2020 MERCEDES AMG CLA45 S NEW FULL In-Depth Review Coupé BRUTAL Sound 4MATIC+ Interior Exterior

by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

What's up guys even here and this is the mercedes-amg CLI 45s this is the key fob to this vehicle it's a black key fob AMG and this color is matte and this is called designo Mountain gray magno which

Is only Magnum color for this model of the CLI and here we have the top engine variant which is the 45 s so this looks simply magnificent many people refer to these as – the baby GT for door and we have a four door here actually so we can

Compare the similarity is similar the size is of course different but yeah we can call that many mini a GT four door overall it's it has some similarities but overall obviously this is a wider car and is different but the wipe is the

Same we can see this car has power domes on the bonnet here also the GT folder has mg specific grille and the bumper is very similar with a shape from the apron the front lip is in high-gloss black and here the intake on the left side

Function on the right side is not functional and in the middle is also functional the mg specific grille was fantastic on this car it has horizontal bars so we can see front LED day liner in stripes this car also has the multi

Beam LED which can cut out ongoing traffic etc they are the best light and as far as I know right now in the US you can have only the 45 only not only but 45 known as variant why I'm not entirely sure so we can see these great

Shape this car can have also aerodynamic package this one is standard with the other arrow pack you have this lip here and diffuser with four exhaust pipes if you would have mg aero package many are also here

Additional diffuser and also the sleep on the boat would be longer we have also here the night package the window trim is in black exhaust pipes are rounded they have mg logo on the top and we have four rounded exhaust pipes

So personally I think these car looks really good with these exhaust pipes we have also these optional alloy wheels and we can actually check HERE two turbo 4matic plus on the front fender and we can see here this paint in the sunshine

So it has like metallic flakes if you look closer but overall it is matte and you can see how the light changes and the Sun bounces of this paint so on some parts this is a has like a darker and brighter shade so really looks

Incredible so in this specification here we have a matt black optional wheels I believe these are called cross spoke wheels and we have Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tire compound and the tire size is 250 535 19-inch the side skirt is also

In black as the window trim but the handles here they remain chrome also the mirrors are black we have here the gottlieb daimler name on the windshield and the rear tires have 250 535 19-inch so they are the same size as the press

The front now wheelchair I person the Koopa is also here is now because it would look horrendous and these tail lamps they have also a great design which is more like a horizontal and because this is now you can see here the

Separation if you press here the bench it can open like fully here and you have much wider now like 25 centimeters something like that a lot wider opening here we have here discover this is a black from the dealer and here is tire

Kit subwoofer etc on the right side we can see the sea light 45s in the middle of our cities on the left side oMG so if I press here we can check out the tire pressure and we can see also top speed 270 168 miles per hour and these are the

Tire pressures you should use 98 or more gas 100 in ideal circumstances so yeah this is just magnificent this shape I really like this looks fantastic here is a GT folder which it looks even better or similarly better yeah it's design is

Subjective but I'll box both look incredible ok so let's open the bonnet so this car has a handcrafted engine from a father bar and this is 200 liter m1 3 9 4 cylinder engine so this one produces in

The 45 area and 387 horsepower and in the 45s 421 horsepower and this car and spring from 0 to 100 km/h 62 miles per hour in only four seconds the torque is 500 Newton meters and I showed you the top speed 270 km/h we have a here

Torsion bar for additional rigidity here with the mg brand ink and we can see the turbocharger here as well so this car is inline 4-cylinder as you can see here for parts and mg and here is a plaque of the engineer which hang crafted this

Particular engine this engine is produced in the foreign factory which won the award for the best modernized modern factory in the world basically and it is in father back home of the AMG the AMG HQ in Germany we can also see

The heat shield on the left side here and some sounds bettan ink also the engine cover has like carbon ad chord there so the engine is actually turning 180 degrees to the previous engine and that because it can be now moved as far

As back towards the cabin as possible and also because this is the turbocharger closer to the cabin and exhaust manifold is actually in the front so this is revolutionary for the AMG because they have never done this

Before also there are new pager piezo injectors Nano slide technology so this car has also higher rpms so it's more like a naturally aspirated engine this vehicle and that's just wonderful

If you hear sound noise that's because of the hood so again a lorry this is life shooting we have also here a reservoir for the windshield wipers and another coolants so we can now close the bonnet here I also want to talk

About the rear multi clutch differential which is on the rear axle so thanks to that you can actually have drift mode in this vehicle so you can engage the drift mode and then it will send more power to the rear axle but also between the left

And right wheel it will select which wheel needs more power and it can send a hundred percent of the power on that wheel and the result is that the rifting with this car is super easy and super fun so that's that's that's a good

Result if you ask me and overall this car is just so nice from the exterior from the interior so from every every aspect this car is beautiful it's filled with the technology it has a handcrafted engine and actually four cylinders have

Similar sound the v8 more than the six cylinders and yeah actually when I'm here quickly I want to show you this is the CLA 45s Cooper and I also drove the 45s when I was here last time but in the shooting

