2020 MERCEDES AMG CLA45 S Coupé vs Shooting Brake FULL In-Depth Review BRUTAL Exterior Interior

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

hello guys even here and welcome to this video so this will be a for review of the Mercedes AMG CLA 45 s 4matic plus and this is a coupe I shape this was

Requested on my youtube channel because I already shot the shooting break but stay tuned in the end I'll show you here is also very nice shooting break and before we start give this video like subscribe to this YouTube channel and

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Will bring you the best possible content with I can what I can bring at the moment so yeah let's dive into this car so we can see how beautiful is this Cooper shape probably this is my favorite from all compact AMG s so we

Have a class hatchback than this –see like Cooper we have CI shooting-brake we have also GLA GLB so those are compacts and also a class sedan so we can see here this car has aerodynamic package and this yellow plane is called sunny

Yellow and this is a solid paint not metallic not the xenja this is a solid paint this free option so you can see here the rear part so the boot has a spoiler and that's part of the aerodynamic package also the diffuser

Under the exhaust tips and also this car is on display at AMG brand center dansk in Poland and this is the first mg brand center in the Europe there are only six in the world in Beijing also Tokyo Shanghai etc so

This is first in Europe and then there should be only 25 in the world so very exclusive standalone concept a very beautiful also from the facet so you can see here the spoiler it is in high-gloss black color and this shape of the Cooper

Is just really stunning big fan of the shape and those are my favourite wheels so I really like this back so when choosing the CLA in some market there is only this copy available so Shooting Brake is not available in

Every market so just notice that so here we can see this display and on this display you can see the specification the configuration of this particular car which is on the display so it is like a spec sheet but in the in a digital way

On the iPad and it's really cool because you can see all the options and it's very very nice so here is also the spec sheet for this particular car and the 45 s is the most powerful version we have the 35 mg then we have a 45 and 45 s is

The most powerful so let's check out and the rear so we have four exhaust pipes and yeah this is the Shooting Brake it is in magna designo magno you can see a little bit how it looks from the rear and in the end I will show you the

Differences between the both sides of the coupe a and Shooting Brake so we have really liked this shark front-end and the coral reagan-era chief designer of Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG he said it's like it has

Like a shark face also the front is very steep and we have new design language for the day liner in stripes and the technology for the light is also new compared to the predecessor pretty previous CLA so we have now so now we

Have the multi beam LED headlights which in color of tango in traffic etc they have 18 separate parts which can cut out the traffic so here are these matte black wheels they are like a setting set in black very nice Michelin

Pilot Sport for S tires 255 35 19 inch we have turbo 4matic plus and badge on the front fender and the rear tire size is the same as the has in the front so it is 25 35 19-inch so now let's open the bonnet the hood and check out the

Engine so this is m1 Trina engine which is a successor to M one two three it is a handcrafted in a falter back in Germany the HQ of AMG you can see the plaque on the engine and this is 2 power liter 4 cylinder in-line turbo engine it

Is the worst most powerful 4-cylinder engine with twin scroll turbo charging which is produced in series production it's it is a performance champion we can say so this engine develops 421 horsepower there's 310 kilowatts 500

Newton meters of torque that's 368 pound-feet of torque from 0 to 100 km/h 62 miles per hour this car can sprint in only four seconds that's super super fast and top speed is 270 km/h or 168 miles per hour which is electronically

Limited so this car could go even even faster and the transmission here is AMG Speedshift and DCTs double clutch transmission 8g so it has eight gears and this is a very good transmission for sporty driving style so the dual clutch

Transmission impresses with a race start function so that's like launch control and motor racing gear changes but also these transmission is oriented on the comfort with Top Gear's so seven and eight gears are longer so therefore when

You are driving on the on the long journey you have lower rpm and better consumption and the cabin is quiet so you can use these cards daily without any problem and the new performance 4matic plus with AMG control

Has two separately acting clutches on the rear axle which allow free variable torque distribution to the each of the rear wheels exactly as a required and this is particularly noticeable when you select the drift mode and the car is

Very very tail happy so now let's check out the interior of this car so this particular car has bought seven inch screens which are the base setup but you can have also large screens which are 10.25 inch and the sea light shooting

Rate which is next to this car has those displays so in the next video I will show you how it looks also but also you can check out my review of the CLA 45 s Shooting Brake with large displays so we can see here

The beautiful ambient lighting this is a red moon you have ten color combinations then multicolor setups in the interior and let me know in the comment section down below which is your favorite these color combinations are just gorgeous and

You can see also they are lighting up in the rear so they are really really fantastic in some markets I believe you can have only large displays and because that was the case with the standard AMG line a class so

For example in the US you could have only and that car with the large displays but in Europe we have the option that we can have as a base without optional extras you can have this 7 inch displays but overall I

Prefer a larger displays because they look better and you can see more informations you have a lower and less bezels on the displays so here we can see the new style steering wheel and DC's also flat on the sides and it has a

