2020 FIA Truck Racing Championship Digital – Round 2, English Comms

published on July 2, 2020



hello everybody and welcome to the

second weekend of the FIA ET RC digital

championship this weekend we're at

Misano normally hot and sunny weather

spectacular racing as well and you can

expect exactly the same in a virtual

world with the dry road in prospect and

the real question as to whether anybody

is going to be able to beat Norbert Kish

he was the man in dominant form last

time out at the Hungaroring yes he came

from a sim racing background but he was

just dominant pole position in super

pole and then 2 race wins have put

Norbert Kish into a comfortable lead in

the championship now since then quite a

few of the drivers Antonia Alba 30

amongst them for example he'll be doing

an awful lot of extra preparation and

awful lot more time on the sim therefore

that gap hopefully this evening should

be just a little bit less between

Norbert Kish and the opposition we've

gained one extra driver the bridge Shane

Briton who has been a race winner within

the FIA ETR see he is on the grid this

evening but Norbert Kish is still the

man in charge and the trucks are on

track already because they're having

their qualifying laps and that's going

to determine the grid for the opening

race of course with the results of race

one sorting out the grid for race two

with the traditional top eight reversed

so when we get to race one the closing

stages it's going to be fascinating to

see who is going to be in their 8th spot

because that's going to be pole position

for the second race of the evening a man

with a point to prove perhaps after the

Hungary is Adam latch cope European

champion because he ran out of fuel late

race in race 2 so that something else to

factor into a digital world and we'll

see how he fares this evening as well in

one of the three bagheera racing freight

liners but it was one of his teammates

tier Calva who was one of the real stars

of the Hungaroring promoted to second

place after a penalty for Sascha lense

in race 2 and tier calafate I think is

going to be a major thorn in the side of

Norbert Kish this evening for the rest

of the entry well it's many of the

familiar drivers Antonia Alba 30 for

example as a multiple you

European champion taking on Josie

Eduardo Rodriguez who again was

impressive at the Hungary in the opening

two races alia Quaritch whose father is

a former European champion

she made her virtual track racing debut

in advance of real world crack racing

debut later in the season and alia coach

was on the front row of the grid for

race 2 and as I say you've got shame

Britain on the grid this evening taking

on fellow countryman Jamie Anderson as

well so the Misano circuit is our

destination for this evening and as I

say the trucks already getting in some

practice laps in anticipation of the

super pole and then to determine the

grid ready for our opening race of

beaming so

number 40

maybe the man-made mechanic

because he's only 6th in the times but

the truck on its last lap does now go to

top so things updating en of great game

from Sasha let's

and then you've got Jersey Eduardo

Rodriguez currently third ahead at Air

Cav a although the graphic on the screen

not quite matching watts is on for the

moment the live timing page that we have

but that will turn itself around in due

course as you look here at heading

towards US Attorney Alba 30 behind him

is session Lent now Norbert Kish six

tenths of a second now good fencing of

that love that shaped print and the

sorcerer Garvey Ron been joining

European truck racing and shape Britain

will be another driver to keep an eye to

they're going through is Sasha let's and

he is currently yes 6/10 back Jersey or

on Rodriguez third tier Calvi fourth

engine is Johnny Eck is fifth quickest

Antonia Alba thetic is six at the moment

so writing them all with attorney alba

thetic comes over the timing line and

then down towards the tight first

sequence of corners there has to wriggle

his way through the barricade el Paco

speed pills on the way out for turf for

hard on the brakes

turning to four which tightens it to

another right and turn five then you go

left in up over to turn six the road

just starts to open up in front of you

but then speed really doesn't stop

like power they way down to a question


working rapid

ignore the Kish still the driver with

that top time two minutes one points to

two sinks but behind it lense Rodriguez

calve a genic apathetic and anderson the

order atom latch go hunting to try and

find some time if he came from somewhere

and they you see Jersey Eduardo

Rodriguez third fastest now as he comes

towards us his target is Sasha Lent but

he's got to find 11 seconds to get on

to terms with lens here Rodriguez was

impressive in the opening two races that

we had at the Hungaroring with a seventh

and a six

neither which really indicates true hey

semi-important the second race he had a

time penalty so it's that's a little

unfair to judge a purely on that he

comes now pasado curve through turns 16

and now makes the ramp once more up

towards the timing line so Rodriguez

goes by that stays third fastest on that

lap doesn't improve the clock ticks on

down into the last minute of the session

as we see there number six entity John

yet come through

so after all the timing line goes geniac

up to 4 and ahead therefore of

fellow-countryman Tirek Albay in this

french battle that we're having now so

Norbert Kish it is who is the fastest

two minutes one point two two six

they're from Sasha let's two minutes one

point eight five eight and then Josie

Eduardo Rodriguez next in the queue two

minutes three point zero one zero this

is a sideways tear calve a pressing on

as he heads now towards the completion

of what's gonna be possibly the last lap

I'm not convinced you can squeeze one

more out of this the flag isn't already

three seconds two seconds one second on

the clock shuffles the timing line comes

Cal Bay then there is the flag and as he

goes across the line Dow's he improved

to get himself back on to the second row

but grids

seemingly the answer is going to be no

so tier Cal they will end up fifth

fastest and Tunisian yet comes up

towards the timing line now as well

johniac ends up for bears on tony alva

Fetty who is going to be somewhat

frustrated looking at this because

Alberta has fallen to sixth in the times

but Norbit Kish

it is from Batman session let's Jersey

Eduardo Rodriguez third Anthony John yak

450 aquel base sixth on Tony Alba 30

Jamie Anderson taking seventh ahead of

Adam latch go from one way back like is

Ali a collage 10th term attacker 11th

will be shape rhythm

Irving Clyde Naugle books should be the

other driver for the grid but he I fear

has not made it out

so 11 we have once more Irving Klan

nagua votes the one absentee so looking

good for Norman case yet again isn't it

he's gonna start from exactly where he

needs to be ahead of everybody else on

the grid already he makes his way down

the pit lane them and Norbert Kish ends

the qualifying session and on pole

position so Norbert Kish the fastest and

so drivers now will reset ready for the

first of the two races coming up from

Misano this evening with the MA n of

Norman Kish of course now being run by

his own team part of the winter program

for Norbert Kish has been to move away

from the temporal theorems fancying

Mercedes squad to start his own outfit

so a huge amount of work has gone on not

only getting ready for a digital

championship but in the real world as

well to pull together this whole new

package Norbert of course is a former

champion but very frustrated over the

last couple of three seasons not to have

had better results in the FIA European

truck racing championship the 2014-2015

champion trying to bounce back this

season come out all guns blazing and

looking to try to hit the ground running

with real-world wins as well as digital

championship wins but so far so good for

Norman Kish the fastest at the hugger

ring and two wins there and now fastest

here in the qualifying session as well

so all good thus far for Norbert Kish

he starts then on that pole position

with Sasha lense for company on the

front row of the grid row to chose a

Eduardo Rodriguez and then Antony Jean


now what about Antony's chances this

evening because he was another driver

that showed really good pace really good

speed last time out at the Hungary he

ended up with a third and a fifth third

in the opening race so it was on the

reverse grid race in fact that Antony

Shoshone AK former French form of three

front runner struggled to make the

progress but for this opening race here

lining up on Row 2 that's looking pretty

good for Antony Joni AK he is as I say

ahead of his fellow countryman ter calve

eight on the next lot on the grid so

when we get ready to go racing it will

be a 25 minute time slot bear in mind as

well that the race duration will include

the pace lap so lap one is a notional

lap but the pace that will count within

the race duration so we're getting ready

for race one of the two here at Misano

before we go racing let's have a look at

this fine Italian venue





so that is what Misano looks like the

drivers are about to have to focus on a

virtual version of it Sims at the ready

so the grid subject to any qualifying

penalties that were not aware of thus

far so all seems good will be formed

it's gonna be interesting isn't it to

see how Shane Brayton gets on Shane who

began his motorsport career in British

stock car racing and their national hot

rod racing he's raced in pickups before

coming into track racing he's two races

behind everybody else in terms of sim

racing experience how will he fare with

the extra seat time over the course of

the evening Norbert Kish then starts as

the big favourite six tens quicker than

anybody else in qualifying and we'll

find out whether he is able to run away

and take one maybe two more wins at this

evening now Jose Eduardo Rodriguez did

qualify third but times disallowed we

understand for not having Skype and

teamspeak activated which are the

platforms for the race organisers to

speak to the driver and vice versa so

although Jersey Eduardo Rodriguez was

out on track the race officials unable

to converse with him and therefore part

of the penalty charter for that is that

you have your lap times disallowed so

straightaway the grid is going to be

shuffled it will bring tio Calvo up a

row it puts Josie Eduardo Rodriguez to

the very back and it also means we're

now going to see a really quick driver

have to force his way through from the

very rear of the grid gonna be really

interesting now to see how this pans out

for Josie and wardo Rodriguez going into

the first of the two races

so Norbert Kish is the man in charge

he's the man on pole position yet again

and he will have with him at the front

of the grid Sascha Lentz but there now

Antony johniac moves up to third on the

grid as we get set for the opening race

of the evening the FIA ERC digital with

races still to count of course at the

Slovakia ring at the Nurburgring which

is the home of its biggest real world

event the German truck Grand Prix then

it will go to the Czech Republic

virtually to get a must to Zolder to

lamont and hirama and all of that takes

us to the middle of august when some

real world racing will be back in

business and we look forward to real

world track racing being under way as

well by then so fingers crossed but

that's the timetable for the rest of the

year and the digital championship will

come to an end in mid-august with hirama

being the final rounds okay we talked a

little bit about some of the drivers

we've talked about what's been going on

in that qualifying session let's have a

look at the spotter guide and go through

the grid as we get set for race 1 let's

pick out some of the stars pick out

where they're going to be after the

qualifying session bearing in mind it's

all now shuffled well Antonia Alba Fetty

is a three-time champion and he is the

man that drives the number 2 tee sport

bear now ma n looks fair now steam

merging with t sport for this year

Antony Jean yech double french champion

drives number 6 the yellow ma n antony

jean yak who came from karting into

Formula Renault and then into Formula 3

Andre occurs him not quite ready to go

racing yet he's registered for the

championship he only got his sim the day

before the opening race and still

doesn't feel quite ready scrub him

having clawed Naugle of what we did see

at the Hungary but we didn't see him out

in the qualifying session having climbed

Naugle fort the Dutch privateer got a

tenth and a ninth in Hungary with the

Scania but missing certainly qualifying

hopefully he might be able to get to the

back of the grid let's see

Shane Pritam makes his Digital debut in

the ma n with its Apollo tars

sponsorship that joined him last year

and the quick Brit will be one to watch

moving he's

up from near the back of the grid we now

know of course that there's going to be

Josie and while Rodriguez behind him so

that is page one of the spotters guide