Brake which is available only in some markets so it looks like that so it's like a more sporty looking Estate basically and power is the same etc so make sure you check out I did three videos driving

POV style with this car the power is essentially the same as the coupe a and also the handling would be the same maybe a no three four percent difference because of the rear but not the big difference so I just wanted to mention

That I will drive the coupe a as soon as it will be possible for that reason but you can check out that video and revin will be similar I'm sure maybe on the race track you would feel like the difference but not huge difference so

Overall this is a great car and what is also great is the interior of this car so this car has AMG performance seats which are just wonderful with integrated headrest you can see it there so these have more

Bolsters as you can see there are much thicker in the bolster area and also here in the seat area and they have also disliked paint line which rubs better also integrated headrest so let's jump inside I want to show you here this is

Interior so this is how the car looks from the rear and no surprise it looks incredible so we have your controls for the seats steering wheel these 10.25 inch screens and overall this is just magnificent design and everything is

Top-notch with this vehicle and in some markets for example like in the UK you cannot have these seats with the 35 engine variant only needs 45 so yeah that's also a difference

So these seats are just wonderful here is probably set I can try that and bolster that it should be more that the bolster should be more inflated you can try that together because normally you don't have it like this

Yes you can see six so that's why it looked like you have so much support side bolsters here is also ten so this is this you'll now D flight but the SAS bolster has pretty thick actually so yeah very good seat you have also AMG

Here and the stitching is also yellow so this is mg performance steering wheel and we have here the buttons for the electric seats for the seat heating you could have seat ventilation but with the normal seeds which have perforated

Leather memory seats for three positions you can lock the car unlock it controls for the windows and mirrors controls for the lights ambient lighting you can see these two panels so these are ten point 25 inch screens with

Mu X system and you can change it up how you want so basically you can put this in different designs so we have here classic which is like a blue I can operate it here with the steering wheel so we can also see here the sport mode

Which is like to instrument clusters and we have special note only which only AMG's have this is called the Supersport this is a one central dial and if you start the car you can see here the revs and if you change it up here into the

Race mode then you can see this car is now louder and we can set this also in performance you can see here the temperature of the engine oil transmission oil kilowatt Newton meters which are using at the moment and you

Can see the Select you can see the settings for the dynamic drive and the g-force meter and the rev counter so if I would drive you will see here the one okay this is the first gear so in the performance if you swipe to the right

You can also change what is shown here so here we have RPMs then you have temperatures tire temperature boost kilowatts Newton meters and here on the left so you can also change so here is a speed and you can change it up so for

The first one is the speed then you can have the time and date from start so these are fuel consumption from start reset trip itinerary this is radio and also speed in kilometers so this you can set this up in so many ways that it's

Incredible we have also tires so you can see each temperature for each wheel and each for each wheel you can see the temperature and tire pressure and this is for the service coolant engine oil level and you

Can also have it in navigation and I can set this in full screen you can have it like this you have navigation here and here so you are not lost also here we can see the marker at 12 o'clock the steering wheel is flat on the bottom and

Also on the sides here we have dinamica and nappa leather you can also have everything in dinamica or everything in leather so we did want to control the left instrument cluster and in this part the control the middle main display head

Unit and these are the tacos for the quick change of the settings and in this case of dry select we have also slipper remote individual Comfort Sport Sport+ and the race mode and here we have a button for the exhaust so this is mg

Real performance sound transmission ng dynamics auto start/stop and you can also press here on the display and change it up and then you to press this black part then you can change the setting of that of that feature so AMG

Here on the bottom R series in the middle we have also these pedals here which are for changing gears they have a great feel to them you have one down and up on the right side this is for the windshield washer fluid and for the

Wipers and here is a toggle for the transmission so this is unit for the AC you have a menu for acing you can set and change the fan you can set it on auto which is front defrost you have hazard lights rear defrost close the

Circulation of the air from outside and we have AC or a rest so if you park the car and walk away and press the rest it will continue to heat up the cabin or to continue to ventilate the cabin as well in the summer you can sink both sides

Because each passenger can choose their own temperature here in this car while charging for a phone USB C port 12 volt soaking here two cupholders which if you press here they will extend if you're a car battery discharge we can put here

The key fob and it will continue to charging we have also here the button for manual mode in transmission turn of the ESP and sound button for the exhaust sound squads different we have also here the

Parktronic car settings favorite dynamic this is the same as here so it is for changing the driving modes and the navigation radio media telephone so these are the the hotkeys for that we have also AMG floor mats and these

Pedals have rubber on them so they are not slippery so that's very very good you can close this here in this compartment if you leave some stuff here you can close it and yeah this is where charging it should fit most of the

Phones it fits my iPhone 11 Pro max this is only to rest your palm while you are operating this trackpad so this part is not functional this is only an ergonomic part here if you press you have a middle

Storage under the armrest with two USB supports everywhere is yellow stitching and these are the seats once again so they have dynamic kinda middle which is like Alcantara material you can also extend these here this is better for

