2020 Budget $600 Gaming PC

by birtanpublished on September 21, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack come back here with the toasty res and today we're gonna be doing a $600 streaming and gaming computer build now this PC is gonna use a mixture of new and used parts but it's actually gonna be really awesome value but before we dive into

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Again to own for sponsoring today's video so as Matt said there is going to be a couple use components in this pretty much everything though you can still buy brand new we're using our links down

Below from Newegg and amazon but the to use things that we have is a rise in 700 X and a gtx 1066 gig model and honestly for the price of this build even though we have some older stuff in it it's going to be really good

We will probably touch on different areas where you could probably go with different hardware that's new at the end of the video when we're doing the benchmarking but how we'll go ahead and talk about each individual part and how

It makes up this $600 streaming slash gaming PC so what we have in this box that's very misleading is that this is actually a rising 7 1700 X so this is actually like we said a used processor we're using just ebay just average use

Prices and honest this seminary X just because it's an X you know it's still boost up pretty good it kinda is like a slight overclocked to it and honestly getting the 8 cores of 16 threads this thing's gonna be really good for

Streaming editing and you know gaming of course and for the motherboard one with the usual just tried and trusts like we just think so many times gigabyte be 450m ds3 H you can save a little bit of money by you know possibly finding a

Cheaper one and especially if we got more used parts for this bike we said we wanted to put things that were readily available down below but it's a really good looking board it has all kinds of crazy stuff on a little bit of lighting

On it as well and honestly for it being you know well under $100 this is a no-brainer and from our friends over a team group this is the t force and this is not RGB for once dark is these 16 gigs and it's 32 hundred megahertz yeah

So 16 gigs 32 under megahertz honestly 16 gigs nowadays like a no-brainer and for this bill being $600 you know this actually fits in the budget really well especially with doing a really fast speed to in the cool that rise in 7th

And X we have the game X GTA GTA RGB so this is actually a a RGB cooler but we're probably just gonna you know figure out a way to integrate the controller into the LED button on the top of the case but you know it's a

Pretty respectable cooler it does come in a little bit at a premium at like 40 or 50 bucks since you have this nice RGB fan but let me get to the case to understand why we decided to go RGB with it for storage you know we don't like to

Use anything that has cables anymore if we can you know save doing that this is a 512 gigabyte silicon power nvme SSD so you know these things honestly they're just so cute and little but they have so much stories they're so fast and they're

Really not much more expensive than two and a half inch drives these days so why not now it's been a while since we dove into the used market of graphics cards but recently we picked up this gtx 1066 gig it's using the Twin Frozr MSI cooler

Which is a really well built cooler for a 1060 this thing is gonna run really cool and honestly that 1066 gig is coming in at a really respectable price right now around 130 140 bucks you might have to pay a little bit more if you're

Going on eBay right now we managed just thank this at a really good price compared to a 10 63 gig that extra 3 gigs of Ihram is gonna help this thing a lot but it's gonna be great for 1080p high settings gaming and that's kinda

What we're aiming for now of course for the power is why we went with our favorite thermal taking unit this is the smart 430 watt unit let make sure it's actually for in devoted what's this time yes we're good this is a 430 watt power

Supply that well does the job it doesn't have any fancy cables or anything and in a $600 build we added some flair to some areas but you know this power supply is more than enough to power this build you could always offer some sleeve

Cables you gonna make this look really nice which we'll leave down below affiliate links support us but this is a great unit it's been really reliable in a majority of the PC builds we've done the channel even from budget to high end

Builds so we highly suggest it if you're buying something on Amazon right now now of course no toastie bros pc is complete without some RGB this is another RGB strip that we got it's kind of a weird one we like to try some of the really

Cheap ones on amazon that we can get with prime shipping cuz we actually ordered a bulk amount off ebay and we're still waiting from the show up but this one can either be used for external uses or inside a pc if you can get actual DC

Power but anyways this is an interesting RGB strip that will do a job at lighting up this case which we will talk about right now now for the case this is the case we've been eyeing on Amazon for a while this is the muse

Tech's 903 it is an RGB case that literally comes with a ton of RGB fans there's two on the top three in the front one in the back it comes around 85 to like 95 dollars but considering you're getting six RGB fans which even

For cheaper RG fans you're probably paying around thirty to forty dollars for an RGB fan pack it's all integrated all put together for you for around 90 bucks you're getting a really awesome value so dipper glass also which is

