2020 MERCEDES AMG CLA45 S Coupé VS Shooting Brake FULL Review BRUTAL Sound 4MATIC+

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Or I guess so this is the CLA 45s Shooting Brake I will show you everything but I need to rip arc this car change the dynamic select here or here on the steering wheel you can put these in different driving modes so I wanted to show you

How you can start this and apparently it doesn't have an emotion start she started when you hold the pedal when you start the car so it went to 1,000 and 900 rpms and it's quite loud is EQC

We don't want to do that so so far really nice Drive and you know it's quite like meeting is the sound you can hear also you hear the the AC and eating but

Yeah really nice like a meteor sound I would say okay so I want to film also and exhaust so let's do that now so this is the key fob and black key fob I hope you can see it I will show you in a second as well

hello guys even here and this is the CLA 45s the most powerful CLA ever made and it has the most powerful two cylinder engine in the world in specific this is

A shooting brake so I don't think this is available in the US but other than the boot space is the same than the silico pay so from the functional standpoint maybe it's slightly different but like in terms of the driving because

Of the bigger mess in the rear but not like you would need to go like crazy to notice the difference and back-to-back in each car so I would say there are a lot similar so if you are considering the C like you pay which is only

Possible to buy in the US then you can check this review as well and a lot of things will be similar so yeah guys I just wanted to mention that so here we are looking at the polar white I also filmed a 45 s with the digital white

Which is like off-white I would say it's like a little bit the green another green a little bit gray and a little bit white and this is let me check again this is polar white no metallic flakes in the paint solid color or white and we

Are also here the night package which gives you a black accent I think you can get also aerodynamic package for this vehicle and this one it seems it doesn't have it gives you additional like a bit plastic

Black color in the front but even like this it looks really nice I would say and we have different from the bumper to the 35 version and obviously taps on technical standpoint it's massively different from visual is also different

So the ship team break is like Cooper and I stayed together that's why it's not called the estate but it's called the shooting brain I will turn the car around in a second I will show you the rear just a sneak peak so yeah

It's more sloping so it's like a hybrid of the coupe a and estate which I think it's good if you want additional like a luggage space yeah it's more family friendly I would say in terms of the boot space and it doesn't look like like

A classic istead right it looks more aerodynamic because of the sloping roof and more more better actually better than instead because not many people like estate cars and they are trying to make them to look as good as possible so

Yeah these LED lights are not flickering this different frame rate on the on the camera so you have here the two LED stripes one on the up and one on the in the corner and we have also the multi beam LED headlights which I will film on

My car how do you look in the night they look amazing and they cut out ongoing traffic here also one of these beams it has like a three beams segments light segments they flush here I think and then you can see better in the corner

Because I noticed that when I go slowly into the corners so this stripe is like a 3d you can see that really really nice light design there's the same on the Cooper as well so I would say to the B B pillar is the same like Cooper and then

It's a bit and design so you can see also these two power domes and they are also on the a-class a 45 only a 45 here it's on every CL a also on the 35 CLA 35 AMG one thing I want to show this obviously mg

Specific grille and this a front bumper it's called like a shape you can see it's like a a letter a really really cool design these like vents in the bumper the right one is not functional only the left one is functional because

There is air intake to the engine you can see here this is functional and the right one is not and kneeble is also functional you can see it here use a mesh and behind it is called intercooler obviously here as well so you can see

The 360 cameras in this car and the sensor obviously AMG batch on the right side as always one thing I want to mention these fenders in front of the vehicle in front wheels on the CL I could buy a CLS Shooting Brake they are

The same obviously and they look like more around it on the a-class hatchback I just film it like ten minutes ago I can see different the transition between the fender and like a bonnet is more like racing you can see like more

One more line there so here it's more like elegant so that's one little difference so I think both a class and CLA are gorgeous value many performance because it's the best I would say CLA 45 s is more stylish and shooting brake is

More the most practical so these are the alloy wheels in matte black with like chrome lip around them so this car comes with a bit early ballots port for S tires Michelin which are amazing tires and the tire size is 250 535 19

255 35:19 ish so the same size in front and rear and when I filmed the a-class it has a 245 so half an inch wider tires on the CLA so you can see how this tire sticks out so they stick a lot out from the body you can see here on the rear

And also the front ones so they pushed the wheels as far as possible to the wall towards the outside so yeah you have more stability and you can see this car is really like here is a one part of the roof and here it's a side of the

Vehicle and it's really white so it sits really nicely on the road and the presence of this car is just fantastic you can see these lines on the sunshine and these power domes so I think that's even in terms of the design I want to

Show you the engine bay now so ladies and gentlemen we are looking at the most powerful for ceiling done four cylinder series production engine in the world and it's here sitting nicely on the Sun sunbathing so this is M 1 3 9 engine