Taller people to support the Thais and we can see here the AMG stripes on the front dash this is a glove compartment and you have also here like a hidden compartment this is for terror manual or you can put

Additional stuff there in the doors we have a bull master sound system so you can see it here by this logo and also by the logo here in this speaker here so yeah all I know wonderful vehicle here on the top we have buttons for the

Lights Mercedes me SOS button and this is Sun Visor also the passenger has a net here so they can store some additional stuff so yeah this interior is just magnificent so let me know how do you

Like this so in the head unit we have navigation radio media comfort track pace performance apps and store settings I can swipe here and you will see how it changes or you can also do that here in the steering wheel

Correct pace dis can monitor like 18 different parameters on the racetrack when you are driving Oh call so it can record the drag race and it is very very good system so you can see here drag race telemetry we have also all kinds of

Racetrack options here we have mg performance so this can show you in the vehicle how the car is changing the drive between each wheel and suspension we have also g-force here you can see how much gas or brake you are using at

The moment and also we can see here in engine we can see also engine output engine torque engine oil temperature and transmission of temperature and we have also consumption there so these are the apps in the apps you can have also the

Car play apple carplay or Android auto Mercedes mixed or and you can buy some additional services for example so in the app you can also see a bunch of stuff about the car and you need to pay for subscription for that yearly or two

Years or three years and you can here you can see here account and offers can also buy apple carplay yd0 so Mercedes my portal on the web so in car settings we can see quick access the parking active line keeping exist assistance

And in the vehicle a bunch of different settings as well in the light ambient light here are colors 64 different colors or multi color options which are several Rs well you cannot see really that now because it's sunny but the best

Visible is here the dark blue color and we have also energizing comfort so this combines seat massage ambient lighting city heating so Sid massage here is not really massage it's like seat kinetics and it will move up and down the lower

Part and also the backrest in the seat and then you have like the cities' moving a little bit so that's that's better this also the seats can have also a lumbar support which you can set so you can set here in which part it should

Like in flight ok so you can inflate it on the top or you can inflate it here in the low so your lower back has more support and you can inflate it even up to 10 which is really really wide so everybody can find the best driving

Position also the side bolsters come in flight it from zero up to ten which is a lot for most of the people and energizing coach it actually works with the app so that's about it if you go down you have also DS

You've also these teams so you have a trip setting lounge standard experience racetrack and if we go down we have also favorites so you have so many settings it's incredible so now I want to set the front seat how I would drive and we can

Sit in the rear and check this out how is it in the rear seats okay so this is how I would drive we can now check out the rear okay so I'm in the backseat we have frameless doors these are tinted

So for the privacy we have also ambient lighting here in the doors more master speaker so the MG performance seats are thinner actually in the rear part so I have more space so now the CDs in the lowest

Position possible I can still put my feet under the seat and I have enough space here actually so here for my left knee I have a lot of space we have also airbag here and here is also a lot of space so even if I would put my legs

Like this I have still space here so that's great and we have also a rear armrest with the cup holders and armrest is quite wide so both of the people can put here in their arm and this is the rear seat when integrated headrest and

The rear seat offers also some support on the back and also here on the seat we have isofix for child seats and you can see here ambient lighting also here in the hand glow and also here in the in the foot area and here we have also USB

Supports and these are the ones for the rear so this is how the car looks from the rear and no surprise it looks incredible so we have your controls for the seats steering wheel these 10.25 inch screens

And overall this is just magnificent design that everything is top-notch with this vehicle this is how it looks from the rear so it looks very sporty for the rear passengers it's also nice we have handle

Here if you're too scared sitting in the rear we have light you can hang your jacket alright guys so in the rear I have cannot say I have like a lot of space so I'm touching the ceiling with my hair not with my head but with my mid

My here so I have like one sent me two centimeters because my hair color is 2 centimeters so around 2 centimeters that's what this like a little bit less than 1 inch and this car is without the panorama panorama without the panoramic

Roof so essentially if I'm I'm 186 centimeters or 6 feet and between 1 and 2 inch I would say taller people than me would not be really comfortable here like move little bit forward me with my legs and then I have a more head space

So I think this this could be doable for me but for a tour paper probably not but if you buy this card and you are probably driving one maybe two people and maybe you can put you can put easily here the seats for kids and you can

Drive easily with your kids in this car so that's kids kids we will have plenty of space here so that's not issue at all so you have also keep safety lock so I cannot open here now the rear doors I'm trapped here so that's good for kids

Safety for me now it's not very good but you can open it I can open it here and let myself out so where is said the kid safety it's here so this toggle here the term means if

You press it up then the kid safe lock is functional if you press it down then it's not functional and you can do that also and you can engage it here also so yeah let me know the thing about his car alright guys so that's it for this video

With this amazing amazing see you like 45s so let me know what you think about this car comment below it is either like subscribe if you haven't and hit the notification bell so guys that's it and

I will see you tomorrow have a wonderful day

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