2020 MERCEDES C Class NEW FACELIFT FULL In-Depth Review BETTER Than BMW 3 Series?!

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hello guys even here let's check out these mercedes-benz c-class and this sees the c-class facelift so you can recognize the facelift very easily if you take a look at the front and rear tail lamps and front headlights as I said numerous times the facelift

Biggest advantage of the facelift this is a key fob to this vehicle so we can see the new front headlights as you can see here and these in particular are the multi beams so you can see it here

Multi beam LED they have 84 individual LED lights so they can cut out traffic in front of you and opposite come in from the opposite direction and see here some levels plus three from plus three to minus three so they are automatic

They can vary between high beam and standard we met cetera they can also light up the corners you can see also this is the new front bumper Diamont beam from grill before this was only for the AMG s and now is it is it included

In the AMG line and this is Mojave silver metallic paint so I would describe this paint it's great that we have sunny day and to describe this pain I would say it's like if you would match the silver in like a hint of the of the

Gold or maybe like a sand so very light silver very light grey a little bit like like a gold yeah very interesting paint and look similar on the on the camera is in the in the real life we have also new rear diffuser you can see here this is

The AMG line there were also these vents here which are cosmetic on the sides and the tail lamps are in the C shape so you can see it here the C shape so let me know which one you like more the sedan or the coupe a we have also the estate

And Cabriolet those four variants so the two 20d features 2.0 liter and diesel engine it is coupled in the facelift in a 9g tronic which is automatic gearbox with nine gears and in the facelift we had a seven

Years the c-class facelift I drove only the C 220 D also but in the coupe a shape and with the 7g tronic and I can tell you that this new gearbox is much much better also in the AMG is there is the new gearbox but there is

The c63 there is a MCT multi clutch that's different transmission but even this like classic automatic transmission is much better than the previous and how gorgeous is this is like yeah very nice and now in

The in the sunshine we can see this line here so even the wheels have like wheel arch not like a c63 but like a c43 would have a similar the same like wheel arches so very very nice so they like running stripes are here this model will

End very soon because there would be new c-class probably and of this year or start of the next year but these de beauté unlike 2014 so it's like 6 year old car but also with the facelift mid-cycle refresh so we can see here the

See now better when they are turning on obviously you don't have the rear wiper because on the sea dance that's not present it would look ugly and here we have a classic don't have the night package so you can see window trimmings

Chrome so let me know what do you prefer the night package or classic chrome I'm sometimes I'm torn between these two options because yeah sometimes it looks better chrome sometimes right package so let's check

Out the engine bay here so this is in two liter diesel engine as you can see it's mounted with the center of the vehicle so this is because this car is a real drive concept car and compact cars are mainly front-wheel drive so this

Produces 194 horsepower 400 Newton meters of torque or 295 pound-feet of torque so the acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour or 62 miles per hour happens in 6.9 seconds these are actually the same as my a to 20 retro so

Here we have the purely p0 tires the front is 225 40 19-inch and these are the run flat and the rear are 250 535 19 inches so rear is wider and that's usual with the 'real drive cars so as you can see here 220 d and personally I prefer

The facelift to the pre-facelift some people say they like pre-facelift lights more but from my side I from my opinion I like this more so here we have the brown interior leather so this is article man-made the ladder we have also

This wood trim here and automatic seat for the driver the passenger doesn't have in these specifications but obviously you can buy it this would be premium sound system so the middle and you have also the poor master as an

Optional extra seating you can have the seat ventilation so these are the door pockets you cannot fit 1.5 liter bottle here like I think only like smaller half liter bottle and this facelift here brings the new digital

Panel with the AMG line here you cannot have integrated headrest unlike in the compact the compact segment of the mercedes-benz vehicles we have also larger head unit I'm planning to go to the mall where is a garage so I can show

You the ambient lights because here it's a great day but not great for the ambient lights and let's switch to the garage okay so this is the ambient lighting so the implant is present here at the

Center also for the passenger and we have a 64 colors also the dash display the instrument panel you can vary the brightness here with the wheel and we have multi beams here we can also use the high beam

So I can change here also let me should see in tahrir it looks also check out the rear so really really gorgeous so let's check out other colors here we can have for example the green this is now on the maximum brightness level as you

