2020 FIA Truck Racing Championship Digital – Round 3, English Comms

published on July 2, 2020





hello everybody welcome to the third

weekend of the FIA ETR see digital

championship this is David Addison and

this evening we are off to the Slovakia

ring it's been a mainstay of the real

world truck racing championship for many

seasons last year there were reverse

grid wins for Antonia Alba 30 and also

for social nets and they are both within

the entry for the two races that we have

coming up this evening

can anybody though beat Norbert Kish he

has been just outstanding to pole

positions set through the super pole

qualifying sessions and for race wins

doesn't matter whether it's from pole or

from 8th on the reverse grid Norbert

Kish has just been unstoppable so far

this season pressure is on the others

because not only do they want to win

they also want to try and stop him

pulling away in the championship in the

title race itself well we'll find out

this evening whether anybody can stop

Norbert Kish qualifying is already

underway the trucks are on track that's

going to catch up if we can with what's

going on because it's that mancation

that's been the quickest thus far from

Sasha let's and then tear Calvin

currently running as 3rd fastest here

Calvin who in the last 10 days also

passed his hgv test so the her knee can

he race a truck he is now able to go

drive one on the road as well and tear

Calais is going to be a man to watch of

course as ever in the two races here so

– Jonathan Andre now he's the team

manager for the land truck racing team

because Antonia is busy running his Kart

centre now that the real world is

opening up a little bit in different

parts of the world so Antony johniac is

busy doing that but to fulfil the entry

his team manager Jonathan Andre will

drive the land track racing entry and is

actually doing a very good job as well

within the qualifying session as it

stands beyond tie house who drove in the

mitterrand Cup at the ad a C's German

truck rule Prix at last yeah he takes

over Irving Klein Naugle ports truck

vehicles the Dutchman has got to go back

to a real job he's got to go back to

hauling and driving so he can't take

part so the truck is in the hands of

beyond tie house for this evening and

then you've got Jose Eduardo Rodriguez

about once more

and he's running in the top six in this

qualifying session in anticipation of

the first of the two races that we have

coming up over the course of the evening

two 25-minute races plus one lap but as

I say the trucks are already out on

track two beats now the time that he has

done is a two minutes forty two point

six six zero so Norbert Kish in the MMA

and defecting from tempo fear of spam

sig and Mercedes to a new team that he

is created and the MA m in order to try

and get back to his successful winning

ways well so far so good certainly in

the virtual world everything looks good

and this Norbert Kish here works his way

up across the last few minutes of the

session let's see whether or not he is

going to be able to go yet faster push

pole position out of everybody's reach

well he's eight tenths of a second up

right now on Sasha let's so the gap is

down a little but even so Norbert quiche

from pole position a dangerous

combination really as far as the

opposition is concerned because he's

just been so so good over the course of

the season itself the Slovakia ring

circuits tight twisty it's got this

wriggling infield section there is a

fast element to it but largely you're

always working number 30 is under

investigation we understand from rate of

control that being such a lense so Sasha

potentially is in hot water already for

doing something that he shouldn't and in

the last three minutes or served the

session there is more but Kish rumbling

his way down to walls the Sasha lens

eight tenths of a second adrift as far

as the session is concerned the track

itself 14 turns and it's a long pit

straight down to a long right than a

long fast section through the fast right

of turn – but once you get up to turn

three then you're into this almost paper

clip style infield nor BK she goes

across the line and a 24266

zero keeps him ahead of Sasha let's

about there Jonathan Andrei up to third

now and

Jacque has done a really good job in

that rig thus far to the M am the yellow

ma n of the land track racing team but

Jonathan on Drake the team manager

having his first outing in the virtual

track racing world looks to be taking

the job to the opposition here good

effort that has been put in thus far and

as he gets a bit more seat time don't

ruin our fourth fastest he was third

fastest he now is having just got up

ahead of tyr Calvin

so TH AVE down a fourth in the sideways

Freightliner ran by the Bagheera team

house teammate doing or team mates

plural well Adam latch Co is ninth and

alia college in 11th which finger right

in saying is what we have in terms of

the entry 11 trucks we were going to

have more but Lukas harm was away

testing at moshed

and has been able to get back in time we

have got though how about this Jamie

Anderson who went testing at moshed like

many often did in the week he has

stopped at Sasha let's seize house on

the way home he take me same Rick with

him so they're sharing the Internet

costs here erasing from the same place

from the same room but deadly rivals out

on track there is tear calve a then new

xgv license in his proverbial pocket his

father fabian champion administrator and

indeed the french commentator for the

FIA ET RC & t ik alvays had a pretty

good season thus far yes granted he's

not been a race winner but he's had a

fourth a third and a cap a second places

so the win is almost there is it it's

within reach knocking on the door of it

but he needs to qualify just a little

bit better because the good results

tempted to have come in the reverse grid

races so there is tarek elevate making

the run over the brow down towards us in

the last minute of this session and just

as we've had the battle between him and

antony johniac four top French driver so

it's between him and Jonathan Andre this

evening that is looking out of turn 14

through which in a moment will have Co

calve a heel squeeze one more lap out of

the session if he needs it rumbles his

way underneath the gantry

breaks the beam past the pits and on

that lap tear calve a no faster

I mentioned Sasha let was being

investigated no further action say he's

race control so that's all good and

there you see going through such events

in the SL transport LAN Sasha lense

winner here in real world racing along

with our Tony Alva thetic last year now

Antonio is in the entry but he's sixth

fastest at the moment needing to find a

bit more time in his ma n attorney Alba

34 the tee sport bear now team down the

pit road comes the SL truck sport entry

of such a lense and there is Alma Fetty

so the checkered flag is out and

attorney Alba 30 will end seven fastest

in the end six fastest in the end seven

fastest in the end yes behind Rodriguez

just losing out at the very end your

entire house has done a good job

actually for somebody that we've not

seen in the championship thus far and

the late edition as it were to the ranks

the Dutchman in mcarnold warts rig and

coming out for fifth in the times good

effort being put in in that session

there is Jose a Eduardo Rodriguez who

has drawn attention to himself for

myriad reasons this year partly quick

driver but also because he has been in

hot water with the officials for his

Driving Standards and his propensity to

ignore track limit and so he's under

strict observation this week and he has

thus far been impeccably behaved we've

got to say he is currently fifth fastest

in the times is there going to be an

improvement before the very end for him

I think there is looks like he's

possibly just slacked out of this last


so Rodriguez chasing after Te'o calve

eight in the times but Norbert Kish SATA

Lentz Jonathan Andre is the order and

they're round the back of a paddock

comes Josie Eduardo Rodriguez sideways

out of turn 11 now you see what I mean

about this paperclip style and flinging

it sideways accelerating his way now

over the brow this is the short straight

that takes you up toward to turn 13

which loops you back round towards the

kink onto the pit straight so there is

turn 13 but it looks as though pole

position is going to go the way of

Norbert Kish from Sascha lense on that

front row of the grid

so the

ma ends our yet again the trucks to beat

looking at the top three because John

it's all good to go and very shortly

we'll be back on track with the first of

our two races with Norbert Kish of

course the man

starting from pole position now race

control sends more messages which

suggests a warning for Norbert Kish in

fact now that might have been for track

limits it may have been for driving

standards but track limits tends to be

what gets people into hot water so what

nobody Kish will at least the session is

at an end I have to keep his nose clean

but it won't affect I don't think at the

time that he has just set in order to

take a third pole position in a row

nobody else has come out of a qualifying

session with the top time thus far so

Norbert Kish the fastest from Sascha

lent jonathan andre third and Tia calve

a fourth fastest fifth quickest Jamie

Anderson and then six fastest looking

lap times Jamie Anderson

sorry not Jamie Anderson I tell you we

like your tie house is next in the order

but that will just sort itself out

before we get to the first of our two

races once the officials are happy with

everything that's just unfolded

throughout qualifying Josie Elrod

Rodriguez will be worth watching so to

add a match Costel adapting really he

said he was after the second weekend at

Massaro to the art of sim racing he's

getting there he's getting a little bit

more confident in it there are others

though who have adapted to it very

easily indeed Norbert Kish don't forget

before he went into real world car

racing and a multiple one make saloon

car champion he was a sim racer so he's

going back to his roots in many ways and

he's got that good background as well of

sim racing from many many seasons past

now the Slovakia ring circuit is always

a popular venue always gets not only big

real-world crowds but also some

spectacular racing let's have a quick

look at the Slovakia ring circuit

welcome to Slovakia ring the Slovakia

ring around six kilometers in length

with six left and five right-hand

corners one chicane and seven straight

the start/finish straight is 900 meters

long and 20 metres wide it's a first

stop on this year's FIA European truck

rating championship-caliber it has a

very fast corners which are quite

difficult I mean the second corner is

flat-out 160 but it's not a TC corner

you know I mean you make a small mistake

and you are off and run and very high

speed there is always a lot of interest

in racetracks

and this time many Slovakian fans came

from the capital precious lava which is

around 40 kilometers away




so that is the Slovakia ring in the real

world now we're about to see virtual

racing on this popular circuit and

Norbert Kish starts very much as the

favorite what can he do to maintain this

outstanding 100% record of pole position

and a race win at every venue this our

third weekend of action the next stop in

just a week's time just to think about

the Canada is the Nurburgring then we go

to moshed to Zolder to Lamont and

mid-august always the 16th the virtual

championship the digital championship

will finish at hirama but of course week

by week by week we get closer to

unlocking real world racing and the real

world ET RC calendar of course worth

