2020 MERCEDES AMG GT R V8 NEW FULL Review BRUTAL TRACK Package Exterior Interior Infotainment

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

hello guys and welcome and this is Mercedes AMG GT r so this is the track focused version of the Mercedes AMG GT we have also the pro which I shot two pros on my channel so you can check them

Out and also the green GTR so here you can see LED high performance lights and these huge intakes for the hair and this gorgeous paint is design on sunlight granmagnum we have also Pilot Sport cup 2 tires with matte black wheels and also

Carbon ceramic brakes I didn't have a lot of time to shoot a video of this car I still wanted to show you and this car because it's special and I didn't shot and this paint and also this car features a track package which consists

Of several things and also guys like this video comment down below which is your favorite paint on the GTR and also don't forget to subscribe to see plenty more videos on this channel so this rear fixed wink can be also in carbon fibre

But here is in gloss black we can see also a huge diffuser and also these yellow our logo with the GT and also this huge diffuser with exhaust so it has a central exhaust and also exhaust on the sides so it is a special concept

Of the exhaust so really horizontal lights only really looks amazing this car and with every iteration I think it looks better so we have also night package and carbon-fiber roof and also we can see the camera and the

Mirror and these vents on the hood release this Magnum paint reflexed the light unlike anything else is really really gorgeous we can see mg specific grille at the front and this has a really great Road presence and the width

Of this is really really huge so let's check out the heart of this vehicle the engine and also this is a front mid-engine vehicle so the engine seats behind the front axle towards to the cabin and that's obviously better for

Every performance reason so let's check out this engine this is 4.0 liter v8 hot v engine and this is handcrafted by one man you can see the engine stats on the screen and really this is a mid-engine as you can see it sits behind the front

Axle we have also the name which of the person which handcrafted is engine and in this case it is a woman so also we can see the cooling with the AMG logo for the engine which is underneath the hood so it is like a hidden scoop so

Really really great great car now let's take a look in the interior let's jump in the vehicle you really see it low in this car so it has great eland all right so let's check out the interior of this vehicle so you have

These mirrors which are retractable and they are on the level of my head so they have like Super Sport feeling for sure then the door panels you have this very nice handle which is like aluminium quite heavy then we can lock the car

Unlock it you have a bore master speaker and this is the handle and you have here the decor is not carbon it could be carbon if you spec it here is a gloss black and also you have a controls for the windows

You set the mirrors and you can fold them and set each mirror individually and then you have this like a pouch here which is like for the storage but you can put here only like a small things so

Something small and here you have a controls for the lights so these are the fog lights here you can put the parking lights on one side these are the parking lights automatic lights and these are the high beams I mean the normal

Headlights high performance and here you can realize the parking brake and open the boot space to boot late so you release this only when you are told or something like that so not in normal case here you have a went so this is

Adjustable you can close it or open it and you can move it around so that's basically it here you have a some vent also and here is a speaker this dashboard is nice leather nappa leather very soft and high quality you have this

Teaching which is like a silver and the steering wheel which is the new style steering wheel in the facelift GTR and all GT models so you have the new digital instrument panel here also which is – a twelve point three inch screen

And you have also this screen which is twelve point three engine it this is a command system so with the steering wheel if we turn on the ignition so this is the common system and you can see it in the reflection the bucket

Seats but I will show you them later so with this a new style steering wheel you can operate with this touch area I can lower the ACC so with this touch area you can control the instrument panel and with this part you can control

The command system and you have also these hotkeys here so with this like a control hotkey with display you can turn it and change the dynamics select your driving style and here you can change some performance things so for example

You can have an exhaust here and you can press this button and if you press here on the display it will change what is here on the display but when you press here on the button then you change the setting of the thing which is select

Here so this is very good very easy to do and you can drive and do it like that with one hand even so this is very easy and very good I really like this some people say this is like a cheap plastic I've seen this but I don't know it's

Normal plastic it's not like I don't know it's not like cheap to touch so I can show you from behind hopefully you can see it no more plastic no should be it can be like a soft plastic because this is like a button so yes and if you

Click it it has like a premium sound so nothing cheap here feels everything like normal plastic so yeah just my point of view for this you have also this flappy bird loads which I'm like mechanical like a brutal sound so this

Is very good you have this silver part on the 12 o'clock so all I know oh very nice steering wheel you have airbag here and this is a horn I'm not gonna press it because I'm in the show room and you have here mg logo and the steering wheel

Is flat and also flat on the sides so yeah you have more like a leg room here and looks better looks a little more like a racing steering wheel so these are the indicators for the one side second side windshield wipers if you

Press I'm not gonna do that and here sometimes an ad Mercedes here is like a toggle for the transmission but here in the GT models it's here actually so that's that and if you press it like here you can change the drives and if

You press up you can also change so does that if you press here you have parking and also it's switching off but I will show you that in a detail later and this is the new command system here the decor is a carbon and you can move this by

Hand this is for the traction control you can set this to a lot of different like settings levels you have buttons for the AC THERMOTRONIC unit also this is like a matte carbon fiber here you have a storage space for two cupholders

