2020 MERCEDES G63 AMG NEW G Class V8 FULL In-Depth Review BRUTAL Sound Exhaust Interior Infotainment

by birtanpublished on September 7, 2020

hello guys even here and in this video I will show you finally mercedes-amg c63 so this is the icon the the G class which everybody wanted to see on my

Channel I reviewed the BRABUS version Bravo's 700 but this is like a classic from the factory classic g6 III so here we have not one but two G 60 trees and other G classes as well which are aimed aligned

Diesel or petrol engine variants so in this video I'm going to show you the black one and it is in special edition which I will tell you about and also it has a special paint which is G manufacturer special paint also if you

Didn't know G class now has 34 paint options which is the most out of every mercedes-benz and every message AMG models and this one this is G manufacturer dark audio magnum which is a matte paint but this car is already

Sold so I only shot the exterior of that car so here we have the key to the car it has AMG logo on the front and a filter box logo on the back of the key fob it is the new style key fob and we have here this beautiful 63 it is engine

Manufacturer so this paint is called the knight black G manufacturer Magna it is a matte paint but as you can see the light really bounces off from this paint so it is really really crazy and now I'm pointing on the details which are tied

Up to this edition so the Edition is called stronger with time and I will tell you all about this edition but right now let's take a look at these alloy wheels so here we have optional Bravos mono block jet Platinum Edition

So these are the 24 inch which is which is really crazy 24 inch wheels on the g-class yeah it's really really crazy so the front tire size is 295 30 24 inch and the rear tire size is 355 25 24 so those

Are really chunky tires and yeah you have also from the series production maximum is 22 inch wheels which I personally like and these are optional so you can decide if you want these wheels and you can invite them or you

Can have this car with with original wheels so that's not an issue so the addition stronger than time types are together Auto optional extras like these mirror caps which are painted in Magnum silver paint in matte silver the pre

Calipers are also painted in silver so we have also multi beam LEDs and bore master sound system with the surround sound system the front we can also see these AMG specific grille with AMG log on the right side of the grill so you

Have 18 optional extras in this package also you have wide-angle cockpit ambient lighting and also the sunroof so you don't really need more than this in this case maybe a little some additional optional extras but in terms of the

Design you would be really fine with these strong at the time edition and also the exhaust tips in silver are part of these back of these addition stronger than time and we can see also in there and a cell answer and the OPF

Particulate filter which is probably only installed in the vehicles in the Europe and that's because of the regulation from European Union so the shuco proved batch is there because every G class is tested on the

Mountain shackle is developed and then it has the proper off-road capabilities even more than you would probably drive in your life but this car can do it so now let's open the bonnet the hood and check out this engine so this is for per

Liter Biturbo engine which has two turbos which are sitting on the top of the cylinder banks so this is like a hot V setup this in handcrafted in a filter bag by one man one engine principle and this engine develops 430 kilowatts 585

Horsepower and 850 Newton meters of torque that 627 pound-feet of torque the engine is mated to mg Speedshift DCT 9g near box the top speed is 220 km/h 136 miles per hour or 240 km/h 149 miles per hour with optional AMG drivers package

Takes only 4.5 seconds and this engine is mated to a Miss speech if TC t9g gearbox on line gears so yeah I really like this engine it has great sound and it's a it's a masterpiece of an AMG which you can find in many many AMG

Models so also this bar which I'm pointing at you can have it in carbon fibre as an optional extra

so now let's close the bonito hood and it has loud sound everything in this car has like loud pronounced sound even the doors the hinges everything is like awful is not brutal even the hazard lies

They are sitting like on the top of the front fenders above the light so it is very very specific for the g-class and you won't find it on any other cars also this car is special because competitors don't have anything to compete with this

Car so you either want to g-class or you want you know SUV so it's really really a special vehicle in this in these terms also now all indicators are LED so really really stunning vehicle and many people love the black color on the

G-class it is iconic and here with the Magna paint it's even more like a stylish also in the US you can have this front bar like yeah we can't have these in European Union because it's fantastic so I would highly suggest to buy this if

You are in the US so from the rear really you can see these boxy boxy shape and also the spare tire on the fifth door so that's also looks like a safari edition little bit but that's always the case with the g-class it's iconic to