keeping an eye to the team back out

between running doing some testing at

most and that I think has fired

everybody out looking forward to the

start of real world racing but that's

not to say that they're not taking this

evening seriously certainly Norbert Kish

means business doesn't he with yet

another pole position and he will line

up there on the front row alongside

Sasha let's the second row Jonathan

Andre the LAN track racing team team

manager and that's a very impressive


he's got tier calva alongside him in the

French contest and then we have on the

third row Jamie Anderson and then your

tie house well counter the grid in a

moment first though let's head to the

FIA ET RC Digital showroom


is the ma n driver for a new team this

year t sport a bear now the Formula Ford

champion he is racing formula 3 formula

3000 in super touring touring cars for

Opel for BMW and for Alfa Romeo he

started off in track racing way way back

in 2003 champion in O 5 in 2006 2010

third two years ago runner up last year

and this new team T Sport burnout is a

merger between Lutz burnout squad and

the British T sport team Antonio Alba

xxx is another driver who spent quite a

bit of time practicing over the last few

weeks for virtual track racing digital

truck racing and bit by bit he's getting

himself closer to the front of the grid

but see whether he's going to be a

factor this evening but certainly I

think attorney Alba 30 you discount at

your peril particularly where we get to


reverse grid race because from there

he's going to be a man to watch no

question about it

number two Antonia Alba 30 working our

way through the entry list 15 is driven

by Bjorn Terre house now this is the

truck of Irving Kline Naugle fort Irving

able to race so he hands it over to

Bjorn for the purposes of this evening

the entire house who has raced in real

world track racing limited amount but

he's done the ADAC Mittal Ryan Cup which

is the mix of Dutch German and British

truck races at the ADAC

truck room 3 and he drove there last

year I think I'm right in saying he's

also done stop go competitions amp your

entire house then starting sixth on the

grid for race one

shame Britain is another driver to keep

an eye – although Shane is a little bit

further back on the grid Shane came out

of oval racing in the UK saloon stock

cars national hot rods then Aska

the series for NASCAR style cars that

ran at Rockingham he drove in the

European equivalent the late model car

series he's drift racing pickups but

came into track racing first in the

British then the European Championship

back in 2016 he was a winner at most in

2017 and indeed he won here in the

Slovakia ring races two years ago shame

Britain in his ma n number 17 now no e

TRC digital grid would be complete

without the fleet of Bagheera racing

freight liners Tia calve a drives number

20 Te'o who having passed his

baccalaureate exams dashed off to race

in the ADAC truck Grand Prix a couple of

seasons ago son of organiser racer

broadcaster administrator Fabian calve a

and he began as a 16 year old he's a

former motocross er he's also raced in

the French championship being third in

that two years ago now he's an H TV

licence holder and as far as this

championship is concerned to TIA calve a

third behind Sasha Lentz and

championship leader Norbert Kishen the

number 20 Bagheera racing round


now what about Jamie Anderson X rally

driver from the British Rally

Championship with a Ford Fiesta RS came

into track racing in 2017 rally rival

David Jenkins part of a good truck

racing family was the catalyst to get

him involved and he has merged his time

between the be tra the FIA ET RC and

some British rallies as well but the

Anderson racing M am well Jamie's

business is in the commercial vehicle

world so where better than to showcase

the company than in European truck

racing and Jamie has been quick but a

bit unlucky he's sixth in the

championship equal with Jose Eduardo

Rodriguez after the first four races

number 23 Jamie Anderson in his MA an

another second-generation racer again

for the Bagheera racing squad in the

Freightliner is alia college she began

16 years of age from karting and is due

to race within the FIA e TRC this year

trouble is car get racing just yet so

the digital Championship is the focus of

attention her father

Martin is a European champion and alia

college has ended up on the front row

for the to reverse grid races let's see

them how she fares over the course of

this evening number 29 the Bagheera

racing freight liner with the pink

mirrors the pink back is that of alia


Sasha Lent is another second-generation

racer but Sasha himself started off in

national events before moving to the FIA

ET RC fifth in the championship last

year perennial underdog real fan

favorite and bit by bit by bit has been

getting quicker and quicker and quicker

so the real world podiums became wins

and he really has been the nearest

opposition to Norbert Kish all the way

through these opening four races in the

SL track sport ma n number 30

but this is the track that everybody has

to stop

somehow the reverse trt ma n of Norbert

Kish the man who came from success on

sims 2 1 make salute car success in the

real world and all but cashed the

championship leader Opel Astra racer

Hungarian Clio Cup champion say at

champion Suzuki champion double FIA ET

RC champion 2014-2015 and seemingly is

going to be the first FIA ETR C digital

champion because the rest are struggling

right now to combat Norbert Kish he has

80 points in the championship to the 54

of Sasha lens he's got a healthy

championship lead already aboard number

40 M am

38 is joseon wada Rodriguez the third

generation of the Rodriguez truck races

and he has been fast and he's been

feisty over the course of the season

Jozy Eduardo Rodriguez then under

observation this evening for his earlier

driving standards but if he keeps out of

trouble he's going to be one to watch

undoubtedly because he's a fiery

competitor and is certainly capable of

running up me in the front in the

Robocon alt ma n number 38

at a match ko FIA European track racing

champion in 2017

Carter saloon car racer GT racer Porsche

racer and moved to track racing back in

2003 but he's been an experienced

competitor over the last few seasons as

I saved the champion back in 2017 now

it's fair to say that Adam has not yet

really got his hat on with digital truck

racing but he's getting there he's

getting quicker all the time and so Adam

latsko I think will make another step

forward this evening in the number 55

but gear

so that's a look at who's who the

majority of the field and of course add

to that the likes of jonathan andre with

the land track racing n am there is also

the addition of for tonight beyond our

house for Evan Carmichael vault squad so

it's gonna be interesting to see who

comes out on top once we get going but

Norbert kitchen has to start as the

favorite very shortly well everybody is

ready they've had the five-minute signal

the drivers will go to the grid

effectively what that means is they log

onto the server and as they do so the

trucks will appear on the graphics

pinging their way onto the grid we will

have before all of that of course the

Mercedes pace truck

the Mercedes actress the official pace

truck that will lead them round on the

formation lap and before all of that the

official truck the ford x max will do

its lap before we get the first of our

two slovakia races underway it's another

interesting jumbled grid we've had some

spectacular racing thus far but through

it all norbert cash has just kept on

scoring the points whether it's from

pole position or whether it's from

eighth on the grid in those reverse grid

races he's just looked mighty thus far

so is it going to be a battle for second

place are we going to see Sascha lense

versus Jonathan Andre and tier caliber

all squabbling over second or can they

take the battle to Norbert Kish the race

leader we will find out shortly then

when the trucks start to make their way

off on that formation lap this the fifth

race of the season

within the FIA ET RC Digital competition

and Norbert Kish doing an outstanding

job thus far the drivers I can see are

getting themselves ready they are

connecting to the service and that means

that the grid is starting to form when

everybody is there then we should be

good for our formation laps and then

this first of our two races will be good

to go it's going to be Norbert Kish from

pole position and with him at the front

of the grid Sascha Lentz now remember

that Sasha's season has been good but

not as good as that of Norbert Kish if

you look at the race results

sat/rad second third second third mirror

images from the hugger ring and Misano

race results a little bit hitches been

mirroring that first first first first

so Sasha and tio Cal they have been the

main opposition to kiss over the

previous races what can they do to stop

him here the east of a key ring with

that long fast pit straight long fast

sweep round turn one turn two and then

heavy braking at the end of that section

into turn three and the fiddly infield

section to really focus the driver's

attention and it won't be long before

we'll find out who is going to come out

on top over that first run into turn

three once we get race one underway 25

minutes plus the lap just to remind you

why that is the platform on which the

FIA ET RC digital works has to

incorporate the pace lap as if you'd

like a lap within the duration so that's

balanced by putting a lap on at the end

the pace truck the Mercedes actress

truck is not built into the game it has

a real-world driver who does that one

that just as the pace truck driver in

the real world does the lap and then

peels into the pit lane ready to get the

rolling start underway so as the drivers

get themselves ready

we should have 11 for the grid and turn

you have a 34 tee sport burnout taking

on Jonathan or drapion tire house shane

britain tear calve a at out and very

shortly they will all be released on to

the grid so first of all we can catch up

with the build up to our first of two

races the Ford F max lap the official

track of the FIA ET RC digital is set to

get underway

the show is on start your engines

FIA ET RC is ready to race









now they get back onto terms of Jonathan

andre he's also got don't forget you

want our house not that far behind in

that six pot as they accelerate their

way now to alters once more calve a get

the feeling made a tiny error rather

than losing pace because he's staying

with Andre here Aniak have been evenly

matched this year put a different driver

into the lion track racing MA and

there's no real difference they are

still together on track so call back ish

hold sway

who they turn once more with their look

the leading ma n just starting to edge

away ever so slightly tear Cal VAP down

in that fifth place now what can he do

about Jonathan Andre what can Andre do

about Rodriguez I did leave a lot of

work together I suspect here and see if

they can get one of them on the podium

but beyond tower house so he's throwing

the scanner around in great style in

fact six hot is not that far behind now

might be his only outing in the

championship he's nothing to lose here

he's throwing everything at this as they

come across the timing line once more

and there look calve a closing up on the

back of Jonathan Andres they break for

turn one so norbert Kish currently is

the race leader

they advantage when he crossed the line

was 17 seconds let's is in second place

with three guest third fourth or great v

calve a and then for six bot tie house

you can see the gap between the leading

sextet and out of latch Co who's got