but page two has some very impressive

drivers as well take tear Calvi for

example switching to the Freightliner

squad in the Bagheera racing camp his

father Fabian Calvo organizer a

successful racer and indeed the French

commentator for the purposes of the

digital Championship taya conveyed began

as a sixteen year old at Nogueira and

perform a motocross her third in the

French championship a couple of years

ago Jamie Anderson began in rallies

before moving to track racing and Jamie

was quick but unlucky in the races at

the hungering Cameron's hacker has been

a regular in Dutch events in the British

Racing Association events and also the

metal Rhine Cup at the German Grand Prix

his MA M privately entered rig and then

you have 16 year old alia Quaritch who

is a former Carter but daughter of

European champion Martin Cole at just 16

years of age Sascha lense in the SL

track sport LAN and he is regular in the

ETR see Sasha who started winning races

a couple of years ago perennial underdog

but now very much one of the

frontrunners fifth in the European

Championship last year

josée Eduardo Rodriguez them now but to

the back of the grid and see what

progress can be made from there with the

rebel cannot am en Norbert Kish in the

river sh t RT track we've talked about

already his new team and the former sim

racer turned Astro Cup champion Cleo cap

Hungary champion say it Leon Cup

champion Suzuki champion and then double

European track racing champion takes on

a ton at code the champion in 2017 but

Adam somebody else that's come from car

racing initially in the likes of the

Skoda Octavia carpi race for a time in

FIA GT Carrera Cup Germany came into

track racing in 2013 but has been a

mainstay ever since and indeed the

European champion in 2017 so those are

the drivers you will also of course see

ready to go racing the Mercedes actress

which is the pace truck that will be

part of the lineup and it has a real

well driver it's not put into the game

it will have a real world driver to

control the pace of everybody else

behind Ralph Hanan and his team in race

control making sure now that the drivers

are good to go and then in about 5

minutes time they will be released onto

the grid ready to go racing and this

well as I say put into context where

Josie Eduardo Rodriguez is going to be

with quite a lot of work to do now from

the very back of this grid the Misano

circuit then it is tight is twisty but

it will give spectacular racing and all

that case you can make the break at the

start he's gonna be hard to catch that I

suspect he's going to be the story of

race one but behind him you've got a lot

of very quick drivers all arguing over

second third fourth and back we had some

great racing at the Hungaroring another

circuit where overtaking is not that

easy and in the big rigs let's see what

is going to give first of all they've

got to get through the first sequence of

corners turns one two and three making

up that chicane into the very empty del

Paco after that they can get on the

power make the

that short straight to turn number four

get round that safely then you've got a

real chance of starting to make a move

on the long fast straight down to turn

eight or indeed try to break away from

the opposition let's see what pans out

on the opening lap as the drivers then

get themselves ready for this third race

the second weekend within the FIA ET RC

digital championship from Misano Norbert

Kitsch comes here as the championship

leader double winner at the Hungaroring

Sascha Lentz comes here second 13 points

back so he's got some work to do tear

calve a is a further two points back

from Sascha then it sees Antony changuk

fourth Kenya Alba 35th and Josie Eduardo

Rodriguez six Adam lat co bear in mind

seventh did not finish the second race

up the Hager ring and you must take the

checkered flag even though he would have

been a notional ninth in the

classification because he hadn't crossed

the line to take the flag

he wasn't awarded the extra point so at

a match go comes here on six points

equal with Jamie Anderson rather than

being on the seven have you taken the

checkered flag so drivers learning a

little bit about sim racing I mean to do

all the work themselves really in terms

of setup and fueling and that's what

cost in fact Jamie Anderson in race one

and and unlatch Coe in race two as well

so as far as points in the championship

are concerned

Adam giving away a huge number to norm

occasionally Alber fetty's gonna be

worth watching though around here and

bear in mind that Norbert Kish was a

real world

race winner 12 months ago he won race

three in other words from a qualifying

session set grid on pole position just

like we just had now he's gonna take

some stopping it would seem when we go

racing and that will be in a few moments

time because very shortly the Ford F

Maps the official truck of the FIA e TRC

will hit the track and once that is done

its lap so the Mercedes act Ross pace

truck will lead the field around the

grid decided as I say by those times set

at the qualifying session with Jose

Eduardo Rodriguez now having his lap

times cancelled due to

Skype and teamspeak not working so

assuming that message has been able to

get through to him now then he'll be at

the back and we'll see what he can do

from there to try and work his way up

the order but it won't be easy

it's got some quick people to find a way

past and is this going to give an even

bigger opportunity now to Teo Calva puts

him on to the second row the grid and

tear Calvin up a long side Antony shiny

AK so those two French drivers now on

the second row the grid I think they're

going to make some progress forward but

it's going to be Kish versus Lentz from

the front row on my ran down towards the

first corner

so with Norbert Kish getting set to try

to maintain this lead in the

championship Sascha Lentz who said after

the hunger ring that he'd had no sim

racing experience up until then well he

certainly bolide that lack of experience

Sascha remember mighty strong in the

opening race when he chased after

Norbert Kish took second and he was

setting on the road in the second race

but a time penalty dropped him in the

end five-second penalty to third

position elevating tire calve a Sascha

Lentz for a sim novice proving that he's

got the ability got the pace let's see

whether he can take another step forward

this evening in these virtual Misano

races Antony johniac and ter calve a

both race hard in the last races at the

Hungaroring more of the same to come

this evening no doubt and then you've

also got the likes of Antonia Alba 30

with a point to prove and of course now

Jose Eduardo Rodriguez coming up from

the rear of the grid

so we have the order set we have the

drivers giving themselves ready and now

the countdown as would be in real world

racing being given by race control and

so effectively now we're at the 5-minute

board the grid would be cleared all

personnel have to make their way back

into the pit lane and of course in real

world track racing often to their

spotters perches you can't stand on the

pit wall under the safety requirements

for track racing so quite a lot of the

teams have a spotter that watches in the

media centre in order to relay messages

to drivers to give a precis of what's

going on around them on the circuit if

the driver needs an extra pair of eyes

and to get as good a vantage point as

it's possible really elevated in order

to follow the race for the team so as

the 5 minute board has been shown at the

4 minute board the drivers will be

getting set and we will now turn the

track to the Ford F max the official

truck of the championship

the show is on start your engines

FIA ET RC is ready to race








is the grid being formed with Norbert

Kish the man lining up on pole position

Sascha Lentz alongside and then for the

third slot TH AVE has appeared or they

should be

Antony Janek should it not to be on the

inside of that road the grid so they'll

be a little bit of shuffling I think

within the driver servers once everybody

is set good to go Norbit Kish then for

pole position having been the star of

qualifying although that graphic

suggesting that he's going to be second

on the grid so we'll double-check

exactly who is going to start where and

orbits best time that we were given was

a two minutes one point two two six and

Sacha two minutes one point eight five

eight so all be well that grid will be

put into formation in a moment or two

before we get action under way the

Mercedes at Ross which is the pace truck

will lead them away in a moment

you can see at the back of the grid

Jersey Eduardo Rodriguez set to go there

he is

lining up alongside Shane Pearson but

Rodriguez as I'm SHINee's ENIAC at the

back needing to get himself into

position though the grid slightly

jumbled at the moment but very shortly

things will be good to go here at Misano

so there is the Mercedes across the

official pace truck of the FIA ERC and

that will lead the field around very

short feet once the command is given

from Rolf Ana and the team in race

control the drivers able to hear him

fire teamspeak and Skype and so as the

lights flick to the green that means

that now everybody accelerates away now

why is auntie Jean yet starting with the

back of the grid it is a puzzlement

pace truck works its way through the

field so geniac perhaps has had a

penalty that we've not caught up on but

so now the pace truck gets to the front

so now the drivers

accelerate their way down towards turn

one so Tia cálmate

up to then the second row of the grid

with Antonia Alba Fetty now for company

Jamie Anderson we'll start on the third

row alongside Adam latch Co then Ali a

collage and term attacker with the next

row of the grid being shaped rhythm and

then Josie Eduardo Rodriguez and at the

very back Antonia Xianyang so two new

order I would catch up with what's

happened to journey AK and remember this

lap counting within the duration so the

clock starts to include the formation

about 25 minutes plus a lot

so this brings the trucks down towards

the questio tight corner

conceit Norbert Kish that ready to go

alongside Sasha let's and at the rear of

the pack Antony jean yak so let us see

what it is that he can do here

they threw they camp and Anthony Jean

yak the French driver solving at the

rear of the field you've got there the

second rail you can see two of the star

drivers tear calp lining up alongside on

Tony Alba Thetis it's gonna be an

interesting fight between those two

that's for sure but now as they turn

their way up through the final corners

of this pace that very shortly we are

going to be good to go Sasha let's there

for the quick weave to generate a little

bit more warmth into the task itself

psyched up ready to go and so this

second race weekend here from Misano

Norbert Kish very much the man to beat

but let's see whether he's going to be

able to make it three out of three then

as the trucks karma towards the

completion of the pace lap

can expect drama as they riddle their

way through that first sequence of

corners because the first came car

racing or truck racing it's tight twisty

it's a pitch point and it's going to

sort them out on this opening lap of

race three of the season

so out of character for tea

the left hand kink of 15 of the Misano

itself terms 16 the pace truck there now

will go for the pit lane we will be a

business any moment there because race

one of two at Misano in the FIA ET RC

digital is set to get underway in the

trucks accelerate now up towards the

timing blind orbit Kishin the red ma n

on pole would bring a black ma n of

Sasha LEDs timing up alongside who is it

going to be that makes the best start

let's see we go racing Clements heckard

dives out of the draft good start being

made by Tia calve a as well he gets the

drop on Sasha let's trust get around the

outside of Norbert Kish Kish leads

though down the Wolves turn one kal Bay

goes second he's going to go for the

race lead almost found the gap let's

ease off the road he's not the only one

other Betty's off as well there look

room turn three and a batch coke a hug

after drivers contact us Rodriguez

elbows his way up alongside the check

driver sham yet off the road and back on

again Jamie Anderson sideways on the

inside of that sow the ferry gets

brought down why all over the run off

Rodriguez is plugged by Clement tecar as

well jan yet soul at the curb but Norbit

Kish has made the break at the moment it

seems he leaves the Pat hacker is still

way way out wide in the background

sideways as he comes back onto the road

and so now the drivers accelerate down

towards turn eight aquaria you can see

the way at the top to getting away from

the opposition already there is Leinster

Jamie Anderson doing a good job of going

after him in a poor place now Clem

attacker is off the road again in fifth

and through they come

and a batch go all the backup Rodriguez

now they power their way out of the time

right they're going through on the

inside of Johnny a call back through on

the inside of Johnny Eck is a Lea

college and now they spread their way