Coat this is successor to the M 1 3 3 and it is 2 litre 4-cylinder engine it's highly different to the predecessor actually it's turning the engine is turned around there its axis 180 degree so basically

Forward of the engine is backward and etc so this allows the engine to move it as close to the rear of the engine bay as possible for better dynamics for this for the sloping bonito roof design or the sloping bony good design

Of the front of the vehicle we can see the large turbocharger and 45s version has a power output of 310 kilowatts which is 421 horsepower 500 Newton meters of torque the pound fee doctor I will put on the screen

And 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds that's 62 miles per hour and top speed is 270 kilometers per hour which is 180 168 miles per hour you have a heat shield around the turbo and basically the exhaust is in the front so it's

Forwarded from the front to the rear his engine is handcrafted by this person I cannot read the first name this is vest her fare I think only the four-cylinder this one and the v8 and v12 are hand built in a falter buck the

Other engines in 43 or 35 are not handcrafted and wheeled so if you want handcrafted engine either this or v8 or a v12 I just wanted to mention that for the torsion rigidity you have here this bar with nice AMG logo and the engine

Cover has like a carbon decor so these four lines mean that this engine is four-cylinder inline four-cylinder you can see better now the frame rate is correct you can see better and this LED taillights they are gorgeous in my

Opinion you have a black mirrors because of the nice package and also window trim is black but the door handles they stay chrome and yeah I think it's gorgeous design now I want to turn around the vehicle so

You can see that from the rear also here is a signature Daimler Gottlieb Daimler okay guys so I turn it the monster around we can see now the shooting break from the rear and I think this is the best-looking Shooting Brake /e state

Vehicle in a compact segment in the world that's my personal opinion so it's really gorgeous in my opinion and you can easily buy that instead of the c-class because the size of the of this CL is like a c-class basically so

The sloping roof design with the estate nicely combined and it's ideal for a practicality family basically one car for everything and that's why I think this car has this specific purpose that you only need this vehicle and you don't

Need other cars because everything is here family car and also the car for driving dynamics so this opening is very very sleek you have four exhaust pipes which are around it and they are black because of the 9th package they have

Nice AMG logos and the fuser is also black I think with the aerodynamic package you have also diffuser in the lower part so it's like more aggressive and we have also this part here like black other other plastic and yeah

The spoiler here is looks like this his lip two and a half inches I would say like seven eight centimeters so it's not small it's like elegant elegant decent and that's my conclusion for the spoiler you have also detail dynamic parts which

Come also on the mg line and they can help to air flow of the car they can help on the air flow through the rear of the car better and you have better less drag you have and here we can see the tire operation and also the maximum

Speed this is for the winter tires so you have here a pressure in kPa and psi and this car requires not paint or 95 in emergency so a 98 or more octane and the base would be 100 or more you have also the panoramic roof which ends like in

The middle and then you have the body color here it really has a nice wide stance this vehicle and I really like it looking at it right now so you can see how why this car is so it's really something else

So guys talking about the practicality we can check out now at the boot space and you can open in here with the key fob and it's electric so this is larger than the predecessor and it's more wide is opening 23 point six centimeters

Wider than the previous CLI Shooting Brake and that's because the lights are cut out here and part of the light is on the on the door so that's the main reason for this opening being large and this vehicle gains also ten liters

Of the boot space from the predecessor so now it has five hundred and five liters so I'm not sure this is manual yes this is manual okay so you can close this so nobody can see what you have in the boot and if you want to open it then

Just it says here press so if you press it will open so it's like that and you can see these are really large for for the doors so you can see cockpit here I will show you that in a second so really great I think you can put here trollee

For the baby and luggage so for this reason I think this is a useful car and that's why I think this will sell here more and that's why I think they ordered this one and hopefully the seal I could pay will come here as well later so for

The practical is little bit more expensive like 600 euros that's nothing considering this price of this vehicle so I think it's this is more more smart to buy this variant over the Cooper but to Pisces looks better so little bit you

Need to choose what you want practicality with very nice design or less practical with exceptional stylish designers so you have also at the rear wiper here on the Shooting Brake on the CL you don't have because it will be

Horrendous and ugly so let's also think to mention and in the rear we can see the CLA 45 s in the batch and on the left side it's a AMG and you can open the boot also if you press here

The batch it will open as well so yeah that's that we can close it and underneath the badge there is actually the camera a rear camera so is always a clean this camera and that's fantastic what's up guys even here and this is the

Mercedes AMG CLI 45 s this is the key fob to this vehicle it's a black key fob AMG and this color is Matt and this is called designo Mountain gray Magnum which is only Magnum color for this model of the CLA and here we have the

Top engine variant which is the 45s so these looks simply magnificent many people refer to these as – the baby GT four-door and we have a four-door here actually so we can compare the similarity is similar the size is of

Course different but yeah we can call that many mini the GT 4-door overall it's it has some similarities but overall obviously this is a wider car and is different but the wipe is the same we can see this car has power domes