himself back ahead of Shame bridge and

seven eight they are on Tony Alva Fetty

he was badly delayed on the opening lap

he's ninth Jamie Anderson who was banded

delayed on here me back his 10th IV

ecology we saw going off into the gravel

down it never played

twelve truck that it says on that

leaderboard graphic is called pace truck

that's hit the pit made it lost

everybody they're way out wide goes

calve a understeer he's going to cost

him a length also against Jonathan Andre

look back though now that Miss kau Bay's

rearview at tie house this is the front

view on the one on Dre just got the road

ahead of it

Alvie braking hard and again washing out

wide leads to fire the clipping point

from the corner to another hairpin

effectively tight tight right-hander

back over the power now the gaps don't

look that big but of course when you'll

govern to a maximum of a hundred miles

an hour even the acceleration is good

you need to keep momentum up all the

time it's not that easy to suddenly

bring down a gap unless somebody makes a

mistake in front of you okay over here

the power now to be building over the



breakheart sharp left here

we turned 11s opening up but you gotta

be careful not to get the power down too


already break too late wanting it to

turn 10 because that compromises the

whole run especially with that almost

sold to ask chicane and then a cry

produce one handsome over the brow they

have account that

now the back straight cut 30 stab all

the hackers

breakers later to you they're turning

and they're breaking and again cowboy

fighting this poor dirty truck back

trying to step out of line all the time

with yellow rubber of course on that

they run in the virtue of the real world

championship then power their way and

cake over the line company press and

pick Bob back down toward turn one right

now shall end a fraction closer a second

and a half the advantage when they went

over the line up to one point six first

timing point of the lap but as they

accelerate their way towards as let's is

certainly not giving up here

there he is in second spot and

definitely getting away from Rodriguez

who is definitely being caught now by

Jonathan Andre so that's another gap

coming down and down and down

so for third place it's going to be two

possibly three no Cowboys falling away

too much so certainly to the ma end

robbery has versus Hall great for third

four bases slightly surprised when Cal

may is quite a fan of the base


Freightliner there goes past us but the

almost historic class Scania in the

hands of your toy house he's not that

far behind feet reclick mr irving cloud

maglev walk drive at the start of the


Irving Klein agra fort happy to go back

to real-world duties now so he is taking

over the truck

josée Eduardo Rodriguez part of the

three generation strong dynasty in track

racing but he's gonna have to look to

his laurels in the minute isn't he

because there Jonathan or Bray's closing

closing closing all the time

ten and a half minutes plus the laps for

the run

they're going past is Rodriguez johniac

is next in the queue

get me John yeah I'm Jenny act rig in

the hands of Jonathan or gray forgive me

Andre has made an impressive debut thus

far Mike yeah get himself on the podium

because the way that he's closing up

onto the tail of Rodriguez here suggests

that he's got the pace he's also

applying the pressure

the day you've got Rodriguez going

through and all the time these two for

third or for fourth places squabbling

amongst themselves that means they're

losing touch slightly with Sasha let's

the second place lense was 11 temps only

now 12 tense back from kitchen pizzas

come down to the start of the last I

don't rule out the challenge being made

here by Sasha let's ignore because just

toy with Sasha let's because they come

over the line let's does have a chance

that's for sure

true they go there's Rodriguez in the

third place dolphin on rain fourth as

they head down towards turn one is Andre

close enough to have a go date think he

is not there but for want of trying

nine minutes on the clock

Rodriguez deeper into the corner but

then take some tighter line cuts across

doesn t throws it in

Andre perhaps was smoother in when he's

fall sideways on the way out that's

gonna balance pretty much now BAE still

very fit race

toy houses 670 / co' 8 Alba 39 Anderson

now don't forget that it's the top eight

you reverse for the race to bridge –

Antonia Alba 30 and add a black coat

possibly for the front row of the grid


they was hoped if we were going to get

Lucas Han in the entry this evening

Lucas the son of raining and he deep

multiple European champion

Jochen ha ha he's not made it back from

Boston time so teams the other teams

were happy to have him take part but he

hasn't got back still be back the Czech

Republic so hopefully he'll be out next

time in the FIA ETR see digital

championship but the name hard on any

grid always strikes fear into the heart

of the opposition if its father and some

in the real world championship this year

that's going to be quite formidable

their wide is Rodriguez Andres snapping

at his heels can he get the tighter

inside line here look as they come

towards what he has a think he has a

look but he can't quite muscled up

alongside Rodriguez who hangs on to the

face but you can see that Jonathan Andre

is really going for it behind them in

that fifth base is tio calve a and

Rodriguez again drifts out why the

pressure is starting to tell him a

little bit he's got the pace yes he

still got the place yes but certainly

he's being given a hard time by fair

behind him

number six Jonathan Andre

great brakes late doesn't get into the

back thankfully of Rodriguez and

therefore create contact satchel ence

I'm tempted to say I think his best

drive yet here he turns on staying with

Norbert Kish for a longer period of time

okay he might not be yet challenging for

the race lead but he's not falling away

no but he hasn't run off into the

distance here so Sasha let's they're

trying to close again as they head up

toward the turn 13 there's lots of drama

in the background going into the chicane

which on it without unlatch go and I'm

turning out the feta Jamie Anderson all

getting themselves together and if that

sorts itself out it could be a different

driver on pole position so we'll check

back in a moment more seven make the

five here those third for Rodriguez

versus Andres they come now up toward

the line tio calve a goes through as

well third over the line that's


fifth root is calve a who for some

reason just does not seem to have the

pace here he lost that place early odd

to Andre it hasn't really been able to

bother he gate back but we'll stay on

the tail of his fellow-countrymen ahead

of him

so let's go through there is Rodriguez

Andre and then charging off behind his

tier calve a to the eye he might be just

a little closer

Tok oh baby I think it's perhaps to

mental six minutes are on the clock plus

the lap

over the brow goes cow bay and they

stand on the anchors turn hot Deep Field

there's the lead battle Norbert Kish

with the margin hovering at around a

second from Sascha lengths

SL tractable Ventre chases on behind all

the Kish but with five minutes and

change plus a lap to go can he get close

enough to make a move don't forget the

stairs they are these two are going to

be coming up as they have done in

previous reverse grid races from a

fourth row you take the top eight

reverse it for race two I'll have a

quick break between the races for race

control to analyze any incident that in

turn occurred fight back

penalties of that for the grid going

into race to survive either

between races over the brow there goes

the race leader

or Kish up the road you were looking out

of the front of the Sasha let's truck

there is Sasha lense number 30 into the

chicane turns 10 11 or 12 Jonathan or

grade the meantime is right back onto

the tail of Rodriguez here who goes a

little deeper into the corner now does

that compromise the run through 11 and

therefore through 12 and doesn't give

renewed hope to Jonathan Andre the two

of them together here over the brow of a

cow shame Britton and Jamie Anderson

getting themselves together there look

and Anderson is the one that comes off

worse off into the beach into the gravel

so Jamie Anderson who had got himself up

into 8th place he's not in 8th place

anymore and that potentially means that

he's going to drop away from benefiting

on that reverse grid there is a

five-second penalty being given to Teo

calve a so that is for contact with

Jamie Anderson on lap one

so tio cow BAE gets a five-second

penalty is that kind of drop in a place

in the race where is your tie house in

the back friends gonna be close isn't it

between those two it's four seconds at

the moment so tier cow bait goes through

but if the penalty is applied that he's

gonna fall back a place he'll be

benefited of course on the reverse grid

but he'll lose points for places winning

the championship three and a half

minutes possible from these gaps under a


in fact as they went over the timing

line just crept up a little bit in the

next center point but I'm Sasha let's

he's throwing everything at this there's

the fight for third that he's not

resolved either Josey a rider Rodriguez

keeping turn off an Andre at bay

oh great fourth gear speed building all

the time now 260 kilometers an hour at

governor 100 miles an hour remember and

then you stand on the brakes and Audra

has a look to the inside now that was

boring hope than in anticipation I think

tried to unsettle Rodriguez didn't work

shame Britain after that contra talk

with Jamie Anderson has dropped back a

spot then gains it again on the next

timing point they had an ally of college

and turn it how the fatty though he's

eight that pole for the second race and

college and president trading live than

ten places now right Andre can he find a

way past Rodriguez for the virtual

podium at the end of race one can't do

much more other than punt him out of the

way here and this could be the moment

where Rodriguez cracks under pressure

because he was way wide through turned

11 that's going to compromise him into

the next corner look and he's all

crossed up here he's going to go out

wide and Jonathan Andre will seize the

opportunity job should be done yes he's

got the line on the inside line here

they come to otters and finally Jonathan

Andre goes through but now he carries

the speed he's going to go wide and

Rodriguez tries to nibble up the inside

wide to the curb but he couldn't go



break hard turn now to turn Ted

near the edge of don't disappear

virtually as they have to so so careful

with the power almost coast through the

chicane and only now really get back

onto the loud pedal


good old right couch I was gonna brow


too late are gaining any other places

out of this open grace are concerned

that see so Johnson all Drake with

Bennett the bit plus the regulation lap

at the end

countless through a lapping in the



over the line they'll be this that the

regulation Lafayette

in fact from this man attorney

alphabetty he's on target now for eighth

which is poled for race two that a black

goat is ahead of him


album señor birds into the back of him

book if they come now through turn 13

absolutely together these two

so the album fatty

tries to probe the door opens straight

to talk about European champion

struggling in sip racing have been down

in separate places so they are that's

gonna be petting nose to tail over the

timing line now and off the road out of

match go back on again think that was a

net code problem he had so he's still

have that still in the race out of that

cone now goes down towards turn one and