once more half towards the approach to

turn 13 but now the two race leader's

virtually as one up and him to tell

Bay's off the back of cash they've got

let's head of Anderson next up is

Rodriguez who's pausing away for the

opening lap of the race and the Equality

loses out there to check yet use

database and then goes off the road and

the French driver Jeff hands on windows

latch Co all sideways just ahead of him

at a black coat Geoff's hands on to the

position though they're heading up to

all timing like that up to the end of

the opening that here as they come by so

Gordon kick it is Bing is best to get

away he has done so through the last

couple of quarters to chew the bone for

a second

that's a very sideways shape Reiter just

avoids the pit wall that as they cut

through so as they come up then now pass

the pins down towards turn one


Peter Warrick age 18 seconds up of tear

Calvin looking back now for Jamie

Anderson's truck bear behind

you've got Josie Eduardo Rodriguez so

Rodriguez is pimping a good job here

hustling on as they feel accelerate now

on to the approach to terms four five

and six

there is Rodriguez out of turn six they

have kam now this is the long straight

down towards Quechua at turn eight and

if anything led to dropping away a

little bit from the top to Anderson and

then Rodriguez fourth and fifth Jamie

Anderson Shane much better pace here

away runs wide look that he did at the

Hungaroring there's a Tony Alva Fetty

we've work to do fending off ten

attacker and Shane Britain so what's

that light brown the betting Britain to

sideways once again it is alia kala just

up ahead of them


there is actually Jen yet he's got

himself onto the back about a black coat

genuine hundred come down to the rear of

the grid the journey yet he's busy that

he's for sure if he comes now through

turn 11 stands on the brakes

his way around the back for grants and

approaches feet

turn 50 left now turn 16 pitted on the

left-hand side look and now ready to

sprint all to the pics right now is this

where Julian makes his move against

black coat

the things they found out that wop


to position is the

check driver

Barry Janek goes through on the inside

line makes the move goes why let's go

get back on the inside and retake to the

place now we've got and to be shown yet

remember the back of the grid he also

had those striking too physical

I've received as well by the race

getting a rincon in tech support plate

a sip with no sky picture visible so

Jamyang lost his times that's why he was

put to the back of the grid we have got

saturn lens under investigation for an

inappropriate grid position and we've

also got another 25 which is clever

attacker a warning of contact with an

attorney Albert Betty so quite a lot

going on at the moment

certainly penalties throwing around of

the race officials being busy but that

battle going on at the moment between

latch go handed a shaggy act in leg for

to involve the meats that there with

Jamie Anderson and Jersey and water

Rodriguez are getting away up the road


there's Jamie and the city's hanging on

at the moment Paul place and Sasha Lent

briefly was ahead of Tia calve a Cal

Bears got back ahead of it but one has

noticed in the hat is how thought the

kids pulled away they're coming towards

as the Amberson Rodriguez battle

those two now having their own private

jewel so as the leader seek you learn

our Mormon Kish comes across the light

through he goes

what are the three days back

Rodriguez clothes is a gave look onto

the back here of Jamie Anderson

satellites is right now out of turn six

the curve on the outside line

the price right here

right they can't stand all the break to

turn into the effectively hairpin of

turn eight wet yet Jamie Anderson

defense there's Rodriguez there he's

right on the back of it although

actually because possible Jamie Anderson

runs a little bit wider coming out of

the corner so but gap widens because

better momentum was carried by Jamie

answer those he captain our turn ten

from opto

there's only a college keeping attorney

Harbor fethiye Bay now

now walkin Albert Betty do big

frustration for Antonia they see some a

lot of cracks on the scene he was on the

second row of the grid and yet drivers

on the earthly glass and one way back in

the order there is Sascha LEDs crawling

all over the back and tell yo cowl day

now this is for second base so the

German driver

Sasha lense looks for a way past French

championship front runner up to all the

line they come

so that's down through turn one try to

force a mistake out of teo Calvin

norburg issuance though he's on target

for the race things are here because a

storm and clear up front

Lent looks to the inside line door

closed by tio Calvi runs under the

require through the corner but let's

count quite time his landing time it

going to be inside so go way through


gyah cow bay hangs on the position a

little wide coming off turn sit there

and this is going to give an opportunity

surely now to let to line up and have a

long look on the inside as they come

down to water quench yeah but now we

still can't find a way through now by

doing a good job of defending but the

kitchens pulling away up front

inexorably now

no use to tale second and third let's

ease a gap on the inside there's half a

gap he's at the curve calve a ffensive

off he's on the power now on the rug a

log that short straight once for

in a moment I'll go to the writings

Cavani turn a leopard sick run up on the

left hand side stand on the brakes in a

moment get the truck set up to turn 12

and then the ever tightening loop of 13

into 14 at Cairo the calbeck hangs on in

that second place but so busy is he but

giving away up front is Norbert Kish and

that gap is growing all the time to

calve a through in second spot that lets

crawling all over the back of it

race leader that over the timing light

and he's out on his own here way way

clear is Norbert quiche tear calve a

still there in second spot

I've rodriguez now ahead of Jamie

Anderson so that is the change for 4th

place and Rodriguez coming up from 10th

on the grades he's making good progress

out of all of this although Jamie

Anderson he's still fighting to try and

retake the place they'd say Jamie

closing right up on the back of the

Portuguese driver behind the blue as


Anthony johniac having got past latch Co

is on a mission and he's trying to close

down that gap as well

johniac could be the mounted watch in

that little group because he's closing

as you see there calve a versus number


Sasha Lance

you see in the background how Rodriguez

and Anderson I've got a Jean yak getting

closer and closer and closer into ten

minutes plus a lap still to go

and there is Norbert Kish heading

towards us now what's the gap 44

seconds over T Oh calve eight Norbert

Kish once more is looking dominant here

Calvi versus sasha Lentz then tear calve

a the young French driver his father

very successful racer as at the same

time indeed with Sasha let's father the

two-parent race each other and that's up

to the kids to do it but calve a keeping

Sasha obey for the moment and they are

cause second and third in the

championship coming into this race with

Te'o cow Bay two points back on Sasha

led so four points he wants to stay

ahead of Jamie Anderson he's fighting

back he retakes position the gays

Rodriguez they touch Jamie goes sideways

and goes off the road and bounces off

the circuit back on the gate

so now we've got Rodriguez being told by

race control to give the position back

to Jamie after some of that in quite

place in his hands did it really go

Jamie made that mistake so Anderson has

had warnings for contact and track

limits there's also been a track limit

warning for 17 Shane Britain and so now

the Portuguese driver Jersey and one her

own riggers told to give his position

back for pushing Jamie Anderson

but then Anderson went off the road now

all that's been going on let's he's

ahead of Callaway as you see so we've

had that change for second position and

Sasha let's now possibly we'll be able

to go off to Norbit kitchen shake off

the challenge of tier calmate let us see

through they turn together

accelerating their way bed now down

through the back part of the circuit out

of turn nine and ten and there is

Norbert key ahead of us but even though

we know that Sasha let's is quick and

even though we know that he's on a

mission he's gonna run out of time isn't

he with seven and a half minutes still

to go plus the lap

they're going through is tear calve a

that mod back in third place

but what's impressive in this is the cow

Bay's not dropping but away he

admittedly has lost that place but he's

staying on the Taylor blend desk would

be keen to trying to find that position

back again if he can see if he can force

an arrow out of leads for the Bulls this

is good for Sasha at the championship

they're having gone through having taken

second spot he's now looking at more

points to stretch that margin over lens

so through their second and third button

orbit key she's away and gone up the


there's the Rodriguez versus Jean yet


you can see on the graphic the speed

building what gear they're in and their

journey AK looks to the inside line

remember all race trucks govern to a

maximum of 100 miles an hour

and Rodriguez having worked his way

through from the back shed yet

likewise goes a little bit wider though

both ahead of Jamie Anderson now so this

is a real battle for 4th and 5th places

Jamie Anderson will be a bit frustrated

no doubt but he's still displaying

decent pace in all of this

so through they dirt there you've got

Jamie Anderson still showing decent

speed even if he is dropping off the

back of that little group event

they're going through is Rodriguez ahead

of Jean yet now are we gonna see a

change of position between these two

they both battled their way up the order

they are both running as one and they

are both on a mission there are a long

way back from the top three but honors

are on there to be best of the rest as a

sideways Rodriguez leaves the door open

that's a chance for Xianyang trying to

get the inside as they camp now on to

turn 15 he still can't quite take

advantage of it though

out of turn 16 running out of time as

far as the clock is concerned here so

Kish Lentz Calvin the top three this is

the fight for fourth as they come by if

he's still Rodriguez just ahead of Jani

AK and again Rodriguez looks all feisty

going down the wards turn while there's

more movement it seems in his ma m than

the similar rig behind him advance in

his journey a coach and yang now makes

his move can't do it get squeezed up the

curve on the inside so through they turn

as one and johniac has got time in which

to do this if you can find the width of

the rose that's the tough thing now

at wide goes Rodriguez now here battle

of champions lower down the order

because here you've got the battle

between Elam latch goes seven for Tony

Alva fetter

in eighth place neither of them running

where they want to be but remember this

is for the front row of the grid as far

as race 2 is concerned and right now

arbor fetty's good for pole position

it's me

down they come as one can let's go

stave him off it'll be more points for

Adam but it would be the outside of the

front row not pole position on the

inside depending on where he finished

through they ran attorney Alba fatty in

what is now remember the t sport pan out

entry looks bernau himself a former

champion in track racing attorney Alba

30 very successful single seater racing

got as far as formula 3000 before many

seasons spelt spent in touring cars and

then came to track racing back in oh

three but she drove for Opel for BMW and

for Alfa Romeo in the Golden Age of

2-liter super touring spec touring car

racing now flying lap is just over two

minutes they're going to be able to

squeeze two plus the regulation lap in

aren't they before the end here Norbert

Kish a long way clear Jan yet now being

given a warning about track limits

through there goes Alba 30 you're

looking at John yang who is hanging on

to fifth place but he can't yet find a

way past Rodriguez these messages about

track limit abuse or contact being

offered by teamspeak which is how the

raise officials talk to the drivers in

their headsets

so Antony's genuin another of the

drivers off the grid to convert from car

racing into track racing but the

runner-up in the French Formula three

championship very successful in track

racing in France as well as within the

European champion he's been a race

winner in Europe but a double champion

in France last year indeed he was taking

your second crown eighteen and nineteen

are the two titles that he's won there

he is now in pursuit of Rodriguez but

all of a sudden that gaps him speak

markedly bigger doesn't it so John yet

no longer able to stay off the back that

the Portuguese driver

there's Norbert Kish he's on target it

seems for a race win he's well clear

right now clock ticks on down through he


so Norbert Kish accelerates towards turn

15 and josei Eduardo Rodriguez has 8/4

