2020 FIA Truck Racing Championship Digital – Round 4, English Comms

published on July 2, 2020












it is the Nurburgring short version

which means that instead of going all

the way down to the Dunlop curve there

is the short happen but also unlike the

real world we're going to use the

motorbike version of the chicane it's

also used for GT racing and for historic

racing it's the softer version of the

chicane at the end of the lap now

qualifying is already underway let's try

and get to the action as quick as we can

and see whether anybody in this session

he's going to be able to beat Norbert

Kish because he has been the dominant

driver as I say across the qualifying

sessions thus far this evening though

there is arguably a little bit more

opposition to him because in addition to

the regulars like Sascha Lentz like tier

Calvi there is also Lucas harm

third-generation racer and Lucas whose

father Jochen is a multiple European

champion whose grandfather the late

Connie harm was very successful in his

own right

well Lucas made his race debut at the

ADAC truck Grand Prix last year not in

the European races but in the ad a C's

Mittal Ryan Cup the mix of the British

championship and the local drivers but

he was on the podium in each of the

three races so Lucas harm who is set to

graduate to the real world

FIA ETL C this year is certainly going

to be a man to watch now news coming

from the qualifying session is that

jay-z Arado Rodriguez who has certainly

been in the walls a bit with race

officialdom this year he has lost his

best lap time there was an investigation

as to him crossing the white line also

track limits are being looked at by the

officials about the cancellation of the

best lap time for number 38 so Rodriguez

I'm afraid yet again is in hot water

with the race officials so the

qualifying session is underway

Kesha's pace because he is currently the

fastest crawl

Sasha let's acknowledge in between

though he's already September 2nd


only those that are registered for the

season long int RC digital

but one of the three drivers ahead is a

register for point you don't take the

third place points we still take what

you would have done the position even



way down


around three gates that simracing

compared to one or two others

way back

they're in Jersey water Rodriguez that

making around okay

the platform on which the FIA ET RC

digital game is run and now the

officials will have a look at that

qualifying session to investigate

anything they have seen or indeed any

protests that the teams may have put in

if a driver feels that a rival has

impeded him in some way that will be

looked at as well so the server's then

will be reset and we shall get ready for

race one which is coming up in round

about 15 minutes time or so and before

that the drivers as I say will make sure

that all is well they'll get to the new

server for the race and we'll have a

chance to confirm that grid now there is

another message coming up for

cancellation of all lap times for track

limits but the number of the track is

not assigned so there is another story I

think still loitering in the system

we'll try and get to that in a moment

and see who it is that has been getting

the attention of race control

well of course have the Mercedes at

trots pace truck leading the field

around we'll also have the Ford F max

lap before we get underway as well and

we'll have a chance to run through the

entry by going into the virtual showroom

and having a look at the trucks involved

of course all of the running in the real

world race Liveris but with the biggest

grid of the season and it really is

fascinating to see Lucas harm not only

actually in digital racing in the same

championship but in the real world

championship as well he's been testing

like quite a few have at most already

but with his great track record it's

great pedigree in track racing I think

Lucas harm he's going to be one to watch

and so far although Norbert cash has

done it again with yet another pole

position if anything


so that is the entry that has a look at

who we can anticipate seeing when we get

to the grid which will be being

assembled very shortly and Norbert Kish

the man for pole position once again a

reminder that there are of course two

races we have the second race from that

reverse grid as is the tradition with

the top eight taking the reversal so the

results of race one eighth place will

give you pole position for race two

Norbert Kish qualifying them for pole

position ahead of Sascha Lentz and then

newcomer Lukas harm taking third at the

end of that qualifying session but now

as I say the officials will have a look

to make sure that everybody has complied

with the regulations and then the grid

can be finalised and while they do that

let's have a look what the Nurburgring

is all about

welcome to Nurburgring






it is the biggest event on the FIA ERC

calendar one of the real sadnesses about

all of this is that we can't go to the

Nurburgring this yeah for what it's

always a huge event not only in terms of

the size of the race entry but also the

size of the crowd of the concerts the

number of people on site for the truck

concours and of course the very popular

go stop competitions always make it a

mega weekend and hopefully we'll be back

bigger and better than ever in 2021 so

then as we get set for our first of the

two races

Norman Kitsch the man to beat don't

forget he has this championship lead

over Sasha Lentz and then third in the

standings tear calve a fourth it is

Antonia Alba 30 and then Antony shine

yet well he is going to a course slide

down the order progressively with all

these weekends he misses ahead of Jamie

Anderson with the Brit being just one

point ahead of Jose Eduardo Rodriguez

Adam latch Co is eight for head of alia

college and then the returning Clemens

hacker as I say 13 rigs this evening is

our biggest grid of thus far within the

championship so the scene is set for

what is going to be a spectacular brace

of races no question about it the short

version of the Nurburgring Grand Prix

circuit three point six kilometers long

heading down towards the Mercedes arena

turn one always a pinch point there's

contact possible if you run deep there

you compromise your way all the way

through the long long loop of the

Mercedes arena and when you get to turn

four go out why there you compromise the

run down to the hairpin which again is

an overtaking opportunity you might need

to get your elbows out a little bit and

try and force up the inside but turn

five happen and return six exit of it is

always an opportunity to if you brave

get up me inside and I get that hairpin

wrong get your braking wrong you'll be

up the escape road and losing places

after that you're on the power going

through the left seven the right at turn

eight and the speed builds all the time


that point head down the hill through

turn nine that fast right hand on the

Advan bogan climb up the hill the other

side into the chicane and it's gonna be

really interesting this evening with the

chicane being the soft version the

faster version of it maybe overtaking

less easy because you don't have the

start/stop ability to get up me inside

and out brake but because there's extra

speed being carried in there it might

mean that drivers and we saw it in

qualifying with Lucas harm for example

carry so much speed in they make a

mistake get it wrong and that then

triggers drama into the last corner turn

thirteen on the lap which loops you

round onto the pit straight and another

lap completed the races remember are

twenty five minutes plus a lap but