he's got Alba 30 on his tail look our 30

braked lay scrambles into the corner

come on Adam he says gives him the hurry

up gets into the back of him so this is

the dispute for the front row for race

two depending on who's gonna be on the

inside or the outside Norbert Kish still

the race leader and he's just starting

to extend the advantage once again over

saterland there is Kish

so through Campins Norbert Kish and they

will be one more lap at the end of this

but Sasha let's looking even closer the

gap was a second now it's down to 7/10

now is this Norbit Kish making a race of

it giving hope to saterland or is he

genuinely not quite the runaway Victor

that he's become used to being because

certainly let's he's taking the battle

to him Sasha let's then almost on the

back of Kish here look as they come over

the brow into turn 11

and then we'll ride the brow down

towards us once more at turn 13 but as

you look into the distance and Norbit

kiss just slightly better it seems

coming through that section of the

circuit and now accelerates clear or

once again the Alba 30 Jamie Anderson

incident is also being looked at by race

control so you understand why we have

the break between the races to make sure

that everything is as it should be

because right now it's quite a lot to be

looked at post race here they come

towards us there with one more lap to

run for the cash looking as though it's

gonna be another race wait for him as he

heads now climbing line ready to start

on last lap here at the back hearing


160 kilometers an hour just creeping up

to 160 well but really could do no more

with the top speed governor on these

trucks don't go any quicker break it to

turn one now Sasha let's close by

they've dropped back just a little bit

we're on the last and that race patrol

converts its the track now

the kitchen look to try to build that

gap on this

Hoka rice



the power

except the second back and where are we

relation to

now they imply a pie cake for five

seconds until input tier cow bait bhai

your Tahoe's at the end of this race so

five-second penalty or Caliphate or

contact on the opening lap of the race

and it's going to cost him a position to

give a costed point here so they're

through is Kish and let's the gap to the

eye is less but it's been elasticated

all the way through this races there's

just been no opportunity really the

stache' leds to get close enough to

mount a challenge but the reverse grid

is going to be as ever fascinating is

gonna be elbows out if they come and

still running two altars with lens

closed but then he gets the power down

at the bat just faster sprint out a

little bit latch Coco's a head of Alba

30 the recovering Jamie Anderson is in

all of this as well at this don't forget

seventh eighth ninth has a huge impact

on race two because in perfect all of

this is pole for the second race latch

go on the inside line Anderson tries to

get up alongside on Tony Alva Fetty they

lean on each other they almost merge but

Jamie Anderson is going to go through

Izzy yeah but he's on the wrong line for

the next corner so an Tony Alva FET it

goes through on the inside like retake

Tate retake pole for the reverse grid


there and a black coat hangs on the

position but oddly just behind its Alba

fatty just clear of Jamie Anderson but

that's not done and dusted just yet

meantime Norbert Kish is almost done to

make it five wins from five races if the

FIA ET arty digital making these wave

now cut broad turf 13 Sasha lengths but

it's close and he's not gonna get close

enough unless more that Kish has a big

big problem here

– a lens set or second position that

Gorman Kish is gonna make him five out

of five two wins in Hungary two wins in

Italy and he will win the first race at

the Eastern a theory checkered flag is

ready and Norman Kish come to club

behind then to win race one here with

Sascha length taking second bird across

the line he's gonna be gone Drake


celebrate for is going to be Rodriguez

and then fifth it is on the road calve a

phat Thai house will take that on

corrected time so if you want tie house

fifth and six is Tia Cal Bay because of

the penalty that I think I'm right in

saying is Tio's worst results that

receive some yes forth well previously

is worse but six because of the penalty

drops him down the order so now there is

the time frame protests to be heard but

still we've got the rest of the pack to

come through though seventh place out of

that CO and who takes eight it's gonna

be Alba feting on the line so that will

be Antonia Alba thirty four pole

position for our second race mind going

the way of Jamie Anderson there for 10th

shape written


eleventh will be their ally of college

coming through now in the third of the

freight liners so true to say that

penalty applied to tear calve a will

drop him one place down the order so

good stuff and good racing as we

expected some good battling and whoever

standouts well on the one hand all but

Kish I suppose you could also give

mention to Jonathan Andre because the

first time out of the championship had

also be on tie house his first outing

and in I know it's a sim race and it's

digital but even say that scania is a

venerable l beast it's not normally one

of the quickest so great job done by

mukesh victorious once more

so Norbit Kish victorious and by in the

end only four tenths of a second it was

a relatively narrow margin we'll find

out in a moment maybe whether he was

toying with the opposition or whether

that was genuinely as quick as he could

go but it's a narrow winning margin

Norbert Kish has been much more dominant

over the course of previous races

Norbert we meet again getting bored of

talking to me I suppose after all these

wins but well done tremendous job great

win five in a row well done thank you

very much thank you now this time the

winning margin that you had was only

four tenths of a second was that you

driving within yourself or does that

suggest the opposition is getting

quicker and getting closer yeah for sure

everybody's getting quicker and they are

getting closer now you could see in the

qualifying it was also a lot tighter and

they she's doing really well and yeah

you know okay maybe I could have gone

you know a little bit faster you know

but I wanted to take it safe you know

because there is usually a lot of

penalties for track limits and

everything you know so I was just taking

care of being inside the white line you

know this looks like a really

interesting circuit whether it's for a

car or indeed for a truck you know

you've got some really fast bits and

then that infield it's so tight and

twisty what's it like for a driver it's

like yelling is a really special circuit

you know a lot of fasters which is like

almost flat out but not really flat out

so that that's that's hard on the front

tires really much so you have to take

care of that in the first sections and

they had the slow hairpins you know and

then the SES is like really technical

and we've quite hard to get the line

right and and to find the traction you

know so that so that the rear don't step

out on you when you try to accelerate

out of this helpings and and when you

make this really difficult so I have to

have to be a little bit of traction

control yourself you know it's your foot

I was gonna say you have to be seems you

have to be really patient knowing

exactly when to nail the throttle when

to really go for it in accelerate after

certainly that 10-11-12 happen as a

sequence sorry I couldn't understand you

have to be patient

with the power knowing when to

accelerate out of out of that section of

corners oh yeah of course it's it's one

of the most important thing is to you

know to find it

action that you that your tires have on

the rear axle so that you have you know

a good exit not too careful you know

because then you are slow but also not

to go sideways because drifting is also

looks good it looks nice especially you

know it is such a big machine drifting

looks so now you could have do this from

eight on the grid is another way


hello hello yeah


get themselves maybe a drink and equally

the team in race control will have a

chance to go through all of the data all

of the incidents that might need

reviewing after that opening race and

then we'll have a grid for race two it

should have antonio alba Fetty on pole

position of course by being eighth in

the opener so the semi reversed grid

should put him up to pole position going

into the second race of the evening but

Norbert kiss from eighth what about tier

cow a full race to honors starting on

the second row okay he's lost out

because of the penalty but it actually

helps him for the second race moves

about the grid just a little bit if he

can get through that front row maybe get

away cuz he's got good pace well he

could be another driver to watch as well

race two will be another 25-minute race

plus the regulation lap at the end and

it could be interesting to see who comes

out on top but you've got to say that

Norbert kids probably he's going to be

that man once more having been so so

impressive in the opening race so Norman

Kish is the winner yet again so that's

five out of five for the Hungarian

second place yet again Sascha Lentz so

mirroring what he's been doing really in

the first races of each of our ET RC

digital rounds thus far in other words a

second place in race one of the previous

two meetings mirrored here by jonathan

Andre third first time out in the

championship and doing a very impressive

job indeed in the land track racing man2

take a podium finish

josée Eduardo Rodriguez then takes

fourth another good effort for Rodriguez

especially bear in mind that he started

on the fourth Road the grade now okay he

benefited maybe a little bit on that

opening lap with all sorts of dramas

going on around it but even so a good

round by Rodriguez and elevated to faith

because of the tear calve a penalty

beyond tie house first time out in the

championship for him and Tia Calvo

coming through for sixth position that

penalty costing him five seconds and

because tie house was within that so you

switched the two around for the purposes

of the results seventh Adam latch go

then so he's going to be on the front

row of the grid going in

– race – but Adams still struggling for

pay seemingly against the likes of

Norbert Kish

Sasha Lent and others and so – the man

that was going to be eighth in race 1

and therefore pole position for race –

that is Antonia Alba 30 and he will

start on the front row as he did in

Misano hoping for better fortune and

then you've got those that missed the

cut that don't benefit from the reverse

grid Jamie Anderson will start 9th

frustration for him

shame Britain 10th and a Liat coach will

be 11th on our race – grid so that is

therefore the classification

provisionally at the end of race one and

barring any further penalties that need

addressing because there are one or two

investigations that will go on in the

next 10-15 minutes or so that should be

the grid pretty much based on those

results for our second race of the

evening but again Norbert Kish looking

so strong what can they do to stop him

in the second race of the evening so

looking to see if we have any further

drivers to join us in the streaming room

the answer for the moment is no so I

think what we shall do is look forward

to the second race catch our breath will

let race control look at any further

incidents we'll have a quick break here

make sure you don't go far ready for the

action the reverse grid action for race

two here from the Slovakia ring in the

FIA ERC digital


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welcome back to the FIA ET RC Digital

