2020 MERCEDES AMG S63 Long V8 NEW Exclusive FULL Review 1 OF 1 S Class CENTER OF EXCELLENCE

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

hello guys even here and today you join me in Sindelfingen in Germany where is the home base of Mercedes we are going to take a look at the center of excellence I will show you inside how it looks there and I will talk about what

You can do there so beautiful surroundings here in Sindelfingen area you can see that white g63 AMG beautiful sitting there on the rock and you have the beautiful entrance in this centre of excellence lot of greens flood of nature

And also next to the center of excellence you have the Sindelfingen Kundun center which is the customer center and also here is the biggest Mercedes factory to take a look at the surroundings in a

Beautiful bridge you walk on it or drive we have a little EQ or too smart this place is a special place and I will show you why so this is the name and the entrance and we can see the solar beam GTC roadster and also I want to just

Clarify that this is not a sponsored video and also Mercedes even pay to cover my cost for the flights and hotels so I came here on my own because I'm a big fan of the Mercedes so yeah I just want to clarify that so let's continue

So this is the solar beam GTC roadster which is a really really nice it has a knight package and also you have this like a sitting area on the left side near there like a little lake so you can chill there so when you enter you can

See these planks that this is a home base of circle of excellence and also the American Academy hospitality award and this is the first stone of this place and now we can see this beautiful closet it opens automatically and it is

Just something incredible and the first part here is this showroom area so we have a Maybach here and also the s63 so we can take a look at these two beautiful cars I will show you around

And tell you what you can actually do in this place and why it exists and there etc so this is the Mercedes Maybach it is very long and very exclusive it has a lot of luxury inside I will show you now the spec sheet so this is the spec sheet

Of the Mercedes Maybach s 564 Matic and it has a special paint my back rocky mountains dark and also exclusive two-tone interior which I will show you in a moment and basically you can do a lot of customization on your car so this

Is the beautiful paint as you can see it's really like a special color and also on the left you have these samples of the Maybach here is a TV screen and then you can have a lot of accessories to your car

So what you can basically do a display circle excellent you can customize your future vehicle and it will be built on the production line exactly how you want there are nine specialists in this whole building and I met one of them and he

Showed me around what you can actually do and what is the process so if you want to have an individual vehicle you need to have a request and then you can come here and pick whatever you want basically they will give you their

Advice or they think one is the best choice to how to combine colors and materials so you can have any color on your car even the color from a different brand

And you can also choose the interior how you exactly want you can have a stitching and everything basically you can choose how you want and they will give you their advice how you should combine colors so it looks really

Special and here in this closet you can see a lot of samples they are the two tones and plus for the my back and also other samples for the stitching here is like a little pillow and you can have any stitching how you want you have

Some other samples so we can pick the exact color which you want and you can have a two-tone as I said maybe even three tone so everything is individual and then they will make it exactly to your needs and to your likings so as you

Can see there are a lot of samples also they have a three thousand vehicles which are real vehicles and you can see every single paint which they have and then you can choose exactly the paint which you want or you can choose your

Own paint so now let's take a look at this s 63/4 Matic long and this car has a special my back Tierra del Fuego paint and also the exclusive Napa AMG leather is which is also two-tone with the news Brown which

Is a nut brown and a black and also in has a special wood inside so this is beautiful Mercedes AMG s 63 in this Maybach color tell me in the comment section how do you like this and I will show you the my back in a moment so now

Let's take a look at this as 63 so this paint is really hard to describe how it looks but it is a Maybach paint and now let's take a look and the interior which is a two-tone interior is very special as you can see it's

Really really beautiful so I will show that in a moment so this is two-tone as you can see her dressed have a two-tone leather and the seeds are also two-tone and this big AMG logo at the floor mats so now let's take a

Look at the rear seats it has a soft cloth of course mechanism and at the rear seat you can see lot of legroom etc but it has also these pillows and the ceiling is also 2-tone which is a special is not possible to order via the

Configurator and also the two-tone seats so really really nice and these pillows have a stitching so here on these have coral bands but you can have your own name or basically anything and they will stitch it there for you so this is just

Really next-level customization you guys also there will be second video from this center of excellence from the rear part where you can see very exclusive to cars so one car there is only one example in the

World so subscribe for that video as well and also other videos this is just next level place I was speechless when I saw it there for the first time

And now we can take a look at this my back as 560 so this is the Rocky Mountain dark pane which is just exceptional you have this 4matic sign on the front fender now we can take a look at the interior of this high-end special

Vehicle and this is also really nice this projector light and it is just a gorgeous gorgeous car you have also the Maybach logo in red in the door trim and two-tone interior as you can see it's espresso Brown and porcelain just really

Really something special my back logo on the floor mats and floor mats are more like a fluffy the mailbag logo is in red color it's very very special now we can take a look at this maybe a logo and the steering wheel and this is also two-tone

Color steering wheel now we can take a look at the rear seats so my back is even longer than an s-class long version and as you can see you have a my back in the red color and also this big night back logo on the seat and big mouth logo

On the headrest below two-tone seats so this is really really incredible and you can see the big white man logo it is espresso brown leather so this place works like your customization Center they don't sell anything they don't

Handle the finance with their clients so they are only there to give the advice in which direction you should go which paint samples or which materials and the finances handles your local dealer so they they will send the price of this

