2020 MERCEDES GLA 200 AMG NEW FULL Review WORLD PREMIERE Interior Exterior MBUX Infotainment

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

Hello guys even here welcome to Brussels Motor Show as you can see in DC's all-new mercedes-benz GLA 200 and this is the entry level for Europe and other countries so this is GLA 200 it features 1.33 liter engine which is four-cylinder and in this configuration

It has power output 163 horsepower then we have also the GLA 250 which I shot the review of but this is different car because it has a different smaller engine and also the price point will be lower so we can see here this is not in

AMG line this is I think the progressive line or maybe some other but definitely not the AMG line it has also 20 inch alloy wheels you can see here the tire size and the paint is digital white metallic so not polar white this is like

It has like a little bit of the grades with like a light grey white something like that and really now the GLA in all new generation is 10 centimeters taller so even taller person can sit in the vehicle very very comfortably and also

It is the ground clearance of the vehicle is much taller like 5 centimeters that's more than one and a half inch so that's really really great for daily city drives and we can now check out the boot space so now the boot

Is larger it has a 435 liters and that also because the rear seats are at more steep angle so you can see here the boot is electric the door and you can see that car is really busy this is a public day on the Motor Show

And everybody was curious to see this car this is also a world premiere and also the Europe premiere for this vehicle so let's check out under in the boot floor we can see the subwoofer there and you can have the subwoofer if

You have advanced audio system or if you have poor master sound system so really I think this is enough space for in this kind of compact segment vehicle if you want more space and then we have also

GLB which sits on the same platform of the compact segment but it is much larger that also can have seven seats so two little seats in the boot area then we have little the trunk but you can see it seven people in the vehicle so that's

Up to you to decide which would be better for you also in the end of the video I will show you how the GLA 250 looks in the AMG line because it looks a little more sporty and also it has different paint so we can see two

Exhaust pipes on each side of the vehicle also chrome diffuser and GLA 200 on the left side of the boot and also we have a mercedes star in the middle and these new style tail lamps so they are similar to the GL e and GLB so very very

Nice so this is the interior and especially the rear seats here so as you can see it's very very spacious also because it's much larger now in terms of the height and here we can see two digital screens so they are very

Beautiful and very informative you have a lot of information on these screens and it also features the Ambu X the newest Mercedes Benz user experience interface and infotainment system the knee room is great because I have a lot

Of room and I'm 186 centimeters or 6 feet and between 1 and 2 inch so this brand ladder really complements nicely the exterior a white paint and here non AMG steering wheel so you can see how it looks in the steering wheel looks a

Little bit different mg line and then proper mg looks also different every trim has different steering wheel I have a lot of space also behind me there is a speaker for better audio

Surround system so I have a lot of room in both my head also here we have an 18th for some things and we have also 230 volt plug so this is full European plug and also USBC outlets in u.s. you will have your own

Plug which is different of Europe so the middle armrest is quite wide and two people can comfortably put their arms there you have also these cup holders which are extendable so now these people are trying if the person in the front

Moves the seat all the way back if the rear passenger have enough has enough space and yes if the rear passenger is like this lady not a huge person then sure huge person can sit in the front and smaller person can sit in the rear

So the seats can be fully electric and memory seats ordinary manual and you can opt for the electric seats so really really great improvement over the first generation of the GLA in every aspect here you can see a little bit of the

Front so essentially it's very similar to the GLB and also to the big glass so they have all one type of the interior and one type of the front – so on the left side here is the handle you can hang your jacket

And you have also the light additional speakers as I showed you so here is a closer look for these speakers and overall really great you have like a thick handle and also the door pockets in the car are really really huge what

Is also great is this rubber on the door so it seals and door and then if you go out from the vehicle it's clean and you don't have a dirty pants or jeans so here you can see and this paint has a close-up so it is italic paint a digital

White paint and we have also polar white which is like a very pure white color but that one is not metallic it's just a solid paint and here is a closer look at the rear tire size is also 20 inch to 35 45 20 inch and we have also these alloy

Wheels so here is a front section of the vehicle and I couldn't get even inside he was so so busy but in the end of the video I will include the GLI – 15 – and you can check it out so here is a the front we have also multi beam LED so