championship race two from the Slovakia

ring coming up its the ever dramatic

reverse grid race top eight finishers in

race one are reversed so it means the

race one winner Norbert Kish will start

eighth and alongside him will be Sascha

Lent who has been his biggest rival all

through the championship and Sascha

joins us for a quick interview before we

get the second race underway Sascha

another second place in race one but you

were very close to Norbert at the end a

small gap between you

yeah I think it was a really nice race

and I have fun and that's the point

would be just make it and yeah I hope

they have a nice race in the race tour

in Slovakia and then it's everything

fine is the Slovakia ring circuit a

track that you enjoy racing at it looks

a technical track

no I think is a very technical circuit

and you can win much time on the brake

and you lose an accident it's really

difficult but you make it when we see in

the race I Drive in little bit fast and

the corner of snobby button or even on

the traction and place not back and yeah

was nice

excellent Sascha good luck for race too

Thanks so Sasha let's we'll start on the

fourth row of the grid in the SL tracks

Paul ma N and as I say he's been the

main thorn in the side of Norbert Kish

now taya calve a join us in the English

streaming channel for a moment or two

tayo first of all well done because

you're now an hgv license holder you

passed your truck driving test in the

last few days didn't you yes yes it's

true and now I have my listings so I can

drive a truck

and they're 21 okay that's the good news

the bad news is race one didn't really

go your way here at the digital Slovakia

ring did it yes yes I I don't I didn't

put my setup so I come that that was

difficult for me to race well but why

it's okay for the second race I'm set on

the grid so I think I can play something

well yeah because the head of you

Antonio and Adam who have not been as

quick as you in previous races so you

must be pretty optimistic you have a

good chance maybe of a win here yes yes

I hope we'll see tio good luck well done

on a needy Don the HG meter so

congratulations ter Calvo he's now fully

fledged real world truck driver as well

as truck racer and he will make his way

to the grid where he will start on the

second row now okay he got a penalty in

race one as well because there was a

little bit of pushing that dropped him a

place but it does put him on the inside

going down towards turn one and shortly

then we'll be ready to go and as the

eleven drivers that we have including a

couple of newcomers namely Jonathan

Andre who was third in the opener and

beyond tie house who was fifth in the

first race benefiting from tier calvo's

penalty they will be on track of course

and 25 minutes plus the regulation lap

is the journey ahead of them and the key

question can anybody stop Norbert Kish

he has just been so good over the course

of previous races well is there going to

be any chance whatsoever of defeating

him this evening question mark we'll

find out very shortly then when the

trucks take to the circuit before all of

which of course there is the traditional


from the Mercedes at trois the official

pace truck of the FIA European truck

racing championship and we will also

have the Ford F that as well that's the

official truck of the championship so we

have those laps to camp and then we've

also got of course the pace lap to get

underway and there will be a business

for 25 minutes of racing antonio alba 30

then despite an incident being

investigated that was between him and

alia college he will be the man on pole

position with him at the front of the

grid adam latch cope and you've got two

european champions there admittedly two

drivers that are still feeling their way

in the sim racing world they will go

head-to-head from the front row of the

grid the second row the grid tear cal

vape in the second indeed of the freight

liners run by the beginner racing team

teammate to Adam not to Co just one row

ahead of him on that grid and he will

line up alongside byung-tae house in

Irving Klein a global Scania he drives

it because early in climb Nigel BOTS now

rather busy running his business as the

real world is opening up so there are

more pressures on some of our drivers

possibly in a good way really he's got

to concentrate now on running his

business and getting his feet of trucks

all over Europe likewise Antony Jean

Yawkey has got his Kart centre back

opens he's got to go and run that but he

puts jonathan andre into his truck for

this evening so that's the front two

rows of the grid alba 30 lat Coke calve

a and tie house then you've got Jose

Eduardo Rodriguez who race well he will


the show is on start your engines

FIA ET RC is ready to race







so into the pit lane returns the Ford F

max the official track of the FIA ETR C

and F IAE TRC digital there is the pace

truck then which is the Mercedes actress

when Rolf earner the clock of the course

is happy he will give the signal for

that to leave the line and then we will

be almost ready to go racing twenty five

minutes plus the regulation that here at

the Slovakia ring so the red lights go

on and the lights are extinguished pace

truck will blast away everybody sets off

and in the suit

Rumpel their way down there very long

very wide pit straight Norbert Kish

remember is the man starting 8th on the

grid is he going to be able to come out

on top yet again good at the

championship kind of hope somebody's

there to defeat him but nobody has been

the class actual season so he's the

benchmark by which everybody else is

being measured front row them antonio

alba 33 times a european champion

alongside him at a match code one time

european champion second row of the grid

tear calve a began as a teenager and he

is very much a potential winner if he

keeps out of trouble on the first couple

of corners and alongside him is beyond

tie house he's having a great night in

the urban cloud nine reports and

scandium third row the career jersey

Eduardo Rodriguez he also is a potential

podium finisher and Jonathan or Drake

who is gonna be alongside him has raced

well of his ET aussi digital debut as

well and then you've got the big two

Sasha let's lining up alongside Norbert

Kish and what's find out whether Sasha

Lance is gonna be able to keep more than

her page so good pace in the owner then

those that missed out on the reverse

grid comebacks Jamie Anderson lining up

alongside Trey Grayson there they are we

need as you know from the last ring off

the grid and the ecology so Tony Alva

thetic the mantel pole position he has

had a fall

as his best result of the season Anna

Blasco alongside at the time a couple of

sinks a strike way sideways so that's

pressing on no argument about it as the

field now turns its weight through the

infield so you get to turn three and you

do a bit of a wriggle and then you get

to turn eight that kind of mirrors turn

three because it's an even tighter

happening on the infield and then speed

builds a little bit coming through turn

live at the habit of turn ten catch you

out with the shoe came straight after so

can Alba thetic steal the march on that

code and can Calvo get himself into the

lead if he can i suspect here kal Bay

has a chance of getting ahead and

building the lead while the rest are

fighting especially the likes of kitch

and that's through the traffic but as we

know from the opening map of any reverse

grid truck race it could all kick off at

the opening corner everything can look

very do so through the infield of the

Slovakia ring they can that's out of

turn nine making the run towards us here

and there is the pace truck with Alma 30

and let's go ready to race come over the


they'll get themselves of course in the

side-by-side there was our formation

well they've come here through ten

over that brown the end of the

yes sequence of corners with and you see

the clock ticking gone down quite a

chunk of time lost on the pace lap but a

flying lap is over 2 minutes and 40

seconds it's not a short lap it is a

good long lap round the Slovakian lip

ring and as no bitch said after race one

fast bits technical bits it's a good

circuit the drivers like it but that

last sequence they've just gone through

you couldn't be so patient with the

power otherwise it all unravels very

quickly team bears are turning out by 30

then he makes the run up towards us the

pole position driver with Adam match go

alongside Tia calve a starting on the

second row Norbert Kish on the fourth

row so let's see who's gonna come out on

top of our second stanza of the evening

there's Antonia Alba Fetty squirt of

acceleration and I'm Matt Coe Perry's

that gets back up alongside it there's

tier calve a there so of the freight

liners it's the one with the blue

mirrors which is calve a pink mirrors

for alia Quaritch and the yellow

markings seats at the rear of the truck

as well as all the barriers there for

Adam that code

so how to turn 40 they will camp pace

truck peels in we are ready to go racing

it's race two in the FIA ET RC digital

from Slovakia ring green flag we are

racing and it's a good start by latch

code not quite so good by AMA Fetty in

calve a tries to get through the middle

it's brave stuff this but there's the

width of the road to do it as they dive

down to turn one cam calve a get the

advantage latch coach just ahead of it

on the outside line is tie house and

Alfa fetty's get a lead of Rodriguez on

the inside line as drama cow bait goes

around Anderson is off the road and tear

Cowboys Charles's disappear and turn one

and that's Kish off the road Norbert

Kishen the gravel bed as well so big big

drama it's taking ta cow Bay out of the

leading gaggle but significantly Norbert

Kish has gone as well that he's really

broken up the traffic as alphabetti

leads from ty house getting a tap in the

tail and shame Pritam who started 10th

his third and he's nearly second he's on

the grass he's back on the road he's

into the side of ty houses have been a

big big big slide and that involves out

the 30 as well Ambria turn Briggs can

hit Alba 30 boobs straight into the side

of him he can survivor that he might win

the race and it means Adam latch Coe is

in the lead ty house is second Rodriguez

his third and a red flag is being shown

a red flag he's being shown so the race

stopped our second reverse grid race in

a row with a red flag and that I

suspected because of all the mayhem that

went on at turn one and again at turn

three but a red flag is being shown by

the race control team

and here is what happened to tie house

heated the squeeze operator who was not

to be squeezed and that meant that

Britain got on the grass couldn't stop

up back Tonio could have done about that

he turns it to he's line for the corner

and it was a big big impact between the

two and so we will have a red flag and

we'll go again

as soon as is possible now it is going

to be obviously a few minutes of a delay

before we get everything regretted the

officials may well want to look at some

of the evidence of that and have a word

with one or two of the drivers as well

so as the truck sort themselves out we

will await further news as to first of

all whether any penalties will come

going into that second race whether

indeed it's going to be a different race

distance so I think what we might do is

take a short break for a few minutes

just let the dust settle

let the trucks return what's left of

them to the pit lane and let the race

officials have a word with the drivers

and then we will go again we have a five

minute break before the formation laps

as I say we'll have a very short break

and get ready for the restart of race to

hear from the Slovakia ring

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our mission is to move your freight