Customization to your local dealer and they will pay to the local dealer so they don't sell anything they are there just to help you with the customization to show you the fold the paints on the 3,000 cars and etc so this is just

Really the next level for the Mercedes Maybach and OMG alright guys so now let's take a look at this rear section of this place and there will be three special cars so the first one is Mercedes AMG s63 4matic

Plus Cabriolet and this vehicle is finished in special design of olive green metallic which is usually find on the g-class but here we can see it on the s-class Cabriolet so tell me how stunning is this and also it has 2 tone

And this is an exclusive AMG nappa leather interior and also some other bits which I will show you so this is just standing when I saw it for the first time I was like wow this is a this is crazy and these are the AMG wheels it

Has a steel Brinks v8 biturbo 4matic plus badge on the front fender and we can see this dashboard in settled brown and this beautiful two-tone interior so let's open the door and take a look so this looks just really refined and

Really pretty premium luxurious interior and what they do at the center of excellence then can give you advice how to combine different colors and materials so it looks good as a finished configuration and you can come there and

Take a look at so many samples and take a look and you can pick yellow steering wheel like a purple seats but then it may be it's not the best choice for you they will give you the advice how to combine so it looks a good and yeah the

Finished product is excellent sauce also the steering wheel is two-tone color in porcelain and set of brown so this is just really very something else this is facelift model by the way for the s63 and also the rear part is in settle

Brown where is the proof and it's just is something something else in this color because usually discolor you can find only on the g-class you can't put this color from the

Configurator you need to have a special request to the center of excellence and they can arrange the painting of this car for you so from the rear we can see this o LED taillamps

Very very elegant this green color how it looks in the person is it's very majestic so what is special about the center of excellence place is that they put the order directly in the factory so it's factory paint it it's not repaint

It afterwards so that's a big difference and also the interior is put inside under a car at the factory so it's not retrofitted so yeah really really stunning and 63 Cabriolet I really like it even in the black color

But in this green olive from the g-class is just really really yeah special car special order so these are their other samples which you can choose not all of them you can choose many more so these are just a few samples to give you like

A quick we'll take a look so yeah you can put basically any any color so this is really really nice lot of shades as you can see purple paint so even ladies cat would like to picking pink leather interior is not a problem

And this has 63 in just for me it's the best big Cabriolet so the mg logo is also individual as you can see it is in the bronze color so is not normal from the configurator really stunning with this new digital

Panels so here you can see is m-g performance also some other samples so you can put basically any color in the world on your car you can bring your own color for

Example from the from the old car and they will match it and paint the same exact color sometimes it takes longer to find all the materials all the stitching because the stitching for example needs to be compliant with safety regulations

Or the airbags and etc so it's not so easy to find all the components and also put it in the production line so if you have a custom order then you need to wait a few months more maybe three four months more than a normal delivery time

And these are also some carbon parts which are custom you can feed them on your car so really just stunning place and this is mercedes banz 280s a 3.5 Cabriolet w111 this is from the 1970 concours

Edition from the mercedes-benz museum and the price of this vehicle telecast is 750 thousand euros so this is really really something else all time stars concours Edition and it was for me it was the first time to see this classic

Car in this spectacular condition it has only few hundred kilometers on the odometer so it's basically like a brand new car it takes you back to the history so they put the car there because sometimes the client you can see delete

A spec sheet for the car seven hundred and fifty thousand euros when the client see this classic car they're like wow you can also do this kind of stuff so they make an order for the four classic cars so here we can see this is

The wall where you can see the configurator and here they can show you your future car on the screen and also they have sample boxes as you can see they can paint car which are built in Sindelfingen so that's equals S Class S

Cost to pay s cost Cabriolet my bath that poor man and also they can do a class copay and also a class Cabriolet for the C class they can do only the interior because it's built in a different planet but they can do the

Interior and then send it to you so yeah this is very interesting here is also another example of CLS 53 4matic plasma series AMG and this is not so much customized but a little bit customized so this car has red elements inside of

The vehicle so it's two-tone classic red interior and also it has a foil on the roof so they can do that as well so yeah this is like a smaller part of the configuration of the individual individualization but so it's a really

Big change inside of the interior so also the CLS they can do because it's based on the e-class platform so really really stunning place what you can see here it's something you can see anywhere in the world and the most customers they

Have are from the United States also from the Middle East and other countries so they also do delivery the customers pick up the cars and collect the new vehicles here in the centre of excellence but I didn't want to film

Those cars they were also under the blanket covered so daily they can do maximum of 6 or 7 cars and next in the command center the customer center they can delivery of anywhere between the 20 or

Even 50 cars depends on the volume so this is really an exclusive place also I saw there a car which wasn't like a very individual it was totally normal car in original silver and I asked why there is a delivery of this car it is not painted

Its special Carroll color or it doesn't have a special individualization but they told me that the client of the car is very special client so that's why they can pick up their car and the center of excellence you can see some

Bulletproof glass volatile panels some Mercedes also makes guard versions of the vehicles so guys that's it for this part 2 of the center of excellence I'm really glad that I could bring you this exclusive and special a video

Further on the YouTube of this kind of full review so guys smash the like button subscribe for plenty more videos and comment down below what do you think about this place and which car is your favorite so you guys that's it and I

Will see you soon in the next video have a wonderful day

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