including the pace lap so the pace lap

is counted within the twenty five

minutes but then you add on the

so-called regulation lap at the end roll

further who is the clerk of the course

making sure at the moment that all the

drivers are connected to the server

ready for the first of our two races and

very shortly as they start to connect

themselves the grid will take shape that

will confirm to us exactly who is going

to start we're after one or two drivers

have had times disallowed and then we

will be good to go racing for race one

here at a virtual Nurburgring Norman

Kish starts from pole position yet again

is it going to be the same story of the

Hungarian driving off into the distance

where we'll find out very shortly indeed

as the opening race is set to get

underway before it though as is the

tradition there will be the laps from or

the lap from the official truck of the

FIA ETR see and indeed the FIA ET RC

digital and that is the Ford F max and

that will do its lap before we get to

the pace lap itself behind the Mercedes

actress so the grid will take shape and

then those two laps of the different

rigs get us underway effectively to go

racing Rove the grid that Norbert Kish


alongside in Sasha let's as we get ready

for the Ford F max lap here at the



the show is on start your engines

FIA ET RC is ready to race



so there is the grid starting to take


the Ford F max completes its lap and so

Norbert Kish is ready now to move

forward clock starts ready to get race

back underway with Sascha LEDs lining up


Lucas ha

Taiyo caliphate

screams away with you will see Rodriguez

at the rear of the grid so it is then

Norbert Kish as I say to start from pole

position of Sascha left lines up

alongside the second row of the grid is

going to be because harm and tear calve


Row three is where you find Antonia Alba

thetic along side him he's going to be

Jonathan Andre this is the view from on

board the pace truck on the next row of

the grid there would have been no see

and wardo Rodriguez but he is put to the

rear of the grid and that therefore will

promote your on tie house to eight

that's re to seventh on the grid

alongside earlier college see the Year

order just shuffling and it up as the

trucks work their way around this pace


so Norman Esch saterland ro1 harm of the

second rope alongside tier cow bait

third row

Antonia Alba 30 and then Jonathan Andre

to line up alongside then it is tie

house and College ahead of Jamie

Anderson in 25 Clemens hacker shame

Britain he's on the next row off the

grid with Anna black coat the company

and then it is Rodriguez Jersey Eduardo

Rodriguez at the rear of the field so

afraid to say the cancellation of lap

times on track limits has hurt him but

it's going to be absolutely fascinating

to see what progress he can make coming

up through the order here

so the trucks now make the run up

towards the soft version of the chicane

just keep an eye to the clock just to

see how much up the 25 minutes is eaten

into bearing in mind they do get a lap

back at the end but the three-point

stick 2 kilometer circuit they're almost

at an end of this pace that front end

now come okay

get set ready to go racing then Corbin

Kish knows exactly what he's doing he

knows exactly how to control the banks

he knows exactly where to position the

rig on the run down towards turn one in

order to keep at bay Sasha let's this is

the view though

Tiye Calva he's already on his toes on

the outside line as we go racing and

it's a good start by lens to get the

drop on Gorman King advantage kitch down

into second spot already Calvin look on

the outside line trying to defend from

Andre hard is all crossed up and Adam

latch go sideways lens gets contacted by

Borbon KGB's on the road into the gravel

on the outside line cage delayed I think

that was a chain reaction and it is

Lucas harm that comes through in the

lead Adam Lancome seemingly he's up in a

second place but I think we break so

late from the bathroom people will say

the chain reaction and Sony's Lucas hard

in the lead of the race being chased by

Jonathan Andre Norman Kish is third as

they come up

and there behind that code drops back so

cash up 2/3 bunnies Lucas hair and a

head off there Jonathan Andre the real

question is where sasha lens has ended

up out of all of that and tony alva

fatty i think using rather badly delayed

as well as they come there now through

the happy so Lucas are German driver on

virtual home soil it is who leads the

pack and straight on goes

let's go that hide-a-bed a net code

problem let's see where the latch go is

back on drags on the ears so let's go

still very cool place but right now it's

armed the way that they run away

Todd now Han is gonna get

in case picked the fight with John Andre

okay Lucas heart trying to fill the gap

in the background Rodriguez is up along

side the

recovering Sasha let's right now because

they come to us the stars under

investigation and Kish is on the inside

against Iran trade goes way way wide but

he's gonna get norm occasion second

basis them

then cap and the flatworm real world

race won last year was a win for a hard

you see alpha their days in the pit lane

and they're from seemingly out of the

race so very happy start to race one

attorney alpha 30 is out at their Jamie

Anderson on the inside line look having

a go against our match coke are doing

tie houses right there mind it as well

as they turn their way now

Rachel Mercedes arena

Tai has to be inside of a desert through

he go to bali bedugul scania goes

through on the inside line picks the

place open hold the trifecta really well

here by housing in some sideways but he

does keep Jamie Anderson Bay right now

the way that at the end of the opening

lap he was a second and a half the good

but that gap is only eight turns now

because of this sack of racing land so

that gap is coming down there his

Rodriguez under attack from lead they

touch again this is the battle for

eighth place observe course poll for

race two and let's go through

Portuguese driver

but with Rodriguez looking at the back

of lens returns


is it same place he is bringing down the

gap against Lucas heart but he's not yet

close enough to make a move

you understand the value column Chad

comes every built a house on the empty

lap as well so there are quite a few

dramas there are quite a few incidents

for Ralph Anna and his team in race

controls and look at as he had come the

leaders and turn you are momentum and

retirement you see Kampai

but it is hard up front at the moment

but the gap is coming down and down and

down Norbert Kish has made short work of

Andres made short work of the gap as

well he's right there of the tailor

Lukas harm because less experienced in

sim racing less experienced in real

world track racing but good job right

now but he's got to defend for another

17 and a half minute that's not going to

be easy because norbi Kish knows exactly

what he is doing here


his brakes late too lately to the back

of harm and follows him onto the grass

bang into the toll of all ghosts Lukas

hard and dormant ish slows down to allow

hard to keep the place but Jonathan

Andre gets up the inside of provocation

and takes second place back away from

him down or McKee's tries to defend

and defend he does through they come

together montre that on the attack at

all of a sudden each three for the lead

now was that quiche big to be stinky

breaking where he did or was it Lukas

heartbreaking very early either way

the net result is the military way back

sorry they cop down once or not

speech okay art that's the order and

they are three together now Tia Cal Bay

