2020 MERCEDES AMG C43 Cabriolet NEW FACELIFT V6 FULL Review BRUTAL Sound Interior Exterior 4MATIC

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

what's up guys you won here and this is the Mercedes AMG c43 Cabriolet 4matic and we have a beautiful spec and before we start give this video like subscribe to this YouTube channel and leave a comment down below what do you like the

Most about this car this is the key fob to this vehicle by the way you can get the back with the filter bar this is easy to replace so they just need to order that at the dealer is no big issue we have this amazing spec here so this

Is the graphite grey metallic and we have beautiful dark red roof with beige interior so this is a gorgeous spec and these are the five twin spoke alloy wheels here in a continental brand and these are Conti sport contact five feet

Two fifty five forty 19-inch Biturbo 4matic and we have also multi beam LED headlights they can cut our angle traffic eighty-four individual LED lights here and we have one led stripe as daylight running stripes twin bar OMG

A grilll probably in the future this will be replaced with the AMG specific grille and we have also very very beautiful spec which doesn't include night package so this front lip also side skirts and a trim around the

Windows and back of the car is in silver and also around the front windshield so yeah really really great spec we don't have power domes on the bonnet like for example here and on the GT so yeah that's a difference here

So let me know what do you think about this design I think it's really elegant and this is the view from the rear we have four tailpipes which are round and these tailpipes are silver and because we don't have nice package so I think

This spec in some point because this breaks up here the dark paint and the dark red this is by the way is soft soft cloth material soft top and this should be normal glass not plexi normal glass because some cars have a Plexiglas in

The in the roof and this is the desire for the tail lamps c43 here on the right side AMG on the Left Mercedes in the middle we have this lip here also on the boot and if we come down we can see the

Diffuser between the tailpipes so yeah I really like this peg I could easily live with this car to 5535 19-inch earlier so the rear is wider three centimeters that's like a little bit more than one inch and we have here the fuel tank fuel

Cap so this is recommended tire pressure and you should use the best octane 98 or more 100 if you can get it and this is like a matte matte aluminum so really really nice looks pretty sick if you ask me so I think we should see this car

With with a roof down so if you press the unlock button longer it should open okay and if you hold it even longer this should fold all windows so pretty sick

Right so I think we can start it with the roof down to hear how this and actually I really like I realize it's something special probably no there's a single car only

For some people but yeah for many people this is like a second car not the first but it could be first why why not if you are comfortable with this why not so we need to hold one pedal when you start for emotion start okay so we get the

Louder Burpo this car has only eight kilometer sound not gonna rev it because this is a row basically engine from the factory only with the like taste to drive miles so yeah I'm not gonna rev it obvious


And this is how it looks from the rear the cabin and it looks wonderful someone will buy this car this is for sale but I can turn on the seed meeting you can have also here err scarf which will blow hot air on your neck and also the

Passenger can have the same so it looks like this here and yeah pretty cool technology so you can put all four windows up now you can put this and actually it will be quite warm here because that how the car is designed is

In a way that the cold air goes towards the back and here we have like air bubble in the cabin so you should be pretty pretty fine driving like this in moderate temperature not in -20 but around 10 degrees Celsius you should be

Fine I think many people said that actually it's not just my theory theory here also ventilated seats for the summer ambient lighting so how gorgeous is this yeah let's check this from the outside with the windows up how it looks

We have with Mercedes we have these windows which are like a green that's always the tint the green tint on the Honda windows that's always the case with Mercedes and we can also put here the dynamic feature here so here is the

Aerodynamic feature so this will help on the highway and also these features this part in the middle so from an aesthetic point it is not like great but from functional point it's the best because it helps with air flow especially in the

Highway in the city you don't really need this and the button looks like this okay so that's that and you can also fold the roof from inside and in the rear we have some space is not like huge but as you

Can see two people if sit in like a moderate size they can fit there and finally this is like two people current like a hobby car not it shouldn't be like practical car but you still can put some people there I think I think even I

Could be sitting there so if you hold the log button it will close the roof how complicated is local right it's crazy it's like a magic we can check out now the engine bay so for the emotion start you should turn on the ignition

And set the car in the sport+ and hold one pedal nice sound actually c43 has very nice sound so this is the 3 4 liter v6 biturbo engine produces 390 horsepower 287 kilowatts the torque is 520 and it accelerates from 0 to 100

Kilometers in only 4.8 seconds and top speed is 250 km/h or 155 miles per hour and this engine is mated to mg speech of TC t 9g transmission let's check out the interior here briefly aluminum door trim ball master sound system ambient

