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yes this is perfect as 15 point 4 meters now 7.2 at 8:09 3 kilometers let's right

Hand link this is 120 to show you how these car looks if you haven't seen and check out my full review of this car because I think it's worth to check a for review of this car because yeah it's incredible

Here is the beast and you don't really feel like you have a Ystad or shooting right this goes like crazy so don't if you need this for family don't hesitate because it drives incredible even here in this this should be like a least

Performance it is orientated version because we have a 45s than cla45 escapade and this is Shooting Brake so this would be this would be right now like the least sportiest but it's very sporty but yeah I didn't try like the

Other 45s so hopefully the future but right now I think it's incredible and the other thing is like a huge difference between this and coupe a maybe on the race drag you can feel it but on the road I don't think so so this

Is great for our families when you don't have like families at school and at work that you are alone like a father Dan unleash these beasts you can overtake I think and everybody with this car maybe supercars would be quicker than you but

99.9% of the cars on the road you will be faster than those cars so you guys so that's it for a final walk around I check out my full review of this car also you can see from the rear and I will show you everywhere in that for

Review and it will be linked in the description box but I can show a little bit here so we have like new full 10.25 inch screens and it's just incredible you can have energy performances but even these are

Great with this engine so so guys I want to show you these tires so these are pilot alpena PA for mercedes original these have size 250 535 in nineteen inch the rear should be the same 255 35 19 inch alright guys so welcome to this

Video so in this video i'm going to show you how this car drives basically i'm going to show you also a little bit of the exterior but i did a full review of this cars exterior so here is the key actually very nice key so yeah i'm going

For a test drive and this is 45 s so i'm really really liking it opportunity and big thanks to hashimoto here so let's start the car with the emotion start so we need to put this in the race mode hold either up or down pedal and then

Start the car that's nice turn off the start/stop okay so we can go let's put it back let's put it back into into the comfort mode with exhaust on this is mg real performance sound so it has linked ECU to the car's speakers

And also there is a pipe from the from the engine here into the cabin this is interesting my first drive here in the CLA so this has 421 horsepower it is essentially the same engine in a 45 as cla45 sqp and here it should American

Think driving dynamics will be very very small very small difference in diving driving dynamics here in the cooper-young Shooting Brake so in comfort if I turn on the exhaust it's pretty

Pretty normal you can feel it's firm but nothing crazy the exhaust gives you a better sound so we can put it into the Sport+ and immediately it down shifts

Oh this has nice sound so far I feel like I'm sitting higher than in my car and I think this is because this car has electric seats and then the third day I'm sitting higher like 1 inch maybe

Maybe more than one inch so it's not a support I never sit here in the lowest setting so I'm going here around like villages for country road drive so let's try a

Little acceleration it has like a grunt very very nice no I already like this engine he's always put it in the race mode

Oh it has like a box from exhaust Wow because people said it doesn't help but you can definitely feel like this

You can feel like this is like a sharp sharpener it has sharp noise from the engine bay but you have also crackles from the exhaust that's unexpectable I didn't expect that

whoa so first impression is this pulls like crazy so much more than a 35 it's a huge difference not maybe difference definitely huge difference

very nice out this has been their tires okay so let's put this into the race

Mode emotion start so we have a stretch of the road here the tail is happy and that's also because here is only one

Degree Celsius like a little mud on the road grace are also great brakes

Okay guys so this is fantastic Wow and like this love this a lot really surprised so let's put it back in comfort okay fur coat

So we can we can leave the exhaust off and licence parties or we can actually put it on it's not really gross is mg per mg real performance sound so yeah it's that's normal sound

Like you can you can daily drive this no problem but when you need can put it very quickly in the race vault this can go like a bullet not kidding

so as you can see navigation and Buicks in 200 meters turn left onto their lead however this is really really great car in a way I think you can have these more fun in this car and this mainly because

In this car all-wheel drive system surely it is hope sandbanks from the exhausts let's open the panorama roof yes it's in or 2035 really but with the more MORE engine noise and

More like a gravity meteor engine yes definitely definitely more sound from the engine in the lower rpms ng super quiet so ten