who has dropped a long way back as

having contact with Clement Eckert so

this is looking I'm afraid like one of

Tears worse racism the attempt face

Sasha let's trying to make progress as

well how the feta is back into the race

more beer a couple apps a trend

seemingly as in you don't seem in the

pit lane anymore so we'll keep an eye as

to whether he is still circulating or

whether he's disconnected from the

server completely now they're all the

race Tina's down to turn one into the

Mercedes arena goes this fleet of ma


Lucas hard keeping Kish and babe we see

the way that all great big drop slightly

as Lent gets up the inside of amber 29

the freight liner her valley and college


select one place further up the order so

the order is hard cash and then all

three in fourth is Jaimie Anderson on

target potentially for his best in the


and a batch go running in fifth place

now and that would also be of course

Adams best finish the season thus far

there are the race leaders behave

themselves this time as they go through

the habit

and I'll turn you out the Betty Daedra

big latch the race leader's this

enormous now 12 wheels ma n leads the

way Jonathan or Grendel dropping off the

back but so close on the top to

eventually as one


there's Alba 30 back up the road use a

mobile a a trip across but race

petitions of concern

sink type

see we can do ready for race to us

northern quiche plans the overtake Lucas

hard tries to a jackhammer off the line

he does so



through the laughs and then through the

right but you've got to get across and

cover the line here into the old

coca-cola curve turn 13 up to the end of

the laptop alphabetty 44 bear now about

to have the race team is descend upon


let's keep an eye on what Jamie Anderson

is up to as well his last man's quicker

than that of Jonathan Andre there are

the leaders but could we have a change

for third place before the end could

accent get up with the French driver

out of turf what they go attorney Albert

as he tries to get out of everybody's

way and he does like I got the road look

back the leader

and he still Lucas Hardman looking for a

debut in the championship but he's all

sideways he's off the road can he save

it yes he can but he can't save the race

lead Kish goes by and Jonathan Andres on

his toes gate for second place as well

he goes way wide now coming out of turn

four look Norbert Kish takes over the

race lead he's gonna be laughing all the

way to the back now because already he's

to say it's clear Lucas arm I think was

gave me too much well he coming out of

turn to me to turn three off the

reigning skated and Norman Kish is off

target now would you believe a seven out

of seven

so cash leans away he's away got ready

over to an onsen started second place

there is in third spot a Jonathan Andre

within four non-album that day but now

he's a lap down so there is less

recovering in more place

Sasha let's he's doing a really good job


you're the kishin's down the fastest lap

of the race so far but a satchel and

gets it to clear real estate could he go

quicker it's been a really impressive

ride by Sasha trying to get himself back

into the Nexus up to the timing line now

the battle there is no vacation the lead

while last time through he was behind an

equal three

second this time he leads by over two

seconds but actually Lukas harm is

taking the fight to him he's regrouping

he's recovering what was two and a half

seconds he's down to two point one so

don't rule out Lucas Han here and he get

that gap down to within two seconds he's

got a chance


this is where you ran wide a lap ago and

it squared now on this lap right there

behind it it's the yellow ma n in the

hands of all trade there's a tuft and

that against hard sideways control brain

sees the opportunity gap the inside no

wisely he backs out of all of that and

that means therefore that the German

driver Lukas holiday but they cover that

line off down towards to have it

they can't almost ask why there's more

mukesh gets away up front

because they're squabbling now for

second base so that gap is coming down

between there but also extending between

the leaders let's go Cal they are five

now seven eight invasive this is your

front row battle but raped to a lien

karak she's trying to keep your tie

house okay see but all the freight line

is running together pretty about to it

not where they want to be in the top ten

and life

she gained on board now a cow made of

gets into the side of man to go there

that sit wired up a curve and it tries

to reprove this side waiting does be

proven it's to be died for the inside

line that covers off any challenge from

cow baby to know what I did to turn t he

wants to be on each toes off way out he



is identical Freightliner here they come

I lost the bet Sonia college is under

attack as well today now

down towards the right of turn one into

the Mercedes arena fake up and teo

Calvin goes ahead of that coat the

distance we see further up the road and

the subversives rodriguez move in place

but it's kish harm Andre them's the top

four right now tear now mate is charging

heavy contact earlier on first of all

with cab attacker that also without a

black coat would you believe his

teammate but now that he's gone through

the traffic Cafe is charging

Rodrigo's all over the back of Jaimie

Anderson who tends to gain faces early

on when other people have battles and

getting involved in incidents fall off

the road and then as they recover they

should burn the office five minutes on

the clock

past the regulation that Jaimie Anderson

Pedro Regas right there behind him

can Rodriguez do here as they make a run

once or up towards thee

soft version of the chicane there way

that through the left-right sequence of


Rodriguez see the speed see the gear

that he's in as he comes now or

something straight person is ahead speed


remember trying to gun too

laptop but that's a ahead

SP and six right now he's gonna be tie

house pole position 29 is our

investigation is our investigation that

is your tie house there they are

so these two being looked at by race

control as they had in to turn one its

but the same he's arena now

so how do college turn towards us


nine spots over your tie house ahead in

the Scalia going home position but not

for long because a drive-through penalty

given to both tie house

a collision so alia college gets to

drive through your tie house gets to

drive through that's kind of helped out

a plan to go

put it back to 8th place a pole for race

two as you see here behind the second

hamburg harbor see Jonathan all great

it's ironic isn't it that neither of

them is eligible for points again

they're deep so so wild rate game for a

bird bird in a row found a knee with the

championship happy had to defend him

he's fallen a long way back from the

race leader to recap a drive-through


Commission tie house

Annie a collage here second third and

almost wolf now let's closing closing

closing all the time

jonathan alter a little bit power happy

bear coming off a bit scraping tail wags


turn yet a gap so nine laps are in the


through their HR that Andre Norbert

Keisha way had gone up the road now over

four seconds to the curb and there's

also a penalty to the back of traffic

and it looks though there was a whole

chain reaction Sasha let's was the one

that came off worse but let's go

see well that's gonna drop

to potentially behind hacker the second

place now fair looks the inside line

goes on three

can't find a way through or can he

because harm is a little bit wide coming

out of the hand there at the inside line