warning for track limit so that's a

30-second penalty for Rodriguez

so Josie and wardo Rodriquez is fourth

on the road but 30 seconds are gonna

drop him a long long way back probably

to last place aren't they

so Norbit Kish leads lens second

caliphate third and janaki's going to

inherit fourth place on corrected times


there is sasha lense the gap is down a

bit to Norbit Kish doesn't make you

wonder what Sasha could have done had he

not been stuck behind tear calve a for

the first part of the race

however in fairness to Norbert Kish you

could also be that Normandy is just

relaxing his pace a little bit making

sure he gets the end safely here without

any other dramas before again before the

end of the race

way out wide goes caliphate and so there

is LEDs second-place beckons for him

through they turn with tal they they're

in third spot so he's gonna be on the

podium it's gonna be another good result

for him he was fourth and second in the

races at the Hungarian but what we are

seeing is that the top three drivers

they're largely other drivers to beat

here aren't they because Kelvin is set

for a podium once more and this is for

seventh and eighth that Alba Fetty is

ahead of Adam latch Co now so Antonio

Alba 30 in the m am the cab over truck

goes ahead of the bonneted Freightliner

that gives him an extra point but it

also puts lash go on pole on the

reversal of the grid in a nudging going

on as that co gets into the back of Alma

fatty now they swing their way out of

the corner we got a clock hitting zero

so one more lap now within the race for

Norbert quiches the leader the gap three

and a half seconds over lens there is

Albert a turning his way through next in

the queue

in the background here look you can see

Ali a kolache was set for ninth position

so won't benefit that will climate occur

in the background of the reverse

greenheck is having his own moment the

bomb twirling going on inside the MA M

Barrie's Ali a collage going through and

it's shame Britain at the rear of field

Shan having his first outing within the

e TR C digital Championship there is in

the Apollo tars rigged ultra smart

debuted at the Nurburgring last year but

some damage say he only did the opening

races of the weekend so it is this

battle for fourth place with the

penalized Rodriguez ahead of Jan yet but

Norbert Kish is on target for the race

win it seems he's on his way towards the

checkered flag and Rodriguez all

sideways trying to fend off the

challenge on the gaps coming down no

question about it

Norbert Kish is being caught but I think

he'll tell us after at the race that he

was just being careful and Sasha Lenz

has got away from Calvin hasn't he so

that gap is widened between second and

third quite considerably down they turn

once again they're going through is

Norbert Kish gets back onto the powernow

and makes the run up towards the turn 11

caught up

so there you've got Kish coming through

and the checkered flag will be ready for

Norbit Kish although that gap is coming

down and down and down that should be

close but I don't believe we'll be close

enough to challenge before the end

Norman Kaye she's a real master of all

of this he'll have everything under

control so he's going to be Norbit Kish

then Paul feed race win SATA let's set

the second tier calve a set the third

one more corner to go and it is going to

be three out of three for Norman Kish

the dominant driver in the FIA ET aussi

Digital has done it again

Norbit kid celebrating as he slides

across the line second is Sasha lense

and third tier Kelvin now who is going

to be fourth on the road well the answer

is it's gonna be Rodriguez but Jan yet

will take fourth place it's gonna be a

virtual dead heat between the two anyway

look as they come over the timing line

but Rodriguez with that penalty he's

going to drop way away down the order

he's gonna put into last position I

would offer you and of course he doesn't

benefit in any sense from the reverse

grid say it's gonna have to do the hard

work from the rear all over again so

that will put Jamie extra fourth fifth

is gonna be Jamie Anderson sixth Alberti

seventh will be let's go eight

provisionally Annie a collage and so

that's pole and ninth Clem attacker

there earlier collage for the second

reverse grid race in a row provisionally

we'll be on pole position there is

Clement Eckert coming through and Shane

Britain behind after there is a

spectacular race the first experience

really that he has had of racing on a

sin and shame Britain makes the run out

towards the timing line ready to take

the checkered flag ready to come home to

complete his first digital track racing

experience but a great drive by Norman

Kish and that gives him honors in race


so Norbert Kish has done it again a

spectacular first race but Norbert from

pole position able to get away leave all

the battles behind in fascinating duel

between Sasha let's and tear calve a for

second place let's have a look then at

the podium the top three drivers with

the top step going the way of Norbert

Kish second place – Sascha Lentz and

then for third position TH AVE in the

opening race here at Misano

so it's three out of three for Norbert

Kish the championship lead then

increases that gives him 60 points it

also increases the margin that Sascha

Lentz has over tehre Calvi in the battle

between those two let's try and grab

Norbert Kish then from the waiting room

into our Channel

and no wait well done

three out of three dominant display

congratulations thank you very much

thank you very much we did an easy race

no uh it's it's it's definitely more

difficult than it was on the home

wearing I see the guys practiced a lot

I see Sasha and Antonio and those at the

old rival are quite a lot and they did

very very good times so yeah it was it

was much tighter already if you look at

the qualifying results it was much

tighter and at the start you know I

really had to defend a little bit

against steel and a little bit meanwhile

Ashanti was finding behind me so it was

it was good for me what was going on

towards the end the gap was coming down

was that Sasha's pace been good or was

that you just relaxing and being careful

and making sure of a win yeah I think in

the end maybe I had a little bit more

tire but of course yeah I wasn't really

pushing too hard towards the end of the

race so now you got it from eight from

the grid can you do four for four you

know you'll see it I'm sure but you know

it's right that's why we're here for us

to win

absolutely I'm sure we'll talk again in

what half an hour's time

no but cash well down three out of three

thank you so no but cash wins race won

in the FIA ET RC digital championship

and a faultless display pole positions

out of both of those super pole sessions

and then now we have the three race wins

to add to those two poles as well for

him so not a wheel wrong our next guest

will be ter Calvin let's just have a

quick look though at the Freightliner

bagheera squad the Czech team the

bonneted truck is always a front-runner

and ter calve a proving to be very rapid

indeed this yeah

teo well done tough race then worse

yes yes nice race with with Sasha I'm up

here with my soft place so I looking

forward for the for the second race you

can be of course further back on the

reverse grid for the next one it's gonna

be tough coming through and you've got

Norbert starting behind you said there's

attacking and defending all at the same

time for sure well done congratulations

tier cafe then third place in race one

here at Misano

and as tier was talking to as you can

see our virtual showroom showing you

what the bagheera rating Freightliner

is like one of the very few bonneted

trucks these eight if you go back to the

late 1980s early 1990s bonneted trucks

were all the rage but right now the

freight liner is a rare a bonneted truck

and tear calve a one of the three

drivers and very much the star turn at

the moment out of the three against Adam

match Co and alia College now let's have

a quick word also with Sascha Lentz

mindful that such as English is ever

improving and will bring Sascha to the

english stream say farewell to tier


Sascha Lentz a great Drive

congratulations well done on second

place thank you very much

it was a tough fight with you and Te'o

yeah I think was a good fight my ever I

hear not the the sad commando from the

race control and directly my I don't

know why to three places and then I have

a good fight material I think was a nice

race for us and I'm happy so now from

the reverse great you will start seventh

can you keep nor be behind you can you

win our next race I don't know I don't

know I hope I can win the last race but

we we see is the race and I don't know

we'll say it's gonna be tough Sasha

Lance well done congratulations on

second place well done thanks so Sasha

let's then you see on our podium taking

second place to your calve a third

Norbert Kish looking rather sinister in

his black overalls and as I keep saying

the dominant driver to polls out of the

two qualifying sessions and now these

three race wins

there is just no stopping him so ah next

race will be coming up in round about 20

minutes time or so the drivers of course

now have a chance to go and grab a drink

they can reset their servers and the

officials need to go through all of the

potential protests and discussions from

race one and make sure that we have the

declared result because that obviously

is crucial to what we will have for the

grid for race two remember that if this

were real world racing the two races

will be separated by quite a lot of the

day and indeed also of course by other

potential races on track so the

officials have their time now to make

sure that everything is as it should be

and then we will be ready for our second

race in a little time the drivers will

be back on track just before they are so

we have ran about 20 minutes worth of a

break before our second race of the

evening in this our second round of the

FIA ETR C digital but before we go to

that we will have a quick chance to

focus on one or two of the other teams

and drivers within the FIA e TRC

and Tony Alba fatty we've been talking

about as style driver

Antonio's truck virtual studio in a

moment Antonio is with us and Antonia

that was a tough first race big battle

between you and Adam yeah yeah well he

was a little bit after the start was a

little bit messy I just in the first

corner I just said okay go straight

because I don't know which way to go and

then in the second corner something

happens and I have a push and I go off

you know so I don't know but yeah it was

good I mean I think I have I am learning

a little bit then I have a good read for

for the for the time practice and for

the races you know but the problem is

that yeah if you push out that then it's

very difficult to to go again on the

pace you know but yeah I'm happy because

I think it will be very good for the

spectators how are you adapting to the

same because lots of experience racing

drivers I've spoken to you about they

say that you don't have that feel

through your backside coming from from

the race seat you don't have that feel

in the sim world

yeah that's right I mean you need that

they're feeling there in your bottom you

know so it's it is quite difficult and

then yeah I mean I've been racing

single-seater touring card and it's

quite a difficult to get used to that

but I have a very good help from my son

Tony because he's used to do that so he

was putting all together and then I just

tried to to go smoother and try to to

get him better and better but yeah I

mean it's quite good you know I thought

it will be worse because I try another

simulators and it was not so good but

this one is quite it's quite good you

know so I enjoy it

excellent well second row of the grid

for the second race you might be able to

win a race from there sure like I don't

know probably we will try you know we

will try so we will see what happened

yep sure good luck for race to attorney

Alba 30 thanks for joining us okay thank

you bye

thirty who is he says is an experienced

driver he came from Formula Ford 1600 it

seems like a lifetime ago into Formula

three formula 3000 then had one career

change to go off and do touring cars and

then a decade or so later another career

switch to go and race in truck

great success three times a champion and

the last couple of years funded its

burnell's team now this new merger

between T sport and burnell's squad and

it's going to be fascinating to see how

Antonio progresses in the sim world and

indeed how this team adapts to real

world racing when we are a little later

in the season so we will have our second

race as I say coming up around about 20

minutes time you don't want to miss that

because the reverse grid rate always

exciting with the race winner from race

1 starting 8th work to do to get through

the pack it was all drama in race 2 at

the Hungaroring race 2 at Misano should

be no different

coming up in a few minutes time we'll

see you then





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welcome back to Massaro our second

