want to clarify this is it facelift that's why this looks the same as a pre-facelift but with a new technology inside and we will see the new generation of the GOC I'm sure we will

See the new interior of the new c-class which will come yeah maybe this year maybe early next year so on the mg correct logo you can see it's the apple tree and engine parts on the headrest and these are actually the

Comfort seats you can have the mg performance seats which with integrated headrest and huge bolsters but yeah for the longer drives this would be better seat but for the shorter drive I think it would be fine also with the

Performance seats and they also look better so let's check out the rear seats I set the front seat as I would drive so we can check out the space the rear and 187 centimeters or 6 feet between 1 and 2 inch so the space didn't change with

The facelift let's see oh yeah we want to see that and actually I have quite a lot of space so as you can see this is easily like 2 inches maybe even more like 7 centimeters maybe even more so lot of space this car has a

Lot of practicality because it is a SUV you have a lot more space and also higher ground clearance so this is a good option for someone who wants a c-class but maybe you have family and you need more space or you need a 4matic

Pass because you live in the the snowy conditions in the Oh during winter so I would say this is a perfect machine for this kind of situations we can see also in the rear these seeds they look similar as a front seat they

Have also some support you have ISOFIX for a child seat so really a nice interior even though is it's several years old now or master system as well and above my head I have a quite a lot of space so let's open the

Boot the boot is electric obviously and the boot is quite large 550 liters and this is actually the same as the bmw x3 or the LD q 5 which is a rival car to this car and underneath we can see some additional storage space also you can

Have a trailer hooked up to this car in this car we have also the trailer assist because many people for many people is not easy to maneuver with the trailer but this car can do that automatically for you so that's a fantastic feature we

Can also fold the rear seats in read the button so that's a really great option we can also lower the bull if you have heavy objects and you want to lower it so that's also a great utility so this is fantastic very car so this particular

Car doesn't have a tow package on the left side of the boot door but you would see it here if you would press that button so yeah this is a fantastic vehicle or family and really for also for the enthusiasts so let me know what

Do you think about is we occur in the comments section below and if you haven't then subscribe either notification bell and I will see you soon in the next week stay safe and have a wonderful day

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