Lighting beige AMG nappa leather with the black and AMG performance steering wheel disease and the facelifted steering wheel with two dials and with this one you operate the instrument cluster and with this you operate the

Middle display this is a digital instrument panel and we can see one well you can set this up here in the toggle into the three different modes so in design we have a sport Super Sport sport which is like a two dials and then we

Have a classic which is the same like sport but in the blue can also have this in mercedes-benz vehicles but in AMG only you have the Super Sport and also this little bit changes the head unit which is a command system here and this

Is also Carmen dhikr decor in the middle then we have this unit also so we have also dynamics select so you can change it up from Sport Plus to Sport Comfort individual sleep remote we have also clocked here in the 63 you can have

The IWC clock in here is mercedes clock and not IWC this is for the AC we have pedals which have a good click and this head unit you can see a bunch of stuff here so we have a vacation then we have radio media telephone in

Car office connect vehicle and system so in the vehicle you have dynamic select then assistance consumption light settings so this is for ambient lighting so you have 64 and different colors and we have also for the multi beams so many

Many sitting in this car I'm not gonna go to all of them so you can check out I will link it in the bio and you have also here the sticker so how you should break in the engine and the car overall so this is middle i'm rest with USB a

Port in the new newer mercedes you have a USB see only and here in the middle we have two cupholders USB port and where i was charging met so here in the glove compartment glove box storage so these are the seats and they have like these

Straps which are stitched the ladder is perforated for cooling option and this is the head scarf which i told you about and we can see here and the roof we have a compartment for the sunglasses here as well and this is for the lights also

Lights we have here the mirror and microphone if you want to call with someone and also passenger as one so that's convenient so I can lower actually my CD one because I was yeah I felt I was sitting too too high

These seats are very very comfortable you can also have mg performance seats and we have flat steering wheel on the sides and on the bottom there were also some hot keys here hazard lights there is Bora stitched with leather as

Well I have speaker there and SOS button and Mercedes me button actually today I used the Mercedes me button when I got a flat tire and this video I'm not sure which we do will be first in my channel but if it's not yet on the channel it

Will be because I go to puncture not puncture but yeah something happened with my tire and you will need to watch the video to see what happened but this this service helped me a lot so yeah very practical video if you want to

Check what you need to do and something unfortunate happens to you like it happened to me you can also open the boot here with this and overall I really like this cabin even though this is like a facelift still somewhat looks modern

You still have this like a typical shape which is instrument cluster and this is like separated now in the new ones you have two panels next to each other so that's that's different now but still I really like this anyway and you have

Also here settings for the lights and this is for turning off the parking sensors and extension of the seatbelt extender so that's probably how I would drive this car yeah so I know you guys you want to see these and only on my

Channel okay but don't scratch these okay only on my channel you will see somebody sits in the rear seat of the cab real lights because yeah that's what I do and because I'm your good friend

Let's close this now let's close this okay so I can sit here and actually my knees are fine I still have like yeah I have space not a lot if this would be away like the seat belt I still have your space not touching anything here

Yeah I cannot really sit like this but I can see it like this like many people sit you know like this in the back seat unlike this in a relaxed way here we have the fans for the air scarf and this is on the roof which is cloth it's also

Like insulated this roof we have we can see brewmaster sound system and this is how it looks from the rear the cabin and it looks wonderful as always ambient lighting is present also and the fourth area we have IMG floor mats and

These are the seats and the rear same design also quite quite good posters for the rear seats we have a little shelf here for master speakers so how is it in terms of the Headroom so let's check it out so in terms of the head space my

Hair is a little bit touching the roof but I'm not hitting the head so I think this for shorter drive is possible for me I want high eighty six centimeters 186 centimeters between 6 feet and between 1 and 2 inch is my American

Height so yeah I think I'm fine here and two people can sit here Nora no armrests so to full size and consider myself a full-sized adult person so two people can sit here and two kids will have plenty plenty room

Here and also like shorter people than me taller people probably not but this is like the top top level of human height which will be comfortable more or less comfortable here so yeah so that's it for the rear

Space and if you like and I'm sitting here and effort then give this video like you can press here Richard open okay and this is the section for the roof so you can load stuff under these under the

Roof so yeah this is good because you don't put too many stuff here and then it would be problem to fall down the roof so this is very smart idea from the manufacturers you can also fold the seats with that button so here we don't

Have the spare tire so guys that's it for this video leave a comment down below also like the video if you haven't subscribe and hit the notification bell and guys have a wonderful day and be safe and I wish you to have a great day

And take care guys and we are so soon in the next video

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