2020 MERCEDES AMG GT R PRO V8 NEW FULL Review BRUTAL Sound Exhaust Interior Exterior Infotainment

by birtanpublished on September 20, 2020

hello guys even here and welcome to this video so this is Mercedes AMG and gt-r Pro Edition we can see here in the key fob to this vehicle and in this video

I'm going to show you exterior interior and infotainment system so guys if you like this video then subscribe to this YouTube channel comment down below the thing about this car what your dreams back dream spec for this vehicle and

Also like this video it takes you like two seconds and I appreciate it a lot so guys let's start so we can see a very very nice shape of this GTR pro and the pro is actually enhanced track capabilities of the gt-r and also this

Edition is limited to 750 we a close worldwide so this is we can say a launch spec so this is designer Sun and grey Magnum paint with a lime stripes lime decals

And we can see this really aggressive front with these events for the cooling and his engine and this is really enhanced from a visual standpoint because the front bumper and the front lip is a lot larger and then on the GTR

And also these wheel arches are new to the pro we can see the carbon fiber front lip on the front bumper and also these struts which are holding it really looks like a gt3 or GT what our sport vehicle and just brutally

Aggressive in design here also for additional downforce we have these went above the wheel arches so these wheels are forged AMG performance with five twin spoke design and they are in like grafite color we have also sport tires

Which are Michelin Pilot a cup two tires and they have different size at the front to 7 535 19-inch and at the rear we have these are three 25 30 20 inch alloy wheels and also Michelin cup two tires sport they are almost like

Semi-slick tyres so here we can see v8 biturbo at the front fender and this part is also carbon fiber these stripes decals they are like a lime strong lime color really really really great and actually this is front mid-engine

Vehicle so the engine seats behind the front axle and I will show you that in a second so we can see this front lip it's a carbon fiber and distressed there like a really massive and we can see also AMG specific grille at the front with

Mercedes badge this car comes with LED high performance light really a lot of advanced things in this vehicle and I cannot wait to see a Black Series if the Bosch sits like a flush then it means that instead of the Bell there are

Sensors for the disturbing and s-tronic plus and here we can see one man on one engine so this is 4.0 liter engine we can see the engine cover which is actually more to the front and engine seats behind as you can see here are two

Turbochargers so this is hot V V engine so that means that these turbocharger seats inside of the cylinder Bank actually on top of the cylinder banks in the V shaped like a v8 that gives you a better response and everything also the

Engine cover is in carbon fiber so it looks magnificent and here we can see the name which handcrafted name of the person which hang crafted is engine and also you can mechanically adjust the ride height of this vehicle so the

Engine specs didn't change from the GTR because this is more oriented as a track package so I'll put the engine specs on the screen and yeah this looks really really great I really like how this plot enhances the GTR and it's a lot more

Pronounced so here we can see the carbon-fiber roof also this lower center of the gravity a little bit and these are the carbon fiber mirror caps so all in all also science car cover everything is carbon fiber in this car

so at the rear you can see this arrow part the rear bumper and actually they help to direct air at the rear for better air flow a there are quite large actually and also from the carbon fiber

So the rear wind has like a little gurney flap it also helps with downforce and also can adjust the wing for better than force or better top speed button just it and mechanically so here we can see the diffuser and also these like an

Exhaust so you have three exhaust pipes but the calorie have four because two are in the center and two on the side and they actually are implemented into the rear diffuser and also these rear tail lamps they have like a horizontal

Shape so gt-r Pro logo has like a lime color in the are so they're really light nicely complements these decals so really really gorgeous you are sitting

Almost at the rear axle so you can see the seats are really close to the rear axle so we can open the fuel cap and here we can see the tire pressure and also top speed and which patrol do you need to use and you need to use run

Ninety eight or more ideally of 100 or only 12 or 100 and yeah this it you can see here the manual paint it's really really special and we have the light bounces from this paint we can see also went at the bonnet and these power domes

On the front bonnet so really has a special special look this car I haven't seen anything like this actually in different we're close so it's quite special so now we can take a look at the interior of this car and pro gives you

Bucket seats so that's that's really really special so we can see the dynamic are in the door and also the brewmaster sound system and yellow seatbelt so these are the bucket seats which come automatically with the pro package so

They are really really gives you a great great support for your body but they are not like super firm the padding is actually quite good and lower part so it's not that uncomfortable so right now I want to show you how this car has this

Door package there's a little but you can stuff some some small bits there the handle is nice chrome and also you can close and open the car here here is in this part which is a gloss in the door and also the door trim is carbon fiber