Marker on the 12 o'clock and this is mg performance steering wheel which is optional on the sides you have dynamic ax which is like Alcantara material and on the top of the bottle and the bottom we have a napa leather so

Really really gorgeous this is the best in during the compact segment in my opinion let me know if you if you found a better looking car in the interior wise because the exterior is a subjective but let me know in the

Comments what the thing about is interior if it's the best or you found something better so we can see here the menu this is MDX mercedes-benz user experience and you can see a little bit

Less because of the screen which which is lower size but yeah you can still use this really it's not deal-breaker but in terms of the design I would I would go with the larger displays obviously so here you can see AMG on the dashboard

And a glove compartment as well we have fully electric memory seats heated and ventilated seats so these are the base seeds which are AMG you can find them also in AMG line of the mercedes-benz vehicles and as optional we have energy

Performance seats which are on the shooting break so stay tuned for the shooting brave video that car is better equipped with optional extras so in the middle we have this touchpad with you which will control the display weight

Also the display is touchscreen that's also a possibility the middle armrest is really huge you have additional storage space there so that's really good to have a lot more space and also we have a microphone Sun Visor with the mirror and

Buttons for the lights and etc the middle we have exhaust button AMG ride control suspension button etc so now let's check out the rear seats I will jump in the back I said the seed has I would drive maybe a little bit backwards

Realize that after we have a little bit more space than this but maybe like a half an inch more than I'm showing now but still this is a great because it is much longer than a predecessor in the previous generation

Of the CLA I couldn't sit here like this so it would be not possible because the that car was much smaller in the rear and overall the car is now louder so that's a great improvement but overall I think many people will buy this and they

Will not transport tall other person in the rear body you can do that I have like half an inch one centimeter above my head so I think this is doable for like a city drives for adult person in the rear but for the long drives

Probably not ideal car so let's check out the rear and this is surprising because this car has boot space 470 liters and that's 30% more than hateoas hatchback when we will also see very shortly the Shooting Brake

Boot space and that will be also a little surprise for you so we can see this boot space being a coupe a so we can see the loading space is smaller because the glass is fixed to the chassis of the car so the glass doesn't

Move only the boot light with the sevens we can say so when you are thinking what you would like a transport in a car you need to think about this also but I think you can feed here a trolley for a kid that wouldn't be like a huge issue

So I think this is doable here but now let's check out and the shooting right so here we can see the optional AMG performance seats and they have much more bolsters on the sides so they will hold you better in the seat when you are

Driving in the corners now let's check out the boot space so the booth here is automatic and these bodies actually only 25 litres larger than the Cooper so this is 495 litres the copay is 470 litres but the glass

Moves like a hatchback with the chassis with the fifth door so you have easier access to the booth so this is a little bit more practical than the copay in the coop you need to play like a Tetris so you need to think how you would load him

Here if you just load that it's easier hello guys I'm out here and in this video I'm going to show you the spec of these gorgeous mercedes mgc like 45s 4matic plus and here in the shooting break so I already did a for review of

The CLI 45s shooting brake and also the Cooper but here I want to show these beautiful back so here in this the most expensive paint on the compact mercedes-benz and also Mercedes AMG so this paint is called designer or you can

See the Xenia and this is mountain grey Magne Magne means that this is obviously matte paint as you can see here no so we have there the yellow coupe a so let me know in the comments which to prefer the shooting brake or the coupe a in some

Markets the shooting brake is not available like for example the US but in other markets it is available so here in mg brand centering dansk this is the first and only at this moment only AMG brand Center and this cla45 as shooting

Brake seats on the top of the engine variants for this particular model so we start with the 35 then we have a 45 and this is the S version of the 45 so the most powerful engine variant and now let's take a closer look at the engine

On this incredible compact car so this is the key fob black key fob I hope you can see I will show you in a second as well so really nice emotion start oh it has like a box from

Exhaust Wow because people said it doesn't help so ladies and gentlemen we are looking at the most powerful for stealing done four-cylinder series production engine

In the world and it's here sitting nicely on the Sun Sun bar think so this is M 1 3 9 engine coat this is successor to the M 133 and it is 2 liter 4-cylinder engine it's highly different to the predecessor actually

It's turning the engine is turned around there its axis 180 degree so basically forward of the engine is backward and etc so this allows the engine to move it as close to the rear of the engine bay as possible for better dynamics and for

This for the sloping Bonita roof design or the sloping Bonnie good design of the front of the vehicle we can see the large turbocharger and 45s version has a power output of 310 kilowatts which is 421 horsepower 500 Newton meters of

Torque the pound-feet dr. I will put on the screen and 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds that's 62 miles per hour and top speed is 270 km/h which is 180 168 miles per hour you have a heat shields around

Turbo and basically the exhaust is in the front so it's forwarded from the front to the rear this engine is handcrafted by this person I cannot read the first name this is vest her fair I think only the