thereby making our contribution to your

profitability so that your cargo arrives

quickly safely and efficiently today

tomorrow always so we're ready to go

racing again here pace truck blast away

let's remind ourselves of grid attorney

Alba 30 and have a match go on the front

row tio cafe and your Thai household row

to Jersey a bloody robbery here's the

third row shared with Jonathan or

preventing his Sasha LEDs and Norbert

Keisha head of Jamie Anderson and Sheikh

Britain with earlier collage on her own

on the back row of the grid the red flag

was really because of all the carnage

mayhem to give people have proper jobs

so many trucks off the road he was

decided to stop and start all over again

and Rolf Anna the talk of course trying

to be fair to all of the drivers well it

certainly gives the likes of norm

occasion Tia calve a

get-out-of-jail-free card because David

two drivers badly delayed both off the

road equally that was a turn one the

time we got to turn three and taking out

the Fetty was virtually upside down so

it gave him another chance as well so I

think some of the drivers will be quite

grateful others might be thinking I'll

know had a chance there we'd Norbert

cash out of it but hey it's a complete

reset for everybody and let's see who

comes out on top it was three into one

not going turn one that really triggered

all the drama

sure so they've got Alba 30 and latch Co

on the front row of the grid making

their way up down towards turn three

why's the racetrack they go there's

little kish chamber written behind so to

turn three that takes you from the bus

outside of alignment where onto this

paper didn't start in feel that's twisty

detects an awful lot of concentration

for the drivers there's no but key she

was saying not to make mistakes not to

be greedy with acceleration and run wide

and risk losing places losing time their

pace truck is of course you know by now

the Mercedes actress everybody running

on Goodyear rubber in the FIA e TRC and

the e TR C digital

field camps through Jersey Eduardo

Rodriguez sitting on that third row

off-the-grid heats got a looked fairly

threatening to all of this Norbert Kish

saying he tries to keep out of trouble

well it didn't really pay off for him in

the aborted start because he was off the

road the boonies I see what he can do

now as we get set to go racing or once

more there is Alba petty alongside Adam

latch goat to yokel vapor your tie house

on the second row of the grid Rodriguez

in the blue and yellow rebel Connell

liver in the MAL alongside their look

the large front racing team entry and


Ishtar throat alongside that man – alert


it was mayhem at the first start what

are we going to get second time around

as the track to come through the infield

there's Slovakia ring circuits which is

one of the more modern tracks but a

popular one and has hosted truck racing

as well as touring cars international

single seaters GT races like every we're

looking forward to opening its doors

once again as the world unlocked so

there you've got the blue Mercedes

actress at the head of the pack

Antonia Alba 30 suggesting here as he

accelerates just to get himself ahead of

Adam notch go and then forces Adam to

catch up that he's showing intent but

he's gonna have to be really good off

the start and cover off that inside line

because that's where Rodriguez seems to

be really good he did it in race one did

he's again at the important start of

race two so as they come down towards

turn 13 is there going to be an

opportunity for Rodriguez to gain

further ground or can Alba thetic hang

on to the race lead and keep Calvo at

bay nevermind Rodriguez we are about to

find out that as the truck to come

towards us

into the pit lane comes the pace truck

that Mercedes is in and so now we will

have the drivers getting themselves


there's the audible signal for the

drivers given from race control to say

green you can race and that will come

when the race director is happy here

they come them under the gantry roll fan

of the clock of the course will give the

signal now we go green Cash is on his

toes when he dives out of the pack he

goes to the outside line and he's

picking them off already so they are

what four wide down towards turn one and

turn your alpha 30 on the inside line

tear cow Bay's riding shotgun

here comes cash on the outside he's

giving game faces latch go gets a tap in

the tail from tie house that shovels him

out of the way it's not a good corner on

the outside line in the freight line of

that because it's a mirror of what we

had in race one in the sense with the

freight liner being elbowed out on the

way but lens look has made a good start

he's well clean of kish already so up a

fatty meat second is calve a third is

let's fourth is Rodriguez fifth is shape

Britain diamond start by shade sixties

Andres Emily's Kish eight this tie house

where's Britain off to he's all over the

gravel he's back on Maroni's gonna

collect people if he's not careful and

that ripple star comes to gaunt look

because of something called back with a

be your toy house behind him Alba 30

hands out of the race lead calve a ride

at the back of him third as they come

into turn three though is Sasha Lent

through they turn as one that the

leading trio wears a Norby Kishen all of

this he's on the prowl he's up the

insider Jonathan Andre tries to make the

move on the inside can't do it face

behind the French private cell but Alba

30 it is who leads then tracked now make

the run through the infield section look

at the background where is key she's on

the prowl no doubt about it let's just

go wide Rodriguez at the inside should

go third let's get squeezed onto the

curb and then onto the grass and there

is Rodriguez he's got through D dives at

the inside of Calvin to the back of our

pathetic and way out wide goes Rodriguez

and that's gonna cost him dear he will

lose place after place let's at the

inside here he's gonna go for second

place and we'll go through on the inside

of calve a go Sasha let benefiting from

the zealotry of Rodriguez but Cowboys on

the prowl as well cowboy on the attack

trying to retake 2nd place on the inside

into the corner here but let's on the

outside line it's gonna go deep into

turn 10 that's the inside for 11 if he

can hang on to the place they squirm

their way through the esses norm at kiss

she's up with calve a and entree and

he's gonna split the two of them great

driving by Norbert Kish look he's third

already coming out of the chicane for

it's his calve a fin he's all brave and

sick but it was him Jamie and there's

somebody's on the grass Rodriguez is

under investigation incidentally as the

leader at turn the alpha 30 heads

towards us Norbert Kish there is third

he's made better progress on that one

but people probably fear at the end of

the opening lap of racing then up

towards the line they come and it will

be Antonio alpha 30 in the lead but lens

needs trying to get past him and they

get away before Kish catches up to him

and they can't pass the pitch one lap in

the book here

they go alphabetically but open each ask

let see second that it's Kish calve a

Andre Rodriguez and then the rest latch

Co camps next ahead of Anderson coops

doing a good job three four five just

about for the race need if they go

through turn one they're three tenths of

a second split the leaders and let's now

makes a move on the inside line as they

had a lock the straight up would turn to

there's a chance on the inside line here

to make the move does he make it stick

nope can't quite get up the inside line

so alpha 30 hands on to position have

only just also under investigation now

is alia Quaritch so race control is

missing so is Northern Kish because he

looks at the inside there of Sasha lens

lens defends to turn three here

hard on the brakes Norbert Kish looks to

the inside looked at the outside tio Cal

Bay is right there behind and now

pathetic is the cork in the bottle a

drive-through penalty for a vehicle

opted drive-through penalty then pulled

the third on the freight liners and

Sasha let's looks like it's got the pace

to get past hour by 30 but needs to be

careful but Norfolk is just bug hit me

the process will be right on the back of

the German driver there goes for the

inside line easy-peasy through he goes

and let's get Saul sideways all crossed

up so norm occation goes through th Ave

now tries to go at the inside as well

Te'o Calvo in the freight liner goes to

the inside of Sasha LEDs and wriggles

he's wrapped me inside Kish gets tagged

from behind and gets sideways is that

Cal based Charles to challenge its

Jonathan Andres chance to challenge look

because he's alongside cowboy who's

alongside lens and Andres got the

momentum he's going to gate two spots

out of all of that through he goes

Jonathan Andre up to third cow baseball

fan Sasha let's goes down a fifth pace

this is not his race is it on board with

Te'o calve a now outside line breaks

hard breaks late can he cut across no he


Jonathan Andre is there the lion Rawls

ahead the long track racing ma n why is

it the lion track racing team because

the team is based in Lille out of turn

12 they cam now so we've got a penalty

going the way of alia Quaritch is there

anything else we'll motoring in the

system as the race officials have a look

on their toes they have to be they're

gonna be quick to make the penalties if

they're already come within the now 15

minutes that's what we have that so

there is our pathetic still leading the

way but Norbert cash looks as though it

won't be long before he goes through and

asserts himself but Alba 30 having the

best run of the championship thus far

now of course in real world racing

eternia knows exactly how to be baby

exactly how the race

this is a different art but you've got

to have some of the basics and Alba 30

there will know exactly where to put the

rig to cover off Norman Kish problem is

this is a path and fairly wide section

over the line they go

down towards turn one Sasha Lent in the

mean time comes up to have a go on the

inside at Te'o calve a look but he can't

go through that was poor fourth place

all Drake closing on Kish now bay fair

ahead up meant to head up Rodriguez as

they come through turn one

over the brow and they're in fifth place

special ends with work to do here to try

to get into up onto the back of Te'o

calve a who in turn what speed with

Andre but if the leaders hold each other

up there's a chance for all Drake Calvet

led to an TD rotary has to get up with

them she's view Alba Fetty covers off

the inside line kiss right there with

him but then it drifts ever so slightly

wide where in all of this is Jonathan

Andre not close enough to make a move 14

minutes and Counting now

see the way the top-three getting

themselves together with all great right

there on the tail here now of the second

place Norbert Kish rigatoni Alba fatty

meats business for this he has been very

busy on the sim in the last week or so

719 laps were turned during training so

it's been put to good use

and he linked the way and he's not

forgiving up 587 training laps achieved

by satyr lemp's and there he is in

fourth place number 30 now he's under


and that's lent so Sasha let's running

fourth under investigation and

something's crawling all over the back

look of Jonathan Andre calve a has

fallen back behind Rodriguez but Sasha

lense on the attack also tio Calvo he's

under investigation too quickly for Toby

who isn't I think that's probably just