With AMG branding really really looks sporty and like motorsport edition but we'd really like a premium features so now let's open the boot and take a look of what is there so you can actually open it with the button and

Then you just lift it it's not electrical and here we have a like a box so let's take a look what is there so as we can see here are four point harnesses which come with the GTR Pro so you can install them on this half roll cage

Which is behind the seats and this is the back and inside of the back is actually the interior cover for this car which is nice and setting so this is another law for the mg private lounge and manual to the vehicle and this boot

Is quite large you can put two three duffel bags or trolley bag so actually the boot size it's quite good or what it is and you can shut it like a head back and yeah really really great into a let's take a closer look and into your

Right now so let's jump in the car and now I'm going to show you these magnificent interior alright guys so I'll check out the inter of this vehicle is very very nice have you sit down here like in these bucket seats amazing

Because they have so much support so they are actually pretty comfortable for what they are and they give you amazing support you have also these seatbelts here with the just complements nicely this stitching here everything in yellow

And really really gorgeous you have also harnesses in the rear as I showed you and just a stunning standing vehicle you have here this middle panel where you have this display so you can change the dynamics like driving modes also the

Gearbox and traction control exhaust button is here and you can also roll raise or lower front as you can see front part of the vehicle the splitter start/stop system this is for the audio

System and trackpad which we know from new Mercedes vehicles so you can operate either here or you can open it it operate it with steering wheel so I'm gonna change change the language here and we can check it out so really really

I like this car a lot and I think this is a wonderful creation so we have this touch displays so if you press here you can change what these on the display and if you press on this part you can change the setting which is showcased here you

Can see this see it also here so for example you can retract the spoiler or extend it so really really sick you have also the park drink and with this one you can change also in here with this you can change the dynamic select which

Is the driving mode so you have race mode Sport Plus sport comfort in usual and slippery so that's pretty sick slipper has like a snowflake and you can change here with the steering wheel how it showcased on the display and for

Example you can put this design entirely to the sport it has now two diodes or two classic so personally I like all of them but at first I was not big fan of classic but now I like it a lot and also yeah this is the ultimate driving mode

So you have also mg lettering here let me do it white so really really stunning dinamica steering wheel which is all contouring of marking on a 12 o'clock and really very beautiful stunning stunning so you have controls for the

Lights so this is the latest of system of the command system so it's not like mu X but its second three it's pretty close so if you don't talk don't want to talk to the vehicle it's really really similar so you have

Trek pace here assistance I have another GTR Pro review which is more in-depth so if you want you can check that out so I really am a big fan of GTR and even even GT like normal GT than GTS then GTC GTR and this is GTR prod

Fifth level of the GT so this is ultimate and there will be also black series so here with this one if you have started the car you can change the traction control we have a bunch of different levels here as you can see you

Have wheel here and here like AMG stripes but these like levels tweet and yeah climate control pretty standard for Mercedes two cupholders you have also 12 volt socket and USB USB a port and here

Affalterbach logo and you have a small armrest and you can put the key fob here if your battery dies in the key book to USB a port SD card slot and you can fit mobile phone there or something like that everything is in a leather or here

In the dynamic Alcantara so all in all this is amazing spec I am a really big fan of this spec and this vehicle also and yeah some people ask me how this car is for the head space so hey guys I have a like this this much head space so as

You can see lot of head space and I'm 186 or 27 centimeters that's like 6 feet and between 1 and 2 inch so here you have a cosmetic mirror which lights up you open it and here you have actually hazard lights

On the top and yeah you would have here CD heating but seat heating doesn't come with this so if you want CD eating then you need to buy AMG performance seats not the bucket seats so if you but that's another topic if you would buy

This like if you would buy this drives for during winter during snow probably not so yeah so that's that you have also fire extinguisher here so I want to show you here the pedals they are really really if they are nice and I'm good to

Press so yeah this fire extinguisher here also mg branding on the floor mats so pretty pretty sick and here as I showed you you can change the settings on the display you can put here in the navigation you can see fuel consumption

Energy performance so bunch of stuff you can set here and this is really advanced for the tic-tac geeks so really really wonderful as you can see the response is very fast of the system and we have also here carbon fiber so really stunning

Really stunning and big fan of this and glove compartment is here so pretty pretty sick car we have also like AMG stripes here so really really wonderful we have here the sticker how you choose running the

Engine and yeah big fan of this vehicle have full navigation so everything what is convenient for you is here and also it's monster powerful monster so the best of both worlds so guys don't forget to subscribe like this video comment

Down below what the thing about this car and see you guys in the next video have a wonderful day

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