Have a comforter animation time in race mode so imagine being in the confer mode that will be super super comfortable to drive in 200 meters turn left onto road 52 towards run home

now turn left so let's actually try this calm for the moment how it drives and now I have a real AMG sound off and second right so yeah it's pretty pretty good even in comfort and if I go

Here on the course control there's a EDS hundred meters turn side right on to the dentist are eventer second right it's pretty pretty nice now turns slide right event

Now turn right on to be released our venue will have reached your destination please follow the world form three kilometres so I mean the the highway a tear is the maximum here

These changes from the ref counter into the speed we can have reps on the right side if we need into kilometers exit to the right and then turn left

Our exit right then turn left please follow the road for two kilometres in two kilometres exit to the right okay so we can try some accelerations here on the highway

When it clears up a little bit please take the next exit on the way to horse I've heard it said the song let's put it back into comfort see how the comfortable disease

Okay so here is the highway racemate now exit right and let's go let's going from the 70 nyet works

These girl needs Autobahn that's for sure he said so much power it seems like other cars are parking okay guys so let's try let's right hand

Leak this is 120 1:30 power is great exit to the right

Please take the next exit on the right Tony now turn right

Now tonight yes this is okay so let's start the firm start still start standing still

okay so let's do comfort mode for now let's try these at 130 five okay

And that's the speed limit here basically so I think the level of the sound of the noise similar to during class he remember flying less doors so you have a little more sound but

Not significantly keep in mind these cars on winter tires winter tire reduce more boys a point Mora a road throat noise so yeah pretty good I see you can barely drive

This No Peyman personally hoped for the non-electric seeds if you can from the factory if not well you cannot do anything about it but I think with manual seeds to see it lower and I like

That a lot because it gives you more like race more race racecar feeling then if I sit more higher so I can see here fuel consumption when I'm doing 93 vocal session is only four liters setting you can have very good very good

Felt like an ami with this car but I cannot like to delete reset the three computer what's your wife but anyway from reset this car has 15 point four meters so

If we take it to cut the consideration this is a test car I think it's a great consumption so I'm very very satisfied with this whitney's car really really great now 7.2 at 8:09 3 kilometers some point

So I think you can have a solid solid consumption here with this car now the Distronic plus which we know here is a just history class see we can put home how many bars they want to be away from the car in front of you keep a

Safe distance all right now it's most don't let put let's put it on the mid also have four options with this this is two bars these distance and it's fine here exhaust button well you are in the lower

Rpms it's there is no change between the zone so we had very very nice car very enjoyable we have ambient lighting here you can put it on 64 different colors

You can have multicolored options like my favorite is right moon so pretty pretty great package overall and big fan of this car and any any compact car basically if I didn't know you would like grind for wine folded me

And good here I probably wouldn't know only you have a little bit different rear view mirror view from the rear that's because here is a shooting verify otherwise here is the same space as in a class CLA doesn't

Matter I'm pretty stoked about this you can see here how much is the meters kilowatts the engine is using engine temperature is very solid now it has like special cooling additional cooling so you don't overheat the system and

Also it has a rear multi clutch differential for drift mode but you need a special like a lot of room to try a drift so this overall it's fantastic arm you can have a lot of fun with this car and

I think anybody can be satisfied with this turn side right on to be Dennis on immediately second exit at the and soon

Maybe we'll see the site right and then immediately take the second exit at the roundabout now take the second exit at the roundabout on to be Denny's and then immediately turn them

Left onto our Ashok's and then turn left take the first exit of the roundabout open immediately in turn silent mountainsides man then you will have reached your destination

You have reached your destination so what can I say it's really really crazy it's incredible here and yeah it really has also pops from the ether so even

These seats which are standard seats and you have DC's also in AMG line are not so not so like you can can have these seats no issue in this car I think so they have a nice support as you can see here they I'm really really amazed so it

Exceeded my expectation this car and yeah guys that's it from this video and if you like it then give this do like subscribe to this youtube channel and i'll see you soon in the next video so guys have a wonderful day

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