Can see five and five I also have a yellow here or for example right or pink can also show you from the you okay we can now continue so these are the seeds they are very well designed

The calm forest great and also the support is very nice here also in the rear in the front here we have classic things like place for your glasses sunglasses buttons for the lights Sun Visor here with the light and yeah this

Is the main difference in the facelift steering wheel and also these virtual cockpit we can see digital cockpit so if I press here the ignition you can see mercedes banz and the front of the vehicle and this here is a progressive

Style of the display you can have this in three different modes I can easily operate it here with the steering wheel so here in the design can change it to the sport also the head unit changes the head unit is now larger than the

Pre-facelift and we have also the classic so some people would ask why is it like this that dashboard is separated from the head unit it's not like integrating in the a class in the CLI and that's

Because this is the facelift now basically they inserted the new technology into the pre-facelift style of the whole dashboard here and the progressive is this one so you can basically send here a bunch of stuff

Like a telephone media radio navigation for example I can show you so if you would have liked route guidance on then I would see the map here also we have trip settings so let's see the consumption

From the start can turn on the engine here so 5.5 liters in like half an hour so I would show you the MPG on the screen but it's quite good consumption for the driving I did so these diesel engine is not as loud as you may think

So it's quite nicely like insulated and in lower rpms it's pretty good so we have settings for the lights for the Distronic and you can have also automatic Lane Keeping Assist so it will steer for you in the line but you need

To have a hand on the steering wheel so with this portion of the steering wheel the control reg board and here with this one a control the head unit you can change my other videos I will link them in the description box so you will see

The complete tour in other because mainly I did it with the CC 43 and C 63 with AMG variants but the infotainment system system is the same so the head unit you can counter it here on the steering wheel but also here with center

Console with this turning wheel and if you want to press then you can select you can also press these to the side and you will see the additional menus so here we have a buttons for the AC these are the shortcuts here you would find

The cup holders for your phone to also kit you have also the easy entry is the exit that the steering will move depending on your position and with the dynamic select you can check and change the driving modes so here we have a

Sport Sport+ in the individual you can change and the way the car drives here with the drive you can check and change the drive this is for the engine you can have it in these modes also the

Suspension and the suspension can be in sport or in comfort and the steering wheel can be in sport or comfort and the ESP can be also for so here this is set this individual mode is now set to have a Sport Plus engine comfort adjustable

Suspension sports steering and ESP n– Comfort Sport Plus is everything in Sport Plus Sport is everything in sport and comfort everything is in comfort and eco the drivetrain is in eco so yeah here if you press this button you can

Open in the middle armrest you have two USB ports SD card slot and we have here the glove compartment so overall really great facelift here with the c-class now I'm gonna sit behind myself

The rear seats and we can see how large is here these are your seats for two people of my height we have a privacy glass here this is how the front looks from the rear so let me know how great this looks in the comment section so

Here we have the rear armrest it's some storage and two cupholders you have isofix for the child seat and here we have some additional storage space also text or something here this is for the window speaker so nice so in

Terms of my room form Alex I would say it's fine for my height I am 187 centimeters or 6 feet and 2 inches quite quite comfortable here also for my knees the CD said in the lowest setting possible here so in terms of my head

Space I have quite a lot head space here so that's really really comfortable hearing the the C Class overall I have a hold of space here so that's really good I would say for the for passengers ideal maybe you can squeeze like 5 passengers

On a short trip but overall I would say and this is better for the for adult passenger is a alright so the boot space here so this is 480 litres so I would say this is a quite a good and large good

Space here so behind here we have these like rubber floor mat boot mat we can say here underneath we have oil and other stuff like floor mats for the summer etc so yeah very nice and spacious boot here can close it you read

The button so you guys now let's go and take this for a drive as I said numerous times the facelift biggest advantage of the facelift is in my opinion the gearbox so now nine years instead of the seventh we have new

Digital panels and also that the gearbox is now improved from seven years to nine years so that's really really great and then the cabin looks the same way as before obviously we have a new steering wheel and in digital panels so hey guys

Overall I can say that this guy all right guys so welcome to the driving part for the quest facelift so this is 220 diesel engine variant you know let me know guys how do you like this video quality this is first

Recording with the GoPro Hero 8 black so this is the southern version this is actually my first experience with a c-class facelift so I had on the test to see coupe a but the pre-facelift version also it is engine 220 d because