Have it there and we have also this like brushed aluminum on the spare tire cover also these tail lamps are iconic they are very small compared to the vehicle size but it works like that design language is stunning so this is one of

My favorite favorite cars because it is so so different to other SUVs and these hinges which are like an open it's really really nice and every sound is pronounced with new generation everything is even better and interior

Is just something else in this in this new car so let's now dive deep into these interior you need to slam these doors guys finally after after almost twelve of

Five years I can see this car in person and it's funny because this car is so requested by everybody that is insane and yeah right now it's here and even in special edition stronger than time so you can

See it there so finally I shot the BRABUS version of G Class G 63 but this is original G 63 without the BRABUS but with the Braavos wheels so let's check out here the interior we can see beautiful ambient lighting here in this

Door handle this diamond stitched leather in the doors and we have here controls for the seats and this is seat heating seat ventilation super loud closing mechanism it's like loading a gun or something so

Really really this is crazy crazy good this carbon fiber here and dinamica so let's turn the ignition on here we can see the AMG logo even like a glare in the logo so this has the latest command system I will

Show you now this car from the inside so we have a great pearl this is actually better to see on these seats so this is great pearl and this is black nappa leather and that's in stronger the time in this edition like this we have this

Soft like headrest so this is the steering wheel let's turn on the ignition and here emotions start is you know do it like that you turn on the ignition then you put these into the Sport Plus turn off start/stop okay now

You need to hold one pedal either down or up and simultaneously start the car or you can just press and then hold so let's do this now we can hear this it's very

Convenient the exhaust is here so it's super convenient to show the other we may need to get out of the car so this is this is amazing just here this

To slam the doors obviously every time I cannot decide this is my favorite AMG or the four-door there is also four door in the BRABUS wheels and other g63 in mattoliver so GTR pro I showed already that it's

Crazy this T's the showroom is insane so yeah we can see here the dynamic on the sides here is like carbon fiber I'd call it like it's like a liquid so this has like a lacquer on it so beautiful you know like explain you can't touch

This but this is smooth is not like ya insane and we have a new logo here these are the dials from AMG one and the hypercar from Mercedes and you can press here and then exhaust will be quieter if you press on the display then you can

Change for example here manual or automatic drive now to start/stop traction control this is exhaust and here you have empty right control so you can put this into the Sport Sport+ comfort

Or you can change it up so yeah so so nice and here you can change the dynamic select so we have a slipper remote individual mode Comfort Sport and Sport Plus so you can see me Diddley how in Sport Plus reps are idling on a high

Revs it's ride link so nice so we have these vents here and here we can see brewmaster sound system which looks very similar to that the indicator we have these two digital panels twelve point three inch screens we have marker here

In black engine so we can so you can hear me better and so it's not wide link without the purpose so yeah guys this is magnificent we have here the differential locks so here you can see this is front teeth let me zoom in this

Is middle deep and this is rear diff so if you press them they will like to light up on orange and red and then I'm gonna go like in super super heavy off-road normal off-road you don't even need that so yeah we have start button

And also auto start/stop so down you can turn this off so we have this middle console it's in carbon fiber as well two cupholders and in the socket to our wall socket here people will put the key fob I think

If your battery does it here is the logo and this is middle armrest very soft beautiful nappa leather so as you can see a lot of things can fit here like chewing gums and cables a lot of things so these are the AMG seats for the

G-class so we can see here this diamond cut diamond stitching and perforated leather so this is pearl gray pearl and black combination very very nice I really like this actually who wouldn't right so we have here Daniel I think

Let's change let's change the colors here so we can put these you have 64 colors this is not a touchscreen that's like maybe maybe one minus of this car so with the multicolor options we have here the ocean blue then we have it

Looks like this then we have purple sky red moon pirate don't blow some yellow jungle green can see dairy stripe now so you can see here are some stripes sure blow I call these Petronas blow

You know also it here during night this is more visible but yeah it's really really amazing so here we have the carbon fiber trim around the displays and here on top of is mg nappa leather some vents stitching and these are the

Pedals good to press we have this rubber all weather all year not all year but winter winter a rubber tires they look like original because they have G in the same font like a G class so yeah these are the winter floor mats here you have

Glove compartment car manual this is the mg private lounge envelope so we can sign up for private lounge and this is manual to the cars so that's that and the door pockets are huge you can see there is a war master as well door