goes Jonathan Andre across the grass

slides with gisado jawbreakers through

where is Sascha lens in all of this over

a back of 22 that retard is the answer

so Jonathan Andre up need to second

place and the early leader now he's

fighting freeze podium finish

the way

five minutes on the clock Plus that

regulation that at the end

is the yellow ma n behind look 22

is Lucas hard Lucas is almost there to

try to fight back there's also be given

to number two I turn you album vetting

track limits giving it away of people

where on October driving standard

warning at least for Antonio how

pathetic he won't like that now let's

lines up to him look at Lucas hard on

the inside line all the way down to turn

one break Lake dive into the Mercedes

arena now very sideways there look is

Jonathan or Drake and they make the run

there the Mercedes arena once again

this is the corner that catches them out

Andre there Bucky had to correct a slide

hard without the steer what about let's

go side by side but hard comes out

chaste ahead as that concern right now

down to the half in the game Sasha left

looked up the inside line Albert 30

trying to match his face against the

squabble as a head of it there's lens go

deep into the hairpin understeering out

wide smile for 30-odd laps himself now

under the Goodyear gantry of course in

the real world it's come here rubber on

which they drown in the FIA ERC

the support of the company reflected in

the digital Championship as well they're

going through is he can they be able to

get back onto terms here it was up shine

with Bangkok now he's been so busy

inventing all praise gone away

making books on life down the hill wants

a guy

okay second goes third goes the lapped

alpha 30 and all of that means of course

the lens now in a rather distant for

having run out wide and the happening

you can see how much time is lost


over the line go to Jonathan or Drake

the gap that he is trying to make up

deed this time around it's going to be

what eight seconds in fact to the race

leader nor vacation behind him he's

Lucas half in that third place

currently fourth is sasha lens currently

filled with Jaime Emerson sixth is

Rodriguez seventh is Cal they then ate

on the road

is out of logic Oh

they're in line he has got this

10-second penalty we need to see is

whether the penalty of the graphic is

included now post raised because if it's

included now okay to be eight that it's

including post race they clearly he will

drop behind Hecker don't think the tie

houses get taken that drive through

early in college I suspect may have done

and I'm Tony Alva 30 is the weather's

always get to be in 13th place because

of being a couple of laps down early on

I'm gonna give a background there CB

rodriguez rodriguez ahead then

that's not bad going v he is from the

very back of the grid after penalties at

the end of super pole

a bouquet goes the second third and lady

better be 13th queue of trucks because

our thirty two laps down he's still

running at the same pace as new tricks

there'll be one more lap in the time

regulation as they come through now

a warning is being given to rodriguez

driving standards warning to josie

Eduardo Rodriguez that this time around

so the rich leaders go through

waiting for a tab latch go to come

across the line it's a long way adrift

of th Ave now that is

so there is lens as I say the clock will

hit zero or this lap – then we are going

to a course have the regulation lap

tagged on at the end

Sasha let so this is a frustration for

him came to beat the first time Sasha is

hot for the podium yeah

wait they're going through

Sencha let's laptop pathetic Rodriguez

chases off next in the queue with and

the sir and their Tia Cal they add a

mágico still shown as 8th place

panel to your cabin second we'll get

ahead of it there is led to tries to

come up and have a go at sideways I'm

turning out the thirties they start the

last lap now Corbin Kish goes through

Asian cooking as ever absolutely

dominant now where do we stand in terms

of the fastest lap race

Norvig ish it was double fastest man one

minute fifty point seven three eight to

norman Kish I was the fastest lap of the

race thus far

so through they turn there is the left

professor ahead of statue lens

being a bit frustrating energy car

find a way by confirmation that we are

online on the lap of the race here

down to the hand it's gonna be this man

a magnificent to seven northern cash

then with me seven out of seven comes

out of the SS now Jonathan Andres best

thus far of his limited part season he's

on target second spot

but look at that northern cash with the

road to himself speed up to the maximum

400 miles an hour just nudging it as

best it can to go ahead of battling

slight quirk at me telemetry when he

comes up towards the chicane and so

Norman Kish set to win yet again race

win seven after a fourth pole position

brakes as late as he dares going up now

towards the right hander of turn 13 and

so Norman Kaye she's gonna win race one

from the Nurburgring Norbert Kish is


yet again seven out of seven as he comes

across the line Norbert Kish wins second

will go the way of Jonathan Andre and

for third place

it is Lucas harm forth across the line

his lens then than the laptop of 13 just

ahead or who come true then it is

Rodriguez ahead Anderson and then it is

tio kal they see the gap before Adam

black Co will come into view so there is

latch Co opening relatively speaking

just ahead of clever attacker latch go

is yet to come by he's they're going to

get the penalty so I would offer you we

go back from Lancome truck now that's

when you add the penalty on tie house

will be next

now if you tie house service Drive Thru

betting he did so surely that's going to

give clemens hacker eighth place

because time penalties would have to be

added on for tie house he's ahead on the

road but then you start to apply these

penalties beyond tie house was given a

drive-thru when he took that we did not

see so rather looks to me as though

Clements hacker will inherit a place but

on the road you've got go ahead

it's a lien collage with alphabetic

necks but there are penalties for latch

comb tie house

so Norbert Kish has done it again

and we will hear from the race winner

very shortly

Norbert Kish victorious at the end of

our first race of the evening as I say

there are now one or two penalties to

have a look at but Norbert Kish what a

championship Norby well done seven out

of seven how easy was that win


see the podium is the confirmation of


of the classification there are going to

be these penalties to be looked at

because out of latch Co got his

10-second penalty just hurdle but keeps

talking about some pushing going on at

the very start when it was Adam latch

code that was the guilty party so he

gets 10 seconds but there also there was

that drive-thru given to be on tie house

and to alia College which we did not see

them take so that normally if you don't

take it either translates into a 30

second time penalty or depending on what

the racist director feels roll Ferrer

the of a course the race director

role is his to assume for these races

whether or not he is going to exclude

them from the race so I'll have to wait

and see what happens there let's try and

grab a word with Sasha lense though who

takes fourth place Sasha fourth well

done but not the result you wanted and

it was all because of contact a crash at

turn one Sasha I thought we had in our

streaming room but we'll try and get to

him in a moment

Sasha having been leading into the first

corner and then having dramas going

through that corner with the contact