weekend of the FIA ET RC Digital

Championship we have done race one it's

another victory for Norbert Kish to pole

positions out of the qualifying sessions

and a race win every time they've hit

the track so it's three out of three for

the dominant Hungarian driver we're

getting ready for race two it's the

results of race one for the grid with

the top eight in Reverse so he's gonna

have some work to do this time around

but it's gonna be fascinating to see

what pans out this time

so Norbit Kish who's going to be our man

to watch in this second race of the

evening up from 8 on the grid and the

freight liners three of them on the

track ones to watch as well because Adam

let's go he's getting quicker bit by bit

as he adapts the simracing tier calve a

was on the podium in the first race and

alia college is going to be another

driver to keep an eye to alia joins us

ready for race 2 still learning about

Sim truck racing alia as well as

real-world track racing later on in the

season how are you finding the sim world

right well I was driving simulators for

quite some time but this is the trucks

is some harder practice for sure and

what about the style of racing because

here you're against lots of very

experienced real-world truck races on

you yes um it's just getting experience

and trying to keep up with everybody

what's it's all fun it's all fun track

racing runs in the family your father

was a very successful racer some years

ago yes he was European champion so it

was inevitable that you were going to

come into track racing or did you

consider a career in cars or a different

discipline um that was playing tennis

for many years

last year I stopped and started truck

racing and I enjoyed it very much so now

here I am now for this second race you

might be looking at pole position again

because there are one or two penalties

to take into account so that's the ideal

place to be if that does pay out because

you've got the run to the first corner

and hopefully can keep the race lead

hopefully after I was in pole position

it was it was interesting so hopefully

this time will be better when you've got

a sim like this with with drivers all

around you what do you have in terms of

the equivalent of a mirror do you have

another screen on your simulator showing

you what's happening behind and around

you no I just have the

the one screen and then there's people

behind me who sees everything okay so

you're reliant on their information are

ya well let's go get ready for race –

good luck thank you then get ready for

the second race of evening as I say

there are three of the bagheera racing

freight liners you've got Adam let's go

tear calve a and now alia as well and

it's gonna be interesting to see how she

gets on more experience from all of

these drivers all those same experiences

she says she is not short off now let's

turn our attention next to where we

stand as far as the championship is


Norbert Kish it is now on sixty points

with Sascha Lentz on 42 so he stretches

the margin over tier Calvi and then

antony Janek in fourth antonio alba

Fetty stays fifth Jamie Anderson though

now is up to sixth place seventh is Jose

Eduardo Rodriguez and he gains two

points out of that race

Adam notch co-equal with him because he

gains six alia collage three points she

is up to six now Clement second gets one

point to go to four so Norbert Kish is

the championship leader from Sasha let's

tear calve a nothing changes there but

the margin between the top two is now 18

points as we get set for our second race

of the evening so the drivers don't need

to worry about a qualifying session

again that of course was only to give

you the grid for race one now they will

get set for the grid based on the race

one results but with that top eight in

Reverse now josianne wardo Rodriguez is

having quite a night of it penalized

after qualifying because of not having

Skype and teamspeak available teamspeak

is how the race officials talk to the

drivers and indeed the drivers talk to

us so that has to work Skype is so the

race officials can actually look at who

is driving the sim think back a couple

of weeks to formula E and the great

Ferrari around Daniel AB loading

somebody else race for him when it cost

him his Audi factory drive didn't it so

the officials here very convinced very

single-minded that they must have the

nominated driver driving the sim and to

prove that you've got to be visible on

skype so that they can drop in have a

look at who is behind the wheel come

promote on and try and can see their

identity you've got to be visible to the

officials so if you don't have Skype

working the can't prove it was you you

lose your lap times or you get a penalty

and that's what happened to Josie

Eduardo Rodriguez at the start of the

night will now courtesy of for trap

limit offences he gets a 30-second

penalty which puts him away way way way

down the order going to the results of

race 1 which will be confirmed in

course but add 30 seconds to his race

time and he's a long way back so he's

got the hard work to do all over again

started race one at the back of the grid

effectively with Antony jian-yang he'll

have to do it all over again once more

when we get set to go racing

so the drivers ill shortly as I say make

their way out on track we will have our

ford lap in a moment or two which will

give the official track of the FIA ETR

see the Ford F max its lap around the

circuit the grid will form and then the

Mercedes across the pace truck will get

them ready to go as well Norbert Kish

starting eighth on the grid here it's

going to be another fascinating race in

this digital Championship so the drivers

are just about ready race control is

ready importantly as well and so out on

track heads before death max

the show is on start your engines

FIA ET RC is ready to race









the front rope now

should have a damn latch coat and then

alongside him he's going to be Jaimie

Anderson so there's been a change late

between latch Co and Alba thetic from

how they cross the line but on Tony Alva

fatty lining up as I say on the front

row of the grid there in the background

you can see and a match goes track see

but the freight liners on the inside for

the first two rows Jaimie Anderson

lining up on the outside of the second

row of the grid there he is then Anthony

journey ACK on the third row it's gonna

be tiered al baiy alongside him then

you've got sasha Lentz and norbert Kish

behind as we get set for race two again

it is 25 minutes plus a lap and that

includes the pace lap

and the pace truck in a moment will be

brought forward it will then lead them

around and we will be good to go then

for our second race of the evening

green lights will go onto the gantry and

that's the indication that we will be

set to go behind Norman Kish there you

see Clement a cup and is this going to

be an Antonia Alba 30 victory starting

at the front here comes the pace truck

then to lead the field away past John


then pass at a match go and then between

earlier college and Antonia Alba 30 from

the front row of the grid so the pace

truck sets off and to make the point

again this has a real-world driver it's

not put into the game it's a driver just

as the race trucks are who will drive

this lap behind the wheel of the

Mercedes across the official pace truck

of the FIA European track racing

championship the it real world or


so through they come an attorney Alba 34

the front of the grid looking in the

background there you've got Rodriguez in

9th 10th on the Grady's came attacker

and 11th on the grid is Shane Britain so

Jose Eduardo Rodriguez another of the

young guns coming into track racing

which is good to see like Sasha LEDs

like tio calve a it's gonna have to do

all the hard work all over again

so he's gonna get the run down to turn

one who is he gonna be that is able to

make the jump as they accelerate down

towards that first corner

certainly the way that Antonia Alba

fetty's experience would suggest he's

going to be hard to beat

so look back from the pace truck they're

got Jamie Anderson a little bit further

back in the queue what did he do from

there he's gonna try and fend off Adam

let's go


us then with Norbert Kish starting eight

from the grid how long before he hits

the front assuming he does hit the front

a little bit Kish massively experienced

driver and although he's not starting on

the front row it won't be long sure that

before he makes progress at the

Hungarian he lagged back a little bit on

the first lap just waited to see seemed

what was going on around him keep out of

trouble and then make a move let's see

if it's going to be the same ploy here

so the end of the pace that then coming

up as they swing their way now through

turn 14 out of the left-hand kink 15 and

then Misano curve itself onto the pit

straight and then we will be in business

ready to go racing pole position alia

College then along side he's on Tony

Alva petty on the second row of the

bridge you've got Adam latch go

alongside he's Jamie Anderson on the

third row of the grid then Anthony

geniac and alongside Michelle yak in

number 20 is the French driver tear

calve a so again those two Frenchmen

ourselves together we go racing in this

context trade away Alba vetting in the

wall bounces off he's collected by

amongst others tio Calvo and Clement eka

but mayhem right from the get-go he

needs a halyard : leads and they drop

down a ward to turn one but on Tony Alva

fetty's chances of a win have come to

naught straightaway because of contact

on the run past the pit it means that

Norman keeps going up on the outside of

Jamie Anderson and gaining places all

the time Shane get to the inside live

Italia College leads Adam latch Jose

they come towards us but drama vent on

the pit straight a via college leads

latch coast second sham yak is third and

then import base in northern Kish a head

of Jamie Anderson

the start is under investigation not

surprisingly and now the drivers are

done right now way towards us with the

battle on for third place that way

you've got Norbert Kish all over the

back of Antony Janek and they're in

fifth looking for a way past the Perry's

Jamie Anderson had a black go looking

for away pal Sally at college as well as

the two freight liners them the Bagheera

Racing teammates run one and two now

wearing all of this is Tod Alva he's

dropped a long long way back

so two altars they come and it's three

for the lead because Jen yet is on the

back of latch Cove and knowing he's got

the pace he gonna get through and in a

hurry clamors Hecker is sideways at the

background but shiny a client's up to

have a go on the inside of latch Co

there can't fight away by as they come

with their Jamie Anderson pushing on and

a very very sideways College collides

with latch Co that delays both of them

and he a college goes off the road and

loses place after place after place and

now Jen yet gets run out why by latch

code there's Jamie Anderson on the

inside line in the ma n making a bid for

the raisiny they're going to be side by

side into the last corner of the lac and

Jed yak just comes out ahead and they're

going to get passed out the fatties

truck that stationary by the side of the

road so the pit straight somewhat narrow

Norbit Kish is on the prowl look as he's

Rodriguez Kish forth about a go for fur

on the inside line

the trucks rather accelerate their way

through turns one two and three and the

supplier to defend from Norbert Kish

norbi goes to the inside line now goes

the third place isn't going to work for

him yes it will because he's got the

inside line for the next corner

so Norbert quiche up to third but he's

on the outside line and Jamie Anderson

slows right down has he got a problem

let's see the trapped slow everybody

slows red flag that's why because the

truck station regard the side of the

road means that we have a red flag

and we'll get a replay maybe of the

start in due course and also the race

will go again so everybody gets set for

a second attempt at this the race

officials as I say have put the red flag

out and we'll go again

so chaos at the start Antonia Alba Fetty

was the real casualty we'll see whether

he's going to be able to take part in

the rerun race that will be getting

underway in a couple of moments time all

being well

so that red flag stops the race and race

control will no doubt have a quick word

with all of the drivers and then get set

to have a second stab at race too but

something different a red flag because

normally you have damaged turned off and

so doesn't really matter if there's an

incident we've had sim rating

championships where cars cartwheel and

just carry on regardless but proof of

how real-world this is you end up in the

pit wall well inevitably not going to

drive away from that are you so the race

has to be stopped to get the ring of

Antonia Alba 30 off the track and then

we'll try again for this second race

from Misano

antonio by Fetty would have been on the

front row as I say whether the officials

will let him go again remains to be seen

but that's to be decided in a few

moments time and the clock of the course

Ravenna will gain have a word with the

drivers about driving standards no doubt

from what he's just been witnessing on

the run down towards that first corner

so Antonia Alba Fetty in strife and alia

college towards the end of that opening

lap was rather in the walls as well so

we have the restart coming up in eight

minutes time chance for the drivers to

have a think about what is going on for

race control to have a look at the

evidence of what they've just been

witnessing it to see many penalties need

to be applied and to then get everybody

regretted so the drivers will be good to

go shortly we said it was gonna be all

action as race too often is and even in

the digital world the virtual world

they're still contact still red flags

can fly so the drivers will get set

ready to go again and we await news as

to who is going to be there are there

only non starters and indeed the race

duration is going to be decided upon as

well and the incident is to be resolved

to do with servers as much as damage so

Antonio Albert Fetty with a server drama

we understand which is why the incident

happened rather than it being contact

from another driver per se was to do

with service the racing drivers book of

excuses has been expanded over the years

but what we are finding with sim racing

is another chapter things like the

internet cutting out or a server issue

or whatever it might be but it's giving

drivers a whole new set of excuses for

all sorts of reasons so Antonia Alba

that eight will be good to go we hope

for that restart and it might be that

while we get set we can have another

short break just while the drivers get

themselves ready for race too

here from Misano




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welcome back then to Misano we're