4-cylinder this one and the v8 and v12 are hand built in a falter back the other engines in 43 or 25 are not handcrafted and wilt so yeah if you want handcrafted engine either this or v8 or a v12 just wanted to mention that for

The torsional rigidity you have here this bar with nice AMG logo and the engine cover has like a carbon decor so these four lines mean that this engine is four-cylinder inline four-cylinder so as you can see the Shooting Brake here

Has a dynamic package the car which I showed before didn't have this package so this package gives you additional Aero parts like on the top of the fifth door on the rear bumper we have also additional diffuser between the exhaust

Pipes and on the front we have other bits as well so really fantastic car for a family because you have a larger boot than for example in the coupe a nomad say this is a strong candidate if you prefer the c-class and you want more

Space so why not take this this is a all-new model and it looks really gorgeous it has a lot of power it's super super powerful it's a 4matic plus so you can have a drift mode during winter or during rain

On some safe place you can also have a lot of traction in the winter or also during the rain so I think this is an amazing proposition for someone who wants performance but they also need the practicality so the presence of this car

Is just incredible also you can see the front Aero part in the front bumper we have also vertical grille which is called now the AMG specific grille multi beam LED headlights so they can cut out the traffic in front of you and coming

From the opposite direction so the black high-gloss black Aero parts these are the part of the aero package I think it's really nice to have them because the car looks even more aggressive than the standard car so here on this car we

Have Michelin tyres so these are 250 535 19-inch and these are the Michelin Pilot Sport for tires and these are currently one of the best road tires and also we have these gorgeous alloy wheels with brake red

Calipers really really fantastic presence to to power domes on the bonnet and in the front huge Mercedes star in which you can have a Distronic this car also features the night package so the window trim is black and also the side

Skirts so now let's take a closer look and the interior so this interior is really something special so we have these bucket seats AMG performance seats two-tone black and gray in the middle and they are really really gorgeous they

Hug you more than two standard AMG seats we have also here the dynamic steering wheel so dynamic is like Alcantara material and really really gorgeous with 12 o'clock marking we have also Burmaster sound system electric seats

Heated seats the steering wheel is flat on the bottom we have also these controls from the AMG one hyper car so these are quick shortcuts to the dynamic Select and also to other Drive features so you can see the front part of the car

When you open and take your seat in the beautiful car the AMG on the dashboard trim and here are these amazing bucket seats the AMG performance seats how gorgeous are they so let me know in the comments so we have also this

Infotainment system which is called mu X Mercedes Benz user experience alright guys so now let's take a look at the rear seat so most of the time I think it would transport here your kids in a in kid seats but you can even transport

Adult people like me so let's take a look how I would fit it there so this is the rear the headrest is integrated as well and really nice yellow stitching so let's hop back so I have enough space here

I'm not cramped and yeah it's efficient I would say for my size I'm 186 centimeters or between six feet and 1/2 inch and you have here also the armrest with this like a hidden cupholders so really nice and I think this is

Sufficient I can put the feet under the seat I have net here so I think it's sufficient and you can see the interior from here how it looks check out this how its shaped here so

This is shaped in a way that you have more space here so I have enough space here for my head and I'm as I said six feet we can run in two inch and I'd have like one and a half inch like this so I would say six seven centimeters so yeah

Even taller people than me can sit here comfortable and then what they would not hit with their head so I think this is amazing from the outside it doesn't look like someone can actually fit here my size but it's not a big deal and it's

Better here than in the sea like Koopa that's for sure because there I would I was touching with my hair not head but with my hair I was touching the roof the ceiling so yeah so when you open the fuel cap you can see the tire pressure

And recommended fuel so this car needs ninety eight or more octane and you can see also the top speed etc for this car so yeah really really great the rear looks also amazing with for those pipes and this is the closer look for these

Arrow parts and also we have AMG on the exhaust pipes oh how fantastic is this so the boot here is automatic and these bodies actually only 25 litres larger than the Cooper so this is 495 litres a copay is

470 litres but the glass moves like a hatchback with the chassis with the fifth door so you have easier access to the booth so this is a little bit more practical than the coupe a in the coupe you need to play like a Tetris so you

Need to think how you would load and here you just load that it's easier really really gorgeous this is met pain is like you have like these little flags but if you look closer but from the distance it looks like a like a mat so

Thanks to that it is like a pearlescent effect but at the same time it's it's matte paint so really this is a something very special for this for this paint you know also many many more Magna paints but not for the compact we across

For the c-class it was cetera for the higher models in the Mercedes AMG lineup so really this is an amazing little family shark and here you can also see the configurator in this iPad so you can see the exact configuration but you can

Also customize pick different color the red one this is the new designer Patagonia read but metallic not the Magnum so this is a metallic paint and we have also you can choose the different wheels so this can be in the

Same shape like on this car but they can be a whole silver not black here are with the black paint and here you can see the price of the vehicle alright guys so let me know what is in body's amazing compact Shooting Brake

CLA 45s and guys I will see you soon in the next video take care and have a wonderful day

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