that big big push that went on from the

traffic behind so Sasha Lance will in

the end of that opening race take fourth

place that puts in mid grid and ahead of

course at Norbert Kish going into the

reverse grid race the second race of the

evening so right now the drivers will

have a chance to fall any protests let's

see if we can have another try talking

to Sasha Lentz Sasha a frustrating first

race for you fourth place but well done

on that

Oh Sasha Sasha saying that he's really

enjoying simracing that's what he said

at the end but to begin with saying that

he was a bit frustrated because of the

contact he had a good fight back good

battle with Lukas and very happy with

his pace so he was making a good

recovery up through the field he's happy

with that enjoying sim racing but

disappointed with the contact early on

in the race so Sasha lent starting 4th

for race 2 so the drivers now have a

chance to go and connect to the server

ready for the second race we will

confirm the result in due course the

race officials will have a look at all

the evidence and any protests will be

confirmed and in the meantime what we

will do as we get set for the all action

reverse grid race is take a short break

but do not go away because you will not

want to miss the action of race to here

from the nürburgring race – in the FIA

ET RC Digital Championship coming up in

a few minutes time


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optimal fuel efficiency

was that so we'll have to serve a

drive-through penalty within this race

for an incident in race one that means

the entire house will start on pole

position and it will be tear calve a up

alongside him then we have on the second

row of the grid Jamie Anderson and

Jersey Eduardo Rodriguez with Sasha

let's starting on the third row with

Lucas Han for company on the fourth row

the grid

Jonathan Andre and alongside him Norbert

Kish with Clements Hecker and Shane

Britain next with earlier collage and

Adam natkho behind Adam nachos 10-second

penalty dropping him to virtually last

place I say virtually because there was

Antonia Alba Fetty still behind and he

is last on the grid on the basis that he

made a pit stop and lost three laps in

fetch to Norbert Kish so that's the grid

ready to go and we are just about set I

think for the Ford F max lap which will

get things underway here at the



the show is on start your engines

FIA ET RC is ready to race






and so the pace lap gets underway

everybody accelerates off the line

remember there's going to be this

drive-through penalty damn at each

penalty hanging over Jose Eduardo

Rodriguez from here the rear of the grid

goes atom latch cope so 25 minutes plus

a lap including the pace lap so 25

minutes underway now so some of the race

duration of course eaten into by the

time taken on the pace lap but we'll get

the race itself underway very shortly

and is Norbert Kish going to come

through as a race winner yet again can

he maintain this 100% record well he

will be eighth on the grid but that's no

barrier to success as we have seen

beyond tie house they're lining up

alongside tio Callaway on the front row

now tio Cal they want would've thought

given his pace in previous events should

be a potential race winner here but that

he's certainly in the reverse grid FIA

ET RC race is no guarantee we have seen

him be unlucky in the past

it's not only you've got to cut across

Tran get the inside line going into the

first corner you've also got a tramp be

mindful of what's going on behind

because remember in the first race there

was contact that push from the traffic

behind it was in fact out of that code

that did the pushing and that therefore

shuffle the order was people ran out

wide such events they casualty but he

fought back

really well after that skirmish the

Batio cal base track there is Jose E

Eduardo Rodriguez well what can he do

with that penalty serve it as soon as I

would have thought because that means

the pack will be together could he serve

it at the end of this lap even because

that would perhaps get it into the mix

sooner rather than any gaps open up

latch go from the rear it's gonna be a

big ask for him sure they give what

we've seen out of nor be thus far in the

championship you wouldn't bet against

him in this race would you so if your

tie house for pole position tear calve a

lining up alongside then that second

Jerzy Eduardo Rodriguez who will carry

the penalty from race 1 into race 2

third-row Lent and harm 2nd generation

and third generation races Lucas harm

not going for points but certainly going

to see how good a result he can get

having been third in the earlier race

Jonathan or brain or medication next on

the grid ahead of Clement Ecker let

Shane triggered a vehicle op Gehenna

penalized madam lash go which is why

he's 12 on the grid after a swamp

so then with almost three minutes

having been eaten in two we are set to

get race to here race 8 of the

championship underway your tie house is

the man on pole position there as the

trucks now start to accelerate their way

up towards the timing line we will go

racing at the Nurburgring who makes the

best art lens pulls to the outside line

one Kish goes for the inside line and

he's blocked by hard and in turn blocked


let's get squeezed out to the outside

line it is your tie house that meets

them out wide goes cow veins not the

only one to go out wide in all of that

same tie house needs Hahn is up to

second cafe third Andres on the grass

Calvin harm together

Calvin way sideways

the traffic gone great dive-bombs an

eco-lodge goes trot the inside line han

runs out wide and turn three there's the

leader that's tie house just ahead

through turn four for the first time

they swing and now the run down towards

the hairpin and there's drama in the

background with Norbit quiché getting

involved with one of the freight liners

was that car watch or latch Co that got

into the championship leader the

unstoppable more but Kish may well have

been stopped by the traffic here Thai

house leads as they come towards us and

now the field accelerates up towards

speed s is for the first time in race

trim with the start under investigation

but right now if your tie House leads

the way in the Scania we never had to

say that before in the PRC turn one

under investigation but Thai house leads

the way in second place is Cal they then

in third spot favorite authors is beep

hard-charging goodness harm on the road

is Rodriguez but remember he's got that

penalty that he's going to have to serve

and then behind Rodriguez as they come

into the chicane the best of the rest

looks like Jamie Anderson don't rain

that makes father Jonathan Andres

working his way forward and their cow

BAE gets into the back of the leader

that forces ty house out wide is Cal

Baker to seize the opportunity yet he is

at the inside he comes now


so that delayed okay as they come over

the line to start turn one and all of

lap one under investigation here the

leaders count down to the descendants

arena for the second time in rate strip

break hard

we're in all of this is Norbert Kish

we'll find out at the end of the lap

because as the field is still pouring

over the live in sty house calve a harm

then Rodriguez ahead of Andre collage

let's kiss his eight still Norman Kish

is a bat make that seven now let's

behind it so there they are but lens on

the inside line they lead on each other

again lens up the inside goes through

retakes the base great racing this

satchel ends goes back through clan

attacker is lined up a third day is 10th

inning shape written with admin sub down