getting ready again for race two of the

evening we've had dramas out on track

and dramas with servers as well so

drivers are being able to re great and

we'll go again with the full greed the

full distance 25 minutes plus a lap and

we are just about to get going once more

because the pace track the Mercedes

actress leads them away now what I don't

see is a Lea College on that grid so it

might be that we do have one or two gaps

are there she is in the pit lane so that

should have been the pole position truck

is she going to be allowed out to join

in at the back let's check as the pace

truck their turns now through turns one

two and three for Barry on theat del

Park Oh big turn 3 o'clock starts at the

25-minute mark and includes the pace lap

but then we add on another racing lap at

the very end if you like so what you

lose with a pace that'd be duration you

add on it's the so-called regulation lap

at the very end so Tony Alva Fetty there

now gets the front row to himself but

Adam notch go is going to be one to

watch on the second row

Elliot collar did leave for much of the

opening lap of the race that then had

dramas towards turn 13 all crossed up

suffered some damage as a consequence so

she will now start at the back so she

has joined in for the pit lane but

starts at the rear of the field on tony

alba 30 then perhaps well-placed but the

danger here again he's norbert kishtaih

Calvi is another one on his toes is he

on the grid let me check you see is and

also called Sascha lent so quick drivers

coming through from further back getting

a report already of contact between

Jamie Anderson and Adam latch Co but as

the trucks come towards us now there is

a Lea Co lot coming through to the front

now normally in real world racing if you

are last away you can't do that well

wait and see whether the officials are

happy with her doing that but in real

world racing you would get a penalty if

you did not start at the back having

been for example last out of the pit

lane so alia may be in hot water for

that we'll wait and see she's back on

the front row of the grid anyway can I

do that

so the duct now come towards us with

Antonia Alba Fetty on the outside

this is an ecologist view

Janie Anderson

getting up alongside

so is it going to be an orbit Kish

victory again we'll find out very

shortly the pace truck then now starts

to bring the field up through turn 15

and here they come down towards the pit

in approach so we are set to go racing

the officials ready to have a look at

hopefully this time a clean start 25

minutes and Counting but including this

lap and that is the extra one at the end

of the time to compensate up to the

gantry everybody rumbles towards the

start of race 2 at Misano Jamie Anderson

gets into the back of a Tony Alva fatty

who gets all sideways he Clips the back

of Adam Black Codes rig but latch

carries gonna just about get the

advantage on the outside line look leans

on Ali and College and they go down a

wall to turn one latch go gets ran out a

little bit wide Jamie Anderson skips off

the road tries to find clear real estate

he finds the race lead delays Lanco here

comes College up the inside line and at

Matco loses he some places as a

consequence of all of that let's go then

in the body of the field so much for

being able to make good his escape he's

hung out to dry on the outside as their

kiss gets up the inside of legs album

fatty tries to level with Jani ACK off

the road goes Clements hacker as Jenny

AK is all sideways there look as they

scramble their way out for the first

time of a turn number 6 Jamie Anderson

vs Alli acollins now battle is on

through they can and it's side by side

look Jamie Anderson he's about to go

through and they get the advantage

coming now down to turn eight there is

tal bay behind alba 30 but ahead of case

you gets balls down wide where Sasha

let's let's gets a good hold shot on the

inside line trying to get up alongside

the red ma n here but right now it is

Norbert Kish just being able to defend

that place and Orbea still got a lot of

work to do to try to get through the


so the race leader trying to get away

now is

Jamie Anderson Tanisha niak up into

second spot

Antonia Alba Fetty is third as they ran

towards a zania kolaches for him fifth

place in cow basics is Kish ahead of

Lent significantly and now normally

makes his move on the inside line here

coming up towards turn pool team is he

gonna be able to do it let's see heading

up towards the happy

Kish on the inside line tio calve 8gr

stable to cut across and defend as they

come now up towards the timing line once


the cars the pits they will run in a

moment there you got a vehicle off

losing out to take out they now losing

out to Norbert Kish comes through as


come attacker goes by way wide also

shame brihat and is next in the queue

and Adam let's go is a long way of

driven of everybody off to a really

disappointing first lap so race leader's

camp over the Taiping life end of that

one Jamie Anderson leads the way

Anthony Jen yet is on his tail over 30

running in third base of Collins for

losing out to lens now is off the road

you can see kiss falling all over the

bacteria Calvin another place loss

that's Rodriguez going through so Jamie

Anderson it is up front for the moment

and their car locked versus Rodriguez

absolutely side-by-side battle no way

the curb and the Akash giving as good as

she gets in this you might be being

roughed up a little bit but she's a

feisty racer and fights back so the

former tennis star comes down towards us

with lens catching Kish because he's

stuck behind kal Bay because Cal Bay is

stuck behind Alba 30 third fourth fifth

and sixth in this battle pack

race leaders they're now coming up

towards turn ten out of tramonto and

their calve a at the inside of alpha 30

and he's done it and now he tries to get

away also

so tear calve a gets ahead of the

Spanish driver he wants Alba 30 to get

between him and patient rondelay the

Hungarian give him a bit of breathing

space but it doesn't work because Kish

will follow him through I think on the

insides gonna try anyway Albert Fetty

their levels on the outside line out of

turn 11 they come Calvin Alba petty-cash

Norman Kish coaster on the inside picks

up the place so that puts in fourth and

he's about to go for burn as well it's

neat because kal Bay is really wide it's

all a bit scrappy and up the road Shan

yet it's all over the back of Jamie

Anderson and desperately trying to find

a way by before this chasing Pat gets up

onto his tail

start and the first lap under

investigation from race control over the

timing line now comes the leading gaggle

with Jamie Anderson there now having up

two laps keeping Xianyang at bay

they're going through is such a length

of the tale of alphabets a fifth and

sixth a rather look back L by now

there's northern kitsch behind hard at

work and all the Kish closing a little

bit further hits the brakes now set to

the rig out four turns four at five

tip-top down at all the time that

northern Kish is stuck behind Cal Bay it

suggests like it's gonna be even tougher

to find a way by because these two are

losing touch with the race leader's

Jamie Anderson versus Anthony Jenny act

for rate honors at the moment

look in the background Alba fetty's

under attack from lens session ents

even though he's a simmer up he was

really good on the sin and the hunger


we're getting trapped living warnings

now one of them is being offered to

Jamie Anderson the other is to Antony

Jean Yankee so the drivers who run first

and second both now being warned about

track limits there they are

tear calve a Rance third now can't calve

a close if he can he will take Kish with


I didn't get to turn 14 now there you've

got the freight liner ahead in the ma

Endor but Kish we know he's a quick

driver and he's inching up on the back

there look of number 20 Tia cow baby

rides a little bit wider up the curb now

turns in right with him is Norbit kiss

then the net pair alphabetic just ahead

of lens

what about Adam match goes progress well

progress really is not the word I'm

afraid because it's still in the last

position as the leaders come across the

line they're pairing off and so now

their look is Cal Bay versus Kish this

is the third position we've got three in

a line pretty much for fall and saris

forfeit but should say fit six seven

behind but right now Cal Weber since

occasions they wriggled through together

Tiye cow bass it's in the middle of the

road but brakes laid on the truck

squirms a little bit is that gonna

compromise the exit from turn five now

let's see example kerb bounces across

Norbert Kish and now accelerates his way

once again down towards the Cape of

brings him all of this long pass section

of the circuit look back from cow they

spray minor there is Kish behind him

or the kids now tries to make the move

tries to get up alongside on the inside

for turn eight but he's not gonna be

able to find a way by they're just not

enough room alphabetic however in the

background look he's keeping lens and

Rodriguez at bay so still frustrating

all of this for the Spanish driver he

caught by the way through

Jamie Anderson last bar with the fastest

lap of the race to his credit as he

tries to break away from Anthony Chen

yet there they are then the top two and

Jamie Anderson who was in good form but

unlucky and the Hungaroring because

though this could well be the night

schools a mate victory in the European

Championship let's see because right now

he leads the way Jamie Anderson had a

nine for the 7th of the gallery could

you look at our pathetic

there is a 10-second penalty being given

to an tunisia and yet for an inaccurate

grid position so there he is second on

the road that journey ack he'd been

given a 10-second penalty

over the typing line they come now so

June yet plus ten where is that gonna

drop him two leaders go by not that the

cow Bay's track he wants to stay close

to his fellow country bit because that's

gonna give him second position on the

amended times seemingly and they're

right on his tail is called the kitchen

eats too hard acid big battle this the

fur face Kish again looks to the inside

line but I reckon these two a catching