This is the most common engine variant diesel here in Europe and here we have these winding corners so this is real drive car feels great in the corners it will be very very interesting to try this in the AMG

And I'm in the comfort mode okay so let's go one more time up pretty pretty good yeah very very nice c63 would be here like the shark yeah

Really really nice we have the 2.2 litre diesel engine 194 horsepower 400 Newton meters of torque or 295 pound-feet of torque the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h or 62 miles per hour happens in 6.9 seconds and his engine is coupled with a

9g tronic which is automatic 9 gear transmission so let's set these into the Sport Plus now let's try how it goes here into the corners the tarmac here is quite good we have some parts which are not as good

Which is like uneven but overall it's pretty good we have also adaptive suspension here so it goes pretty nicely obviously this is not an AMG but the purpose of this car is to

Drive real peacefully with great consumption and for this reason this is an amazing car so we can actually try now to individual mode so the individual mode I said in a way that you have a Sport Plus

For the engine but for the suspension it's a comfort so we should have more comfort but with a more responsive engine breaks ice also we can check the vehicle dynamics

Select engine data okay so I want to show you here how the Distronic works so the Distronic is basically an

Adaptive cruise control so you can activate it here if you set the speed and you can set the distance with the vehicle in front of you so you have four levels so right now I am on the one so I'm as closest to the vehicle as it's

Safely we can say and now the vehicle breaks because the vehicle in front of me also breaks now I can set the speed limit for the city for driving with these calories steers also automatically but the car needs to see the lane so

Overall driving with this car in the city is a breeze so right now in the closest setting so if I want to be far away I can set it to level two or even level 3 & 4 the faster you go the more distance the

Race between the vehicle in front of you if you want to feel safe then you can sell it on four sometimes it might be too far away for you so you can change the level here

And you can set the maximum speed which the car would go and if the car goes slower than your speed then it will break and if your if the car it goes faster than you will maintain your maximum speed

Also have active Lane Keeping Assist let's see how these breaks on the traffic light so now the car break itself not me and the car is also maintaining the break let's see if it would move you need to – just step into

The throttle the car will accelerate obviously you need to break into the corner but if you have a route guidance on and in your models I tried it in the Chilean GLS the car actually slowed down based

On the corners and GPS coordinates we have also 3d navigation here you can see the speed limit so now we have wide cockpit here for the c-class so if you press little firmly on the

Brake pedal you will see here the halt and it will actually hold the car also in the hill but also on the on the straight so that's really a great benefit for this feature we have also start stop system if I activate it you

Will have the green icon here but right now we have the orange icon so that means that start/stop was not available so mainly I Drive the city on the cruise control and here we have an adaptive cruise

Control also the car has EFT active Lane Keeping Assist okay so the car can steer for you so that's really a really good feature so for example he writes tears very nice

Please follow the road for 30 kilometres so now I'm heading on the highway overall with the sedan and estate you have a better sound isolation it's mainly because you have a framed door with a coupe a and Cabriolet you have a

Frameless doors so more air is coming more sound is coming to the cabin so yeah as I said numerous times the facelift biggest advantage of the facelift is in

My opinion the gearbox so now nine years instead of the seventh so the main difference here with the facelift is that we have new digital panels and also that the gearbox is now improved from seven years to nine years so that's

Really really great and then the cabin looks the same way as before obviously we have a new steering wheel and in digital panels so we can now increase speed here with the Distronic on the steering wheel the car will accelerate

By itself so now we can reset the trip computer and let's see the fuel consumption here we are going to little bit uphill and also we have some wind today so I said the speed limit to 133 km/h

Which is like around 80 miles per hour maybe 81 right now I'm at the meet here I think the car will shift into the ninth year but the kirkin felt that there is a wind

Resistance and it needs torque so yeah my way back that was probably tailwind so I had 5.5 consumption maybe I can shift myself to the ninth

Year and as you can see I shifted and we have now 1,600 so hey guys overall I can say that this car is much better than the pre-facelift and I think this is a fantastic car so even more enjoyable it would be with

Petrol engines and obviously then c43 and c63 63s so you guys thank you very much for watching leave a comment like this video share with your friends guys I will see you soon in the next video take care and

Have a wonderful day

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