to twelve after dramas and add a black

code behind him so latch code it was

that we saw getting all crossed up and

delaying issues at the inside of lens

there this is the round round the

hairpin and northern Kish will go

through here looking tie house a how

they together Rodriguez is yet to serve

the drive-through penalty

maybe just hurry up about it within

three laps then the officials are not

going to take kindly there is an

investigation involving if you see hard

wide lens and Kish at Hardee's all over

the draft its back for the race just

ahead of Len she's going to be


now up towards the chicane it is all

kicking off your tie house has lost his

need to Teo Cal they can tell they get

away from the pack now Rodriguez comes

up to challenge Bennett or Great Hall in

fifth place right now he's alia Kourosh

having the race of her life but

Rodriguez into the back of Andre gets

into the back of tie house gets into the

back of Cal make it all kicks off and

tie houses the one that loses out Cal

they will lead onto the pitch straight

it's a typical elbows out second race

reverse grid race here at the

Nurburgring look nor beak ish sadly is

back and the races

it's calve a head of the penalise

Rodriguez yet to serve the drive-thru

and as they dive down towards turn one

there is Jonathan Andre on the outside

line alia collage was next but alia is

under attack losing and already to

Norfolk ish so Kish is up to fourth

it doesn't matter what he throw at him

in a race to fracker he's able to make

the best of it and look at the way he's

charging on now

Rodriguez under investigation for an

incident with 29 alley and columns now

almost bet your house on the fat

Rodriguez won't be far away from it well

there he is under attack from Andre hold

the back of Cowell may the race leader

17 minutes plus the regulation lap to go

Norbert case trying to charge up through

the field

Calvin not getting away here the freight

liner run by the check Bagheera racing

team normally marry Peter foot it was a

winning track here at the wheel

real-world last year at a black Co one

race two of four behind the wheel of a

friend liner

right now Calvillo he is the leader he's

not getting away a dry penalty for

Rodriguez for an incident in race one is

now confirmed on teamspeak so now that's

is the invocation but Rodriguez bus


became they cap and toss Rodriguez bail

for the pitlane now no he does not he

stays in that battle pack if anything

getting closer to calve a so this is the

for making it really three for the lead

trouble is though now robbery has no

such a live wire he could trigger

anything in all of this before he serves

that drive-through penalty over the line

they come down here she goes to the

inside line to try and get past Donovan

Andre but he's not going to be able to

find a way by there yes he is he comes

from a long way back but he's done it

Corbin Cage does go through breaks late

and so Jonathan Andre who is certainly

shade good pace 4,000 it'll be wide and

that brings such a length into the mix

but Tia Dalma you are all borrowed time

here because don't forget not only his

kiss looking quick about anybody but

Rodriguez sooner or later it's going to

have to exit to the pit lane to serve

the drive-through and that's going to

give Kish a clear ride through the pack

doubt they cap into the habit there is

Kish right of the back now look Oh Josie

Eduardo Rodriguez as long does Rodriguez

is there defending that gives Cal their

chance tries to get him away from the

pack there is Clemmons hacker further

back he is now behind Saint Britain

we've just had a change for the last

place in the top ten of therefore the

last place that scores points

clapping sacker up through the esses

rights the curb shape Britain's oh so

distinctive purple people eater from way

wider onto the curb as he allowed she's

down hill now towards the adverb bogum

in other words through turn nine he goes

and then up towards the chicane contacts

up the road ahead there that looked like

yeah it is an eco-lodge

off the road at the chicane with a bit

of help and who was behind her it was

Alfa Petty and Colin at trying to sort

of sell back get back into the race but

in doing so loses place after play shape

Britain goes live and Hector will be in

the top ten now alia Kurata rejoins and

then goes for the pit lane somewhat

frustrated and it's interesting to see

whether there's going to be an

investigation about that as that's the

lucas harm now Lucas has not shown in

the second race as he did in the first

when he led for a time your tie house

was on pole remember but he's also

dropped back in the pack he'll be

leading over Kish by effectively a

second and a half and Kish still stuck

behind Rodriguez who has still not taken

the drive through Paul Drake sideways

next up let's go ski inside line now

let's has a chance here if you can get

on the back of Kish of getting ahead of

nor but while Norway is still stuck

behind the Portuguese driver now under

investigation is antonio alba 30 that i

suspect it's gonna be for the incident

with college and yes it is that's


there's rodriguez powers out on the

hairpin and up the grass

knows how to buy this time not make

mistakes Rodriguez is in second place on

the road but still with this penalty

hanging over him

Sasha lent up to fourth operation going

on Dre is behind sixth is hard to tie

house now now what can let's do he's got

to get on with it try to catch kiss

before kiss gets up passed Rodriguez who

goes defensive look coming up towards

the chicane Sasha let's close it close

it close it breaks later and legs are

related and trying to get onto the back

of Kish

go up and kiss for the inside line and

Rodriguez defends all he's worth he

doesn't have to because he's got to

serve the drive-through but Rodriguez I

think he's going to stay out for some


drive-through was for an instant with

Calvin the first race there you see a

vehicle ops in the pit lane

McKelvey leads by a decreasing margin

actually rodriguez being spurred on by

having fish behind with 12 minutes to go

closing on the race leader

but let's is going to be a real factor

in all of this if Norbert Kirsch beats

half a trucks with let's we'll be out

there like a very excitable ferret let's

see what he can do is he dropped out of

turn three now

you see at the back of this group

Jonathan Andre Norbert Keisha came look

ghost the inside line against Rodriguez

northern Kish almost almost almost

tickling the tail of the number 38 ma n

everybody with the same type of track

here for second third fourth and fifth

on the road

Drive Thru got yet taken by Rodriguez

that so he runs in this notional second

place there's all three going through on

the Taylor bled – he's right there on

the back of hitch it's game on SEC firm

for Papa row that this is satellites in

speed building and down hill now

take my try around the back of the

always busy mother and the ADAC trundle

and free and now break cards Alicia came

and tissue still with the terms they're

being bitten away app looking for away

Paul Rodriguez but well as let's go

Rodriguez goes to the hit late so he

serves the drive-through now and this is

lettuce chance maybe to have a goes down

the pit road count Rodriguez Alexi how

much time that's going to lose him

second when he came in by staying out as

long as he has he will be able I suspect

hang on to place in the top Ted it's

about 20 centons for the drive through

down to turn one but now with ten

minutes to go in his calve a in the lead

with Kish length and then Andre chasing

on behind through they turn now what can

led to do about Kish can he go ahead of