the two ahead of them now Norbert Kish

dies for the inside line is he going to

be able to find a way by let's see as

they come up towards you can see the way

the journey Yankees calling all over the

back of Jamie Anderson you can see the

way that calve a is closing all the

while the gap was way over three seconds

and then the while that go into now just

over two and a half and Cowell may take

a kiss with him and Jamie Anderson is

also being given a penalty we understand

for corner cutting with an advantage and

not giving back the advantage so

30-second penalty for Jamie Anderson at

10 for Xianyang what you're looking at

behind with Calvin Kish that's really

the lead battle now so there they are

Jamie Anderson plus 30 seconds and also

we're getting a warning for track limit

abuse to Rodriguez but that's the minor

penalty comparison with what the leaders

are suffering right now so not only on

Calvin is catching but they're also in

the real world here a corrective times

arguing over the race lead with only 11

more minutes to go

tío Cal Bailey to Norbit Kish so this is

the battle for race honors Jenny AK

can't pull away by 10 seconds cuz he

stopped the hi Jamie Anderson through

they turn out of turn 15 now

heading up toward the end of a lap and

as they come through this will put six

in the book

Jaime Anderson's advantage on the road

is almost immaterial now is you on yet

sucker that look at Calais this is where

you start to mount the talent TM delve a

moves across queasy squeezes squeezes

keeps on coming

turn one ruffles his way up onto the

curb on the outside lie dive into the

braking zone cow base stays ahead for

the moment Alber fatty be given a

warning about trap that it has well now

but right now calve a here is fighting

on the road confer but in the real

corrected situation for a race win and

looking to try to be the first person to

defeat Norbert Kish all season but he

goes wide and this is kissies Charles

easily done on the inside line he's done

it he's gone through so much but now

base depends but he's gonna fight back

here getting into turn six he does it

but he goes out why the gauge couldn't

quickly dive across the road can he do

it can he defend here comes Robert Kish

he'll have the inside line for the next

corner has Calva got the drag in a

straight line

ten minutes plus a lap to go now Kish on

the inside line he's gonna break as late

as he dares he's going to go through

cacao Bay get the switch back he can but

I'm tapping the tail for Kish he's done

it he's up alongside and he's gone back

through tio Calvin retakes the place

great racing this

Kish and calve a war about track limit

but it's a great battle that they are

having calve a understeers a little bit

towards the outside line but for the

moment Norbert Kish not able to find a

way through race leaders then accelerate

their way once again towards the turn

1415 approach that's another lap of

defense then for Tok obey a flying lap

at the moment is just over two minutes

we've got nine minutes plus a lap still

to go it's crawling all over the back of


chan yet for the moment just pulling

away ever so slightly from the back of

the race leader almost as though he's

just having a breather but Jen yet needs

to push on him that 30-second penalty

that Jamie Anderson he's gonna drop him

a long long long way down the order boat

there is an orbit cage to the outside


that's the outside for turn one it's the

inside for turn two it's the outside per

turn three but he's got the job down

Norman kitch goes through Cancale they

fight back let's see he's the inside

line here hitch cover zinc is a fashion

the bat from cowboy who goes off the

road Rodriguez who is sick incidentally

has just been given another a second

warning about track limits but they're

alphabetic Rodriguez and lens Sascha

lens he's struggling in this race he's

not making the progress that you don't

dissipate is he

Courbet kiss them up it's a third place

on correcting times that's gonna be the

race be here 8/10 between the top two

and it is three temps between first and

third so Kish will inherit the wind she

lookin Alba 30 versus Rodriguez at this

Iberian battle Spaniard ahead of the

Portuguese driver coming out of turn

eight now the river Colonel ma n hold

the back of the t-spawn Bernero entry

and ahead of the SL truxport rigged in

the hands of Sascha lense and then look

Rodriguez breaks late the trucks squirms

dances around the road

other the games we they go and now down

the approach to turn 11

quick Porter is Kerber neck and their

number 29 he's being given a warning for

contact and that's alia college honey

has cashed a fair way back anyway in

eighth position ahead of Clement Tucker

and shame Britain with Adam latch Co

still circulating but a very distant

11th though he suffered big damage at

the start the race leader's come up over

the line Jan yet mounting another

challenge now against Jamie Anderson an

orbit Kish third on the road now does he

know about the penalty for those two and

is he just quite content to sit there

what about Cal Bay can he fight back and

do anything about him at the remaining

six and a half minutes plus a lap

very shiny AK still pressing on

and off the roadies alphabetty off the

roadies Rodriguez a way out wide at the

background is attorney alphabetic

Norbit patients identity now is done the

fastest lap of the race so Norbert Kish

he's on a mission and he means business

he's gonna try and catch who wants to

win on the road if he can he's gonna try

and catch the Andersons Aniak battle

through they come once again now the

fatty head of lenss their new benefits

from that turn one skirmisher puts

himself up ahead of Josie Eduardo

Rodriguez more investigations Alba 30

Lentz and Rodriguez but we saw at turn

one Alba 30 breaks late going into turn

eight the truck almost gets away

underneath him but he's on the power now


look back from led C's truck their

closing closing closing his rodriguez

buddy but the time he hits the brakes

it's gonna stand on the research pause

but he scrubbed off all the momentum and

remember it's hard to get a big truck

like this back up to proper speed

they're all gathered to 100 miles an

hour they don't have amazing

acceleration good power-to-weight but

they are quick when you've got a factor

to weight in

so keeping the momentum up is important

five minutes to go plus a lap as alpha

30 and let's go through both the head of

rodriguez now let's see sideways press

it on there up towards the completion on

the lap cab the kerb hopping alphabetti

and these are the race leader's and you

can see the cowboy is serving on the

long way back here's part just wondering

if Norbert gets involved in this battle

and gets delayed we'll take a calve a be

able to catch back up once more no Jean

yet ahead but on the amended result in

here what penalty in ten seconds will

drop back the high calve a cash makes a

move to the inside the door is over DS

going down through Norbit Kish through

on the inside line up into second

position now

Jamie Anderson on the road leads the way

your vacations gonna get ahead of it


so there is Jamie Anderson johniac third

is he gonna be caught by Cao Fei and

what sort of defense against Kish can

Jamie put up in the race lead on the

road at any rate break hard now is this

gonna concertina the leading quartet

will this now bring calve a fourth back

into the mix through they turn Jamie

Anderson who's doing a good job he's

hanging on in there he managed to fight

off the challenge of Anthony Jean yet

can he do the same things at all but

Kish now

who they turn almost as one a side wager

nyet running third on the road and where

will that ten seconds put in it should

still keep him ahead of Elba 30 in fact

so Juliet will be four behind cowboy

provisionally plate that third because

they can take out the sand out of the

pits give him 30 seconds he's going to

be behind College so Jamie Anderson's

rear view their shows Norbit case shows

Jani AK and Cal Vaes almost with them as

the Freightliner breaks hard now coming

up through turn 14 out of Cairo on board

15 and up to basado the four at the end

of the map Kish running out of options

he's gonna be able to get three more

laps out of this potentially there's

another track limit warning gay 12 and

13 the meantime and there are the race

leader's coming up over the line so

Jamie Anderson goes through ahead of

Norbert Kish the gap between them is

half a second if that another track

limit warning this time to Sascha led

today is about to go ahead and Alba 30

as they come across the line now behind

the pair is Rodriguez down towards turn

one of the outside line is Alba Fateh

isn't gonna be able to gain the place

not at one he's not Nora – but he might

skip the curb he does I that's gonna

give him an advantage she saw it played

me there off the road and back on again

and that's giving him a place

alphabetti all the power the fat wax off

the road also goes Rodriguez and they're

just ahead of the pair of the massager

LEDs as they camp now up through turns

four and five

so now that he's ahead SATA let's

possibly escaping up the road him like

he might be able to get away so he's all

the power he's pulling away from the

opposition and he comes now down towards

turn eight with Alba Fetty gained

defensive and keeping Rodriguez at bay

so the Iberian battle persist it's just

that he's now behind let's rather than

ahead of it and look across the circuit

the leading quartet is as one so Jamie

Anderson is still there still in charge

but for how much longer

but Betty goes through on the tail here

of Sascha lense but there norbert kitsch

on the tail of Jamie Anderson going for

the race lead so the clock will hit zero

on the next lap and then there is one

more so there is what you see if this

happened to others and Jenny act gets

sideways cow bass got a chance here

Jamie Anderson still leads the way

Norbert Kish has a look normally be very

sensible and just sitting there and

ready to inherit the win

assuming he knows about the penalty here

they come up towards the line into turn

one so the clock will hit zero on this

lap so there's this and one more and

Jamie Anderson still hold sway spending

off the challenge of the journey yet