These are advanced LED lights which can cut out I'm going to traffic and I have the slides also in my a class and you can check out I have night full review when I drove in the dark and you can see how the lights work during that time and

There are amazing we have also two stripes of the LED for the daylight signature and overall it looks more muscular but also more modern and I really like this design of the GLI I showed also the GLA 35 AMG version which

Is the entry level of the AMG you can check that video as well and yeah really really let me know what they think about its car because I think it's really great for people which need more space than in the a-class but they don't want

Like a GLC or a bigger car so that's ideal for those kind of people hello guys even here and this is a world premiere of the all-new mercedes-benz GLA and here in special edition one and also AMG line so this is the GTL a 250

So this is the most powerful GLA outside of the AMG line series which is the 35 and maybe other models in the future so here we are looking at the Edition one which brings like red or yeah like red orange details and guys before we

Continue please subscribe to this YouTube channel and also like the video comment down below that Aquatics car you guys thank you so much for watching this video and let's continue so here we have on UGL a so this is like

A class but in SUV form and we have this multi-spoke black and gloss black wheels which have like outside lining in this like red or yeah like a reddish color the addition badge on the front fender and this particular vehicle has a black

Mirrors so the GLA now completes the compact series of the mercedes-benz vehicles and really it has a more ground clearance than the a-class so it's more suitable for everyday family life so for young families and this is a great red

Car we have also the GLB which can be seven seater this is only five seater so if it's five seats if it's okay for you then this is a great car for you if you need seven seeds or a larger vehicle overall then the GLB would be better

Choice for you so we can see a very nice line side line so it looks like a little bit like a Koopa and it has really massive shoulders really massive rear stance of the vehicle so I'm really a big fan of this design so the physical

Dimensions of the new GL e compared to the older model is different so now it's a point six inches shorter and wheelbase is longer by one point one inch so also the height of the vehicle is now higher so four point one inches higher than

Before which is significant and we can see also the sunroof here which is quite large so now let's check out the interior of the new GLA we can see carbon-fiber door trim and this is really really nicely loaded

So this seats you can see they are AMG light seeds with headrests which is not integrated in this kind of vehicle and we can see this little perforation and little orange or reddish accents so that's because of the addition one which

Is too which is only being made for the first year of the production of a certain model at the Mercedes brand so you cannot order it like a second year only the first year that's why this addition

One so we can see the all digital full digital panels so these are 10-point 25 inch screens so we have both screens and with also with ambient lighting etc so you can see here you can change the style of the displays from classic to

Sport the progressive and also to understate it you can change so many things in the system it also features and view X hi Mercedes a voice assistant and also other features which you know from the a class CLA and etc so here you

Can see the 3d navigation and beautiful animation of this interface so this infotainment system is really really fantastic Clean Cities dials they have like a 3d design into them and you can change a bunch of stuff in each

Instrument cluster as you can see with AMG you have one more different design which is a super sport so here with this part of the steering wheel with the right part you can control the middle display now with the left or it can

Control the instrument cluster seats with memory function also heated seats and ventilated seats so they are amazing and we can see the ambient stripe in the doors and here edition so this is edition one on the dashboard which is

Also like carbon fiber trim so here in the middle display we can change so many things like functions for coming home for multi beams this car can cut out and going cars you have Linkwood running Wi-Fi bluetooth you can set automatic

Updates for this vehicle you can see consumption temperatures of the engine and the gearbox and this beautiful ambient lights so this car has 64 single colors and twelve multi color options so let's

Check out some of the colors here so this is red moon which is like a pink and also blue we have a fire red which is like orange and yellow really gorgeous colors and during night it brings interior to life so when I Drive

My a class I'm like wow this is something incredible during early morning or during night or afternoon during winter there is a less daylight so this brings a lot more light and a lot more life into the cabin so it

Really really drastically changes your perception of driving during night especially when you drive a different car which she doesn't have this kind of ambient I think so the seeds have great bolsters they are very very comfortable

I have the same seat but with the integrated headrest but the the feel of the city is the same really large armrest with two USB C port and they are really gorgeous dynamic and leather seats you can have also article leather

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