it or will Kish catch Calvin for the

lead here this has all the makings now

with four of the championships top

drivers are being a really good way to

round out the action at the Nurburgring

and any one of those four could come

through yes your money must be on case

because of wanting to achieve thus far

but right now Cal they is doing a good

job of hanging on to the advantage but

he can't afford to put a wheel wrong and

let's if he can stay with Kish has a

chance so does Audrey he's closing up as


now with Rodriguez having gone to the

pit lay back puts a lewdness hard up

into fit place your tie house 6a best

yet in the FIA ET RC digital what about

cow they can eat for a race win there's

another drive-thru coming for number 38

Reverend Rodriguez cutting the white

light at the pit exit which he believes

having served the drive-through but

because he drove over the white line

that breaks direction always tend to

treat like a barrier

he's killing another drive-through

penalty there he is on the back of

Antonio Albert betty rodriguez forgive

him if he felt a bit picked on here but

I seen was a live wire he's going to get

a Darbar drive-through penalty not going

to take it yet that's for sure up a

fatty about 7th of the moment

so teok Albay leads the way Thao Calvo

has had two second places thus far and

he leaves by what was a second and a

half before the kiss but he's now about

half the second performance

he's very definitely game on for the

race leave Rodriguez goes through an

eighth on the road

little good will it do him

so the order on track calve a Kish let's

poll train cars bit Thai house here SEP

this are pathetic

from eight Rodriguez

life is shame Britta Clavin Sakura's

tent that it's latch Co with Ali a

collage in the pit lane and Jamie

Anderson is still circulating but lapse


so Jamie Anderson badly delayed early on

now there is for the Kish the Hungarian

driver with the national flag colors of

the mirrors off the back of Tia calve a

he's shaken off lens t oh you've gotta

be fed like never before for seven and a

half minutes Anna laughs this is a big

ask of the young French driver and look

how close Norman Kish is now where does

he go to make that move is it up at the

chicane cowboy tries to cover off the

line and will succeed in so doing here

into the braking zone but not too much

pace carried in because if you do bounce

why that leaves the door wide open now

they move the club to the inside line

that means that the orbit Kish has to go

to the outside up towards the coca-cola

curve a little bit of a brush that

forces in that why the inside line is

what he wants to turn one can tell they

cover it off let's see on for the kid


pitch bake up tear down they still need

the fight fit for the

two minutes to go class one lap down

towards turn one page closing right up

here you've got to say it feels

inevitable doesn't it but nobody's going

to find a way by out of turn two now

this is a really tricky section of the

circuit that couldn't be really patient

with the power here and indeed with the

braking otherwise you run out wide kitch

gets right onto the tail of tio Cal they

go slows you want a Oh as long as you

still need really bounce over the curb

now thinks about it it's gonna have a go

Jonathan or Dre 10-second penalty for a

jump start there are the race leader's

going through

and now look lens is coming back at

Norbit Kish also 38 would you believe it

Rodriguez plus 10 seconds for a jump

start so he's got another drive through

to serve and the 10-second penalty when

it's got your dang stop your bag

so let's getting back closer to Kish

Kish stuck behind calve a five and a

half minutes to go

all leaders off the road almost together

and let's in a sense is the man to watch

to see whether he can make a move

against cash before Kish makes his move

against their the leading rig of Cowell

may that goes potentially a little bit

too deep around the hairpin on to the

pits right now over the timing line once


nor petition could barely be closer to

Teo calve a for the race lead with less

than five minutes on the clock

but Lent needs to be another truck

length maybe two closer so he can have a

proper go or I don't think it's close

enough Calvin's going to go deep here at

turn three if he's not careful scrabbles

back takes the line for the quarter

kitch still stuck behind him

Te'o Cal Mays barber Fabian is the

French commentator for this championship

he will be great Garrity next door as

they break hard tear Calvin leads the

way Norbert Kish is right there behind


let's almost almost almost on the tail

of Kish now any one of these three

leaders could win it discount all three

from this because he's got a 10-second


in a sense Cal Bay's best chance is for

LEDs to come up give Keisha hard time a

black flag now Rodriguez on 72nd drive

through Inez from a 10-second penalty

but talk of a course has lost patience

robbery guys give it a black flag

so into the chicane they come there's no

change in the order but he's calm a

little bit too quick this time it looked

like and carrying too much pacing he

rides the curb on exit he hands off the

lean when he go deep into the final

corner on the lap he does but he sure

she gets him back to the apex in time

now it's Caitlin goes out wide does that

give events a charm to challenge as they

hit the pit straight here as they come


but he's not able to dive at me inside

Jonathan Andre still fourth on the road

but will drop behind Lucas heart if you

apply the penalty pose race through they

turn now so there he is number 20 Te'o

calve a leading the way they're going to


certainly this lat and one more I would

say within the time and then the

regulation back so three laps for Calvo

to defend it is not easy far far from it

any tiny error any understeer or

oversteer will throw the race back in

the way of Norbert Kish you can see he's

got the pace goes for the inside line

but Calvin looking at his screen which

has the effective mirror on it covers

off the line down to the hairpin come on

Sasha let's he must be thinking get up a

trial attack nor but for me lent though

is I suspect I can say waiting to see

what develops ahead and early birdies he

gonna pounce on Drake dropping away ever

so slightly fourth position three for

the lead as they cap here out of the

esses a little bit wide

going to Mormon kids for track limits

now so Norbert Kish track limit warning

as he's on the back of tire Cal they

with to to run at the end of this the

clock will hit zero on the next lap of

the race so that's great news that

there's this one lap extra because of

the page that being included for the

likes of all that kids really bad news

the Cal maybe put a defender even longer

he's on the pics straight speed building


crew goes tayo Calva Norbit Kish behind

him with a minute and 15 seconds as they

come towards us now Asha goes to the

inside so does Norbit Kish is this a

Charles to challenge for the race lead

it's a thought but it's no more than

that as Kish tries to distract Calv a

penultimate lap of the race

the only vomited truck represented on

the grid these days is the freight liner

and it is one of those that leads the

way tayo Calv a who's yet to do

real-world racing for the Bagheera

racing squad leads in the FIA ERC

digital and he's on the absolute limit

he's all sideways out of turn four down

to the hairpin this is Norman kisses

chance to challenge on the outside line

now in in if Kelvin can hang him out to

dry does that give Lenz a chance to


kal Bay still leads the way and now the

inside line tries to go legs but to no