he's just keeping his bestie cab the

challenge of kish behind him trouble is

he's gonna be given this penalty which

is why he got the lead in the first

place by being off the road and back on

the game

so they come now up over the curb out of

turn five this is sick – the left-hander

and then speed builds as they run down

towards get you once more so kiss lining

up the inside line

come on do it go to the outside line

here comes a shanty yanked back into the

mix what about Cowell Bay he's looking

for a way by as well having a nibble at

the back of Johnny X ma n can he get his

nose at the inside let's see here they

can Jen yet on the inside line calve a

on the outside is he gonna be able to go

by not on the outside he's not but what

Cowell may need is to get the uppercut

rubber to the inside which he now does

he's got the inside line for the next

sequence of corners so Cal Bay now has a

chance to challenge this should give him

third on the road and if he can do it

before Kish gets the Lelia might have a

chance to challenge the Hungarian nor we

look to the inside of Anderson calvo

still can't dislodge

Janne yet great racing on the road to

shave all the penalties are slightly

affecting all of this but even so is a

good effort by everybody involved

especially Jeremy Anderson to hand off

for the long because he came to the race

lead here cowboy up the inside of his

yin/yang contact between the two does he

go by let's see got yeni hasn't and he

still can't do it

now one more lap to run any moment cow

bait through on the inside line short

he's gonna do it this time

Anderson eat on the road kiss second

Cowboys done it he gets himself a head

of shan yak and orbit cashews on the

attack once again he goes for the

outside of Jamie Anderson down at turn

one we're on the last lap of the race

and Norman Kish wants to win on the road

as well as on corrected time but if he

gets stuck behind Anderson Calva who

uses far less curb at turn two than the

leaders do by just catch up to him

this is Keisha's chance he's going to do

it Anderson deep into turn four

Norman Kish will go through and he picks

up the lead on the last lap here in

Italy or does he because Jamie Anderson

goes back through it turn six doesn't

run out wide tries to move across and

cover the line tio Calvi this is your

big moment can you get back up with

Norbert Kish the answer seemingly is yes

so as Norman Kish is busy attacking Cal

they might be able to make a challenge

yes on the inside was there contact

Norman dish gets by that wide calmate

doesn't pause the issue of it there was

contact and he gave the place back

backed out of it so Jamie Anderson is

still ahead

Norbert Kish challenges once more Calvin

right with him as now Norbert Kish goes

deep coming up towards turn nine to ten

can Cal may challenge

Kish on the attack against Jamie

Anderson Norbert kitchen looks to the

inside can't do it tio cálmate there

behind him

so Jamie Anderson still holds on Tia

Calvo trying to pick up the pieces he

fair the pink up toward happens and

orbit Kish ahead of him Kish hold the

back off all the most in the back of

Anderson who tries to move across the

defend Norbit kitchens got two corners

to go here comes calve a he's around the

outside look at turn 14 that's the

inside for 15 he's he gonna stand his

ground he's not he drops back so Jamie

Anderson looks like he's gonna win on

the road but Norman Kish will inherit

position as they come up toward the line

Jamie Anderson takes the honors on the

track but Norbert Kish will win yet

again in the FIA ET RC digital

championship across in second place is

going to be tio calve a and then let's

see for third on the road the next one

through will be Anthony gem yak there

tio calve a celebrates with the donuts

but Jan yet also don't forget given a


so he has disconnected if fat geniac say

that means that third over the line is

sasha lense fourth is going to be


then it'll be Alba 34 fifth place and

earlier collage six and Jamie Anderson's

30 seconds we'll put him behind a Leah

College there so everybody moves up one

Jamie Anderson he's going to be 7th and

who's eight well it would have been

shown yet but he's disconnected so

that's gonna put Clemens hacker up into

eighth I would propose ninth will be

Adam latch coat and Shane Britain will

round out the top 10

so a disconnection for samyak and a win

again for Norbert Kish so he's done

another exceptional job and Norbert Kish

the winner of every race and that's

involved Jamie amps and you have to feel

a bit a sipping for okay you went off

the road to get the lead but the way

that he defended pretty much all the way

through that race was impressive but in

the end to no avail to prove math

suggesting that 82 where he will end up


seventh is where he will end up on the

corrected times

so there Jamie Anderson at Norbert Kish

head to the pit lane so penalties again

great racing again and it's that man

orbit case that comes out on top for yet

another victory although this time at

least beaten on the track courtesy of

the efforts of Jamie Anderson so Jamie

wins on the road but he got that penalty

for gaining an advantage and not giving

it back so let's check out the podium

then at the end of race 2 here at Sarno

Norbert Kish it is who takes the race

win from tal vague and Sasha Lance in

third place the same order the same top

three as we had in the reverse grid

ready at the Hungaroring so Norbert Kish

has done it again let's talk to the man

of the moment because Norbert Kish joins

us in the commentary room normally well

done another win although this time not

winning on the track

oh did I yeah you took the win because

Jamie got a penalty for gaining an

advantage at the first corner I'm not

giving it back so you're the winner well

done yeah I didn't know so this is okay

new for me so I wasn't aware you know I

mean you know it's a second place for me

it's it's it was it was a good race I

mean Jamie did a very good job defending

I haven't really had much time to attack

you nobody you know I give you the good

go a couple of times you know and I

think maybe I was a little bit in front

of him as well but I didn't I try to be

careful you know not to not to cause

incident you know or or make overtake

that is not fair you know I try to be

careful you know so I ended up second

well you know the penalties it's a

vignette mmm

surprise surprise a good surprise I was

I was wondering in the race whether you

had any way of knowing about these

penalties and if you were just being

sensible and sitting behind Jamie but

you've answered it you didn't know so

you were pushing all the way no actually

we have we have the the race control

radio kind of sort office talking to us

and saying all these penalties and

everything but you know he's saying the

the starting numbers you know and I'm

not all that familiar you know with

everyone starting numberous is a new

season start to show maybe some people

changing their starting number and just

as well as I do so well it's a very

impressive start to the championship

isn't it for you to pull positions and

now for race wins you can't offer any

more than that yeah it's really nice I'm

really happy about it

I was also practicing you know I was

working for it and yet I'm really happy

that with my new track with this

good-looking race track race team new am

I am I can be there in front so yeah I'm

really thankful for the team that we're

doing this whole new project you know

and that we can be there you know for

these seasons in the in the rear racing

you know with a competitive package so

yeah I'm really happy for these wins for

the team it's it's the year started off

really bad you know with the with the

coronavirus and everything but

nights looking better and better well

congratulations time to go and celebrate

Norbert quiche well done thank you so

Norbert Kish wins again albeit as you've

just heard a surprised winner this time

wasn't aware of the penalty for

specifically Jamie Anderson we'll try to

get Jamie he may well be off to drown

his sorrows but he was a good drive by

Tara Calvo and Te'o joins us for second

place because of Jamie's penalty so Thao

it was a busy race for you 2nd place

well done yes thank you thinking were

you aware of Jamie's penalty or were you

so focused on fighting on the track yes

yes the race was so intense I'm ready up

here to represent so now I can't wait to

be able to race in a real life do you

feel that with every same race that

you've done so far the four races you

are getting faster and stronger and more

confident yes for sure so maybe next

time a win we hope to well done

congratulations on second in race two at

Misano well done so we let Taylor Calvo

leave us and he will perhaps head to the

French room where we go talk to his

father Fabian who is the French


on the championship and of course a

former track racing champion himself so

a great race to watch and you've got a

fee him as I say for Jamie Anderson he

did so good a job to defend but by going

off the road to gain the advantage early

on and not giving it back well the race

officials have looked at it and decided

that it is an advantage he gained he

shouldn't so it goes against him let's

check out how the championship looks

then at the end of our second race here

Norbert Kish is going to be an even more



on 22 Jamie Anderson has 18 Adam latch

Co now on 14 really struggling it seems

in the same world alia college has 12

and Clemens hacker next on seven but

Norbert Kish just storming away from the

rest of them so it has been another

great performance by Norbert Kish and he

leaves a virtual Misano as the

championship leader with a full house of

two poles and four race wins ah

next stop within the FIA e TRC will be

on the 21st of June at these Slovakia

ring and it's going to be fascinating to

see there how people adapt in the

meantime with more practice to the sim

world and indeed weather when we get to

a virtual Slovakia anybody can stop

Norbert Kish two qualifying sessions and

two pole positions for races and four

wins for the unstoppable Norbert Kish

we'll see you in two weeks time from be

Slovakia ring for now from David Addison


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