On the bonnet here also the GT folder has mg specific grille and the bumper is very similar with a shape from the apron the front lip is in high-gloss black and here the intake on the left sides function on the right side is not

Functional and in the middle is also functional the mg specific grille was fantastic on this car it has horizontal bars so we can see front LED day liner in stripes this car also has the multi beam LED which can cut out ongoing

Traffic etc they are the best light and as far as I know right now in the u.s. you can have only the 45 only not only but 45 known as variant why I'm not entirely sure so we can see these great shape this car can have also

Aerodynamic package this one is standard with the other arrow pack you have this lip here and diffuser with four exhaust pipes if you would have a mg aero package then you are also here additional diffuser and also the sleep

On the boat would be longer we have also here the night package the window trim is in black exhaust pipes are rounded they have mg logo on the top and we have four rounded exhaust pipes so personally

I think these car looks really good with this exhaust pipes we have also these optional alloy wheels and we can actually check here two turbo 4matic plus on the front fender and we can see here this paint in the sunshine so it

Has like metallic flakes if you look closer but overall it is matte and you can see how the light changes and the Sun bounces of this paint so on some parts this is a has like a darker and brighter shade so really it looks

Incredible so in this specification here we have matt black optional wheels I believe these are called cross spoke wheels and we have Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tire compound and the tire size is 250

535 19-inch the side skirt is also in black as the window trim but the handles here they remain chrome also the mirrors are black we have here the gottlieb daimler name on the windshield and the rear tires have 250 535 19-inch so they

Are the same size as the press the front now wheelchair I person the coupe is also here is now because it would look horrendous and these their lamps they have also great design which is more like a horizontal and because this is

Now you can see here the separation if you press here the bench it can open like fully here and you have much wider now like 25 centimeters and like that lot wider opening here we have here discover this is black from the dealer

And here is tire kit subwoofer etc on the right side we can see the sea life 45s in the middle of our series on the left side AMG so if I press here we can check out the tire pressure and we can see also top speed 270 168 miles per

Hour and these are the tire pressures you should use 98 or more gas 100 in ideal circumstances so yeah this is just magnificent this shape I really like this looks fantastic here is a GT folder which it looks even better or

Similarly better yeah it's design is subjective at the elbow both look incredible okay so let's open the bonnet so this car has a handcrafted engine from a falter bar and this is 200 liter

M13 nine four cylinder engine so this one produces in the 45 area and 387 horsepower and in the 45s 421 horsepower and this car can spring from 0 to 100 km/h 62 miles per hour in only four seconds the torque is 500 Newton meters

And I showed you the top speed 270 km/h we have a here torsion bar for additional rigidity here with the mg branding and we can see the turbo charger here as well so this car is inline four-cylinder as you can see here

For parts and AMG and here is a plaque of the engineer which handcrafted this particular engine this engine is produced in the foreign factory which won the award for the best modernized modern factory in the world basically

And it is in father back home of the AMG the AMG HQ in Germany we can also see the heat shield on the left side here and some sounds detonate also the engine cover has like carbon ad chord there so the engine is actually

Turn it 180 degrees to the previous engine and because it can be now moved as far as back towards the cabin as possible and also because this is the turbocharger closer to the cabin and exhaust manifold

Is actually in the front so this is revolutionary for the AMG because they have never done this before also there are new pager piezo injectors Nano slide technology so this car has also higher rpms so it's more like a

Naturally aspirated engine this vehicle and that's just wonderful if you hear sound noise that's because of the hold so again a lorry this is life shooting we have also here a reservoir for the windshield wipers and another coolant so

We can now close the bonnet here I also want to talk about the rear multi clutch differential which is on the rear axle so thanks to that you can actually have drift mode in this vehicle so you can engage the drift mode and

Then it will send more power to the rear axle but also between the left and right wheel it was select which wheel needs more power and it can send a hundred percent of the power on that wheel and the

Result is that the rifting with this car is super easy and super fun so that's that's that's a good result if you ask me and overall this car is just so nice from the exterior from the interior so from every every aspect this car is

Beautiful it's filled with the technology it has a handcrafted engine and actually four cylinders have similar sound the v8 more than the six cylinders and yeah actually when I'm here quickly

I want to show you this is the seal at 45s Cooper and I also drove the 45s when I was here last time but in the shooting break which is available only in some markets so it looks like that so it's like a more sporty looking state

Basically and power is the same etc so make sure you check out I did three videos driving POV style with this car the power is essentially the same as the coupe a and also the handling would be the same maybe a no 3/4 percent

Difference because of the rear but not the big difference so I just wanted to mention that I will drive the Cooper as soon as it will be possible for that reason but you can check out that video and Robin will be similar I'm sure maybe

On the race track you would feel like the difference but not a huge difference so overall this is a great car

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