there's a penalty being given to Jamie

Anderson ten seconds from causing the

collision but I think he's rather given

up on this race as Jamie say you can

ignore that for the moment as here in

the leaders with cash happen to be

fairly now from legend he's on the

attack against Cal babe one more lap to

go at the end of this and this is beep

mrs race lead battle we have had all

championship there are three of them in

it and there's a lap to go Kish on the

back of Calvin then on the back of cake

one two three they flick out of the

chicane Jonathan Andre is there but

remember he's got that penalty cash goes

for the inside line race lead is about

to change with a lap to go Norbit kitch

gets on the inside of tear cow BAE but

he can't make it sting their tail cafe

is within a lap of making history by

being the first person to defeat Norman



what's also happened as Kish goes for

the inside line is that lens has dropped

away by length also break hard go down

to turn one now but be an awful lot of

people cheering Te'o Cal Bay along here

as he is set to be if you can hang on in

there for just a little bit longer the

first person the only person to beat

Kish that's far and the most vocal in

efforts gonna be his Barber in the

French commentary room but Calvin's

going to go a little bit deeper to case

tries to get up a lopsided there at

three can't do it into four here they

come tere you've gotta get that inside

line bottom stop what he do so move move

to the inside line yes he does

Norbert Kish will have another chance to

challenge may be on the run into the

corner gets into the back of the


the Bagheera team but has been

successful in circuit racing for tracks

and rally raised up the dakar rally at

AO calmate new signing for 2020 is there

in the lead half a lap to go all of a

sudden a defeat for Gorman Kish by me



it hasn't happened yet maybe you could

argue it had to happen sooner rather

than later but a yokel vein leads the

way that said we are not done yet

there is the chicane and there's the

last corner to go here they come back up

towards me should game kicks through the

left through the right tell base

sideways he's hang on in there for a

race but Kish gets up the inside

challenges can't do it Calvin's gonna go

wide it's gonna be a real scramble to

the line but Te'o Cal BAE he's gonna

hang on in there they will win this

season second is Norbert Kish

and third it's a challenge with Jonathan

Andre four on the road let's see where

the penalty could tip Lucas harm comes

through next Lucas Han will go forth

then in each toy house who comes across

the line just ahead of Antonia album

frente and where does the penalty put

Jonathan Andre is the question will

confirm it in a moment

tie house was able to fend off Alba

Fetty and then it's gonna be Shane

Britain here look who is next

across the line so

it will put Andre behind harm that is

all shame Branson goes across the line

with Clement ecker next but we've had

history made Te'o calve a is a race

winner and perhaps more importantly

Norbert Kish is defeated and that was a

mighty race Norbert Kish plus two

seconds for pushing another truck so Tia

Calvo is the winner and Norbert Kish is

gonna drop to third behind Sasha Lentz

for contact so norbert Kish gets a

penalty so tio calva is the winner Sasha

lent second Norbert Kish third I know

Te'o he's gonna want to talk to his

father in the French channel we better

have a quick word in the English room

first teo cálmate well done a first win

of the first person to beat Norbert cash

what a feeling yes finally how hard was

that with Norbert so close for so many

laps in that second half of the race to

keep him behind by Maria were you aware

of the little bit of contact when he

gave you a Porsche or were you so

focused on your own race yes

Noby touch me one two time but it's okay

I did the race you know so I finished

first and go towards your father at the

fret true Te'o Bravo well done

congratulations thank you so Te'o Calvi

makes history as I say not only is that

his first win in the FIA ETR see whether

it's digital or real world or indeed he

makes history by beating Norbert Kish

take it either way but it is certainly a

great result and it now does finally

prove that Norma case can be beaten

not only that Norbert Kish gets that

penalty so Sasha let's promoted a second

and Norbert quiche with that two second

penalty drops to third position Wow

drama indeed in the FIA ET RC digital

here from the Nurburgring great racing

and Te'o Calvo being able to hang on in

there with Sascha lense promoted to

second and Norbert Kish ending up in

third place we can talk to noir but now

Norbert it had to happen I guess sooner

or later but you've been beaten we

haven't said that before delayed in the

first couple laps coming from quiet far

behind well yeah you know still coming

up to second place is nice now you had a

penalty for a bit of contact but we've

just heard that Sascha got the same

penalty for pushing you so you hang on

to second place and he hangs he ends up

behind you anyway

okay okay try to keep my nose clean in

this race and I don't remember who I

pushed but okay maybe it happened but

you said after race one race two with

that reverse grid he's always about

keeping out of trouble

it's great for the fans because there's

so much action of course oh yeah of

course yeah this is always good for the

fence and it's also quite exciting for

the drivers but it's it's very it's very

difficult you know and in sim racing

it's not so expensive but in the real

life it can be expensive

well no but your championship ladies

maintain one win out of two race is not

about evening congratulations well done

thank you very much

and so we've a time penalty to Norbert

but the same time penalty to Sasha let's

Sasha in third place let's see if we can

quickly speak to Sasha possibly in

German and we'll try and translate Sasha

well done third place another podium and

more points for you in the championship

nobody's amigo happy you but then this

some slight nothing um I Tobi think well

he's on guard Chicago that is basil a

snowman um but hotel him good came from

Tunis then he isn't on losing lots of

cream William Clinton Platts attacker

Sasha Sasha lent saying but as ever in

the reverse grid race there were a few

collisions but he's very high

Pete with the way that he's come through

yet again and taking third position once

more an action-packed race for him and

he's happy with the results so thank you

Norbert Kish Thank You Sasha let's and

that confirms then that Tia Calvin is

our race winner second goes to Norbert

Kish and Sacha lense takes a third

position here in our second race of the

evening in the FIA ET RC digital from

the Nurburgring

well the championship of course will

continue because the next stop and it's

going to be in just a week's time we'll

be heading to the virtual chat Republic

must is the next stop on the calendar

within the FIA ETR C digital and there's

going to be action aplenty there that is

for sure we've had then a race win for

Norbert Kish a race win for teo Calvo

and we look forward to seeing whether

Norbert is going to be back on his

dominant fashion next week or whether

with this opportunity now opened to beat

the master the likes of Sascha lense and

indeed tio Cal they are going to be able

to outscore Norbert Kish once more we've

had drama aplenty from the Nurburgring

there's more of the same in a week's

time thanks for your company this

evening from David Andersson and

everybody else at FIA ETR see digital is

goodbye from the Nurburgring


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