bought the kitchen table over along with

Antonia Alba petty but the two great

leaders fishtail their way here out of

turn 12 over the brow


for the race lead look quiche going for

Alba fatty is he going to be able to

dive at the inside going into turn 13

and Tony are pathetic turns in Andre and

let them forth almost there as well as

Kish tickles the back of a pathetic

truck and turn out massively experienced

a racer covers off the inside line rides

the curbs now

heads up towards the line and look

atlet's leveling almost with Andre but

Andres got good speed here and so

Jonathan Andre tries to get the inside

of Norbert Kish can he do it not on

grunt alone he can't but he might be

able to break late going into turn one

let's see again he eyes up the inside

lie but he's just not near enough let's

still there it fourth time the outside

line now that's brave that's a bold

effort doesn't work and what about fifth

it's still just Rodriguez ahead of Calvo

behind there

over the brow they come down to turn to

here but I'm Tony Alva fatty leads the

way all the kids have to work a bit

harder this evening to find a race to



still probably the favorite given the

pace that he's had in earlier rounds but

right now he's there insects small bird

still Batman overall great good debut

hitting TRC Digital for him as it to

turn three goes alphabetic needs to

break Lake but not too late so that it

goes out why he's to get the power on

I've got two suits at the pad back in

the truck wags out hint of oversteer

there is the powered elf kick in orbit

Kish right there behind him and Andre

and led to need to work together if they

can to get up with the race leader's


eleven minutes to go score the Kish once

more looks for the inside line

Andres close up all of a sudden taking

that with him

those to run through together here so

I'll turn your alpha 30 leads the way

door but quiche could barely be closer

and Aldrich gold wide leads will be up

the inside of him in the background look

to the curb goes all trays in for market

ours let's go through let's goes third

so Sasha let's he's under investigation

so might end up being a fogging bird but

he's there at the moment he's a head hog

Jonathan Andre now what is Rodriguez up

to he is fin the background getting away

from tteokgalbi and therefore the race

lead Norbert kiss challenging on the

outside line here as they come into turn

10 but suddenly let's he's right there

behind him an Andre and also Josie

Eduardo Rodriguez in the blue Reb

O'Connell entry

over the brown cap the race leaders and

they're almost being shoveled a long

look is Alba thetic Kish can't find a

way past him and he knows he needs to

get on with this now before let's his

right up behind him Alba thetic goes

wide at turn 13 that leaves the door

open for Kish Alba fethiye will have the

inside line for the cake he's gonna try

to regroup here suddenly Norbert Kish

looks like he's gonna pounce let's see

that sets him up for the inside lining

to turn while but Alba feta is just

ahead as they cross the line he moves to

the inside he covers off the challenge

of Kish on the other side of the road

there is lense there is Andre there is

Rodriguez there is calve a and Norbert

Kish can't find a way past our Perfetti

at the moment 9 minutes and a lap to go

again Alba 30 scrabbles down the turn

one he's wide coming out of the corner

the door is open this is kisses Charles

surely it's gonna work now cork in

bottle pops and through goes Kish on the

inside line he's done it at long long

last or has he Alba Fetty on the outside

line tries to stand his ground but he

can't do it Norman Kish goes through how

pathetic gets into the back of him

though gives him a little tag to the

outside line goes Lent he will get clear

let's stay here down at turn three turn

your album feting will break as late as

he possibly can but Norbert Kish covers

the line going into the half him how

pathetic is a little bit crossed up and

so Sascha left on the outside line tries

to strike Andre right there in fourth

but while they're all squabbling like

this so Kish should be able to drive


poor he's lucky they got a restart

because of course he was off the road

and way way down the order when he

rejoined the pack but now he's in the

lead and he's pulling away from Alba 30

from leads from Andre second third and

fourth with eight minutes and a lap to

run through they turn here and you can

see as soon as he hits the front as

expected Norbert Kish is away and gone

but great racing behind Andre now

getting roughed up a little bit as

Rodriguez goes past him does he on the

outside line yes he does Rodriguez back

batters into the back of alphabetic boom

turns him sideways

delays let's all dry up the inside then

he gets all sideways as well and that's

just gonna play into the hands of

Norbert Kish you will drive further away

from them

Alma Fateh hangs on to second place does

he yes yes he does yes he does let's on

the outside strike there over the

brow now it's calve a on the prowl he

goes to the inside line tries to squeeze

up the inside we can't do it and for

that incidentally Rodriguez is under

investigation into turn 10 everybody

trying to be second out of this battle

pack and it was al Perfetti ahead – he

gets forced out wide mows the lawn a

little bit hits the grass there but he's

still second ahead of lens then it is

Rodriguez that Calvin and Andre the big

loser he pulled back into sick place now


so Alba 30 just hanging over that second

place let's to the outside line here

through they turn with Rodriguez for bed

cow back then all Dre

but Alba fat a hanky gone to the second

position but look at the way that

Goldberg ich have been got the race lead

what two-thirds of my lap ago just

checked out good other than feet

squabbling and delaying themselves but

Kish is in class boos oh this thing keep

these vials clear over the line he goes

alphabetti second bird

it is sasha lense and the lead gap

already is 38 seconds that's mighty

alpha 30 beats the door ajar going into

turn one Sasha let's tries to get up the

inside line

so now let's under attack from Rodriguez

they come back Alba thetic even though

he's not going to be the race winner he

is still set to have his best result of

the championship campaign thus far


very nice

and to the inside tries to go Roderick

Aires and he gets a tap in the back from

calve a and Jonathan Andre hung out to

dry on the outside line there is calve a

just five minutes and a lap still to go


turning their way through the infield

part of the circuit once again but

Norbert Kish no longer is shot so far

ahead is he

place game by lens on alphabetic door

opens for Rodriguez as well at the

inside line he should go does go does he

gay the place yet me does so let's go

second Rodriguez goes third he comes out

on top of that Iberian battle the

Portuguese driver ahead of Spaniard al

Perfetti now there is on lense as well

so both of those drivers under

investigation there's a sideways or

drain the background because Cal Bay and

all drove both got past Alba fess a oh

dear oh dear oh dear

suddenly the floodgates have opened and

they've all come past Antonio he's

dropping down the order once more good

early pace now not being maintained and

is Alba Fetty going to be caught by

Jamie Anderson before the end of the

race Jamie is next up he's 7th and Adam

lako is eight and there look Cal Weber

sees Andre this is formula France in a

sense the two French drivers running

together all Dre ahead

so Jonathan all raised on a good job

actually of recovering from earlier

delays here

comes over the brow

and as soon as he hits the position just

a ball ever so slightly to gap the

Freightliner behind him of tear Calvin

Alba 30 fighting back goes ahead of Cal

Bay now as well and Jamie Anderson is

almost up with them Alba 30 runs wide

Cal Bay back on the inside line for

minutes and a lap to go

this could be anybody's way I'm clear is

northern Kish going over the timing

light but now let's up into second place

chasing after him let's see whether the

gaps gonna go up or whether it's going

to count down there is the part between

Cal Bay and album 30 and the cap is down

at one point nine seconds kiss two

lengths so it was 38 over Alba feta in

the space file that we've had a new

driver up in the second that lens he's

go for it he sideways out of turn one

but he's going for it no question


back from sash elections ma ed simple a

rig behind in the hands they're looking

Jersey and while they Rodriguez


the property

victory cars gone are the early days

track racing when they were working

great with very soft suspension with

hardly any real race essence in them

nowadays very technical business

let's roll it but there's still a little

bit of roll but far less than there was

in the early days of effectively road

going rigs but the sport even though

it's evolved has maintained that

spectacular elements and it maintained

the great characters and one of them a

real underdog a real crowd favorite is

that man Sasha that he runs in second

place behind it you've got Jose Eduardo

Rodriguez and he like many but it's

another example of it

so to tear calve a with a long-standing

family involvement in the sport

so there is what we goes dead 2 minutes

plus a lap they are going to finish off

the next one within the time I think so

as this and two more laps to go


no further action taken against Lent nor

calve ate so that's what rates control

says having looked at incident there is

cash versus lent led to taking Rodriguez

with him so again as we saw in race one

Norbert Kish leads from Red's but he's

not out of the woods there is Alba 30

under attack from Anderson now and that

is for sixth place through turn 10 they

turn over the rau

I'll confess take still coming under

attack from Jamie Anderson perform a

rally man up against the massively

experienced attorney Alba 30 rock March

Antonia has raised four paramo time

there is Jamie Anderson to the outside

line of the T sport bear now entry amah

vet he's going to go wide there's the

gap on the inside Jamie Anderson tries

to get up a long side here mal pathetic

tries to close the door the leaning but

a rubbing inevitably and I Tonio staves

off the attack


through turn one goes Kish let's and

Rodriguez and the gap is up slightly

just one point three at the timing line

one point two down towards the first

corner you can see how it changes around

the latter is the real-time data in

there now alpha 30 versus Anderson six

and seven they are a long way clear

amount of logic oh he was roughed up

early doors in the race but he didn't

start on the front row of the grid we

will have one more lap to go at the end

of this because the clock will hit zero

around this lap they've done 8 and

through terms they're too big of an Tony

Alva petty

again Anderson all over the back of the

similar LAN but British championship

graduate Jamie Anderson with the cell

front truck right there behind Antonia

Alba fatty and in real world racing of

course Jamie is somebody who's been

getting faster and faster the more truck

racing experience it's game

Jamie Anderson then closing up on the

tail of Alba 30

so one more lap to run at the end of

this there is Rodriguez at third place

now what can he do about Sasha let's

he's done it already in fact he's gone

byes he's ahead of length he's up in the

second spot and that means that let's

drops to third and he's under attack

from Jonathan all drew all of a sudden

they stash a lens not only lose his