And 12 volt socket and also USB a port ok and here the buttons are similar actually this is the same as here so if I press it here it you can see it's changing also here so that this is the same so we can control it and change

From the steering wheel or here from this if you press this button like this then you can change it and here if you don't have this button here then you can press here and it will change so you cannot change what is here it will be

Always the gearbox here here it will be always the mg the right control so if you can see you can have three settings and this is the traction control you need to hold this to turn it off here you have a control volume for the sound

Outs the start/stop button this is the spoiler which is underneath the vehicle for edit downforce and here we have a users button which is on and off but with a new name powerful and balanced and this is like you can turn this and

Then control the command system so here is also very nice engine operator this is dynamic our Alcantara we can say and here you have a storage space in a gold box you can close it and lock it if you want and here you have a very nice

Armrest with a fall term back logo so Affalterbach is the home of the AMG we have mg logo here and this is like engine cymbals and this apple tree is actually the coat of arms of the photobook city but only half so half of

All turbo and half the engines because they handcraft the engines there so that's very cool if you didn't know that if you press the button here it will open the armrest and if your battery key for dies you need to put it here

Basically like this and you can then start the car with the button here we have two USB a port SD card and it is pretty deep not super deep but I do not like like this deep you can put a bottle here few things

It's quite a good storage space okay so you can see here mg floor mats and also this speaker it's also in the driver's son as you can see there and you can see here also AMG logo and the pedals have nice aluminum finish and they have like

A rubbers on the pedals so they actually are very quite good not slippery so this is this is very good and the pedals feel very nice and the floor mat has also like lining which is on the edge and it is in the silver color and we have also

The net here so passenger can put some things here the door is the same as the driver's door and here if you take a look and these seats this car has an AMG track package which adds this bucket seat which has exclusive AMG nappa

Leather and dynamic ax and I have to tell you I was thinking before I tried to sit in them that they would be like uncomfortable no way that this could be comfortable but actually it is comfortable because the padding is as

You can see it's pretty thick so is it comfortable here also this is like a you can press here and it is not a like hard material it's nice padding here so I think this is a good option and you can even if I sit in the seat then I can

Definitely feel here that my shoulders are supported so this is very good in the corners if I driving then you don't like moving the seeds so much so if I will be deciding if I have to edit a strike

Package so I would definitely add it because this is a great package I think these seeds are just amazing and you can see how deep it is here so you are really like in the seat very nicely and you don't move pretty much at all in the

Seat and the seating and the seat belt here is very nice red seat belt so it looks just fantastic very nice and sporty and you have stitching here the mg stitching logo which adds a nice detail to the seats so with the track

Package obviously automatically comes this is a roll cage which is like a half a roll cage and it is inspired by the motorsport and it adds the rigidity to the car it is fixed to the vehicle and it could be also more safe with this

Cage so I think this is really nice and if you have and if you have this mg track package then you can also fit fix here the five-point harnesses and through this house you can have a like a full racing harness but for everyday

Drive this is probably easier but you can put it here and on occasion if you go on the nice Drive you can put it and it would feel more special these seats are from carbon fiber so they are lightweight as well so they

Lower the overall weight of the vehicle and also they are hollow inside so they say weight and add more shoulder support overall more body support so they are very good seats so if you take a look here in Arabic and the roof is from

Carbon fiber as well so it lowered the center of the gravity here you have a brushed like a leather on the ceiling and you have the Sun Visor here with a cosmetic mirror hello and you have the light here if you

Open it it will light up so this is basic basic things here you have a light buttons and you would have here like panoramic but this car doesn't have a panoramic obviously for weight saving and lowered the center a degree of the

Gravity if you press here it will line up and here you have a button for the parktronic and parktronic cameras this is the hazard lights and turn of the parking sensors these seats are not heated so you can't have a heated seat

With this bucket seat so also that's a thing to decide if you live like in a hot country you don't care but also I don't know if you drive this car in a snow so yeah there's also things to consider okay so now I want to show you

What you can change in this digital instrument panel so you can operate it with this button home and with this like a swiping button so this is very nice and easy to control so if we go from the basics you can select the design of this

Display so you can have it like this in a super sport or sport which is 2 diodes you can change this one what do you have here and then you can have a classic as you can see the response is very fast and you can also change in the classic

What do you have on the right dial so classic in sport in like a concept are the same just sport looks more sporty it has like a grey and yellow AMG colors and you can showcase on the right instrument cluster you can have it on

The RPMs or you can have rpms and g-force meter in the middle you can have a boost and kilowatt newton-meters mg track bass you can have the temperature of the gearbox engine and tire pressure then trip settings and

The navigation so in Super Sport which is my favorite you can select what you see on each side and in the middle you have like a rev counter so if we go here in the trip you can see the odometer and the range of this vehicle stats from the

Start and from reset if we put performance on the left side then you would see here the engine setting the gearbox the energy dynamics adjustable suspension the exhaust AMG exhaust also the traction control and on the top you

Can see the boost minimum maximum assistance you would hear a you would see here the Distronic and also the attention assist or Distronic you can set how long you should be or how short to the vehicle in front of you so this

Is very good system and then the vehicle will follow the vehicle in front of you on the distance which we will set

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