Really nice so we're gonna go ahead building this thing let you all know if it's worth it and put together a really awesome streaming slash gaming PC

all right ladies and gentlemen now that we have this PC all put together let's talk about those benchmarks real quick

Now let's get something out of the way here if you can afford something like it Rison five thirty six hundred or twenty six hundred you should probably go that route especially if you're just in gaming because the IBC improvements on

Second and third gen rising compared to first and Rison is definitely noticeable and you will see a major impact in terms of gaming performance now the main focus of this PC when we originally planned it was to just focus more on the streaming

Application side of things and also test some gaming performance on the side just to show you what you can put together with a lot of RGB and a lot of flair for around 600 bucks you could definitely build this PC for less than that if you

Opted for a cheaper case no RGB Flair and you can probably building a a core 16 threaded processor system for around the $500 mark which is actually great value for money but you know we want to splurge a little bit and get some RGB so

Do keep that in mind when building the system but more about those benchmarks call of duty modern warfare was a weird use case the brand new update for call of duty modern warfare just came out with the rust map and I was experiencing

Some optimization issues on the rust map we were getting well below 60 FPS even on like medium high settings randomly which was kind of weird for a 1066 gig because it's still a card that's very capable of playing these games so I was

A little bit concerned when I saw those numbers but after diving into another map we were getting well over 60 plus fps so you could take this up to just a random error or it might be something to keep in mind if you plan on playing Call

Of Duty you might want to step up to a better processor a better graphics card if you do choose to do so now for Knight over watching rainbow 6 seeds were perfectly fine fortnight was well over 100 plus FPS this would be a great setup

For high refresh rate and if you were interested in doing that Nvidia cards normally tend to perform better in fortnight so if you are somebody who's considering maybe the Arc's 580 over this 1066 gig maybe lean 1060 if you're

Looking to play fortnight just something consider but the RX 580 is also a great option if you are looking on the used market over watches another eSports title that we wanted to throw into the mix and well it

Did not disappoint well over 100 plus FPS on pretty much epic settings I know a lot of these eSports titles were maxing out you're not really gonna do that in your use case because well eSport players won't have the most

Frames possible so they play on lower settings so you can definitely expect way higher framerate when you're actually playing as well if you do run with pro settings and the same thing goes for Rainbow six siege or the built

In benchmark we had no problems getting well over 100 plus FPS at 1080p keep in mind all benchmarks were done in 1080p this probably wouldn't be a great system for 1440p if you are looking to stretch into 1440p you might want to get a

Better Ravis card and at that point you probably should upgrade your CPU as well and go something like a twenty six hundred and a twenty sixty combo which there may be a build coming to the channel very soon with that exact

Specification so be sure you're subscribed if you want to check that video out but overall this setup performs very well you can really save a lot of money going use first gen rising and getting something like a 1700 X and

Have those eight cores and sixteen threads for maybe a five to six hundred hour budget build but if you're primarily gaming it might make more sense for you to just go with horizon 5 2600 imperative 1060 or even an Rx 580

Which is a combo we use multiple times on the channel but overall first gen dries and still does not disappoint when it comes to performance for your dollar and I highly suggest considering this when you're building your next you slash

New gaming PC now how will we bring Jackson back in here to wrap this video up real quick alright so we just showed you guys some benchmarks and honest in the system does pretty good for $600 the case is uh well you know it's something

It's actually a really cool looking case the RGB actually works really well in the case now I know you guys are probably looking at the strips down here and you're like what the heck's going on the strip's won't do fluid RGB you can

Only do like on-off RGB so I was close so we could get the deep cool cooler looks really cool as well we got all the RGB work on that look at all these modes and that just run in so many modes I don't know what mode I'm on right now

But yeah for only like 90 bucks probably for this case it's actually a pretty good option especially with the RGB there were some cheap things about it but I mean overall we will probably use this case again another build of course

The hardware if you wanted to like get a little more performance you can go with a little bit cheaper case but I mean can't get that much cheaper than this because you're getting all the RGB included so

It's a pretty good value and that 1066 gig is still a great card on the used market for considering or you can go rx by baby if you play games that may require aching so be round but overall very impressive the system and glad to

Put some of this hardware to good use don't forget to Like comment and of course subscribe and we'll see you guys the next one goodbye you be ready then

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