second place but he moves his chunks of

time Norbert Kish she's away of gone so

there you've got the new second place

driver Rodriguez behind it third and

fourth lens versus Andre where is calve

a little bit distant knocking again

anything I don't feel now before the end

of the race we've also got here Jamie

Anderson trying to fight back on the

inside line your tie house shown as

being ahead of him at the moment and

then they are together look side-by-side

to Malba Fetty is stormed away tie house

runs up a long side and a certain over

the brow down to wall to turn 13 look

right you'll see the start and finish

line the leaders coming towards you but

down to turn 13 there goes Norbert Kish

through and to the inside line now dives

Jamie Anderson breaks as late as he

dares that's gonna run tie house out

wide and so Jamie and should be able to

go through on the inside and gain the

place he does so but then he bounces

wide but tie house I don't think has got

the pace to come up alongside him there

Albert as he comes through over the

timing line still on target six

getting through sever of your tie house

is there in a place latch Co and bris at

a rounding out the point scores right


side by side for 7ty house at the inside

the Irving Clyde Naugle ports Scania

goes ahead on this the last lap but

right now Norman Kish is way clear of

Jersey Eduardo Rodriguez touch and

Letterman gone back in the third there

is Norbert Kish down towards turn three

he comes

Norbert key she's set for win number six

out of six races three polls out of the

super pole qualifying sessions a race

winner every time out it's impressive

you've got to say

Rodriguez he's being given a 30-second

penalty for pushing so Rodriguez there

is second on the road now his conduct

was under scrutiny by the officials and

he's copped a penalty so it's gonna be

interesting to see the backstory to all

of this the continuation of the story

he's got LEDs crawling all over the back

of him but thirty seconds he's gonna

drop him to probably tenth place looking

at the gaps between people right now so

here is Rodriguez look back from him

let's is

placed because the penalty of Andres

going to be good it's the beam birds

gonna be the same top three as we had in

race white has been the peak correcting

time with Rodriguez will be by to be

frustrated about yet another penalty on

board with Rodriguez the message will

have got through to it by now and he

will be very unhappy indeed

Kish cares not though he was on target

with number six

they're in the background he's Jonathan

all right we'd see to see whether we

have drawn the continuing or us a new

journey a cute future

both recruits


team manager guesting in the absence of

Anthony Jean yak and he's going to be on

the podium in fact he might even make a

move against the team Irvin power entry

of led to before the very end massage

has a bit stuck now behind Rodriguez

it's going to inherit second place

behind to do it on the track in down the

Gordon dish in the meantime that

accelerates his way out to the timing

line checkered flag he showed an orbit

Kish wins race to here happens the back

earring second across the line is

Rodriguez but where will that penalty

drop him to as Norbert Kish celebrates

Sacha lense is going to take second

third will be Jonathan Andre up to

fourth will go Taylor cow by up to fifth

at the end will be Alba thetic six is

going to be your high house seventh will

be Jamie Anderson

we wait for out of latch go to come

through and I'm looking at all the gaps

in all of this just to see where there

is natkho going by where Rodriguez 30

seconds he's gonna drop it to is gonna

put him behind latch go ahead of shape



so night for Rodriguez there in tenth

place is Shane Britton and 11th place to

alia collage so that's the order

provisionally as they come across the

line but of course there's also the

suspended one race BAM for the

Portuguese driver Joe say Eduardo

Rodriguez the fact that he toured of

this as well so go Kish has done it


surprise surprise but that restart

certainly helped him in a moment with

Tron drag will beat there he is you can

see thinking the truck sideways try and

drag him into the English Channel so

just as you would in the real world when

you've taken a race win celebrate on

you're slowing down that there is

getting ever so sideways concentration

on the face even to do that not make a


enjoying every minute of it so doper

Kish the race winner six out of six will

have a word with Norbert hopefully in a

moment with a great result so let's have

a words I'll say with Norbert case she's

ready for us and Norbert Kish you've

done it again Norman six out of six but

that red flag helped you did Nick

because at one stage you were off in the

gravel oh yeah I've had me big time

thank you because I was really unlucky

had the first start I had and it was

really hard to get out of the gravel so

I fall behind quite a lot so as much as

I was unlucky in the first start I was

much much much more lucky in the second

and you know everything was just going

my way you know everybody was making

mistake I was looking forward to a fight

with Sascha but then he may let me stay

going ride and then it was really easy

overtake for me really lucky and then

I'm Tony or was a little bit harder to

crack but finally on the exit of the

first turn I could I could overtake him

and then yeah people just started going

three wide behind me you know and that

slowed them down quite a lot you know so

that made my job very easy you're

probably one of the most experienced sim

drivers certainly against the likes of

Adam or Antonio but are you noticing

with each race that the other guys are

getting more experienced they're getting

better on the sim you know that like you

say I Tonio was hard to crack you you

are you noticing that they're improving

in their driving on a sin yeah

definitely everybody is improving for at

lap you can see the lap times we even

have you know this practice server on

the weekdays where you can go and

practice and then we can see each other

lap times what is everybody's doing you

can even see a little bit of our

telemetry data you know the speed of

what everybody is doing in which turn

and I guess that's that helps quite a

lot and yeah people are getting closer I

know and also in the race you know be

defending really well they have a really

nice you know awareness you know what's

going on around them and you know really

the feeling is basically the same when

we are doing you know three races you

know and and the circuits are quiet good

and and I am and I can see people

defending you know the same way like we

were experiencing last year on the

circuit and everything you know so it's

it's actually really a good feeling to

to go see racing with these guys you

know because even if you don't have the

name and the color of the racetrack you

could recognize each guy you know about

driving styles so it's it's it's it's

very nice well it's six out of six

there's no stopping you at the moment

massive lead in the championship

unstoppable well done Norbert Kish yet

another win

thank you very much so norbert cash then

our second race winner of the evening

and let's have a word with Antonia Alba

thirty he was the man that started on

pole position

Norbit case Tonio Alba thirty-four fifth

place that was a tough race Antonio


what's a tough race yeah I mean I do

what I can you know I mean it's very

difficult this is very difficult

sometimes I manage to do a very good la

but then I have to be very very careful

because if not is very easy to to make a

mistake and to go off you know so I have

to be very very careful I am NOT able at

the moment to to do it better you know I

will I will try to practice a little bit

more but it's very difficult it's very

difficult yeah sure but I think it was

good I hope that the defense they were

watching the race they they are happy

you know I hope so

it was certainly good racing to watch

and and you're talking about practicing

you did something like over seven

hundred laps of practice for Slovakia

ring so you're taking this seriously no

no no no no I don't follow I don't think

I did 700 laps

I think probably between the three

circuits but not not only in this low

but yet okay I I don't think so I mean

for me is too much laughter hell I mean

I practiced but I don't think I practice

that much you know so now yeah yeah you

have to

but I also think that depends also on

the on the machine that you have you

know properly if you have a different

steering wheel or whatever maybe you

can't have a different feeling for the

travel you know because I changed some

things on the setups and sometimes I

feel nothing you know I didn't feel any

any any change you know so it's very

very difficult but if you will tell you

I prefer Real Racing I hope we're racing

real soon

which you almost make the next question

irrelevant but are you enjoying sim

racing bit by bass well I mean I enjoy

it I enjoy it we're but sometimes we

have us in the first are many many

crusher you know I mean but we carefully

because I think that the races are quite

good and if we do if we do it like in

real racing I think we can have a good

races that we have like we have now this

this last race you know so yeah I mean I

enjoy it but I tell you for me it's very

difficult well let's see what happens at

the nerve I mean Adam at the moment at

the moment he's hot here in Spain but I

am sweating like if I was in the realtor

attorney a well done

congratulation okay we will thank you

forward to maybe a podium finish the top

three a great character hugely

experienced driver track racing champion

as just to confirm our podium Norbert

Kish is our race winner Sasha let's

taking second and Jonathan Andre third

with the penalty being applied to Josie

Eduardo Rodriguez well we do is going to

be a night of action and it has been yet

again a fantastic evening of racing yes

the story is Norbert Kish takes two more

race wins but perhaps the real story is

that the gap is closing between him and

the opposition it is no buggering that

we will go to as our next stop in just a

week's time we'll see you there

for now it's farewell but first let's

have a quick look at some of the

highlights of this evenings racing from

the Slovakia ring


early on race to whatever of Regas was

as ever I sneaked away to on the inside

delayed himself but second on the road

before a penalty eventually our pathetic

had Norbert Kish get up on to his tail

who was led so his cow bay behind as

well he Mukesh got tagged sideways at

once day wasn't long before he was

eyeing up a booth and against Antonia

how the Betty Turner did his level best

to hang on in there trying to cover off

every possible line every possible move

he lined up right on the tail about my

fatty going down towards turn one

although one will speak out there what

happened is that Antonia made a small

error and ran deep out of the corner

allowing Norman

so I once pitch was through to alphabet

o'clock right down

busy battling

wait that's good

your house and Jamie Anderson as well so

great racing in the reverse grid race as

I say the Nurburgring is our stop in

just a week's time is it going to be

eight from eight four Norbert Kish well

we'll find out join us

same time same place next week we'll be

off to the Nurburgring for our fourth

weekend of the FIA ET RC digital for now

from David Addison thanks for your

company goodbye


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