Pockets are huge and the carbon fiber trim here beautiful leather here so yeah amazingamazing we have here mg logos and check the check this out at 65 v sleep at 65 preface okay game over so you can close this manually because why not it's

It looks more badass if he's not electric and you can open the panorama roof here with the button for ventilation or you can open it fully here to have a fresh air yeah you can hear surrounding this better and get a

10 so that's great and it slightly tinted Roman glass so here we can see and you have a light here microphone this is mirror obviously and you can grab this it wouldn't fall off don't worry so that's great and what we have s

Else here so here with these buttons here you have a dynamic select so you press it you will change it from these modes so you have slipper remote individual you can see double have you want then we have a comfort mode Sport

And Sport Plus is the the most sportiest here aimed right control a manual or automatic drive traction control turned off volume home button button back users button 360 camera long range this is for for the off-road and beautiful

IWC Schaffhausen clock so it's here and we have some buttons here for navigation radio media this is for the AC this is this is always water heating so you can preheat the car from the app from the phone to have here co-ed ladder no so

Here on the top speaker boom esta on the top so you have a surround sound so let's check out here the displace so you can have here the performance with the boost temperature of the gearbox and engine then you have these modes which

You can change you have an AMG track pace so super super modern and you can put these in different design so you have a sport looks like this one dial and it will go red if you want to shift then you have a classic and then

Progress you so my favorite is classic or sport we have also here like a carbon fiber and here if I can put also like a navigation so it's super you can control it here on the steering wheel service so you can

Sit air temperature one is the service engine oil level assistance of super super cool so here in the middle display command display you have basic stuff like navigation radio media telephone interoffice connect vehicle and vehicle

Give ambient lighting and also the first one is so we have seats climate control sowing seeds we have a massage so it seems we have massage lumbar support so super super cool climate control this is so advanced and yeah similar from other

Mercedes vehicles and the AMG vehicles so here in system you can change other things as well so super super nice ok so let's put the seed how I would drive let's check out the rear seats ok so nice well

You so brutal so ambient lighting is present also and the rear seat this is how it looks from the rear seat and blues incredible so yeah I'm speechless when I see this

Car but I need to speak because this is a review so here we have also illumination and the G letter so this is all weather mat also in the rear and let me show you how this looks in the darkness we have here the handle with

Illumination for master sound system this is the handle heated seats you can put down glass here it is double privacy glass in double form and we have these locks these loud locks so yeah so so nice you have here also AC for the rear

So you can choose the fan level and the temperature you have these events also and also it's present here so these are the rear seats they have also this cut here and perforated leather and diamond cut also in the doors and the armrest

Here like this you can also I think we can open this also from the rear like a ski hatch and you have two cup holders here I'm doing it this without the light so you can see how this looks

With ambient line this is like a night simulation the co-ed ladder here on the top and we have a handle little light here hanger another one we have went here and what is interesting in the g-class here is

Like open space so let me show you this is here the the boot space and it's like yeah it's open so you can see here I will show you that from the outside so so nice here so guys here at the rear I have a lot of space as you can see this

Is like I don't know like 30 centimeters I 186 centimeters or 6 feet and between 1 and 2 inch and I have super super all of space here and also for my knees so I will show that in a second yeah this is my knee room and I have like this much

Space the jig has grown in length as well significantly so you have a lot of space here before it was not like this in previous generation so they make great adjustment in terms of the size and how cool is this

You alright guys so let's open the door and check out on the rear the boot space but first let's check out these doors so they have the same upholstery like in the interior and also the carbon fiber

On the handle so how gorgeous is this it's really crazy and there you can see the spare tire actually so this boot size is 454 liters which I would say is not a lot but in terms of the number but when you are looking at the boot was you

Would say wow this is really large and that's the number up to this like a roller which separates actually the cargo space but if you would buy like a cage which is sitting behind the rear seats then you can feel the boot up to

The top and then you have like thousand liters maybe even more so you would have like super large boot space and you have over rubber mats and you can tow also with this car you have subwoofer there as you can see on the left side and also

On the bumper have these like a sandpaper in the course that's really interesting so overall that's really utility vehicle and you guys that's it from this video if you enjoyed it let me know in the comment section or below

Like this video subscribe hit a notification bell and I will see you soon in the next video have a wonderful day

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